The Loneliest Generation



The loneliness of Generation Z or as we know it ‘The Centennials’ (youngster in their early 20’s or the early Millennials, reflects not just rising social media use but a broader decline in interactions with neighbours, co-workers, friends, finding someone to love or just finding a bit of love, and that’s at a time when we’re supposedly more connected than ever, there are an awful lot of lonely people. And I been thru that too. Wile I must say I find my self now and then attached in this digital loneliness, the internet loneliness. I experiment it so I can feel how others feel, the digital life ‘feel’

I this article I will go thru a few case studies that my self, I’ve been experimenting them in the last few months, weeks and days, wile I must say I feel like I need to put this down.

I observed this loneliness in people from quite some time, slowly increasing and spreading – especially in the 15-16-17-18-19-20 years old young dudes and young ladies, but I found one thing that has in common, the one thing that causes this ‘Loneliness’  And that’s due to massive amount of time spent in Social Media, a large amount of digital apps, chat-boots and Mobile Phones addiction.

I think now I understand why tech giants are focusing on releasing new handsets every 5-6 months. The love for a new camera is like the love of self. A narcissistic affair between the love of beats.


Wile I must admit I love technology so much, It helps me keep accomplish my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals with precision and efficiency, If you don’t know how to use it, it can become a wasted goal, or shall I say you become the slave of any ping and pong coming from your phone, tablet or computer. ‘Oh I must check that now’ It must be so important. Wile I must say, It may not. It’s just your brain craving for a bit of digital pleasure. Put it how you name it. With a bit of luck.

I remember being in buss the other day. A young lady just sited her self opposite my seat. The journey It was quite long, from Glasgow (UK) to the Highlands of Scotland. You looking at nearly 8 hours of It. I patiently observed the activities of this lady from my back seat during the journey to gain intelligence for my future article. and I must say, Indeed I was right. Wile I gained enough information to make a decision. The rest was her narcissist illusion to serve their needs and comfort to an illusion. No Thanks.

The amount of time most young millennial in their early 20’s and younger than that, spend in the Digital Space is insane. Wile this young girl mostly spent about 5 to 6 hours in her mobile phone out of our 7 hours journey. Nor to say she even asked the driver to stop at the nearest shop to buy a charger because her battery run out. HAHA

My experiment continued.

Last week, I done my usual night run. Wile I was doing my jogging I observed this beautiful lady standing on a buss station. She was in her mid 20’s from my understanding, but I knew her from the neighbour. I slowly approached wile constructing a short conversation, congruent to that moment and stretch it in my mind before to interact. The point was an easy going human interaction with a hello and why not a possible date. And so let’s interact.

-Hey, how are you doing! I’m Isaac. Just moved in the neighbour and wanted to say Hi! 

That was me, with a witty smile.

She immediately got shy, looking down then left then right with literally nearly to 1% eye contact. And yes I was right. The way most of the young millennials and centennials are use to have human interaction is thru mobile phone, text messages, snapchat, facebook and few other social media channels if there are more. And so, I was that right. Nothing fishy here, just common sense, I just interact.

My experiment went further. I am reading Tim Ferriss, one of his mighty books, and wile I scroll thru a chapter, something interesting popped in my eyes. A chapter focused on a subject based on human interaction, the addiction of technology and in general building self esteem.

Based on Tim’s book, he mentioned that one of the secrets to build self esteem in your self, getting out of that loneliness, addiction, shyness or narcissistic love of your mirror and by the way – I do know someone that is so damn in love of her mirror, I guess I leave that for latter, but to mention more other problems related to loneliness, is to literally ask random people, men or women, for a date, random chat. let’s see what happened.

And so I took a pen and a paper, made a cup of tea and put down a short yet basic script designed to get the person attention (a girl in my case) with the intention to just look further in my experiment.

It sounded like this:

Hey (and after a bit of witty smile), Excuse me, I know this is going to sound strange, But if I don’t ask you now, I will be kicking my self for the rest of the day probably. I am running late to met a friend …but you know what? I think you’re really ..extremely cute, gorgeous…hot ..could I have your phone number?

And then just stop and look straight in her (or his) eyes.

Wile I must say, some results are a little unusual wile some are very great. But there was one thing between both results. All the persons (in my experiment this time was girls only) were really impressed by the direct question, at the point. And I can tell you a girl, woman or you name it, loves to be asked with such a courage, coming from a man.

If there would be one single thing a man shod have, that would be courage and big balls self esteem. And I am not saying that so you can keep ask girls around you, let’s leave that aside and I am not encouraging you to do that, I am saying that will tremendously help you on your life journey.

From courage, faith, willpower, fear, getting that talk out there in the crowd, getting that new job landed on your career and more. Self esteem is something you need to work out and establish a bridge between if not get educated a little bit and take action how to implement building self esteem, if happens to be quite low. And that applies on girls as well. The above example is a bonus. Make sure you don’t sleep on the value I given you. Exercise and take action. Not Taking Action on a goal, a skill, a hobby that you may have or you name it, is the mother of all fails on every human on this very planet.

And remember low self esteem can trigger loneliness

But first, before I will talk a little about my experiment, let me tell you this few words that once a wile ago, someone told me.

“Loneliness has the same impact on mortality as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, making it even more dangerous than obesity.”

What would that mean? Well let’s get into investigating the loneliest generation. That would be Generation Z and the young Millennials.

” The Young, The Successful, The Busy Yet Lonely. A generation Empowered By The Internet And Plagued By Loneliness ”.

I want to talk a little about this loneliness in most people, this self esteem that burns like a fire without flames, but is present there, just needs a little bit of motivation. Obviously from your self, wile this words will hopefully help you with those flames, burning for the everything.

Remember: True happiness and this tenderness ads a dark depth to an addictive lifestyle for purpose. An achievement purpose.

I want you to have a purpose.


Let’s come back again at my last experiment. I started with why’ because I knew that word is missing from so many people around me. Why you are on a dating website when you are decent enough looking, smart and intelligent, a few pounds or euros or dollars down there in your bank account, your 1 bedroom flat rented and still decent enough. Still ‘why’

Why, you are saying no to a decent looking man or decent looking girl when he or she just wanted to With you or with me? I guess that’s just a peoples guest question when someone ask you ‘Excuse me Sir or Ma am’ are you a guest or waiting to be seated on your desk! Yet people are very polite, and respond like they are guests.

The moral of the story is, everyone looks for everyone but all the ‘ones’ are shy enough for once, twice, and more but never settles for less than more.

It’s like the internet from your pocket, you get your hand inside, you look at it, you swipe thru your digital life then a girl or man passes you, you both look each-others eyes, you think is strange, she or he thinks is strange and yet you keep look down your eyes. Your retreat is still, some digital eyes. And that’s your achievement purpose.

And still…is nothing wrong with that.

Now go live, thru your digital eyes.

To be continued…on a digital life.


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