The Role of a Social Media Manager


More and more brands in this digital era that we all depend on it and thats perfectly fine as i love it and mybe you shod love it to, but businesses are recognizing the value of social media for connecting with customers, spreading their message, and driving actions. Whether you’re a team of one or in a larger team, a social media manager have had to adapt to new changes and trends within their growing field.

Here are @fabmagency  we show few insights on how the role of a social media manager has evolved and will continue to change accordingly to the digital era we live in. But first lets talk one or two things of this mighty role.

What skills are needed now for a social media manager that weren’t before.

A social media manager role is evolving from “reactive” and scheduling-focused to “proactive” and creative-focused. Creating a variety of engaging content from graphics to videos and everything in-between is all part of a social media manager’s day. Skills such as communication, writing/copyright, analytics, creativity, technical, design, empathy, and experimentalist are all useful to have now. And I am not stoping here, lets move on to the next thing.

Brands are shifting their focus to the customer experience. How does this shape a social media manager’s role.

Social media is no longer a one-to-many form of communication. It’s becoming a one-to-one channel to reach new customers. Yes that is correct, you have a problem, you reach the company thru one of the social channels, I hardly see calling the actual businesses with a mobile phone, is all done thru tweets, DM’s, live messages and countless others. But social media managers who have an understanding of the full customer journey from the first touch to evangelists are thriving. It’s all about understanding how to approach the full customer journey. And you shod understand that if you are a beginner in this field, as I see social media managers rising one by one in the last few months. Some may lack one or two things but some may be quite talented. Lets move on to the next thing.

How are brands structuring their social teams.

Social media teams at big brands are structured as specialists, rather than generalists as you might find in small businesses. Specialists are focused on a specific area of expertise. Ex., analytics, content, community management, advertising, etc. I guess thats the cool thing of being corporate when you have a large team behind you. But what if you are a one man band? Well I guess you have to do them all by your self isn’t it. And you may want to do them right. Here at FEELANDBJORNMEDIA we call it ” a la carte ”

But social specialists add big value to brands as they provide deep expertise, clear vision, and strategy in certain aspects of social. Social generalists also add big value to brands as they’re able to wear multiple hats and understand a variety of strategies. Do you wear multiple hats? I guess you have to find out, by your own self. So, lets move on to the next thing.

What role has data played in social media marketing

Well, this is a good one as data in social media marketing has allowed brands to go from, nothing to something or we think this works to this is driving real business awareness. A combination of Google Analytics give marketers all of the data tools they need to grow. Finding the right combination of creative and data-backed decisions is the perfect way to increase engagement on social. Yes, you shod keep your eyes daily in Analytics and Trends, is the only way to see what works and not. Next.

Beyond vanity metrics, what’s important for social media managers to be measuring

Social media managers that are on the cutting edge of social measurement are starting to understand brand sentiment more. I need to stop here to point Facebook Pixel, have you use it? How about you read one post above in Analytics.

But to come back in the subject, a brand sentiment factor in real conversations with customers on social media needs to be on the cutting age of the consumer mindset, and how they feel about the brand. Brands that advertise on social media need to have a clear picture of the customer journey from awareness to conversion. Have you?

With the growth of social ads, what do social media managers have to be aware of.

Well, boosting and promoting top performing posts on social media is a great way and a must wile still is inexpensive and I am being generous saying that as with a couple of dollars/euros/pounds you can reach a tremendous audience if you do it ”a la carte ”  to amplify content. And yes, social managers should have a deep knowledge of traditional advertising metrics like click per click, click thru rate, conversion rate, and CPA (certified public account). Taking the time to craft an incredible piece of content and then A/B testing to find the right combo is a must key. But I tell you now, the real key is to keep pushing on testing. A-B then C – D and back forward again and again, until a congruency feel appropriate. But lets move to my favourite question.

What tools should a social media manager have in their belt, OR IN THIR MINDSET, EITHER WAYS STILL SHOD BE A TOOL.

Tools are a social media manager’s best friend. A perfect social media stack can help you to work smarter, not harder.

Tools used at FEELANDBJORNMEDIA include:


So How do i see the role of a social media manager shaping up in the next five years, 10 YEARS, YEAR 2049?

I did enjoyed quite a lot Blade Runner 2049, and I do stop sometimes to take a think on how the future will look like, I guess is very digital, and it just started. But a social media manager role will continue to evolve into more of a full-stack marketer mindset over the next few years. Social managers will be responsible for writing, design, analytics, advertising, video, community, and more. Cocktails? Will see then.

Over the next 10 years, we’ll see a huge increase in demand for social media marketers who can do it all and deliver results. The future is bright for those looking to get into social media. So much awesome stuff to come as platforms and roles evolve. So if you got what it takes, do it now, It only starts with the Yes and the rest to fallow. But remember, what makes you unique from the masses of other tons of agencies and individuals, is the service and tools you deliver. So deliver.  ” A LA CARTE ” is how we call it here, at FEELANDBJORNMEDIA.


Author: Isaac Bjørn

Isaac Bjørn is an Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Consultant, Composer Of Algorithmic Music & Algorithmic Art and a Pigeon Fancier. When’s not working he likes to read books, think's about why things are the way they are and how things are going to change. He’s also fascinated by philosophy and has an insatiable hunger for specialized knowledge.