Never Say No To Knowledge Because Knowledge Is Power. 



This chapter is from The Book Of PLANETBJØRN. THEY THE ALGORITHMS. as of Chapter 9

If You Can See It, Then You Can Be It. Whatever The Mind Of Man And Woman Can Conceive And Believe, It Can Be Achieved. Such Is The Power Of The Great Imagination, One’s Can Truly See It And Tap Into It, In A Mind Of Its Own.

Be overcome by your self-belief, even while you know you are practicing a kind of deception on yourself. How you carry yourself reflects what you think of yourself. To accomplish this, you must use a particular strategy upon yourself. Let’s just say we call it ‘The Strategy Of The Crown.’

The Strategy of the Crown is based on a simple chain of cause and effect: If you believe you are destined for great things, your belief will radiate outward, just as a Crown creates an aura around a King. This outward radiance of greatness and will infect the people around you, who will think you must have reasons to feel so confident. People who wear such Crowns seem to feel no inner sense of the limits to what they can ask for or what they can accomplish. This too radiates outward such as inwards too. Limits and boundaries disappear immediately. The imagination takes place. Use the Strategy of the Crown and you will be surprised how often it bears the fruit of Imaginable Success.

Now, let me tell you a story about the Imaginable Success, because some may call it ‘A Cuckoo Crazy — Type Of Saying To Your Self’. And that’s because most people dream of achieving something and then they sit on the couch, watch football, keep up with the Kardashians, eat KFC, drink beer and stalk people on Social Media worrying and criticising them of their belt choice. When they don’t achieve their goal, they will say it was the government, the current market, somebody stole their idea or that they’re too busy. They are totally deluded. These people have a clinical grade brain problem. They swear that doing the work is not correlated to success. Try to tell them that “doing the work works” and they will call you a “cuckoo crazy”. This are the ones doomed for a totally ’No Change’

Now, what if I tell you that in every living human on this very planet, there’s something called …………..(to be continued in Chapter Eleven, in my book.)

And I am slowly closing my last few words from this Article which is part form one of my chapters in my book, but not before I will Enlighten you, I can promise, that you don’t want to miss on such rare knowledge Book. I am bringing the wisdom from the past from my life mentors, by reasoning and boiling down complex things on the core of many problems that the Artist has to go through in his or her career, and so by underpinning my assumptions as my first definition I put down the right Principles, because Humility Is the new Inspiration to get Enlightened on the Shortness Of Life

Making Art is an exhausting struggle, a chaos of possibilities and emotion, and one would not bear such a burden if some dark spirit did not drive him. I, for sure I’ve been driven by some dark spirits of my own thoughts, writing this book might get me placed in everyone’s thoughts or may not. But no Artist knows which of their motives are the strongest, and who knows such mystery of words, I for sure know one or two things about the mystery of INSPIRATION, because some time ago I was inspired too. I now, share with you, some of my own little Inspiration. And so more in my book too. 

My book will show you how smart and ambitious you should be about succeeding in your career and life too,  to completely Stand Out in the maze of your Industry such as in the maze of your life too. Because If you roll with the bunches you’ll become lost at sea. You must always have a good reputation or if you have a certain reputation you better use it to your advantage and so this is where the words from this very book comes in.

In The Book of Planetbjørn, They, The Algorithms, will be of extraordinary interest to practitioners of knowledge and power wile its study will be of value for anyone whose life encompasses conflict in its journey. 

In my writing, I am not borrowing the ancient words of Buddhism, Freudism, Epicureanism, Stoicism and maybe I miss a few.  Instead, I will express the heart of truth, using the Ways of Power and Knowledge as my mirrors.

I am going to give you an introduction of the ‘The Four Ways’ on how people shod make their way through the world. And that is: The Way of the Warrior, The Way Of The Farmer, The Way Of The Artisan and The Way Of The Merchant. All this rare knowledge, found in my book. 

There is a reason why I call this book ‘The Bible Of The Underground Music Scene’ because during the past few months and even years, I’ve seen careers terminated, I’ve seen bad arguments from a few selected subjects, distorted criticisms and many more things that I am sure you know well for now. And so this book will show you a way to stay AWAY from such sloppiness of worse.

You must understand that, you live in the age of changing characters. The audience is the king and queens of your decisions and career too. The time of ‘The Artist Makes All The Choice’ is long gone.

If you roll on the wrong path with the Audience, you will  stir up reactions that will work against you in the long run. And has been many examples.

