How To Rock At Snapchat Marketing


      Why Should Business Market on Snapchat?

With Continually growing list of Social Media Platforms that businesses should be using, Snapchat is included in excellent marketing results. Why? Because Snapchat is so different from other major Social Media Platforms. Snapchat is fun, and their users, that can be targeted with demographics snaps stories, can reach new audiences with great example of success, Snapchat can be your daily gold ticket business story. With 180 Million Snapchat users, and 2.8 Billion Snaps sent each day, your brand has a tremendous potential to reach new audiences. But first, lets see how it works also the pros and cons of Snapchat.

First, Snapchat Changed Recently.

It brings limitless” snaps (for snapping without time constraints), looping videos, emoji doodling, and a new Photoshop-like “magic eraser” tool that removes objects from your photos. The future comes to iOS users only, unfortunately. Sorry Android users, i guess you will have to queue for a wile. But here is the good news, Snapchat Inc. promised to bring this future to Android users as well.

So, lets talk a bit how to make it right on Snapchat, ok?

Talent, Patience, Distribution. What is it means?

Talent, is the variable to building an audience. You have to put out good content, you have to be interesting enough, smart enough, seize the moment enough. What does this mean exactly? Simply be great and confident at what you know and what you do, and you have to have the ability to communicate with your audience using the tools that are unique to the platform, you have to be able to understand how to use video and pictures on the platform to entice and capture the attention of your audience.

Patience. Snapchat is a young and growing platform, and you want to grow with it. The best way to do that is to put out content when nobody is listening.  Since content on this platform disappears in 24 hours, I would recommend to download your content from the platform and share it to other social sites so they live on.

Distribution. Use hacks to get an audience to know your Snapchat Username or Snapcode. Since Snapchat dose not have a discovery for user within the platform, I recommend to use every other social channel to get people to know you are on Snapchat and where and how to follow you. Add your Snapchat username or Snapcode to everything. Use all your own assets to communicate this. Your Email newsletter, Facebook Fanpage, Persicope, Twitter Account, Instagram, “Anything you got to push it, to follow back your audience. It takes time, but remember ”Talent, Patience, Distribution” Your must fallow 3 pillars.


Now, Lets Talk Business.



Snapchat can officially be considered yet another platform that businesses and marketers can include in their marketing line-up and it’s always a good thing to have a platform that provides new opportunities and ways to connect with your target audience, and here are some strong benefits to marketing on Snapchat.

Less competition. Every brand that’s ever existed seems to have a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As difficult as it can be to even connect with users on these platforms, it can be even harder to get your content to stand out from the competition. Though, Snapchat is increasing in popularity amongst brands quickly, there’s still less competition here for businesses than on other platforms.

It’s different. I’ve touched a bit on this in the intro, and i’ll discuss it more later, but it’s such a major benefit I wanted to mention it here, too. Snapchat is different than other platforms.You’ll be reaching a new audience in a new way with a new type of content. This can definitely be a challenge, but it’s also a big advantage.

It feels authentic. Social media sites, in general are great for rapport building, and in some cases, giving the “behind the scenes” look to users.
Snapchat amplifies this facet of social media marketing. It’s more about what’s happening right now. Photos are edited with filters to make them more interesting, not necessarily a higher quality, and the effects are purely there for enhancement and fun. To mention, you can show the personality of your brand in a new way on Snapchat, highlighting the parts that will be most relevant to your audience there.

You can reach a new audience. If your product has use cases that could appeal to a younger demographic but you aren’t really connecting to them yet on other social media platforms, Snapchat could be your gold ticket in.

It’s free. This definitely isn’t the most important aspect of marketing on Snapchat, but it doesn’t hurt to note that it is, indeed, free. Some tools in marketing aren’t, after all. Happy Snaps



Author: Isaac Bjørn

Isaac Bjørn is an Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Consultant, Composer Of Algorithmic Music & Algorithmic Art and a Pigeon Fancier. When’s not working he likes to read books, think's about why things are the way they are and how things are going to change. He’s also fascinated by philosophy and has an insatiable hunger for specialized knowledge.