You and Instagram. A Practical Strategy in 2018


A lot of you using Instagram, have you ever wonder how to grow your account? So here it is in a few words.

Wile you may already have quite a few thousands fallowers or hundreds of thousands already, It is always good to pay attention tot the stuff that matters. Remember, technology changes daily, and so you must change with it as well. The consumer, is your fuel to the engine that keeps moving the wheels of your account, but have you ever wonder, what would you do without the fuel?

And wile I wait for this flight connection in Berlin to put this story down, I asked a blind man for a pen wile I search for paper. Don’t ask me about the pen, I tell you later about the paper.

This strategy is all about the macro mindset, which is the “big picture” of ways to look at things, and without being concerned with the final result. This type of thinking is ideal for understanding how and what to do in order to execute and to make a difference in 2018 with your Instagram account. So lets get started.

It doesn’t matter if you have an Instagram account with a million followers or if you just created a new profile today, this is absolutely the advice I would give to anyone looking to build a more meaningful community on Instagram or online. Rather you want want to market your stuff, sell your stuff, engage more, grow more and in general getting out there so you can make a name on your self, a brand or whatever you do. There is room for everybody on this planet, the good, the bad, the worst, the ugliest, the most charming, the beautiful or whatever your are, even if we nearly hit the 8 billion number. We keep marching.


This is a question most quite asks them self, especially when you want to get your name out there in the virtual world.

The reason I feel comfortable answering this question is that I’ve spent the last 5 years by just being a silent observer, trying to understand users psychology and how a reverse engineer attention into an engaged community online can tremendously change things.

I remember back in 2011, somewhere in mid summer, I heard this Bitcoin trend, but the thing was, nobody much paid attention to it, nobody knew one bitcoin someday ”such as today” would be evaluate at €14K. Well that’s quite a bit of cash is it. So I bought and keep bought, back in 2011, I think It was around €2 for 1 Bitcoin.

I remember, back in 2011, washing dishes in a restaurant till 23.00PM in the night, and saving the cash aside to invest in my tiny business of my mighty coins, wile some laughing at me. Well, now I laugh at them. Wile they keep flip burgers for a minimum wage, I keep  flip properties around the Europe. What does this has to do with my article?  Well, It’s simple. It’s all about being the silent observer, understanding the industry, the users psychology and how a reverse engineer attention into an engaged community online can change things, in your favour. And by the way, here’s a screenshot, buying a little 1 bedroom flat somewhere in Eastern Europe the other day. Not bad, for a holiday. Unfortunately I flip it (sold) the next week.


This is not a theory, it’s practical advice that has worked for me and thousands of other individuals, companies, products, brands and Artists.

Now, let’s come back into our main subject. The Instagram account growing strategy. You can start using these tactics that I would be explaining in a few moments, by migrating from Twitter then to Facebook and Instagram. No matter which platform comes next, this will be the behavior you can deploy to build awareness, and more importantly, community online.

The truth is, the way to win on social media in this nearly total digitalised era, is to actually be social. Can that be so hard? I don’t think so. And let me stop here for a second. Have you recently seen one or few Instagram accounts from the Music Industry that has tremendous followers, wile you the Artist that has been 15/20+ years in the Industry, still struggling on your 10-20K or less followers, but wile your music, skills, talent and potential is still much better?

The number of Instagram followers you have or others have, means nothing if you can’t build a community of like-minded people who care and engage. Yes, this is the word we are looking ”engage”.

Going live, behind the scenes, showing a little of motivation, a bit of personal talk, a bit of give away, can be a club ticket, a guest list, or a t-shirt or making a good cause.

And I will like to point here one or two Artists who is doing a tremendous job at this ”engaging procces” Nina Kraviz and Nastia DJ. If I point the Underground Industry, wile on the other side of the Industry Diplo and Martin Garrix is doing a tremendous job in that ”engaging procces” you may lack at it.

