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You see, all this online talks, forums, social media, tv, word of mouth and websites that may think or at least they think – that are representing the music industry, are only a traditional media outlet to poison your brain with their bad news or good news at times – dopamine hits in the form of 25 cognitive biases. I call this ‘The Lollapalooza Effect’. A numerous cause of human misjudgment.

What is Lollapalooza effect in psychology? Well, I can keep it short and congruent to the point, wile I do want to get it in your head now and not another time.

It’s a phenomenon where multiple human biases, acting in a concerted manner, produce a large and extreme outcome and let’s example Coca-Cola’s dominance of the soft drinks market around the world as an example of the Lollapalooza effect.

Coke’s easy availability at most stores, strong brand value of happiness, social influence, and other favourable biases towards the drink have created a huge market for it. All of these biases combine to create a compounded effect that creates a competitive advantage for Coke.

We humans have many inherent biases and tendencies that can sway our behaviour one way or another. When several of them act in concert to drive us toward a particular action, you have a Lollapalooza effect. The Lollapalooza effect can create large-scale drivers of human behaviour – and often error.

An example of this error – was the Trump protest all over the UK country in the form of subjective thinking in masses, resulting distorted decisions and automated thoughts behaviour. A dopamine – like hit in the brain in the form of 25 cognitive biases, forming a full blast Lollapalooza Effect. And that’s congruent to the point explication of the Lollapalooza Effect. Do not be one of those. And you just won at life, because brilliant things happens in calm minds. Be calm. You are brilliant. Now you just took your self a little less seriously and your ready to talk in a very worthy way.

And I am not criticising that because It takes courage, openness and honesty to observe the mind without judgement, criticism or censorship, but still, sometimes to bring down the towers of pressure in your life’s, you have to raise the banners of freedom and that will be your time to be aroused to keep believing, to keep building, to keep raising your voice, and to keep asking big questions. So ask big questions and be aroused but take your self a little less seriously, and you will be ready to talk in a very worthy way.

You see, everybody wants to be aroused but not everybody gets a bit more brilliant and calm. So be a bit more calm.


Have you ever wondered why the EDM Music Industry, The Commercial Music Industry, The News from the Commercial Music Industry, The Masses of billions of humans that listens the Commercial Music as you know it EDM Industry…is more bigger and bigger and huge like a balloon that keeps swallows and never pops? And you the Underground Selector that was loyal for decades, by surviving the thriving but still ….and yet you take a peek and wonder…why so big? speaking of them and definitely not you.

Well, it’s because the Commercial Industry are doing everything with the Lollapalooza Effect in a very worthy way that triggers the masses biases, and that’s how you are instantly liked, absorbed, digested and remembered in masses minds. Remember the Coca Cola Story – from above.

But you see, everybody wants to be liked, but not everybody gets in masses minds. So why not take a peak and wonder..can I be that big?

This question is very easily absorbed if you the Underground Selector can have the tendency to switch with trends in minds, you just won at life.

Being a DJ is pretty much..let’s say – playing others people music isn’t it and is nothing wrong with that, but what if you push that further and swim with the technology in mind and deconstruct sounds that has never been heard before, being interested in your abilities on how much you can push DJ’ing as a 2.0 skill and finally allowing you to experiment much more than a regular 1.0 DJ skill and others acts or shows, can you experiment that?

If the answer is YES – now you just won at least 50% at life and you make things happen with ‘The Lollapalooza Effect’ in masses minds. If the answer is NO, congratulations, you are still the underground selector by surviving the thriving.

But you see, everybody wants 50% in life, but not everybody make things happen around its mind.


Now Lets Met With Something I Predict Will Happen, And Talk About The 3.0 Skill, 3.0 Sound As You Know It As Music And The 3.0 Time That Will Met Your Mighty And Digital Time.

For so many years I’ve been a carefully and silent observer of technology, many industries around the world and obviously ‘the time’. If you can master to observe the time – in time, many things will become understandable to you – in time, because history always repeats –  in time. Just like the record you played last night or the book you read last week – in time will be repeated and remixed and re-edited and re-manufactured and re-written – in time but – in time your time will end just like other people’s – time. In time. My dear – Your Time is limited.