In my book I carefully Enlighten the path on how to avoid arguments with those who stand above you, which is the Audience, they are above you at all times. Because we all believe we are Masters in the realm of opinions and reasoning and so In my book I put this as first is first knowledge so you will not be the victim of having someone putting a ‘second hand’ judgement on you. Never, at all times. 

I speak as well about Honesty, which is actually a blunt instrument sometimes, which its blood is more than it cuts. In your career there will be times when your honestly is likely to offend people. My book will care for you when the time will come.

I am also bringing the rare methods from Hamlet plays. This method use to be called ‘The Mystery’s And Madness Of One’s Play’ a tactic that Hamlet used with great effect in Shakespeare’s plays to frighten his status, because you live in the age of changing characters. And if A comes with something better, then you are out. This is the game of power in the age of digital that very few knows how to practice it well.

In other chapters I also speak about the tactics on how to play with the Time, in your advantage. Because you live in the age of Instant Gratification. That’s right. Everybody is in a damn rush on digging their own hole in their careers. How fascinating, isn’t.

My other chapters contains the great art of how to maintain your Independent seduction in the game of Power, because in the age of digital and post digital, when soon a time will come for human unemployment, and the industry’s will finally say NO to the 90%, only a few numbers of modern superstars will thrive from their fruit. And so I enlighten the principles you must always know on how to be always needed and wanted, because the more you are relied on, the more freedom you have.

I also speak about Symbolic Power and why is important to ‘Understand The Symbolic Power as the The Shortcuts To Expression’ in your career.

And not the last, I speak about Fulfilment. Because Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure. You must understand that. Many of you keep ask but very few give a little back. You must give as well to understand the great art of fulfilment, otherwise you may live a life of struggle no matter how fat is your wallet or your bank account. 

My book is a self help story of 13 chapters and will keep you strong and fit on the maze of your journey. Never say no to knowledge. Because knowledge is power. You must understand that.

I am also patiently working on something even bigger, and I speak nothing but just my own brand of Music. A Self designed evolution of Algorithmic Sounds in which I am able to design and improve the DNA of my own choice in music using nothing but just the mystery of mind and technology. This will be my brief answer to big questions in the way I make music, in the age of changing characters. Nor I speak a Lion’s words instead I chose nothing but just the good ingredients of IMAGINATION. And so I tap into it speaking this very words. You shod Investigate this thoroughly.

Because you’re only given a little spark of madness in your short life. And you mustn’t lose it.

What else! Oh, I almost forgot. I am working on another project. It is a bit of a side project. Some time ago I was watching Kraviz in Paris at the Eiffel Tower. I silently observed her from different angles all her moves. I even looked in her eyes from 1 meter distance. She has that fire in eyes of domination and power. I look to her, she looked to me, she stoped for a second then she continued her craft.  But her body posture, the face positioning and her reactions to specific sounds, how she moves her hands, the cigarette gesture, the lips, eyes movements and so on, is something fascinating in all those movements. Everything works intelligently, communicating one move with the other. This girl is sophisticated as your darkest dreams, mystery’s of imagination and anything else that you will not understand. I don’t damn understand but I am working on something that even she, will not understand, and this may take some time. I am fine with that too.

And so I took my book, Think And Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, (be careful as that book is weird, Napoleon was ..indeed quite weird, but there is gold to be mined into that book too) then I flipped to page 208, and I learned again the 10 principles on that very chapter so I can further proceed my creation. And I keep the rest aside for now. Key

Kraviz understands very clear the game of power. She is a sophisticated symbol it self. She is the Symbolic Power in the Underground music scene it self. Accept it or not, it’s true and many of you will not have what she built. Period.

And that is not about cash, fancy bags, private jets bookings, and all that big $ that others may have as well indeed, or tracks produced and so on. There are many artists in the scene that makes more better music than Kraviz, out of the question, it’s a yes.

But 99% from the Industry lacks ONE THING. And those who are the mockers, or even those who are not the mockers, no matter what fame they have or may not have, will not understand this ONE THING.  And that is, ‘Human Psychology’ – Marketing Psychology’ – ‘The Symbols Psychology – The Symbolic Power – Psychology of the Colours Association’ – Influence From Mere Association, and many others principles that are very sophisticated to be listed here and explained to you.

You must understand and practice the game of power and the Human Psychology, you must speak the language of such Lion, in order to get what you want in life, because is nothing wrong on getting what you want if you deserve it and you got what it takes to get it all. Because all is never enough, same as a Lyon practicing its rights in the kingdom of the jungle, you must practice your own right in your own kingdom when you become the Lyon your self,  if indeed you got it all, so all can be enough for you. Otherwise you settle to just be a cub. And cubs never grow. They are the followers of the Lyon’s. How fascinating.

