Self-Esteem ! Low and High – How to increase it ‘NOW’


There’s many things that can stop us this days, to achieve our self beliefs, goals, ambitions, motivations, or that dream job, once i told to my self ”i wish i could become an Artist or an Entrepreneur, i wish i could be my own boss or having my own business  ”

We are slapped with all this negatives, by looking our self in the mirror ” i don’t like how i look, i have my job, i am not happy with my body, i am fat, i am ugly, i am disproportionate, and so on many other negative thoughts.

Its interesting how the human mind can play us, an let me tell u something, the human mind is not going to make you happy, This brain of yours wont do it. That’s right. You have to direct it. Passion of what you do, and if u didn’t do it yet, that one thing you wish you did do it, or how about we start now, why? well it gives tremendous sustainable energy. Yes i am talking about passion. That passion of what you do. And then comes the momentum that changes your life’s when making the decision. That’s called braking the rules of procrastination. Yes those habits.

I asked my assistant the other day, it was a long weekend, and he had a few days off, lets say like 5 in total, its quite a few days off isn’t it. He’s a young man in his early 20’s or somewhere there. I approached him ”Hey man, hows things ! I haven’t seen you around since quite a wile ! You been enjoying your free time off? Oh yes — Definitely, he friendly responded back. And what have u been up to all this days? My self asking the question with an engineered response i was aspected back, already thinking to Freud sayings ” A nation is born stoic and dies Epicurean ”

Oh – I been watching all Games of Thrones Series ! He responded back. I didn’t even went out from the house! It was really great, i wish i could have more days off like this! Well, there u go, how the hell you want to actually make it in life? Is it Netflix will give you the life you dream about every day? Is it the usual fool you hang out with, in a daily basis, will offer you the great advice, how to get that dream job or career, you once said it to your self? Or is the boss that you work for, will offer you the life you dream about.

The brain is made in such way to deceive you with thoughts ” don’t do it, its enough —  you don’t need more” this job is perfect, you can just do this all your life, is it pay the bills? is it pays the Netflix Subscription? Is it pays for the rent? Yes — well f…k everything else, you don’t need a career, you can juts be a free spirit, life is about balance, isn’t it. REALLY? Well yes, thats your brain tells you, every single day, in a daily routine, and the thing is you believe all that. You think thats the normal Life, isn’t it?

All this negative talks to your self, the daily routines you have, what you do, who you hang out with, how you think, how you talk, what you eat, what you see (remember, the brain visualize everything you see and hears and there is a high expectancy to become what you see and what u hear)

Hang out with peoples smarter than you, 10 times smarter than you, go to seminars, go to speeches, seek what you are interested into, and if you cant find it, research and read. By actually doing it, it’s actually happens, do you know that? I always said to my self, i wish i could score movie soundtracks and play amazing music. Well damn, this year i took action, i went online and i bought an online course for music production. I went in WordPress, bought my self a Subscription and build my own website blog, to write opinions of my own, i went to the local gym and asked for a subscription, to get healthy and fit, i invested in Mentorship courses, to get knowledge and get rid of the mindset i carried with me for years, i made my self my own Company, to actually do what i love doing. Yes, it cost me thousands and thousands, but i don’t care, that just made me one step further closer to my dream. I invested in me. And u can do it to.

Remember, your brain will always tells you ”don’t, just don’t do it, you don’t need that” Well yes my dear, you don’t need to exercise, you don’t need to fallow you dream, you don’t need to be healthy, you don’t need to be around 10 times peoples smarter than you. And that would direct you to this ?

My life as well, gone thru some periods of such similar subjects, but i learned to say NO, to what i didn’t enjoyed doing. Learned to say NO, to the friends i was previously hang out with. learned to say NO, to the job i was doing —  making rich others when i could work for my self, and do what i really love doing ”Writing, Composing Music, Forming my own Company, and — hustling, yes i love working hard. And you could love to ! But be prepared, it will come with a cost. You have to rise your standards and upgrade your life and figure out where you stand in your thoughts. What you think, you become.




Author: Isaac Bjørn

Isaac Bjørn is an Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Consultant, Composer Of Algorithmic Music & Algorithmic Art and a Pigeon Fancier. When’s not working he likes to read books, think's about why things are the way they are and how things are going to change. He’s also fascinated by philosophy and has an insatiable hunger for specialized knowledge.