In The World Of 2045. PART 1



What career advice shod we give to our kids and even to our self?

In a future most likely taken over by technology and digital and likely to outsource and outperform the human, I am encouraging you to go into professions that machines are currently bad at, and there-fore seem unlikely to get automated in the near future.

I am predicting 2045 will have a 50% shift to all this I am about to talk wile a full effect by 2100. I am just hopping many with not sleep on this. But….

Yes, the world wants to be deceived.


I’ve had study the recent forecasts and also my predictions for when various jobs will get taken over by machines, identifying few useful questions to ask about a career before deciding to educate one self for it.

If the career you intend to educate your self and such as well your future children’s, requires the 3 following principles I listed bellow, then the better your career choice is likely to be.

A. Requiring interacting with people and using social Inteligence.
B. Involving creativity and coming up with clever solutions.
C. Require work done in an unpredictable Invioement.

This means that you safely bet on careers like: teacher, nurse, doctor, dentist, scientist, entrepreneur, goverment officials such as politicians, programmer (machine software technologies) engineer, lawyer, social worker, artist (exposed digital art), artist (creative music making using advance technologies such as software based machines and less actual hardware), artist (creative human voice),

Careers like driver of trucks, telemarketing, warehouse workers, cashiers, train operators, bakers, line cooks/chefs, credit analysts, loan officers, accountants, banks jobs, ground maintenance workers, farming and agricultural, retail sales persons, managers of all types, receptions, supervisors, miscellaneous fabrications  and even physicians and surgeons will slowly demand fewer human attention and finally will get full blast automated attention in the form of deep learning machines surpassing human capabilities. And it will succeed.

However, in this global digital age that slowly looks over the shoulders awaiting taking control, aiming to become a professional writer, film maker, actor, artist, athlete, or fashion designer, is risky for another reason, although people in this professions won’t get serious competitions from machines anytime soon by 2045-2065, but they will get increasingly brutal competition from other humans around the globe according to the aforementioned superstar theory, and very few will succeed.

When I explained in my previous article that many will awake from this ‘sleeping on their own life’ type of mindset ‘at the wrong time..unfortunately’ will start a constant swimming journey and sink in ‘the overage of seas’ wile hard times that will come ahead will have no seats for everyone. A time when industry’s will only be reserved for just a few that will met extraordinaries. A time reserved for only a modest number of superstars.

I tell you, please don’t sleep on this. It will happen by 2045. And 20 years are just around the corner.

My * best say * to you my dear friend is ‘save tremendously now because you can, or you may still have an opportunity to catch the last train to the shoulders of giants’ and put aside as much as you can, because dark days will come and light in the form of ‘life is great’ will only be a privilege for few of us. And…


If you have imagination, the idea is just sufficient to serve the main thing it desires.


But for now…

To Your Success.


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P.P.S And by the way!

 I am working on something even bigger, a very excited project.

I will be developing an online program, video course, for the Artist, Musician and DJ’s of all type, wile me, will help and guide you with the main principles that will separate your extraordinaries apart from the overage. This program will come in 2 parts. One is for the entry level Artist ‘’The Entry Level Accelerator’ and another program is for the advance artist ‘ The Advance Level Accelerator’. Because in a crowded world that can also come as a crowded industry, everybody does not have to be everybody. ‘You will only shine when the student has become the master of its niche, wile we are all students of what we do, but we do – want to become a NICHE – of what we do, without un-shinning everyone else around us, including us – at times. This video course will not teach you how to make music, I’ll leave that for you, as you already know how to make music, I guess, if not I will give you a tip on that as well on how music will be visualised in year 2045 to 2100 further, so you may pursue sharping skills on that too. Imagine that. Because every battle is won or lost before it’s ever fought, one of my mentors use to tell me, quite a wile ago.

My purpose is to seat you on the shoulders of giants with the mindset. Because everything is mindset and skill and if rewired in error you will always swim and sink in ‘the overage of seas’ wile hard times that will come ahead will have no seats for everyone. A time when industry’s will only be reserved for just a few that will met extraordinaries. A time reserved for only a modest number of superstars. In this 2 parts video course, you are going to met this tactical yet extraordinary skills for every type and level of artist, musician and dj, and I am confident I will Help You. I’m so excited to start filming and finalise the course just for you my dears. Just for you and no one else but you!!! It will happen very soon. Guaranteed in the next 4 to 6 months as of today 1st of September 2018. Just go to this address: In the near future I will be coming up with more online video courses for the Artist, such as ‘The Music Business Accelerator’ Because I believe Musicians, DJ’s, and Artists of all kind, are natural Entrepreneurs. My goal is to help you honing such Entrepreneurial skills with everything I got at the power of Specialised Knowledge.


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In The World Of 2100. PART 2




For so many years I’ve been a – carefully and silent observer of technology, many industries around the world and obviously ‘the time’. Because If you – The Human, can master the observation of time – in time, many things will become understandable to you – in time, because history always repeats –  in time but in different forms of time. Just like the record you played last night or the book you read last week – in time will be repeated and remixed and re-edited and re-manufactured and re-written – in time but – in time your time will end just like other people’s – time. In time. My dear – Your Time is limited. But there is a hope, in 2100 your time is restarting.

I am continuing my journey of personal judgement and prediction of the future – just the way I see it – In time, because It’s easy to believe that the human race as we know it in the form of ‘I am cool and your not’ won’t be around for long, but the ones with extraordinaries capabilities will be around for so long, just like infinite intelligence was never wrong, when you consider the state of the world today. One of a kind isn’t it.

But it’s often been the role of the Artist as we know it – The creator, to bring us hope – In time. I let that aside – for the mighty Artist called Creator.

Women- In Time.

In the future of women gender, physical makeup, body structure, facial structure, and skin tone are all customisable at your very choice because you’ll always be wearing augmented reality simulators in the form of your mighty and futuristic Iphone, making you more sustainable and limitless. Finally you are now the master of your beauty choice.


The Man and The Woman- In Time

By 2100, we the humans –  as a species will have grown in ways that allow us to make changes to our bodies via technology as we will know it in the form of science, which is both a thrilling and terrifying prospect. Nature won’t change us much, but with the help of science, we will help our bodies last longer and endure more. We will be able to give ourselves two sets of reproductive organs, the ability to self-regulate our own body temperatures to better live within any climate, between planet earth and other planets.

I am still in the hope of PLANETBJØRN – If will be ever found.

Now, are you keen to be alive till 2100? because I am. Your chance to live an unlimited life will be meet in 2100.

We’ll also use science for digitising our brain, science for a personalised vision and eyes colour change, stronger bones, augmented hearing from miles away with the help of technology, quick replacement of major organs via less invasive procedures, regeneration of the ones we do have, and elimination of the biggest and worst conditions that – unfortunately some of the – today’s humans suffer from –  in the form of ‘cancer or hiv virus or ebola or fever viruses’ this will all be a thing of the past by 2100 due to power of technology. So embrace technology and be alive to meet your time – In Time, by 2100. Your time to be unlimited  – In Time.

As long as we consider the good that can be done with technology, our possibilities are endless. You must desire and have faith to be alive by 2100 and I know is quite a bit of a journey – if you are like – let’s say 30 years old now.

You got this.

And so to end this Article – In Time, three-person babies. Extreme biohacking. Outposts on Mars. Cheating death. The changing nature of life as we know it. The future prophecy to be amazing and terrifying, and it’s right around the corner.

You the current human – In Time will become the future Human exploring the stunning scientific from you.

In Time – I will meet you.

But For now – Make Sure You Are Alive Till 2100.


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But For Now, To Your Success!

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