“I Can’t” Said The Mind But “You Can” Trick Your Mind

‘The real definition outcome of the right mind is the genuine core unshakeable belief that you can and will do anything that you put your mind too. Period. And that is ‘Right Mind’ in this context. And that’s how you become unstoppable to accomplish anything to everything in between. And that is the most dependable and consistent way to generate wealth too. That’s how you turn everything into profit’

When I was a very young man, I always heard the motto ‘you can do anything you put your mind to’. Well, I never understood much at that age because I thought is too literally. I thought to myself, you couldn’t move a mountain if you put your mind to it, so whoever said that must be full of crap. But It wasn’t until I took a step back from the literal and started to look at the intended meaning that it finally began to make sense to me.

And so I started putting my mind to it, and here’s what happened!

Growing up in an orphanage no one really showed me the way in life, but I figured the first part out in my early teen life, more precisely around the age of 19. I traveled in some long parts of the world like Barents Sea and even more up north closer to the North pole, and I put my mind into doing the best job that I possibly could in those uncomfortable sea climates, even If i was one of the youngest crew members. I was determined to take it from the lowest bottom nor I was intending to make that as a future career, instead i saved a good chunk of money, more like €30.000 in nearly 12 months. And I had the opportunity to cheat death a few times, nor you shall play with the dangers of the sea. You will not escape, instead your only hope is a bit of luck and a touch of optimism. And so I had a bit of luck . God is the greatest, and faith I had.

(Lower Left In Blue Gloves ) That Will be Me, the way I remember.

Barents Sea. February 2006
Greenland Sea May 2006

This job gave my a pay bump of €30.000 plus some other bonuses in a total of €10.000. My next jump was by almost €40.000. By working hard, studying my craft, striving for good repute, and continuing to aim for the next thing, I managed to jump by €100.000 in just 2 short years. Well, enough with the sea jobs. It was late 2007 and so I arrived in UK (with a bunch of money)

It would be misguided to say that it’s only about smart people who’s doing this kind of money and work in such conditions. There are a number of people whom I’ve encountered over the years who are all incredibly smart. Some of them were doing better, but many were doing worse. Why? Well, It’s because they lacked hustle. By being smart, they’d gotten lazy in early life and never really learned how to apply a bit of hustle in the later life.

But that’s not what I came to tell you about. I came to tell you about the other part of the lesson — the part that most people completely overlook. You can tell yourself ‘I can’ all day long, and if you really believe it, and you’re willing to work for it, you can absolutely accomplish anything you put your mind to. Determination + Hustle (+ Perseverance) = Success. It’s what works for me, and I am sure can work for you too.

But what if you tell yourself ‘I can’t’? Or how about ‘it’s too hard for me’? Guess what. Whether you believe that you can, or you believe that you can’t, you’re right.

In my early teen life I’ve always had a hard time talking to girls and I must admit even now and then I still have this feeling. Well, not always, but I’ve always found that it’s easier to talk to a female as a friend than it is to talk to a female that I’m interested in. Without even meaning to, I find myself trying to come up with interesting things to say, and they always come out as inane banter. It’s when there’s no pressure and I’m comfortable being myself that I can chat up the ladies with no problem.

Not so long ago in late 2018, I attended a lecture of Mr. Tony Robbins in London, but before the lecture I was out and about by myself exploring a new spot along Mayfair (a posh location in London). I’d never seen it before. It was nice, but maybe not my style. Could be a good style for those who have a lot of spare cash to flash. But the weather was great, and after a while of hanging out, I decided to go find something to eat. I was wandering around this few-block section of Mayfair where there were a lot of restaurants and ended up at this little Japanese restaurant.

As I walked inside, I noticed only a single staff in the entire restaurant, or I guess because was just about nine in the morning, but a tall blonde with green eyes and a beautiful smile came to my observation. She was enjoying her breakfast. I was somewhat intimidated because she was beautiful and I was immediately attracted to her. I found another table across the restaurant, sat down, and ordered my food. I had a Seafood roll. The restaurant was small and we could see each other across the way. We kept making (then breaking) eye contact while we were each waiting for our meals. I thought to myself that there’s no way I can talk to her. She’s too hot, and I won’t have anything interesting to say, probably. But those voices in the head that all of us have to deal with them, on a daily basis, sometimes are just…voices, and a bit of nonsense. And so I was wrong (about the voices in my head)

After spending about 10 minutes stealing glances back and forth, I finally decided that the worst thing that would happen is that a complete stranger would blow me off, ha. Was that really a big deal? No. So I got up, walked over to her table and asked if she minded if I joined her. She said no, so I sat down, introduced myself, and asked her how she ended up at a restaurant that was so empty, thinking my self that this will start a good conversation. From there we ate and chatted for about one hour, later on I found out she was working in real-estate. I must admit we immediately clicked on this subject. My self I want to open a real estate business on Airbnb in this 2019 year, and so this marvellous lady give’d me a lot of insight in this Business. I must say I am more motivated about this Business idea and that’s just because of her help.

Then she asked me if I was interested in getting some desert and going for a walk with her. We discussed a lot about strategies on doing real estate Business, and so I was more like her student.

I spent just over two hours getting to know this really cool and beautiful, attractive woman, before making my way back to Tony Robbins’s lecture, and it made for a really fun Friday afternoon. The little voice in my head had switched from ‘I can’t’ to ‘ I can!’. All I had to do was take a chance, and I was able to prove myself wrong. From there, it made it much easier for me to strike up conversations with people I didn’t know. Some people blew me off, sure, but it wasn’t the heartbreaking rejection that I had always thought it would be. It’s how it is. Some may be mockers some will invite you in. Some may smile, some may give you an angry look. It’s how it is and you can’t ignore that. Life is full of yes’s and no’s.

So, if there’s one lesson to learn here, it’s that you can do anything you put your mind to, even if it’s ‘I can’t’. The trick is to suspend your fear (those voices in your head) of whatever it is that’s holding you back — rejection, failure, shyness, or something else, and just go for it. Trust your intuition. And if by any chance you have to think of what you really have to lose, then the worst thing that would happen is that a complete stranger would blow you off. Is that really a big deal? No. So get up then!!! In the end if you keep fail OVER and OVER and OVER again you will eventually succeed. Most don’t know that this is the secret to success. I give it to you for free.


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Author: Isaac Bjørn

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