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I am going to have the sense that my work will change your world wile first helping you getting where you need. So when you talk, I listen completely.

Hello There. Now that you make it to this Article it’s a good sign. A sign of ambition to pursue this 6 minutes Read. Because you see…in life you may only pursue, or you may never have it.

But pursue what? Well, the alarm tick at exact 5am to catch that flight to your next Business trip, or the coffee that gets cold, or the girl that you keep dream and never happens, or the man that writes about things to happen, or the Life And Thyself you want to happen, or the Record Label deal you wish to happen. Well, let’s be optimistic and patient for things to happen. Otherwise we’ll speak the Language Of The Poor. And that is the pessimist and the cautious taking over. And nobody wants to listen to that language. So let’s be optimistic or at least a little. But if indeed you want to play the mighty Optimist, then I have a full chapter for you in on of my books ‘Life And Thyself’ and is available from here MYINTERNETSHOP


First, let me introduce my self. My name is Isaac Bjørn and I am the Master of this Blog, wile I like to call it ‘My Notes My Thoughts’ and so for now call me ‘Isaac’ and remember me as ‘The Only Isaac’. I am an Author, Businessman, Musical Artist and an Independent Consultant.

When I’m not working I like to read books, think about why things are the way they are and how things are going to change. I’m fascinated by philosophy and have an insatiable hunger for Specialised Knowledge.

But now let me tell you a little more about my self. I am first and foremost, a Story Teller. Period . Wile if I have to describe my self in a few words, I could simply say: ‘I Am A Sort Of Saint, The One Pure Idealist, Utterly Incorruptible,’  and all my life mission that I am now started with the help of one man: ‘Mr. Jim Rohn.’ He introduced me to one book ‘Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.’ That book changed my life and the life it self changed the way I see it.

 By the age of 18, I wrote a 900-page cartoon story by extracting information from hundreds of episodes from a large variety of Cartoon Channels. I use to be told I am not normal how many writes and puzzles of stories I put together from hundreds of characters just to extract information for my book.
I once even sent a script to TBS, the producers of Swat Kats, with a proposal for a few episodes. Wile It never end up published, it end up a little spark in my career as an author. Later on in life, I’ve applied for a job within a higher institution. Apparently I failed the qualification criteria as well signs of dyslexia. So far with my grammar mistakes finally revealed. Later on in life I had managed this to be rectified with special instruction and support from an educational specialist. I no longer have a difficulty decoding certain words. I am Grateful.

In my early life, from the age of 14 to 20, I found myself in a rat race. I was working in restaurants as dish washer, sandwich maker, chef, waiter and going to college full-time studying Economics wile later on I literally dropped. However, this short period of study , I guess it paid off well since now I theorise certain choices in my life using analytics and problem solving from few of my favourite principles in economics.

But to make matters worse, I was living inside of a religious cult run by my Orphanage. Yes, I grew up in an Orphanage from age 6 till age 13 when I was adopted by a man. Now he is my late Amish father.
One morning I woke up and asked myself: “How can I actually do what I love and also do something with my life using my few principles from my mentors and guides. Can I make my mess a message?”
Despite my environments, I took immediate action, and by the age of 30, I’d taught myself talking 5 ‘Multi millionaire Into Mentoring Me’ by sought’ing out the secrets to the good life mindset thru daily motivation routines by setting up my life as a series of experiments.

I began obsessed by reading books from the most impactful figures in history: Freud, Aristotle, Gandhi, Sun Tzu, Charles Darwin, Confucius, Charlie Munger, Sam Walton, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Wittgenstein, Jim Rohn, Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt and countless others. I traveled to seminars and lectures all over the world to listen some of this figures from above mentioned, wile most of them I was grateful to just have them in my book library.

I spent years traveling the world, living by experiment and volunteer in climate change in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Australia, Siberia, North Pole and across the Europe and practicing organic farming for a period of 1 Year in New Zealand.
Coming back in Europe in 2011 I then joined the Entrepreneurs Business School in Oxford – England, for a short period of 1 year. Unfortunately I didn’t seen the value I was expected, and so I dropped from that too.

