Why You Should Not Buy Tangible Gear And What Should You Do Instead



Do one thing every day that it scares you. And that is? You don’t need the unnecessary gear from the above or any other tangible and fancy gear to produce hit records. That’s right!!! You heard Isaac’s voice very clear. But prepare taking some serious notes, as this article is as controversial as my loud voice and the many writes of mine that inspires the phonological loop from you.


But before to start my article I want to tell you a very clear thing!!!

You see…my dear Artist, ‘Man and Woman’ will only become better when you make them see what he or she is like. And so, last week I wrote the very last chapter from  PLATNETBJØRN ™  THEY, THE ALGORITHMS. And you  will love this book to the very bones of pleasures, masturbating a mind of your own, and I can tell you now, such pleasure can only be discrete to your own. I have fascinated stories and algorithmic art work just for you, thru a mighty 200+ pages journey!!! And yes, I am not just a Journalist. I am also an Artist, just like you, wile at the heart I am a story teller. But I am also a Musician on my own terms, I draw digital art then I algorithm the heart from it using technology to meet my Imagination. I am also a Consultant that helps Artists just like you to find their balance in the maze of their Industry, and I am also an Entrepreneur with two successful start-ups. And not the last, I am also a pigeon fancier.

But for the past 13 carefully chosen years, I had been a silent observer of many, or maybe too many. The many trivials from other’s life’s maze’s. I’ve learned to judge their moves by the insecurities and sloppy natures of worse and mistakes they’ve been through, and so resulting 13 careful writes that can also come as a straight shot of whisky 🥃 for some, but this book will guide and help you navigate through the maze of your industry, because there is a dark side of human nature and there is a dark side on the game of power. And so I wanted to reveal it to you in the most straight way, because you are the master of the show, wile I am only a careful and silent observer of your show.

All in one, I go through a very sophisticated and detailed pattern of story telling, just like your own sophisticated DAW pattern, or least you shod have one, I hope you have one, because I like sophisticated stuff.  Not many knows that I spend about 100 hours to 6-7 minutes from a live set, and thats just me when I do things on my terms by totally breaking the RULES, the FORMULAS of making a piece of unorthodox’ed music. A formula that has been passed to me to you to everyone, telling us that must be done this or that kind of way, otherwise ‘SORRY.’ there’s no other way. They are wrong, I don’t fallow such distorted formulas.


So what is this book all about then? That excites the words from you. 


Well, first, I am an independent thinker, confident in my own research, and I drive no particularly pleasure from operating with or against the crowd, wile focusing only to an Audience of One. Creativity is reclaimed for my own sake, and second? Knowledge is power. You must understand that very well my dear Artist. This book is in service to knowledge wile power is the engine from in it. Makes sense? Because In PLANETBJØRN They, The Algorithms, Power, Greed, Life’s Grandeur will flow hot and red In thrilling descriptions. A book In the service to the Objectivism. The Radical Realism Time. An uncompromising defence of Self-Interest as the Engine Of Progress to Power.

You are excited aren’t you? The questions is…who shall get a copy. Such question requires some thinking on your own. But the follower of this book will be educated in the highest levels of its choice, inculcating virtue, philanthropy, social justice, power in its career and morality, becoming one of the great figures of its very own thinking. Enlightening the understanding of Specialised Knowledge in a mind of its own.

All in one, I Story Tell The Heart From Me..about: Keys To Power, Enlightenment, Seduction, Attention, Intentions, Thinking and Behaving, Time, Ignoring the Trouble and the Danger, Symbolic Power, the Visual and the Symbol, Anger and Emotion, Money and Power, the Strengths and the Performances, the Life and Thyself, the Responsibilities, the Values, the Strengths, Avoiding the Infection, Actions and Arguments, the Fulfilment, the One’s Mind Imagination, the Human Nature of Worse, and Taking the Credit.

Here, the lessons in this chapters are quite simple: consider this your bible to navigate through the maze of your industry, life and thyself. And you will thank me latter.

