Your Story Is Your Greatest Marketing Weapon. Don’t Ignore It.

You must understand. Your story, is your greatest marketing weapon. Don’t disqualify your story, it is and will be your greatest marketing weapon of all time. 

What you know, is magic. And what you know may have an impact to change the minds and hearts of others. 
You are the god of your own story, and you may chose to use it. And nothing else and no one else matters more than your own story if you chose to use it. Your Intellectual propriety which is your  IMAGINATION is your story. Make sure you share it with your audience. In the age of digital, in the age of post digital, in the age of changing characters, you story matters, because you can change the characters it self. Meantime, I have something to tell you. 

We live in the age of compounded hate. Misoginy, Ageism, Narcissism Disorders, Gender Discrimination, Homophobia, and maybe I missed a few, are the changing characters times them self we live in. The age of I am cool and you are not, the age of no one cares about you, yet is the most liberating thing there is this days, isn’t it. We’re defined much more by what we reject than what we adore. We’ve became the opposer it self. The judge of our extreme polarization that has guaranteed nearly 50 percent of the world can hate the other nearly 50 percent of the world, and the feeling is quite mutual. 

Our technological tools make it ever easier to weaponize antipathy. Facebook posts that generate intense emotion are much more likely to be shared than those that appeal to the cooler ends of our psyches. And we know that Intense emotion for a human being usually means hate rather than love, though it oughtn’t. But as inexhaustible as the human capacity for hate seems to be, it also leaves us broken. Hate is not what humans deeply want. And I am sure is not something you really want. I definitely don’t.  

These years have been quite dark for many, but they have been lit by a groundswell of love and that is love for the stranger, love for the immigrant, love for those who are different from us, love for the newcomer, love for the changing character, love for the day. Love wins, as the saying goes, and in the end, it conquers. Or so we’re told. Or so I’ve been told. 

Millennials had become poorer than previous generations and their
spending habits have been blamed for killing off industries ranging from casual restaurant dining to starter houses. I am not sure what this has to do with hate nor with love but it connects between the hate. 

Wall Street and Silicon Valley and few other industries across the world has come with the rule for the #MeToo Era like ‘Avoid Women at All Cost.’  Mens of great power, billionaires and good repute has started to adopt the ritual of no more dinners with female colleagues or don’t sit next to them on flights, or book hotel rooms on different floors, or avoid one-on-one meetings with them, or any such thing that may risk a man repute. This may lead to a controversial strategy to risk isolating women in few selected industries. Still, I am not sure what this has to do with hate nor with love but it connects between the hate. I am sure you get the point. I am only a journalist, author, artist, philanthropist and a consultant of good repute, and I intend to keep that for the rest of my remaining days, even in the age of changing characters, when repute becomes the new trading currency it self. This days you are being judge by your repute, yet an action can have a few interesting reactions. And I have no problem with that, but others may indeed have a problem with that too. And I know a few individuals of good repute, or at least they use to be. Now they are assigned in oblivion. So far with good repute. ‘The Age Of Changing Characters’  you want to remember this name and carefully study it. Don’t play with your repute. In the age of digital, you have nowhere to hide. You are being watched by your own repute. REPUTATION. I love this word. And you shod love it too. 

But here’s what else you may read today in Isaac’s Article. 

Originally, I was going to buy a lottery ticket last night. But after some thought and consideration, I decided not to. I even dreamed the damn ticket, can yo believe that? I swear I dreamed wining 65 million British Pounds on a lottery ticket. How fascinating. It’s quite of a large amount isn’t it, how bizarre. And I didn’t bought the ticket because the odds of winning are a GAZILLION to one, but because it is indeed bizarre to be the victim of the slot machine mindset. The thing is, I really do not need to WIN the lottery, wile for now I am fine with the little I have. 

My goals are really pretty simple. £50 Million. A million for me for my retirement, a million for the tax as they need their slice too, and £48 Millions for the causes I want to support around the world with my Foundation. FEELANDBJØRNFOUNDATION™ (I have a number of reasons but I will not bore you with the details, as you will know me better in the long run)

So a few weeks ago, millions of people stood in line to spend £2 (or in some cases much more) to buy HOPE. The lottery ticket hope. Hope for change. Hope for a better life. How interesting, isn’t. But there is still hope. The dream is still alive. And it is alive with you, within me, within everyone else. Unfortunately, most still buys hope. How fascinating, sorry, I mean how dumb, to buy hope. 

More millionaires are being made now than ever before. Even without buying damn hope. If you have a dream and goals you can do anything. That’s right. It’s possible. Damn Imagination, if some of you can really tap into it. It creates magic. But here’s one thing. You will not make millions of euros and pounds and dollars in one day, I  can promise you that, but you will make millions in one day. I can promise you that too. So dare to dream. Set high goals, and never give up Millions of $£€ are awaiting for a place to stay. Success it self, is looking for a good place to stay too. But remember, success isn’t born, it’s made, and you can take my words on this. Success is a science. I don’t believe in luck, fate or magic and all that dumb thing, but only cause & effect. Period. Focus on things with ‘causality’, not social popularity. Follow results and data, not the damn crowd. The secret it self is, If you do something right people will get to know you very fast. And success will come to you enough fast. Period. I’ve just give you the formula to wining the lottery it self. Now do something with it. But definitely don’t dig your own hole. It started to become quite popular this days (to dig your own hole) and many are quite enjoying it. How fascinating. 