Being an Advisor to selected Artists and Corporate Individuals, and knowing more than a thing or two about what I do, I objectively measured selected artists and industries, writers, score engineers, genres and in general ‘The Music As A Whole’. I called this the ‘POST-TRUTH ERA’. A non-negotiable facts or truths that will soon be about to happen, a miserable or futile time for most humans, a time when Strong AI – Superintelligence finally puts its print – in time. Your time, my time, everyone’s time. I call this ‘The Unemployable Time’.

For so many years has been so many great selectors in the music industry – let’s example in this case ‘The Underground Music Industry’ and we shall move on latter to the other industries, but it is impossible to chose and pick just one Artist, Musician, DJ in the form of talent, character, skill, habits – good or bad, reputation and much more.

Yet those ones who keep swim to places in the form of sounds that has never been heard before and keep swim around them to build a most human story that could trigger the masses journey, are the highest gem in their glory and everything around them is just oxygen in the form of – just a little gem but definitely not – a glory.

Underground Music will always be sealed and – forever exist but its existence will evolve in a very carefully ‘molded sound’ – an artificial brain that – In Time – will finally get conscience in the form of a cognitive awareness process that will send personalised emotions to an individual with the help of technology.

According to my prediction by 2045, Giant Tech Corporations will develop experiments in technology machines at human level Artificial Intelligence or Super AI, far beyond human level with abilities to accomplish any cognitive task. And let’s example In this case ‘learning a full language at mother tongue level in 6 minutes or writing the next JK Rowling Fantastic Beasts Series – Script for the next 10 years in under 3 minutes or composing the next album of Artist A or B in under 1 minute and 25 seconds’ – In one word ‘Machines With Goals’.

Wile many says, its decades away, Superintelligence is just years away, already happens in the form of automation, chat-boots, machine learning software, smartphone assistants as you know it in the form of ‘Hey Siri or Microsoft Cortana or Ok Google’ Wile this are just starting principles to a Digital Era, the time from now and when is fully going to happen is just a main concern for the overage and unskilled human that still dreams on memories to be forever made, just like you who – happens to stand on the shoulders of giants. In this very moment. Right Now.

When misaligned intelligence will be the main concern, it needs nobody, but only an internet connection. And now – let’s see it as favourable in music industry, when intelligence machines in the form of consciousness  in computers turning competent with goals what the Giant Tech Corporations will do?

According to my prediction, its good to start researching your thoughts my dear – and your current career as well your future career – now – rather than the night before some programers decide to switch on human – level AGI (General Super intelligence Consciousness) in the Giant Tech Industries and then eventually – you – The Human Artist will become unemployable in your industry by a machine who can deliver personalised emotions to an individual on the dance floor. A disaster for your glory that was always sealed in others dreams and memories – yet NOT- forever made. I am sorry…

My second prediction is – eventually the music as a whole, by Year 2100 will become fully and a totally Singularitarian – a conscious brain, surpassing any emotions in humans – delivering any fantasy’s you may ever dream in the form of super ecstasy blasts, mind orgasms at your choice or personalised emotions as a whole in festival crowds- wile you the human Artist, DJ, Musician, Scoring Engineer or Writer – will become 100% unemployable by the industry, but with good news.

By Year 2100, the human brain and its consciousness will be totally digitised and uploaded in the form of a personalised – Singularitarian machine, merging human experience with consciousness in software, and that’s – your time, when you the Artist will be long dead but you will live in the form of a Digital Individual, entertaining dance floors in this case – and others minds because Giant Tech Corporations will approach you long before your dead – and offer you something you cant – obviously resist. An Infinite Life. But you have to keep entertain others minds.

This may be a call for your awareness wile I predict this by Year 2045 with a full blast by Year 2100. Your only chance as an Artist or whatever profession you are – to stand out in the age of Super Human AGI (Superintelligence far beyond human level) or shall I call it ‘The Unemployable Time’ is to master General Intelligence which is the ability to accomplish any human goal, including learning.  This is 10% of Strong AI for a human with at least 150 IQ. Now imagine your current brain using it at your 10% then imagine your current brain using it at 100%. If you can do that, then congratulation, you just mastered General Intelligence. And by the way – the myth with humans using 10% of the brain at all times is nonsense. We mostly use under 10% when sleeping for breathing and other unconscious things happen inside your mind, wile when fully awake in cognitive tasks we surpass at least 40% to 50%.