I will only release 113 copies and the ones who will get his or her own copy — happy shall live ever after. I guess you going to keep an eye on my digital presence to find out when and how to get one copy!!!


But now, let’s coming back in this Article, and let’s talk about, Why You Should Not Buy Tangible Gear in 2019, 2020 and further more decades from your life grandeur, And What Should You Do Instead.


First is first: the future is digital and totally intangible, and you may take notes of such words. Second: In your journey, you will meet many  DENIALISTS’ which is the person “trapped” into a byzantine mode of argument because he or she has no few options in pursuing a truth. Remember, If you are one of them, to be in denial is to know at some level. To be a denialist is to never have to know at all. In one word, ’The Denialist Person’ is a post‑enlightenment phenomenon reaction to the ‘inconvenience’ of modern minds.

For me, helping people understand that making a difference in the world of their own with my help, from anything to everything, Is one of the hidden successes and secrets to my own…philanthropic dream. This secret is also the key to unlock the power of understanding and fulfilment. And in the last chapter of my book, the ‘Bonus Principles’ (and you may take a note of this chapter) more exactly, I explain this in details. I guess now, you got so excited to get your own copy, aren’t you?

In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth Is a revolutionary act. And that’s how the musical artist world has gone mad! Buy this plugin, buy that plugin, buy this gear, swap that gear, oh..I don’t like that gear, buy the other gear. Sorry, you need to buy this gear because it just came out. Wait, you must buy this daw then swap that daw, and maybe I miss a few. ALL these thoughts are for losers. You are deceived in a word of trivial. Wake the f..*k Up.

Right now the online musical world – market, is in a state of delusion, fantasy and clinical grade insanity. Everybody has gone mad! I’ve been quietly observing this and using it to my advantage for years, but today, I decided to share my observations with you. Why? Because it’s gone too far.

At the end of the day, – You The Artists – or bedroom producer, or grammy award, or international superstar, you can make something from intangible gear that sounds just as good that you will do in a studio with £1m tangible gear. When you think at something like ‘How a Hit Song is Made’ you may Imagine something like ‘Is Made in a huge Professional Studio.’ Well, you are wrong. Now, technology has advance at such point that many of the tangible tools that is found in the exaggeration of thousands of £€$ cost, and it has been told and passed to you that in order to build a hit song you need such tools and you must pursue them to produce such hit records. Well that information is totally distorted. Now you have them in the palm of your hand, literally.

What if I tell you that you can make such hit records with a smartphone and a laptop? Yes that’s right. And you don’t need all that unnecessary gear. ‘But wait a minute Isaac’ – The analogue or any other tangible gear, it sounds better, it has life, it has human feel, it has honey and butter and rawness and makes you feel seduced..and oh my my.’ Yeah, you keep talking the mouth, and I get records done in – literally no time and so others that are one step ahead you – does too, which allows me and others to get stuff done anywhere in the world. Do you get your stuff done anywhere In the world? Oh no, wait, your creativity only gets out in the studio. Well, that information only has been passed to your conscious wile your subconscious accepted as totally true.


We are so aware that many of you, get your song bits done in airports, hotel rooms, carparks, or even toilets? I do it, and I ain’t afraid to spell it! At the end of the day how much you get stuff done on the go? Well, in my excuse, my studio is a £6500 late 2018 MacBook Pro Touch Bar (6 core 8th-generation Intel Core i9, 4TB internal SSD storage, 32GB DDR4 memory) and a £2100 Ipad Pro 3rd Generation (12.9” 1TB internal storage) and not the last a Universal Audio Apollo X8 Thunderbolt 3 (£2500) and I nearly forgot to mention about the newly acquired pair of Beyerdynamic T5P Headphones (£1000)

I call all this ‘ The Ultimate Digital Set Up for the 21/22 Century Artist. Because the future is as digital and intangible as your digital world from your mighty smartphone. And if you want to fallow this formula, you can’t get better than this set-up at this very moment. And I forgot to mention, my bellowed Nord modular G2 where I do all the sound design using the software editor in my iPad Pro 3rd generation with the apple pencil, and a piece of technology software using Machine Learning to perform my Algorithmic Art using Google AI and Magenta to combine this algorithmic procces that gives me a way to express my creativity in an unorthodoxed way, rather than following the old fashioned making music formula, that has been passed to you, to me, to everyone, from generation to generation making you to believe that must be done that way. WRONG.

