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I guess is Sunday, and so I write you my expected Sunday article.  But how shod I start, well let’s pretend I am the shy one on stage wile I try to entertain you in the next 7 minutes of read.

And so I am the artist and I now walk on the stage, but before I have done a lot of reading in the last few months or years at least to know exactly how is to walk on a stage haha… and not because this is the exact subject of this article, but because I am looking for a point cue how to start it, just as you the Artist, you look for a precise point cue before to start you record, and so i look for mine now, so bear of me wile i write and keep look for my cue of thoughts.

Well, I guess now I done quite a lot of thinking on my own so will just start the cue and move on with the flow of words and thoughts without thinking to much but by following a bunch of mnemonics about what art is and how it affects people at the conscious and subconscious level. I guess now I finally found a subject for this article.

So, by art, I don’t just mean just visual art but some other kind of art such as writing, composing music, poetry quotes, some fiction, and few other type of art wile I keep it relevant to my subject. But I have come to the conclusion that art and seduction have a lot in common. Both art and seduction require you to create an emotional experience for other people, because in the end is all about emotion rather is composing a piece of music for your audience, writing a little book as well for your audience, painting, visuals and maybe I miss a few, but is all about forming emotion.

Art and seduction are powerful because people, and especially women, are 99% driven by emotions. And here let me point a little experiment. Last week (20/10/2018) I’ve been swiping right and left through tinder, wile I totally dislike that kind of place, this was about an experiment. Some matches now and then. One match I responded with a bit of ‘direct’ tone and making the impression I am driven by what I want and not by emotion. I’ve been unmatched in one go, there you go. The next match, I’ve responded every word built in emotion, artistic characters and patterns that has a poetic effect. The woman was driven by this words tremendously, and all  that I’ve used was emotional words in any sentence. In the end I had to un-match her wile this was only an experiment.

This principle can be used in any other form of Art you may pursue, in other parts of the industry I can example: Let’s say you go to the cinema. The one question may be why are you going to the cinema? I can tell you why. You are going for the emotional play, for the story telling, for the characters that sends emotion to your mind when your crave for it.

You see, emotion is like a game of power, if you master it just right you will only have wins in your art or daily life. Anything to everything is based on emotion.

We live in a hyper-rational society but at the end of the day in our core we are emotional beings, driven more by our fears, desires, hopes and dreams, than by the unfortunate rules of what society tell us. The imaginative order. I actually wrote an article on this. You can find it here.

But of course if I use emotions as the whole goal of seduction to a complete stranger woman, is to arouse her emotions so she gives into one of her strongest emotions that I successfully tapped into, resulting in the desire for sex and affection with me.

So here are a few lessons I have learned from the art world that can be applicable to seduction. Of course these are all rough analogies, and you can take them or leave them. My article is for an audience of one wile I do not mind if reaches an audience of millions. But I think these few lessons can be helpful in forming an emotional connection with women.


The first wile be to believe in yourself and your thoughts to make truly great art of your choice. You must be original with a penchant for uniqueness, or else you won’t stand out and nobody will care. But to be original, you have to be a nonconformist. Most people are conformist because they care what other people think and that results in mostly following the formula instead of you – making the formula or inventing the formula if I put it more cold.

If you have an original idea you will have no idea that it is good unless you try it out first. That’s why the best artists have a very strong sense of self. They are often even narcissists and they have to be, because they are trying stuff out that nobody has tried before and they are confident it will work.

Look at all the great artists, 99% of the shit they made was terrible, but they kept making it because they didn’t give a fuck, (I don’t give a fuck too) and when that 1% is connected with people it was fucking amazing. You agree with me on that too, aren’t you? I guess I started getting some serious balls on the stage, now that I finally got a subject on writing this article too.

But In the other part, In seduction, women are attracted to guys with a strong sense of self because it shows that the guy doesn’t give a fuck what other people think. This is a big reason girls like ‘bad boys.’ In nature, the ‘alpha’ is by definition the ape that doesn’t give a fuck about what the other apes want, so a guy that does and says things that are ‘inappropriate’ in society automatically connects with women because he ‘feels’ like the alpha ape. Just don’t be a creep, there is such thing as the alpha gentlemen too.

