In The World Of 2050. Part 3


‘ The future is only reserved for a few numbers of Superstars ‘


Well, I guess is another Sunday at your end, and you expect my weekly Article, aren’t you. And so there it comes, and this time it comes in a mighty finalised form. Because I’ve been writing this – Three – Part – Article, since quite a wile. I had my own kind of thinking – on my own.

But I was recently reading an Article from Crack Magazine about a guy who doesn’t take him self too seriously. Just my type of ‘cup of tea friend.’ He’s Richard. I let you google its name.

But seems like we have one or two things In common, Richard mate, and  definitely it’s the ‘Infinite from Art.’ Well, I have a self publishing book out in a little wile. I guess will pass it over to you when the time comes. We are in a 50 miles or less area neighbours apparently.

I have this old habit of saying ‘Nice Shoes’ to people I may know but they have a blur in knowing me a little. It’s fascinating when you leave them behind with ‘Some Thinking On Their Own’

But to keep up with Kraviz – sorry I actually meant to say ‘to keep up with the world of 2050’ please excuse my cup of tea, you will need not merely to invent new ideas and products, but instead you will have to completely  reinvent yourself again and again. Limitless. 100%. And that’s not just thinking at your first wish. Remember, somebody may say, but everybody might not have all the universe. For as the pace of change increases, not just the economy, but the very meaning of ‘being human’ is likely to mutate. Such saying, may require some thinking on your own.


‘All that is solid melts into air’ 


I am predicting that by 2048, it is very likely that physical and cognitive structures will also melt into air, or into a cloud of data bits. And now let me tell you a little story my dear reader. In the mid 1850’s and 1900’s, millions of people were losing their jobs on village farms, and were going to the big cities to work in factories. But upon reaching the big city, they were unlikely to change their gender or to add a sixth sense.  And if they found a job in some textile factory, they could expect to remain in that profession for the rest of their working lives. Situation is different this days isn’t it. But now let’s look at a ‘Warped’ side of this unlikely situation that some of you may considered it quite likely. Do you?

I swear on the almighty that by 2048 to further 2050’s, people might have to cope with migrations to cyberspace, with fluid gender identities, and with new sensory experiences generated by computer implants. If they find both work and meaning in designing up-to-the-minute their own 3-D virtual reality type of game, within a decade not just this particular profession, but all jobs demanding this level of Artistic Creation, and I am saying again  ‘ALL JOBS’ that requires CREATIVITY,  might be taken over by Artificial Intelligence 100%, and you may want to pay attention on such words, wile many of you deeply sleep on current and future trends that are likely to happen, at any given time. Why? You are living in the Age of Digital that is nearly taken by the Age of Post Digital.

What you currently do now as a job or some mighty profession, it is very likely to be automated, over and over again, demanding – Unemployable Humans.  The question to such words will be ‘What is your position for the next decade’? I leave this words for you. They say ‘One Thinks Better With Him Self, And Not With The Other’

So, let’s imagine you are in the year of 2020. You are twenty-five years old and you introduce yourself on a dating site as ‘A Twenty Year Old’ heterosexual woman, who lives in Berlin and works as a DJ. Now let’s imagine you are in the year of 2048, wile introducing your self on the same dating website but now you are ‘Forty Eight Year Old’, and your bio is like ‘a gender-non-specific person undergoing age-adjustment, whose Neocortical activity takes place mainly in the ‘New Cosmos Virtual World’, and whose life mission is to go where no DJ has gone and done such thing before, and that is ‘Augmenting Its Own Reality In a Pattern Of Its Very Own.’

A baby born today will be thirty – something in 2050. If all goes well, that baby will still be around in 2100, and might even be an active citizen of the twenty second century. If that baby is yours, what should you teach that baby that will help him or her survive and flourish in the world of 2050 or the twenty-second century? What kind of skills will he or she need in order to get a job, understand what is happening around him or her, and navigate the maze of its very life? What kind of skill such parent will have to met, in order to rewire the mind of such baby born child, to navigate its own maze of life! I guess such question requires some thinking on your own. They also say that  ‘One Shall Think Better With Its Self When Thinking Really Matters’

From – The Author, Isaac Bjørn


Unfortunately, since I for sure don’t know and maybe even you, for sure don’t know, and nobody else knows yet, how the world will look like in the year of 2050, not to mention 2100.  Others, me and you, don’t know the answer to such questions. But today it is more difficult than ever before, because once technology enables us to engineer bodies, brains and minds, we can no longer be certain about anything and that includes the things that previously seemed fixed and eternal, such as an amount, date, or time that is fixed and has been agreed on and will not change, or a fixed price, or the contract of your lease that is fixed for a period of three years, or the interest rate on the fixed loan you have, or the god that you believe, or the eternal bliss where you don’t know where the current is going to take you, or the seeds of eternal atoms of all things that you been rewired to believe that are eternally created by God. None of the above can no longer be certain about anything to everything that previously seemed fixed and eternal, once technology enables us to engineer..things.

Humankind will be facing unprecedented revolutions in a few decades, all our old stories are crumbling, and no new story has so far emerged to replace them, and as I mentioned above, for as the pace of change increases, not just the economy, but the very meaning of ‘being human’ is likely to change and further disrupt your thing. Your Things. My Things. Other Things. Everyone Else’s Things.

And as for your mighty dating profile, you will just have to wait for an algorithm to find or create the perfect match for you too.

What else shod I say? Well, Thank you for reading my last part from the ‘In the world of 2050 & 2010’. By Isaac Bjørn. That will be me.

Oh, and I nearly forgot. Today I celebrate my very first Philanthropic Dream. I gifted my Roland Jupiter 6 to a young man. It will better with him rather than with me. Why? Well, I seek to unlock the possibility inside individuals with talents that sets extraordinaries apart from the overage. My little goal that will be highly likely to grow, is to help some them. But who’s them? Well, The Artist, The Musician and The DJ, The ones that shines from an ocean of many, helping them with anything to everything in between so that they can continue their journey and keep creating and improve the quality of their Art. Because there’s room for everyone in the industry if the Individual is worthy of such a deal for the industry, wile I also believe in having the choice to give something back. 

You can start giving even if you have very little. There can be no greater gift in your very life to have meaning beyond your self. By giving when you don’t have much, you teach your brain that you have more than enough. And remember, ‘No One Cares About You And That’s The Most Liberating Thing There Is, This Days.’ But I still give. And I learned this single lesson with hard times from the age of 3, when I wake up my self in an Orphanage, ‘Doing Some Thinking On My Own. You heard me many times saying this phrase.

By the way, I have a great book coming out in a little wile. Which will put some thinking on your own. Stick around my digital presence to find out more and why. 
Ou Voir for now, my dear Artist



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Author: Isaac Bjørn

Isaac Bjørn is an Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Consultant, Composer Of Algorithmic Music & Algorithmic Art and a Pigeon Fancier. When’s not working he likes to read books, think's about why things are the way they are and how things are going to change. He’s also fascinated by philosophy and has an insatiable hunger for specialized knowledge.