So technically, my studio, is as mobile as your feet can ever walk, anywhere to everywhere I go and yours shod be too.

If I meet the love of my life in Russia or Berlin, and I decide to stay there for 10 years, then my studio stays too, in a compartmentalising bag.

Mobile production shod empower you, shod help you a lot, why? Because inspiration will strike you anywhere to everywhere.

Last month I was queening to clear immigration in the JFK airport. I was 10 meters away from the immigration officer to have my tourist visa stamp. But just seconds before to get in in the front row, an idea came to my imagination, and that was how to convince Kraviz to change her haircut. Haha, I am joking. The ideas was actually the last chapter from my book, a final write. And so, there you go, inspiration will strike you anywhere to everywhere, in the world. But I am just hoping I didn’t striked and inspiration to literally change your haircut, Kraviz? I guess such question requires some thinking on your own. They say, one thinks better with him self and not with the other. You are perfect my darling. 💖 I guess that’s just my french charm to spark curiosity and witticism in a friendly joke.


But not only in the studio you must get your ideas for the next song, I get mostly my ideas in the shower and when I sleep. Then I’ll get up and I put down that idea on this little mobile rig that i have with me anywhere in the world. There are times when I am out and about in the city and I think of a crazy layer or a cool melody and I will just use my voice notes or the music making notes on few apps on my iphone XS Max, and that could be anywhere like a buss station, train station, in the streets or even in a public toilet. I just put the ideas down. Music or writing they all come together and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

And now ask your self, how many hit ideas that could be hit songs had been lost just because someone didn’t had access to technology anywhere to everywhere with him or her, to put it down on that very moment? I can f..*ing sit on a public toilet 5 minutes on my own and make a track. I only need my iphone and nothing all. And you know what? It will be good enough. Because you the artist, using the power of your imagination and creativity, what is good enough done from your hands, it is god’s choice in the masses minds. When your creativity writes music, you are deep within yourself – as it should be. You are the artist. You are the creator. You are the god of your own musical story. The listener buys in your entertainment, inspiration, or information. Make sure you write that down, such words from Isaac, will keep your ideas flow.

Software is powerful enough to essentially be a studio of your own. Your very own studio. Your own secret weapon to creativity at any given time, moment, place or choice of your own and never losing a hit idea that could be a hit song just because you didn’t had access to technology.

You don’t need a studio to be creative, get an idea or any such thing. Do not be a fool if you think that it’s essential in order to make a song, be creative and anything in between, you actually need a mighty and fancy studio. You don’t. Your creativity can be in the chair from the airport lounge, then by landing, the engineer you hire to mix your stems can put that together, and by the time your car arrives to your booking, the engineer will dropbox that track to you in one go. And by the time your set is about to start, the crowd will be seduced.

Remember, technology it’s all about who is good. Because any fool can drop a 4 bar loop, and call it a track. So use the power of your imagination to strengthen your creativity and to separate your self from the random trash in the world. Because there is a lot of trash in the world. And you do not want that. You want to be seen as the god in peoples minds.

Creativity is all about overtaking your competitor. Because if bedroom producer A, comes with a better sound and skill, then the mighty international artist B is OUT.

Remember, you are living in the time of being actually judged by your capabilities versus your access. Use technology as a goal to ‘Get Out Of My Way’ then the goal for the Art is on your way.


Yours and forever Isaac. You know me!



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