Now Let’s Speak About Your Story Because Is Your Greatest Marketing Weapon It Self

I am finally getting to my title. I must admit I like to play with words, I always leave a space for coming back to title and here I am, back to title. 

In the age of changing characters, my mentors are no ones but just the ultimate question on life asked from a dusty shelf, and they are all good as dead.  The truth is what matter isn’t it. My mind is the first and only world I chose to be. And I report to world on how I find it, nor I speak the language of contempt, instead I share the 5% And if you don’t understand me then look in my words as clear as crystal. And I may indeed pursue on creating a sense of urgency right now, but simple to arouse the curiosity of ones who chose to.

And So I Speak For The Artist Only

I am astonished how many Artists on the whole internet and social media, produces the content for THEMSELVES in their best interests and NOT for THEIR AUDIENCE, which is the KING and QUEEN of their careers. 

Excitement is just a seed you plant. Context (the value) is the new currency traded for attention, and that is the fundamental act of getting the attention. But where is the attention it self? Where is the value it self. Where is the context it self? That is a question, isn’t it! And this questions are for your self, definitely not for me. 

You must understand that ATTENTION is what you need to master on doing it in the laws of all your interest, because the people are watching but you also need to understand where the attention comes to you by segmenting your context (the value you give) to the right attention (the audience) that is watching, because in the Age Of Digital, everyone grabs this f*ing thing called ‘A SMARTPHONE’ and that is the new law of getting the attention from your audience. 

You must understand that every single individual no matter is in a bus, train, airport, taxi, or even an individual walking on street, his or her attention comes and goes into a smartphone. And when every post sent out on your digital platforms is about you, when every content is all you, when every picture, every write is about you, you just mute all the attention from your audience. Yes, I know It’s sad isn’t it, it makes you cry as well when you know you have 100k followers and you get 4 comments and 5 likes. How dumb can that be, leaving money on the table, when you can monetise and advertise on a daily basis to those 99.996 followers. But I have good news for you, It’s about the audience and is NEVER been abut you. I guess now I just aroused the curiosity from you. 

None of you understands that you have to give, and give and keep give then you pursue a call to action then you gently ask. And that’s the sad thing when you keep ask and you put your followers dormant. Your followers are like flowers. Give them water every day and they will flourish. Give them dumb shit garbage content every day and they will go all dormant. And that’s the amuse story of every single one of you, or at least a few of you, with the content you produce. Obviously for your self and not for your audience. You shod listen to me as I am qualified to tell you this, not to mention I spend more or less £10k a month in getting mentorship with the biggest giants from the marketing Industry.  I now pass this rare knowledge to you. Do something with it. 

But here’s another sad thing. Do you know why more than 50% of you are going to fail? Because you are not going to bring any value in your audience. Your attention is dumb focused on your self only and not your audience. Have you wonder why DJ Khaled won the hearts of billions of fans? Because he focuses on trading value for attention, is that simple. 

Here is a question for you now? Are you actually providing value to your audience? How about you take a very good look in all your social media footprint, google and the whole mighty internet, search all your digital footprint with all your favourite keywords, and see what is the percentage of giving value to your audience and what is the value given to your self. That is a good question isn’t it? You must start having a conversation with your self, the rational, the narrative, with your career too, and maybe something better comes along. You know, like an awaking idea. 

Content is what makes people do something and take action, and you have the ability to make it happen to awake those 100k more or less followers you have. 

8 Billion humans are siting in front of you right now, holding the one thing that is the future of watching and communication ‘THE SMARTPHONE’ and you don’t take the action of making enough of it. I have 177 damn followers and I am making the 10X more than enough out of it, by bringing value to my few followers, to my audience, to everyone on the Internet with nothing but just VALUE, on a daily basis, not to mention I even do it on a hourly basis. 

The smartphone is the new asset of how information is consumed in the hands of your audience and if you change the trajectory of your ambition by figuring out fast what’s happening on your digital presence then you will understand why your are not doing it. 

But is it laziness? Is not knowing? What I think is  — Is just insecurity. Most people are not producing content because they are worried about their content when is posted. Worries what people will say, worried about what and whois going to watch it, worries about how many followers, how many  likes and so on.

Do you know how many will post something then will not work and then they will quit just for the sake because will not work? Like so many. The reality is that INSECURITY it is very REAL. And the reason that a few people are doing it and are doing it so damn well is because they got remarkable success just because they keep doing it. Thats the whole damn secret. The secret is to do it. 

I have 177 followers on my digital presence and I got your attention because I am doing it, and I am doing it well enough to keep getting more attention by giving value as first is first, and without any insecurity thinking of *what if* 

Remember, being cautious is the Language Of The Pessimist and the cautious speaks The main Language Of The Poor too. If you speak such language you will become a cub, and cubs never grow. 

Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter. The smartphone. This are the new 5 assets of getting peoples attention, If you have real value for them. And that’s how cool is the opportunity of ATTENTION.

But for now, thank you for getting your attention. 


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Author: Isaac Bjørn

Isaac Bjørn is an Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Consultant, Composer Of Algorithmic Music & Algorithmic Art and a Pigeon Fancier. When’s not working he likes to read books, think's about why things are the way they are and how things are going to change. He’s also fascinated by philosophy and has an insatiable hunger for specialized knowledge.