I am looking at the underground scene of artists and after interviewing quite a few of them, one of my question was ” are u on social media? ” Oh yes i am on Facebook and i am also a little bit on Instagram” Okay — i was like responding back. Wille the trends are moving always and so social media do so heres my advice ”be eclectic ” by staying ahead of the trending curve as the world it changes, never study one subject. So i am coming aback to the subject, wile keep it underground and i am perfectly alright with that but hey ” u know what makes u even more visible out there to your future audience, to listen your sets, your tracks, to know your next move, your next silly joke, your next thought or your next message? Its the ability to be transparent to your fans and audience. Yes thats right people like’s in this days transparency, the real truth and the real u and by doing that u have nothing by just winning your audience ”fan love” So lets go thru a few platforms first before going into Snapchat

Every Social media platform has a purpose, lets say twitter which is a loud platform, a platform for sharing your next thought or link or interacting with someone fast, al u need is an @ or # and u made your small mark.

Facebook and Instagram, wile Instagram is owned by Facebook that means u can use Facebook as a mirror to your audience to fallow your gigs/shows and content from your live’s such as short recorded video content, picture content, interaction with your fans thru messages and Q&A. Facebook live also, and yes go live as u will be amazed how much interaction with your ”fan love” will have. Save that video after that in your library and share it with your fans, by doing this it will improve your organic SEO (search engine optimization)

Instagram, use it as mirror of your very special moments. Why do u look into the mirror? because u want to make sure u look great and so your Instagram must look great. I look on others Instagram accounts by curiosity, and ”oh my” its full of crap and the fallow for fallow back this keyboard warriors, posting idiotic pictures. Let me give u a ninja tip ”Value, Rare, Inimitable, non-substitutable” What is it means? It means from a scale of 1 to 10 how valuable or rare or unique or impossible to be imitated contend u have or u produce. Have u wondered why some A listers have x million followers or comments? They fallow the value, rare, Inimitable and non-substitutable score of their content posting. So when u post your next content on Facebook or Instagram or Youtube, think about on a scale of 1 to 10 how rare or value or Impossible to be copied can be. Its ok to post content thats silly once in a wile but stop doing it continuously if it becomes a habit.

Lets move to Youtube, which is a platform very niche specific, and i tell u now don’t post anything if its crap, youtube is the life blood of your image, why? its long content specific, peoples goes on youtube to watch and thats the one thing in mind to remember. Post a 20 minute video on Facebook and post the same video on youtube and look to your analytics, u will be surprised that the same video posted on youtube has more views. The habit of consumer on Facebook is to keep scrolling thru Facebook feed with the curiosity of finding the next interesting you called your thing. Only post content niche specific to your Youtube account and u shod have an account immediately, right now in this very moment u shod make one if u don’t have one, see it as your long Show or your Lifestyle. If u are an artist, post your long minutes recorded shows, your snippets from your tracks, your interviews with your audience or promoters, your story of u, your next book or your next holiday experience or your next message to the world. Why? Because it stays there forever wile on Instagram stories stays only for 24 hours.

Wile Instagram stories has a purpose, i see 99% of artists and dj’s keep posting to their insta stories like thats the only thing, but not looking into optimizing correctly the other platforms and we going in a few moments into Snapchat. So why and how to use Instagram stories and Instagram feed. Well first of all as i previously said, Instagram is the mirror of your own self or what u do. U can use Instagram to shortly ad snippets from that long show recorded into your Insta live stories for a 3-5 minutes. That will give a preview to your ”fan love” and ad as well a picture from that show to your Instagram picture feed. Put a hashtag of that moment example #bestcrowdever, u will be surprised the interaction u get from your ”fan love” And ad a link in the bio of the picture ”watch my full length recorded show from etc festival or club” on youtube.

So why u shod use Snapchat as your main Story Capture.



My story future: Even though the individual messages are short, “My Story” allows users to record extended footage of photos and videos that you can break up in clips.

One one one Directness: Unlike other social media sites where everyone you connect with can see what you post, Snapchat allows you to send directly to certain people. You want to send a photo specifically to Nina? Only Nina gets to see. And no one else, privacy first. Or your own group of DJ’s pr fellow artists, colleagues, friends.

Privacy options: Depending on how you set up your privacy settings, only friends are able to receive snaps from you and vice-versa. This stops creepers from sending you unwanted content or having your content looked at by unwanted eyes.

Chit Chat with friends: With a quick swipe, you can message your buddies

You can market your business, company or brand: No matter your business, Snapchat is another social media tool that can be used to your advantage to help promote and market. If you’re an artist, you can give your audience a behind the scenes look into your life that disappears in a day.

Get Artsy: Snapchat proves there’s an artist in each of us.

Your Content can suck but is Okay: Let’s face it, some of our content or message aren’t worth a post on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, but they sure are perfect for Snapchat. Take a notice here mr’s Artists and Dj’s right?

Its fun as hell: Silly? Yes. Fun? Hell yes. By the way this is ”Feel” my pug, thru my snapchat filters.



So i guess it made a bit sense why u shod use Snapchat and not juts get stuck in Instagram like thats the only thing. It is but i assure u, once u start Snapping, your life gets more fun and your audience will enjoy your snaps behind the scenes. I believe that Snapchat is reinventing the camera, representing the greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate and yet to fallow.

Next –SPECTACLES  –Who’s In for it?  I let u try it.






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Author: Isaac Bjørn

Isaac Bjørn is an Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Consultant, Composer Of Algorithmic Music & Algorithmic Art and a Pigeon Fancier. When’s not working he likes to read books, think's about why things are the way they are and how things are going to change. He’s also fascinated by philosophy and has an insatiable hunger for specialized knowledge.