Why you should deploy video in your marketing strategy


Out of the question, Video will always be more Engaging than Picture, if you do it right. I see no reason why video should not be the cornerstone of your creative mindset.

A video, really should be about the customer, about what that customer wants, what their problems is to get what they want, hows that problem making them feel, then you pivot to you and how you can help them overcome that challenge. But the whole narrative is about them. It doesn’t mean that you cant be in the video 90% of the time. I mean the differences from the hero of the story and the guy, and the brand needs to position them self as the guy.

Lest say an example, a movie called Marry Poppins, and the movie is about the Guy not the Hero. The hero is the father. He’s not on the screen allot, but he’s still a hero who has to overcome a challenge to transform, and that’s the definition of Hero.

Now let’s speak about this trends of short form video, as theres been a trend towards consumption times on the internet going down, but we carry this mobile devices around with us – peoples are consuming in shorter and shorter periods of time, and yes,  short form videos is great, short form videos works to get peoples attention – however, once you have someone’s attention, long form content is what converts, and i think a lot of peoples are kinda sleeping on long term video content – and i seen this lately.

But introducing long form video content towards business, i am talking about 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 45 minutes video pieces that are based around stories, based around brand, based around product manufacturing, or based around your business premises, items that you sell or try to market, a staff member doing his best day job or a chef having his best yet dish, it will deploy a significance increase in conversion in email sequencing, advertising, as we include the conversion asset of long term video content back into your business. A picture is worth a 1000 words, while a video is worth 1000 pictures, and videos are now the key to engagement.

All those new mobile messaging apps that are around video, will make you to ask your self a question ” How can I create video in a way that’s affective, and that means taking content that would look like ” word of mouth” because costumers is talking about your stuff, because you have partners that are sharing information, and you are using video to replicate what in person experience would be like.

I believe video is very important, and not juts for the 18 years old to 30 years old – it’s everybody. And small to medium size businesses, they get intimidated sometimes about the thought of video. Yet down home, flip your phone and peoples can relate to that. Why? because 50% of your content shod be in videos. In this modern times, people love Videos. It delights people, it engage their interest, because psychological we are use to see as ”television type content” and the content that will really stand out is the content that’s fairly well produce, honest, true story’s, transparency, educational, motivational, behind the scenes and funny. So what are you waiting, flip your phone and get creative.


Author: Isaac Bjørn

Isaac Bjørn is an Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Consultant, Composer Of Algorithmic Music & Algorithmic Art and a Pigeon Fancier. When’s not working he likes to read books, think's about why things are the way they are and how things are going to change. He’s also fascinated by philosophy and has an insatiable hunger for specialized knowledge.