Now Here’s A Message For Those Of You Who Have Hope – In The Hope Of Coming Across In The Industry At This Very Time Of Early Digital Age or You Are Already In The Industry. Because In Time. You The Dreamer, The Unknown or The Known, You Shall Succeed And Put In Everything What You Got To Still Catch This Train till 2045. A Year When All Dreams And Memories Will Be Probably Stoped. But Not Impossible Because Intelligence Enables Control Turning Competent With Goals, Just Like We Control Tigers By Being Smarter. 


Now, Let’s Master General Intelligence, And Then Exploring Goals, Meaning And What Actions To Take To Create The Future You Want, Shall We?


First and first, many things will change as you may seen my prediction very much above in this Article, and It will happen because technology and trends swims with it. And so you must swim with it to float in an ocean of skilled people just like you. But the good news is that there is hope for you in this industry and what you currently hold in the form of skill, It must be your truly and forever niche. Because the secret to stand on the shoulders of giants in a time when things will be tremendously difficult for everyone – is to be a NICHE specific of what you do or who you are and everyone else who knows you will specifically KNOW YOU as the only Individual to go for. You will become the expert in your NICHE.

You must be known for something that others don’t know or can’t do what you do or others sees it impossible to do. The way you look, the way speak, the way you move, the way you play your records, the way you produce your music, the way you write your words in your book, the way you smile, the way you make people like you, the way you innovate, the way you live your life and many more ways of what you do. You must truly master that as a NICHE only and be seen as ONE NICHE for that specific role, then you stay with it and you carry it with you in your journey to the shoulders of giants until the end of your time. Because is only one like you and never will be one like you.

You are in a world of ‘Everybody doesn’t win’ because everyone wants to be everyone else thru a copy of another copy – to be that copy of that copy –  of a copy – and the sooner you wake up to that, that biology is ruthless, then you get a little fear in you because you finally realised – YOU ARE A COPY- and you didn’t win.

And then you start listening, because if you truly afraid, you listen. And that’s when wanting to be someone else’s copy – fades away. So let a little fear drive into you and let it motivate you to be that specialised NICHE of what you do. The truly you. The truly Artist from you.

And now let me take this one more level up, and I hope this words will drive through you veins, screaming for an insatiable hunger of success.


WE ‘The Human’ who are in this race for success, first and first –  we are set up for failure from the very first day on this planet because we think we going north but we actually going south. That’s why 50% of people that get married, they get divorced. 80% of Businesses this days fails, that’s why 30% of human population on this very planet – are in some form of mental depression, anxiety medication, that’s why 60% to 70% of people this days are overweight. And that’s why – in a way we are kinda f*ked.

I use to wake up in the middle of the night and just – CRY. Why? because I had nothing and nothing was my only choice to become something at god’s choice. And then I took a pen and I took a paper and I start writing, anything to everything in between and things started to sunrise but I still had nothing. And then I went buying a computer and a piece of software and compose sounds and opinions of my own- that was a few years ago, but I still had nothing and then I went making friends and I really had nothing because I hangout with the wrong people or at least I invited the wrong person in my life – not being educated to observe the insanities in others and then I had a very much..NOTHING.

You see, everybody wants something but everybody gets nothing.


We live in a society that’s very Narcissistic. You are told like – kinda ‘Everybody is a Winer’ well I got news for you ‘Not Everybody Is a Winner’. So I have a mission for you, look your self in a mirror and say ‘You Know Why I am Not Happy, it’s Because I Didn’t  Listen 10 Years Ago And I Got In The Wrong Career, or I Got In The Wrong Habit or I Got In The Wrong Mental Frame, or I Married The Wrong Woman or The Wrong Man’.

And it wasn’t made to happen but you see – it happen for a reason, yet you made a bad choice and it didn’t have to be that way. But the second you build that pain from all those memories and fears, you let that fear drive into you and let it motivate you.

Some time ago earlier this year in march 2018, I had a little chat outside of Harvard University in America after carefully listening a lecture with someone that I highly admire and also one of my mentors, Professor Steven Pinker, a world renowned Psychologist in Cognitive Neuroscience and winer of many international awards for his work in Neuroscience.

