Eyes On MOBE And The Price Of Salt


Please excuse my French, but I must put this marvellous hunger for a story somewhere down on a digital format and reveal it’s mistakes according  to Matt Lloyd ” My Online Business Empire ” will finally settle its search in this Online Age or shall I call it ” my Complete Digitised Opportunity to take advantage on selling Information to the consumer, passion products and the quick making money scheme ” So lets make some money ”shall we.

And wile I keep looking for this pen, a man parks his seat in front of me ” Are here for this MOBE, young man? he said.  ” No sir I am here for your pen! I politely said.

And by the way Mr. Matt Lloyd, if you claim you are the ” A la Carte ” man (pardon my french) Online business Mate, in this Digitised Era, to provide that Online Experience, how about next time you actually take advantage of this mighty smartphone from your pocket that also 99% of consumers have in their pockets, to actually use it as a digital pass for your little lecture, rather than wasting paper, non sense. But I guess you need those details to re-market – re-target the attendee with persuasion e-mails.  ” Good Call ” isn’t it this way, you say it in Australia ”.

So what is MOBE?

If I will take it to the point, and be short in sentence, MOBE is a middle man, who spend some time reading few self help books, studying a few Billionaire’s life’s, researching consumers life’s, the way we consume things, approach things, approach our life on things and what we got left from those things. Its like ” Find me and obvious queue, and clearly provide the rewards ”, and thats Mr. Matt Lloyd, providing that reward.

” My Online Business Empire ”, as you know it as MOBE, a simple equation brand name, that applies few principles on today’s consumers, based on persuasion skills, creating urgencies and supply on demand. And trust me, today’s consumer, will buy even salt if you tell it is that sweet. And that’s the price of salt at MOBE’s currency.

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology, I embrace it, I use it in daily activities and I also use it to monetise my passions. Being a Millennial with a heart of Centennial, I breath and feed my self thru it, sleep on it and awake on it or is it the truth universally acknowledged that a man, in possession of an mighty Smartphone, Laptop and Internet, must be in want of a MOBE subscription at only £997 for a 3 day trial? So, to prove I’m really wrong, I decided to prove I am right, wile still not justifying the price and few more things. Here’s what happened.

Let’s start with the Principles 

Can I Separate my self from my opinions so that I can open my self to the entire possibilities to different points of view to get the best ones for me? I surely can obviously and you surely can to as well, or I can surely say JAB JAB JAB to this Mr. Ben Sweet claims to be that..sweet.

The MOBE seminar in Glasgow, was literally a webinar with a bit of talk to pursue few high price tag tickets, handle a cheep printed logo bag, a book called Limitless that is literally a copy of another copy to a copy of an Ocean of Self Help books, with 95% stories of Billionaires and actual 3-5% Lloyd’s few claimed facts.

Basically, you pay for Information, why? because we are pretty much in the Era of  ” I want to know what and why and how and where ” and that’s when you taste the price of salt, when you don’t have enough knowledge, skill and willpower to pursue things by your self, without paying for this f..* deceiving information that at this very moment there is like 1 billion hours for free in visual content, there online, for free, and that’s called The Internet, and is FREE. Did I mentioned ”Its Free” Oh sorry I must misspelled.

Pick up a book, the right book, that one book that justifies the life of a man that actually had an impact on todays industries, technologies, sciences or history, and apply that to you daily life with actionable steps. Watch interviews from the greatest minds and apply that as well to your daily life with actionable steps. It’s there, and it’s free , and it’s not f..* £997 for 3 trial days.

But according to science the human brain gets rewired and works better on actionable steps when you have a mentor, the right mentor I shall say. To show you step by step justified actions that pays tremendous wealth of experience.

Einstein had a mentor on mathematics. Mr. Buffet had a mentor. Mr Gates had a mentor. Mr Jobs had his zen mentor. Mr Bezos had a mentor back in early 80’s before what we know is the mighty amazon of today.

You see, everybody wants but not everybody gets…a mentor, shall I say. But can Mr. Matt Lloyd with his MOBE equation, be your mentor? Unfortunately I only comment to what I seen and precisely justified the values on my own expert judgment.

I was about to say straight loud when Mr. Ben Sweet asked me ”are you here to sign up ? ” No, I said. I am here for this pen.  Probably for him, that was, the most ” It doesn’t make any sense ”  or meaning or..unprocessed piece of information ” what this stranger said to me ”.  Well, me, being the stranger.

So how can you justify £997 for a 3 days trial?

Mr. Ben Sweet..with his sweet persuasive talk, said ” you can do this facebook ads then you can do this image edited, photoshopped, then apply the right copyright to target consumers by affiliate marketing  with business owners. Yes, I totally agree that, it’s a very good skill actually, but only if you do it right. And I am saying that again ”only if you do it right ”

So from my judgement, you had 90% of actual humans in that seminar room, that never heard of facebook ads, instagram ads, SEO, copyright, understanding facebook business manager, understanding audience targeting, demographics, aesthetics, social listening, nor to mention some of them was foreign people. My dear, we talking here of complete understanding of psychology. Human and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence Psychology.

So the question is, can you teach a complete beginner who never heard of such words mentioned above, in 3 days and convince them before to actual pay the £997 with authority bias pictures, others making £100.000 to £300.000 in literally first few weeks of buying the MOBE experience. Well if thats the case, I am in…and thats just for flashing a grand for experience. Money comes money goes isn’t, a simple justified equation.

But I guess the gimmick is, you pay the £997 for a feel or taste then you being told to pay the second £997 and a third £997 fallowed by a fourth and fifth. I am still amazed why this simple meaning of words are not explained.

Its like the media bias, they only sell you convenience, in the form of Big Macs and stupid music and cheep clothing with fancy labels on them, because they want your money and attention. It’s the wealthy using capital to prey on your basic instincts to seek the easy way out at your expense.

So remember if you are in a room, full of peoples and you don’t know who is the sucker, well, you are the sucker. So don’t be the sucker in life.

Save your £997 for this time. No thanks.

P.S It took me years of traveling the whole planet or shall I say tremendous amount of time, well invested in learning this alghorytms mentioned above, and the pillars of good life. You can’t rewire a brain in 3 days.









Author: Isaac Bjørn

Isaac Bjørn is an Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Consultant, Composer Of Algorithmic Music & Algorithmic Art and a Pigeon Fancier. When’s not working he likes to read books, think's about why things are the way they are and how things are going to change. He’s also fascinated by philosophy and has an insatiable hunger for specialized knowledge.