And you want to know the secret? The only real way to do this from scratch is to become part of the conversation. Yes, thats right. I said this above and may say again, the consumer (the audience in this case), is your fuel to the engine (your tracks played and royalties, tickets sold, increase agency demand fee), that keeps moving the wheels of your career, but have you ever wonder, what would you do without the fuel? I guess this is a question you may have to sleep on it.

Wile some artist prefers a total wipe off or dont bother at all on of Social Media, and I respect that, but there would be a time when every single human on this planet will have a digital replica in the digital world. And I may say, it’s kinda happening. The only real way to do this from scratch is to become part of the conversation.

So how about now, you pick up your mighty iPhone from your pocket, put aside 10 minutes and start engaging more. Go live, show your fans what you got, give a free ticket to your next booking, make a contest on your Facebook or Instagram page with a give away, your signed copy or your old instrument that you may never use it again. Trust me the amount of fans you win is tremendous. Keep it in perspective. Make a good cause. The feeling of giving is just as good as the feeling of receiving.

So let’s come back now to our subject. Let’s speak about the youngest ones, the ones who swim their arms to harmony in an infinity sea of music and artists who keeps sinking without a captain wile nobody gives them a life saving belt. The ones who thrive to be there in front where you are now ”the A listed Artist”  On the shoulders of giants.

Well, whether it goes down in the DM every single one on Instagram or you are actively searching the top 10 posts in every hashtag on Instagram or Twitter, you need to participate and engage with people who have the same interests as you. A list Artists you as well need to pay this attention, it translates to you as well, quite well.

I came up with what I like to call the 2 pennies Instagram strategy which translates to leaving your personal 2 pennies on the top 10 trending Instagram posts for 10 different hashtags that are relevant to your brand or business every single day and by the end, you haven’t just left your 2p, but a full commitment of thoughts in the specific category, niche or industry you want to become a part of, yes how important it is, not only to build influence but to build community and become part of the conversation online.

There are so many people that are consuming a lot of content online and never actually taking action on their self, on their own content, skill or what may special have. I want you to find insights that are going to help you execute on your ambition and create upside for yourself, product, service or brand with the help of Social Media. Here’s the 2 pennies Instagram strategy broken down into 3 simple parts.


This shouldn’t be difficult at all. For this article, I’m going to use the example of meditation. I always been fascinated by the individual unlock that is predicated on an individual’s mindset. I think meditation already is and will be huge in our culture. But you may use the relevant hashtags in your niche.

So just using the meditation topic to give you the most concrete example I can, I want you to imagine that you are deep into meditation and have been practicing for years and now you want to build a business around meditation or grow your personal brand.

The first thing you need to do is identify the 10 most important/relevant hashtags in your field. Here are some I noticed recently on Instagram.

  1. #meditation (13.1M uses and counting)
  2. #selfdiscovery
  3. #freeyourmind
  4. #innerpeace
  5. #meditate
  6. #mindfulness
  7. #wellness
  8. #awareness
  9. #mindset
  10. #spirituality
  11. #zen
  12. #perspective
  13. #beherenow


The best part about searching for hashtags is that you can quickly and easily identify related tags in your industry or niche. Once you search meditation, Instagram recommends related hashtags to follow. Spend a little time by searching not only the most popular hashtags but lesser known hashtags that still relate and can make a real impact. Give it about 10  seconds scrolling through the top 10 posts of each hashtag.

When you find a hashtag, or better yet a post, the first thing you need to do is identify who that person is. Click on the post, identify the account, read their bio, look at their profile, understand their likes, dislikes, and activity. Read the copy below and engage. But remember, pay a little attention to the number of likes, comments of views. You may be deceived by the cheating ones, who buy likes, comments and followers. And just a friendly advice, you shod never buy followers or likes, or comments, those are dead followers, they are not actual users with a human behind.

But even if the account only has 150 followers but every single post that user creates has like 50 likes and 30 comments, REACH OUT and leave your 2 pennies. So many of you are starting with nothing (and that’s okay!) every connection matters. Every relationship has value. These people can all be part of your community. You are literally here to help.