I asked him a simple and yet objective question, or maybe two questions. One of it was the response from Elon Musk if humanity is indeed – in deep troubles in the future of Superartificial Intelligence or as you know it ‘Conscience In Machines In The Form Of Computers’ and that made me to write this article in a one go siting of 2 brainstorming hours yet in many details at your convenience hopefully –  but with a focus on Artists and the Music scene, and the second question I asked Professor Steven – was ‘If I Am Truly Wasting My Time Doing This Self Help Articles, Podcasts Talks, Videos And Advice To My Niche – The Artist, The DJ, The Electronic Music Scene and Corporate Individuals’

Professor Steven looked to me so relaxed like I asked him ‘What Was The Wether Like Yesterday’ Instead he told me ‘Yeah, Kinda, You Do Waste Your Time’. Then I asked him ‘Why’

He said ‘Well, After The Age Of 25, The Human Brain Is Fully Rewired In The Form Of – What You Are – Who You Are – What You Will Be -And What You Become – You Finalised Yourself Already By Becoming The Master Of Your Choice. You – The Human, Become A Fully Rewired Master of Your Choice, And Is Very Hard To Teach Old Dogs And Tricks If You Rewired Your Self In Error’ and I was just astonished by that answer, yet I was still confused and my conversation with Professor Steven just sparked a tremendous fire.

Now, If you are after the age of 25 and I am sure you are, I had good news for you. Adults learn through massive trauma. So you will learn but you have to let in some trauma in your life in the form of accepting failure and listening your truly self wile the fear drives into you and then let it motivate you and that’s rough but – No Pain No Gain!!! In Time- You the human will become The New Human Rewired by mastering a new choice. You will become the version of you mastered choice. Only – In Time.

In the first year will be hell, but that pain hopefully will re-program your brain. And just in case you are 100 pounds overweight, just say to your self before you eat that nasty thing ‘Wait, I Don’t Want To Go Through That Pain Again’

So I think one of the misses in today’s society is that we wont let pain in, we just excuse it all the way by saying ‘No, That Was Just The Way To Happen’ but where is the people saying to you ‘You F*ked Up Dude, You Wasted 10 Years And You Will Never Get It Back’ You better go on the room and F*KING CRY. Now

And the truth is, you only learn as an adult through massive trauma.

If you look back in science, the secret to success is NOT actually hard work, otherwise construction workers will be the wealthiest on the planet. Bus drivers, waiters, chefs and many other labours, they do work more harder than the OWNER isn’t it. So is HARD WORK the secret to success? The answer is NO.

The secret to success in everything you do –  to be a – SUCCESS as you The Human in time will become a SUCCESS is *Conscientiousness*. Which is divided in 4 main sub categories: Organisation, Perfectionism, Diligence and Prudence. So the real truth is that ‘Hard Work’ is only 25% of the formula because Diligence is known in the common world as ‘Hard Work’ . And there you go, you are left off the road with 75% to go. Is it HARD WORK the only and forever truth to Success? The answer is still NO.

You – The Human – In Time – will have a long way to walk if the secret to your defined success is only and just HARD WORK.

So if you think ‘Diligence’ alone or as we know it as ‘Hard Work’ will get you success, you will be like a basketball player who can free-throw and he shod play in NBA but basketball in general it ain’t all about free throws. It’s about scoring, defense, free-throwing, rebound and so on, there is a lot of components. You get me?

So the other three components you have to get good at it.

The second is ‘Perfectionism’ . You have to know how to double check on your work. Is that simple. When is important your work must be a perfection. And now let me example you something that reflects perfectionism.

When a pilot of an airplane starts the engines, before it moves the plane is double checking everything like ‘Hydraulics Checked, Oxygen Checked, Fuel Checked and so on. And that’s why planes don’t crash. It’s called ‘The Six Sigma Rule’ and is 1 to 3 defects per million in an airplane which will result in no more than 3-4 defects parts per 1 million take offs. Still, airplanes are the safest way of transport at this age and time.