I was looking for something else called ’Specialised Knowledge’ and that was the ‘TICK’ when I finally understood that collages, universities all around the world, is teaching us something called ‘General Knowledge’. More specific, you spend years in a form of education learning general knowledge (kinda, the jack of all trades), then you end up looking for a job that doesn’t make sense, that is not really what you meant to do. You understand what I mean? I think you do! Well, It’s how governments, institutions and the society programming us. Mostly to fail. Unfortunately.

And so, I immediately cut-out this poisoning mindset. I stop pursuing  any further form of collage or university, wile I must say, education is good, but must be Specialized not necessarily General. You don’t need to fill your head with all the unnecessary things that you may not need in life. And if you need General Knowledge, just hire a bunch of people around you that poses this General Knowledge or hang out with them, and maybe even consider them as your Master Mind Group to give you a tip about tings you may need to further pursue, without not even having to know much.
In January 2019 I found what I was meant to do in life. Finally, after all this years, at the age of 30 it TICKED. But with a sharp sound. I created the idea with a keen imagination in this newly born brainchild, the making of a new profession, one destined to provide a valuable service to thousands of people who need practical guidance with the help of my services. 


I started an Internet business FEELANDBJØRNORGANIZATION

This business is defragmented into a summarised mindset called ”Practicing Perfection” A mindset towards life, purpose and high achievements, serving clients from respective Industries across the world with Consultancy Services.

The second Business, FEELANDBJORNMEDIA a Marketing Agency with a focus on Engagement And Consistency across all Social Media Platforms. Helping my Clients reach the audience of millions using Digital Strategies and advice on technology trends with a focus on Organic Marketing Content that provides the material to online users that are looking for it, and commitment in producing high-quality material and advice on how to constantly interact with customers through various online platforms. You shod check it out here, if you need my help to market your services, please ask, I can help you.

 I’ve had the honour of serving clients from different Industries around the globe, big and small brands alike. My Consulting Services has always been 5*

Everything successful in my life that just started to snowball little by little, as of today 1st of January 2019, writing this words, according to everything, was just very small bits that can be traced back to a split-second gut decision that I never hesitated. Not even once.

I didn’t even care about the risks! What kind of risks? Well, when I was flipping burgers for a few 2 euro coins per hour as you know it ‘minimum wage’, I use to be told I think to big and maybe I shod keep my mouth shut, just to keep my job secure. I remember once asking my employer ’Sir can you advise me what shod I do with my life?’ – ‘’Well, young man, you can work 20 years for me and I give you a pension’ – He and his wife said. I obviously done the opposite. Such distorted advice is only for those accepting to happen. An Incentivising Entrepreneurship, doesn’t have to end this way.
Combined with that, the little results I have today are from MANY 100+ hour work weeks. I’ve never been afraid of hard work. Faith backed by desire is my secret. Doing something I love, and the light at the end of the tunnel drives me on.

     In 2019, I created my own charity foundation FEELANDBJØRNFOUNDATION and I have big plans for it wile fulfilling my own philanthropist dream is soon to happen. I ain’t rich yet, but what I learned from my life mentor, Mr Tony Robbins, is that you can start giving even if you have very little. Right now. There can be no greater gift in your life to have meaning beyond your self. By giving when you don’t have much, you teach your brain that you have more than enough. Wile letter on in life, after many experiences, I learned one single lesson. ” No One Cares About You And That’s The Most Liberating Thing There Is, This Days. However, I still give. And I give even more. This secret is also the key to unlock the power of your ‘Philanthropist Dream’. Which unlocks the power of another secret. And that is ‘Fulfilment.’

 But jumping one chapter back in my journey, sometimes the exploration of your own Suggestion to create imagination comes with risks. But it’s a risk that’s worth something. I took this risk to drive the exploration of dreams and goals with my curiosity. I see my daily work like a little game, fun and addictive. No matter is writing, making a piece of music, reading, making a next business idea, writing a script for PLANETBJØRN, or anything else, l just see it as a fun and addictive game. 

But probably you heard an infinite amount of time such words ‘Do what You Love, Get Your Dream Sorted, Have Goals’ and bla bla bla. Well, don’t worry, I’ve got you sorted. Earlier in 2019, I wrote a book called ‘Life And Thyself’ and comes like a straight slap on the face which will definitely awake you. Get my book from MYINTERNETSHOP™  ( it will be your best investment in a book. I like to call it a book on strategy and tactics. 