The second will be to make it relatable.  Art only ‘works’ if the other person relates to it and cares about what the fuck you’re saying. Let’s say I mysteriously watched Nina Kraviz from a corner of the Eiffel Tower the other day but just because my apartment was two streets away from the event and without saying hello I decided to be a silent observer of her show. Facing her and her show, she faced me forgetting about the show. But situation took a different approach, and I’m definitely not in Paris to observe a fool staring at Kraviz’s ass behind the stage at exact 17.37 and 42 seconds for the next 4 minutes and 57 seconds, and I don’t have nothing in common with the fool nor with Kraviz, but I still might be traumatised by the fool just because he is part of the DNA of mens. But as Kraviz plays on her themes that all human beings on that event related too, like for example, emotions, hope and love, I let my self mystified to her and forget about the fool.

And if I swap on the B side of the conversation to get back in my subject, just as you the humble man that is an Artist, If you can’t be relatable to the girl, you are placed in oblivon. If you talk only about shit she doesn’t care about, you’re placed in oblivon too. Even when you talk about yourself, you have to talk about yourself in a way that’s relatable to her hopes, dreams, fears and emotions.

A part of making art relatable is tailoring the art to your audience. A big reason guys fuck up is that they try to seduce girls using canned lines and scripted shit they read on the internet. They fail because every person is different and the shit that emotionally connects to one girl might not emotionally connect to a different girl. Same as a lot of so called beat makers, Dj’s or so called producers are fallowing the trap of making music by actually getting in the trap, just like a mouse. There is a difference between an Artist and a real Producer and a beat maker that fallows the trivial formula of the free Internet. If you had emotional intelligence, you would ‘read’ the girl and figure out what she cared about just as you would ‘read’ the scene and the crowd to come up with the new formula in your music rather than keep fallowing the innocent 4 bar loop formula.

In every conversation there is some shit you care about, some shit she cares about, same as in your music you might make – at times there would be some shit you have to care about or don’t, by all means to cut it out – or don’t, and some shit in the middle you both care about, considering you tapped in her sweet and weak spot. That’s where the conversation should be. If she doesn’t care about what you’re talking about, she’ll get bored and check out. Same as the record you proudly produced, when you finally sent it out, many will check out.  Why? Ideally, you fallowed the formula, now, you with your self will both connect. And that’s okay because it has been passed to you. (Speaking about the formula)


Third, is to be a little extreme.  Let me tell you this, people like art because it represents the shit they care about in daily life, but on an extreme and exaggerated level. Here’s an example: all men secretly want to be the ‘alpha male,’ isn’t it? which is why men love action movies and superhero movies so distortedly much. But at the same time, for the same reason you can always capture a girl’s imagination more by being extreme. For example, if she says ‘I love chocolate cake’ and you say ‘me too,’ you’re a fucking idiot. But if you respond ‘I love chocolate cake so much that if I had to gain 100 pounds to make a million dollars record, I would still eat the shit out from you’. You’re saying the same thing both times, but the second statement sounds more extreme and captures her humorous imagination. This, BTW, is why ‘agree and amplify’ works so well and she expresses an emotion, and then you go extreme with the same emotion, and she loves it.  And by the way, the whole ‘be extreme’ thing is a big reason why a lot of artists are drug addicts and crazy and stuff. They are constantly searching for that next ‘extreme’ emotion that they can’t ever be satisfied with the regular emotions of everyday life. So be careful. Don’t be too extreme. Instead let you Art speak the words of extreme.