So next time when you check in you bags, settled your passport safe and seat belt’ed your self, think about ‘The Six Sigma Rule’ and Isaac’s words and marked them as your goal in business and in life on the important things – is to make no more than 3 to 4 mistakes per million transactions in your daily and journey called ‘life’, because In Time- You – The Human will have to master The Six Sigma Rule to become a success, and the only way doing that is by being a perfectionist in terms of double checking anything to everything you do , and thats your other 25% and now we are at 50%.

Is still hard work only the secret of success? The answer is still NO. Now let’s ad another 25% on something called ‘Organisation’

I can’t tell you how much better my life is and anybody else would be if you wake up every single day and you take 10 minutes only with a pen and a yellow notepad and be organised. It can be anything, any idea that’s on your mind that can reflect an album, writing book, a script, an new start up business, a new script or a compilation mixed – in no time.

I minded this article in my 10 minute shower then I took a pen and a paper and put down few principles then I deconstructed them in hundreds of more principles just by using Organisation as a prologue. I have yellow notepads all over my house and I keep one always with me. And by the way I got this idea from Bill Gates last year when I attended at one of his TED X TALK lecture in America. I fly all over from London To New York for 35 minutes of its talk- and I came back home the next day with this golden nugget but before to leave the lecture room I asked him a simple question ‘Sir, What Is Something In Your Life That You Cant Live Without’, he said ‘Well, A Pen And A Yellow Notepad. And for those who don’t know, Bill Gates built Microsoft with a pen and a notepad, by taking notes from his ideas – on a daily basis then he built from there with a small team of engineers.

So, ‘Organisation’ is the other 25%. And now we are at 75%.

Now let’s go 25% more to form the full blast of 100% called ‘Prudence’ and this is the kicking one as is classically considered to be a virtue of one self and wise in practical affairs, as by providing for the future of one self or others. 

Prudence is the ability to make the right decisions at any one time combining full Conscientiousness (Organisation, Perfectionism, Diligence and Prudence). And I can’t tell you how many Entrepreneurs and Non-Entrepreneurs, even me at times as I am not special, I just learned my ways in the form of massive trauma, and I am lumping all of it in this – but because our upbringing society, our goal is – let’s say in this example a goal is to make it to true north to a destination, and now I keep this compass in my hand and I look at it and I know for sure my destination is 1 mile away after all my calculations and tactics and for sure I trust my self and I know that true north is right ahead 1 mile away and that’s my final destination called ‘a goal’.

But what happens if society in the form of upbringing school or some distorted advice in the form of a certified balloonatic, tells you at least 10 times that you shod feel exactly the way he or she feels – and you the human shod agree rather be euphoric just because he or she is miserable to think that – you – the human shod be the same and wires – my – compass exactly backwards to full south and I trust her or him – just when I was nearly 1 mile ahead to my true north destination. My true goal.

Now I get to walk backwards 24.000 miles around the earth and I come up on the back side – and now I finally got my goal. And that’s how most Entrepreneurs, Non-Entrepreneurs and overage persons do. And the moral of this very story is, life is short but the road to success is long isn’t it.

The art of living and getting into your objective called ‘a goal’ is long, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s only long if your compass if BACKWARDS. The only way to get to your goal ‘in this case I use the example of the true north’ is by learning from books, mentors, life experiences in the form of trauma or success from successful people, listening and finding in-person mentors – all this things helps adjusting your life compass. And I can tell you now most people aren’t going to get what they want in life, because they don’t admit they are lost. When you truly admit it, it gets you on track a lot faster. And that’s the story of a life compass.

So take a seat down and admit it that you are lost, because the day – you admit – you are lost, You – The Human – In Time – you will allow your self to be found by people who can give you a tip and adjust your life compass.


I hope you enjoy this talk and many journeys in my subjects, and I also hope you will take action in your journey to the shoulders of giants. And If you are already there – at least admit it, it’s nothing wrong to be lost, because is happening to the best of us doesn’t matter you are an important artist, musician, entrepreneur, writer, scoring engineer, overage person in the form of bus driver, chef, gardener, pot washer or whatever you are.

In Time – you will allow your self to be found by people who can give you a tip and adjust your life compass so that the road to success is not that long but a lot faster.

If you need any help or if I can bring any value into your life or career in the form of advice or guidance, there is a phone number on the very bottom of this Article.


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But For Now, To Your Success!




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