PART 1. A Mostly Listening Story For An Artist Glory


In life you are measured by your contribution, how you inspire, how you illuminate others individuals paths in the world, thats what life is all about.




Have you ever heard of Impostor Syndrome? I heard. But if you didn’t, I made an article some time ago and you can sneak a peack on this CLICK

What does It have to do with this? Well, some-time ago I suffered as well from this syndrome and you know what? I’ve realised that we are all the beginning of a glory before a story starting to flourish…let’s say in one story. Your story.

I will keep this article sweet and controversial just the way I like it, to sugar your taste and hopefully I could finally change your interesting taste. And that’s because I love a good story to tell, especially when the future looks very favourable to female power, and that’s because for so many years in such Industries like “music, film, engineering, leadership, fashion” things were – very favourable to mens and sometimes to women, lets say.  Why? I don’t know, unfortunately I am just a story teller but I think I know a thing or two about some specific industries and an insatiable hunger for achieving success in the 4 pillars of good life ‘Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness”. Your Success, I leave mine aside for now.

All I could say, things are going to change tremendously in the player role, equal to the task in any industry and we all going to be treated each other as equals, wile the time from now and when Is going to happen is just the Equality happened by itself.

There’s never been a better time in history to be a woman. You live in the most great-full time in history to be a woman, do remember that. And I encourage you to be what you truly are and conquer your desire to stand on the shoulders of giants if you wish to be a DJ then be one, if you wish to be an Artist or Music Composer just be one or if you wish to be a Writer or an Engineer, just be one. The industry needs your talent and skill. Do not fail on the Impostor Syndrome, since I mention it above.

But for now, I am your Forever Worthy Friend Of Trust And Confidence.


I want to focus on a few – female names from a very specific industry, called the ‘underground music industry’. This names has been flourishing their kind just like an inimitable perfume flourishing its glorious and sweet fume. Someones dreams and memories were finally made.

And I will use this as example to defragment an equation of my own judgement and prediction of a few artists then hopefully someone else’s dreams will be finally made.

Everyone will hate you when you’r 1% fake, I can tell you now. But they will hate you even more when you’r 100% real. I don’t want to discourage you but be prepared for this artist journey and remember that 1 hundred % of the universe is on your side when your real! The rest is just the most human story that you will tell in your long term journey and it will win it’s glory.

Now just try pausing for one complete breath. You are ready to talk and listen in a very worthy way. Take your self a little less seriously today, and let the mostly listening story to find an artist glory. Your glory.

There is not such thing an Impostor Syndrome you suffer. You got this. One sound idea Is all you need to achieve success in what you desire. What is success? Your definition of self purpose in the form of your next album written, the next score, the next script, the next book published, the next international artist that you become, the next level of well-being in health, wealth, love and happiness . Yet failure Sometimes Puts You On The Path Of Success.

And Ive seen failure from its highest top dropping on dreams and memories that were finally sealed and forever made such as a dear and forever loved called ‘kate spade’ and many others that I was lucky and yet to be alive to meet them. And Ive also seen failure rising from the ashes of poverty then truly transformed into a form of positivity desire and happiness in someone’s world rather than negativity outside its world.

You see, everybody wants but not everybody gets …the good life in the form of the 4 pillars of success, ‘Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness. You may find your wealth but you may struggle to your health, yet all the best memories were made when someone almost human lived this and that’s why we believe in LOVE.

But you know what? I use to be told that happiness you may only pursue, or you may never have it. And there you go, everybody wants but not everybody gets…a bit more happiness and love.

We live in a world when everybody is like ‘I’m cool and your not’, but let me tell you what’s cool, it’s self awareness and that’s your conscious knowledge of one’s own character and feelings yet one tweet defines your expression into someones mind, wile his or her mind completes a definition of your actions… in no time, but you see, people still have plenty of time to protest all over the country in the form of subjective thinking in masses, resulting distorted decisions and automated thoughts behaviour. Do not be one of those. And you just won at life.

Everyone will hate you when you’r 1% fake, as I said above, I can tell you now. But they will hate you even more when you’r 100% real. I don’t want to discourage you, my dear love, I am your forever worthy of trust and confidence friend, but be prepared for your journey on the shoulders of giants and see it as no traffic jams on the extra mile.

And you see…everybody wants but not everybody gets ..the extra mile.

Some time ago, Anastasia Topolskaia (DJ NASTIA) an Ukranian artist, message me ‘why do you always write this articles in the favour of artists’ I did not respond her at that time but I can maybe respond you now my dear love. Is because I am one of them as well (An Artist), but maybe I don’t spin records like you magically do, but I can surely know a thing or two on how to advise people like you.

I am an Advisor to quite a few names in the music industry and Corporate Individuals in few other industries. I help them in making the right decisions in health, wealth, love and happiness by putting their dreams into actions. I make sure they stick to a routine to conquer a goal in the form of finding the right romance in its life, finding a clear process to financial freedom, finding its health from surviving the thriving and finally, finding its happiness to build that self-esteem and self-awareness in a journey with me.

All of this, I make sure is put into practical use and I am their advisor on each pillar defragmented to hundreds of fragments. I will answer to each questions they may have at no matter what time of day and night, I will give them the correct and tactical advice in every form of convenience that makes life more pleasant, for them .

But you see, everybody wants but not everybody gets…and advisor to their convenience.

Some time ago, Nina Kraviz (A Russian Artist) message me in the form of a …hard cookie lets say. But I truly believe in this girl from the heart and this are honest words. I think she has a chance to enter history as the female power representing the underground music scene. And she will be remembered for centuries for her way of being, a true underground queen from surviving the thriving.

But you see, everybody wants but not everybody gets…the surviving of thriving.

The only difference between you ‘the artist’ ‘unknown or known’ that has been playing records, releasing records is that you did not yet mastered surviving the thriving and telling the most human story to win the hearts of your well deserved glory.

What has in common artists like Nina Kraviz, Anastasia Topolskaia, Ema Jolly (as kown EMIKA), Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Nils Frahm, Giegling Label, Sven Vath, Icelandic Bjork and to name a few others from different industries wile I keep it shortly and relevant, or Writers like JK Rowlin, or scoring engineers like Cristobal Tapia de Veer, Hans Zimmer, all of this names are story tellers in whatever they do, and they will never stop swimming in their journeys to the shoulders of giants.

If you can tell the most human story you will win your glory. So tell a story in everything you do to win the hearts of your fans, thats the secret to acquire status in your career .

But you see, everybody wants but not everybody gets…You May Only Pursue Or You May Never Have It….

… now go and tell a story so others can see and experience things they will never see and hear, don’t let those moments to be lost in time like tears in the rain.


This has been a PART 1 Article and if you want to discover whats going to happen in the near future of the Artist and its kind, you may sneak a peek by mastering this CLICK

But for now…




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Author: Isaac Bjørn

Isaac Bjørn is an Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Consultant, Composer Of Algorithmic Music & Algorithmic Art and a Pigeon Fancier. When’s not working he likes to read books, think's about why things are the way they are and how things are going to change. He’s also fascinated by philosophy and has an insatiable hunger for specialized knowledge.