But you must be careful on playing with such power, because a man or a woman, who gets its hands on such power, can always be bitten by its own growing snake if indeed she or he plays with it. In my book I speak in large about playing with such power. The chapter is called ‘In The World Of Smoke And Mirrors’ and I am bringing the wit of the past from the shoulders of giants, in a compartmentalising book.

Wile many will think I speak the language of Wittgenstein, I must admit the man itself is one of my mentors too, and he is good as dead, but is alive within ThySelf, only borrowing the 5% ingredients that I use them when permission gives a right. But you must be careful if you speak Wittgenstein language, because is a Lion language, and no body understands a Lion, isn’t. How fascinating. Wile I must admit, in my book I practice all over a Lion language, but you see, when I speak it, I awake the Lion within ThySelf. Wile if by any chance one day, some of you will ask me: Isaac how would you describe your self in one short sentence? I will simply say: I am a sort of saint, the one pure idealist, utterly incorruptible. Period.

And so, sitting in the corner of the Eiffel Tower, with a glass of water, I analysed Kraviz for a precise 1 hour. I told my self ‘She is indeed the Underground Queen’ and she’s practicing all well, in all the matters of skill, beauty and on the game of power it self.

But my idea was inverted, and what I done instead, in the last few weeks, I become a clever borrower (and i speak about this too in my book, how to become a clever borrower of others wit on Chapter 9) and so what i done , i become a collector of a few lost and rare pieces, all collected with nothing but just the mystery of mind, and I intend to build a Portrait from them.

Such pieces can be very rare face positions, eye movements, body postures and so on.  You know, that rare half a second that you get amazed and say to your self ‘Wow, I look so good there, but how can I do that again’ and that was a moment lost in the past. Well, it shouldn’t be lost. Because, my idea was indeed true. I will build a Portrait Of Kraviz.  All done in Algorithmic Art. In one word, done by a machine with the help of noting but just the mystery of mind.

Then, in 50 years, when the Underground Queen it self will forever fade its beauty, this Portrait will go on an Online Auction, starting at £1M.  Because the Underground Queen it self is worth 100X of such a deal. She is the Symbolic Power of the Underground Music Scene. She is the Royal Linen that many will never wear or many will not even have a chance  to wear.

And all the funds will go in my Foundation, the FEELANDBJØRNFOUNDATION. The Foundation for the artist and my way of doing things for the talented one’s that is worth of such a deal for the industry, because there is always room in the industry for the ones who’s worth it, but such Individuals may not afford a better education, may not afford a better computer to make music, may not afford not even a midi keyboard, may not afford to not even have a voice. How about that. Because you make a living by what you get but you make a life by what you give. That is interesting isn’t. Such little saying may put some serious thinking in your own.

Thanks for taking your time in reading my mind.

I am grateful, you’ve been around. Wile I must admit I don’t have many friends. So, if you want to be my friend, I will be your forever trusty and loyal one friend. But you must speak 5% of Wittgenstein wit.

Because 5% is all it takes to have meanings in our words, the mystery and the view of it, otherwise we will sound to extreme to others, and no one wants to work with the extremes.

Remember, 5% of wit included in your Art too, will have meaning to the audience too. You must leave that large space for the audience to understand and judge your art, otherwise too much sophistication can become a Lion’s Wit.  And no one can understand the words of a Lion nor its wit.

This article was built around an extreme Lion’s wit with to much sophistication on words and too much wit. Here, I played the extreme Lion, talking philosophical wit.

There is NO Portrait Of Kraviz, nor any such intentions. Instead was just a lesson on how to use such wit in the journey of your career as well your life too.

Never Imagine a language as another form of life. Never speak the words of a Lion, even you intend to speak with a Lion it self.

But the book it is in full existence. It’s not a mystery, instead is the true 5% wit as my gift to the industry I belong.

I’ll let the wit from Wittgenstein behind its very pleasant pineapple to do the meaning of the words. Your good and forever trusty friend, Isaac

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Author: Isaac Bjørn

Isaac Bjørn is an Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Consultant, Composer Of Algorithmic Music & Algorithmic Art and a Pigeon Fancier. When’s not working he likes to read books, think's about why things are the way they are and how things are going to change. He’s also fascinated by philosophy and has an insatiable hunger for specialized knowledge.