The fourth is to be a little sensitive and I don’t mean artists are pussies. I mean that artists feel every little emotion on a stronger magnitude than regular people don’t. That’s why they create good art rather is music, visuals, images, symbols, drawings and maybe I miss a few, because they notice shit regular people notice but on a grander scale. For example, a lot of people have walked in the Eiffel Tower event where Nina Kraviz played her set and maybe some people thought for a second that the DJ is higher up than everybody else. But a secretly and undercover Journalist named  Isaac Bjørn, will walk in and see that, and he will obsess over it and make a hilarious comedy that a fool standing behind the stage, looks straight in the rounded ass of the DJ for five consecutive minutes. Well, some people especially like art when it connects to an emotion they have had but they never normally get to express much. And I am not saying that Kravitz’s ass is a work of art just like her production too is indeed a work of Art, but I guess beauty is too a work of Art just as In my case I used mnemonics to associate with the surroundings of the event, people’s emotions, Kraviz, distractions and attractions then I given life to an article such this. Same as Freddie Mercury wakes up in a Sunday morning in his farm down in Kent/England, sees and hear a mighty cocky roster loud sound and Mamma from Bohemian Rhapsody was born. You see, anything to everything around us is a work of Art, but nobody never normally get to express much. And by the way, in my book ‘They, The Algorithms, which is a book in service for the Objectivism, I expressed my words in my own way I call Art, just as much your eyes can see it. The mighty question is ‘Who’s going to get a copy?’ I let such question to do some thinking on your own.

Back to the cake example now. If she says, ‘I love chocolate cake,’ the conversation is immediately dried for you and if you just say ‘yeah, me too.’ then you are a fucking looser (again). A better response would be. “Fuck Yeah, I love chocolate cake, I used to make one when I was alone and I would put ice cream on top just to remember my self It’s better than sex without a condom.” Girls (and people generally) love in-depth stories where you go into the details of your stupendous humour (as long as you don’t sound like a proper creep). She doesn’t even have to agree with you, she’ll just enjoy the fact that you’re painting such a vivid picture about something she might cares to hear about you. In the end you will only just tap in her desire to – make it with you.. An added benefit of doing this in seduction is that you won’t look like your only emotion is her (which creeps girls out, for obvious reasons.) Period.


I guess this is the fifth wile I have a hard time on keeping it up with but you know what? good art is intelligent and challenging. Good art makes you think and challenges some of your beliefs and expectations. People think they want to see something that solidifies their pre-existing fucking beliefs but a consumer of art or in this case, girl you finally seduced, will remember you better if they walk away thinking about something you said or if you challenged their beliefs in a good way or if you made them think about something differently. Obviously there is a line between being challenging and offensive, and you need to figure out an intelligent way to navigate that line, same as in the same way you figure out an intelligent way to navigate the story of you DJ set, record after record in a maze of sounds.

That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to be provocative or more intelligent than the situation would appear to call for. Sometimes if I’m in a night club looking for another subject on a few articles of my own, and I think it will work just fine, I will launch into a discussion with a complete few strangers with topics you don’t normally expect to hear about in those places just to round up my Intelligence for my article, just as you round up your Intelligence in your sets too.

And so all good art is ultimately uplifting, same as Kraviz’s set in Paris was well prepared and expected and extraordinary, wile many may disagree with this one speaking about the well expected internet trolls. But Kraviz girl, just don’t care my dear. Remember, they will be the ones who will be flipping burgers for minimum wage for the rest of their life’s, wile you keep conquer and innovate – my girl, and I’m not interested in getting into a debate about it or such like. My point here is that all good art, even if it seems like it’s cum jokes and dick jokes, is ultimately up-lifting. At least for me it is. Art makes you a better person than you were before you came to it. Either you looked at the world in a new way, or you learned something, or you generally became a more relaxed, happy, person. Most of all, good art has a happy ending – seriously, just think of any good happy ending.


Art, my friends is a two cosmic principle based on seduction and utility. Such principle seduces three eternal entities: Truth, Love and Beauty. The Individual who grasps this principle will find its compelling goddess to its Art. Be it a beauty of a woman or a beauty of it’s art

From The Author – Isaac Bjørn



I admire the creator, because he created the woman. No matter who is this creator, he created the perfect life for man. He created the woman’

From Saint Billy – An Algorithm 7 Of My Own



To you, To All, For All

To Your All Happy Endings


 Isaac — Your Faithful And Forever Friend.




Author: Isaac Bjørn

Isaac Bjørn is an Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Consultant, Composer Of Algorithmic Music & Algorithmic Art and a Pigeon Fancier. When’s not working he likes to read books, think's about why things are the way they are and how things are going to change. He’s also fascinated by philosophy and has an insatiable hunger for specialized knowledge.