If you see someone in the comments who has a question and you know how to respond, answer. If you love the post and admire the aesthetic, say so! If you have thoughts about the quote or the copy in their post, reply! Leave your ego down, and put a little love there. Nothing to lose.

If the image reminds you of another content creator, tag them. If you think a friend would benefit from seeing it, share it with them. Comment, like, engage, respond, share. These are the simple and easy ways you can leave your 2 pennies. Realistically this shouldn’t take any more than 20 seconds per post.

You don’t have to write a book or say something profound, you just have to engage and interact. That is what it means to be social. But please please please be authentic to yourself and the person on that post. We all know what a spam comment looks like. And if you really want to connect, send a DM (direct message) to the creator. Mention the post and why you liked it. Respond to their story and say something valuable. Ask if you can help, collaborate, promote. Get in touch.


It’s as easy as that. The overall process is incredibly simple. No matter how much value you provide, this is still a game of numbers. You have to be willing to give yourself more. Wile everyone else is leaving nothing, you’re leaving 2 pennies every single day. I promise you will get results. The better your 2p is, value and authenticity the more you will grow.

Even if that is only one new follower a day. Or 1 new idea about what works and what doesn’t on Instagram. No matter what, I guarantee you will learn. You will learn something about the platform, about culture, about human behavior, about how people interact online, about empathy and humility and perspective, it’s all there through this little process. It’s leaving your daily 2p and being part of a real community.

So I want you to start deploying the 2 pennies strategy. You’re going to drop 2p a day, two pennies at a time, 10 top posts, on ten different hashtags, every day. And that will slowly but surely build an audience that knows you and appreciates your content. You’re going to leave 2 pennies in karma, and in community, from a commitment of  your thoughts. You’re not going to spam. Is that making sense?

You’re not there to say follow, follow, follow. If you are going to do it this way, then you’re going to be part of the gratitude, thankful, be present, choose happiness, positivity community. Because the problem is, everybody wants to talk. Everybody wants to put a picture of themselves looking cool. But the way you actually win is to listen and then contribute.

And remember, in the beginning it may be a little hard, nobody may listen to you at first either. Let me say it one more time. For a period of time, nobody may pay attention to you, but I am here to promise you. You will click, It’s only a matter of time. As long as you put out there valuable content, comment, interact with the community and leave your 2 pennies you will not be discouraged at all.

The way it works in this nearly complete digital era, to be discovered is to either put out great content, and have one piece go viral, and the strategy that has always worked is to become part of the community. You will pick up three to four followers a day, which are meaningful. Not bots and spam, but meaningful connections.

That means you’ll probably receive 100 new meaningful followers in a month. Which means you’ll put out a piece of content and if one of them is special, and one of the people that follow you has a bigger audience and decided to share it, then away you go.

But that’s not even the best part. You know what’s so great about the 2 pennies Instagram strategy? It’s not that you’re going to get exposure, or you’re going to get some followers, or that you’re going to contribute and be a great community member, but you’re also going to learn.

Because you’re going to watch and consume, a few pieces of content that matters a day and that are doing well on Instagram, which is then going to inspire and help you strategise the content that you yourself are going to put out on Instagram. That’s a really good use of few minutes a day.

In the morning, during your lunch break, on the airplane, on the airport, before your gig, wile taking your dog out, and when you get home. Tried and true. Gratitude, empathy, kindness, motivation, meditation, mindfulness, you pick the hashtags, they’re unlimited. They all have a top ten. And then you put in the work. Let your ego down and give your little 2 pennies love.

A growing Instagram strategy. How to really do it, and how to win.

Now go do “that” 2 pennies a day.

Don’t wait…….Start…, as Black Coffee once Says

Ah, and I nearly forgot, the blind man was the paper wile I was the pen looking for a story with no actual paper.





Author: Isaac Bjørn

Isaac Bjørn is an Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Consultant, Composer Of Algorithmic Music & Algorithmic Art and a Pigeon Fancier. When’s not working he likes to read books, think's about why things are the way they are and how things are going to change. He’s also fascinated by philosophy and has an insatiable hunger for specialized knowledge.