Besides taking an exciting three-year course with PointBlankMusicSchool in London, starting the 14 of January 2019, to perfect my skills in Film Scoring and Clever Sound Design, I am also writing 5 books ‘yes that’s right – 5 damn books’ and I am going full on with them. All five at once thorough daily routines defragmented into chunks of time by blocking time on each. Wile some of them are schedule to be self-published by mid 2025.  My tiny  Legacy Achievement on writing. 

This 2019 year I finished my first book. Life And Thyself’

It is a ‘Self Help’ and a ‘Maze Guide’ in the same time. It is a piece of read geared more towards the modern age Individuals, with a mission to help you navigate through the maze of your Industry and through the maze of your life, because there is a dark side of human nature and there is a dark side on the game of power. This is a book for the Radical Realism Time. And so I want to reveal it to you in the most straight way as possible just like a shot of whisky without any sort of sugar coding on the top. Because you are the master of the show. And so this book is marked as finished as of February the 1st, 2019. You will be able to purchase it from directly, which is the place for all Internet things from Isaac Bjørn. That will be me.

My second bookWe, The Entrepreneurs.’  This is a book for the Born Entrepreneur, because We Are All Born Entrepreneurs! But the issue is that it’s our Environment, the Society and our Education system that Beats it out of us. In this book I will enlighten you with the principles that will spark that burning desire in you to be ‘The Entrepreneur’ also marvellous story’s across the chapters. You don’t want to miss a page on this one. This book is marked finished by mid 2019. You will be able to purchase it from directly.

My third book ‘ I, The Artist’. Well, this book is a difficult yet very personal story to write because I’ve seen and lived the life in a way that some of you wouldn’t expect to live and see it this way, let’s say, my way. Yes, I’ve went trough a lot of hard times, wile I am grateful for everything I am now and not the last being alive on this beautiful planet we all call it home, and I wouldn’t ask for more. This book is marked as finished in 2020. You will be able to purchase it from directly.
Oh, and I forgot to mention, theres also the fourth book ‘Everyone, The Anthem’ and this is a book towards a sophisticated philosophy, a language mostly spoken by my own. Expect nothing but just the mystery of mind. This book is marked as finished in 2022. You will be able to purchase it from directly.

And the fifth book, ‘All My Thoughts’ and this is actually all my thoughts from the 6197 sticky notes as of today 1st of January 2019. And I count all my thoughts on each year on the 21 of June’, when Sun appears to reach its most glorious southerly excursion. A place for thinking big, when the day is that big. I call it a day for counting my sticky thoughts. And I am counting towards. This book is marked as finished in 2025, because I am looking for more thoughts. You will be able to purchase it from directly. 


Besides writing my books, these days I run operations at FEELANDBJØRNMEDIA (helping clients with their marketing growth and all around improvements), creating the next epic piece of content for my blog (The Blog Of Isaac Bjørn) FEELANDBJØRNNOTES and producing content for my YouTube Chanel with my few projects (The Isaac Bjørn Experience, My Films, My Vlog and more) and helping people with their problems by actually solving their problems through my Private Client Group at


So to end this Article, before you start exploring my World and all my thoughts too, in January 2019, I created PLANETBJØRN™

PLANETBJØRN™ is the alias of Producer Isaac Bjørn as ‘The Artist’ and that will be me ‘Isaac Bjørn also the Author of my books. 

PLANETBJØRN™  will be the place where I will exercise my Imagination, capable of accomplishing complex reality and spoken by just my own brand of Music. A Self designed evolution of Algorithmic Sounds in which I am able to design and improve my own choices in music using nothing but just the mystery of mind and technology. This will be my brief answer to big questions in the way I make music, in The Age of Digital Darwinism. You should check out  PLANETBJØRN™ on




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Author: Isaac Bjørn

Isaac Bjørn is an Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Consultant, Composer Of Algorithmic Music & Algorithmic Art and a Pigeon Fancier. When’s not working he likes to read books, think's about why things are the way they are and how things are going to change. He’s also fascinated by philosophy and has an insatiable hunger for specialized knowledge.