Every decision you ever made in your life up to this point had lead you to reading this Article.


It is difficult to describe something from nothing to someone that cannot see or hear or otherwise sense with the five major physical senses.

The best way to describe Infinite Intelligence is if you think of all the energy that exists in the universe being a single entity and that entity being in total communication with every aspect of itself. It thus contains the sum knowledge of the entire universe, from the immense power of the mighty stars to the humblest single cell life form.

Yet this energy is almost – extremely delicate – and light in a way that seems not to be of this world in nature, being invisible to our physical senses and only measurable with the most sensitive and advanced instruments that we can produce and then are only limited to basic principles taking a shape of its own – a form –

But let me lye down a few questions to uncover beliefs about Infinite Intelligence:

  • Do you believe in a higher level of intelligence?
  • Do you believe most people tap into Infinite Intelligence out of love or fear?
  • Why are most people afraid to talk about their spiritual beliefs?

And here are some unsupportive beliefs about Infinite Intelligence:

  • You have to be religious to call on Infinite Intelligence.
  • You have to be able to meditate to tap into Infinite Intelligence.
  • You have to be spiritual to tap into higher levels of thinking.

And here are some mental Strength Beliefs about Infinite Intelligence:

  • Answers from a Higher Source of thinking are waiting for your discovery.
  • The Universe is conspiring to help you get exactly what you want.
  • Tapping your source of higher thinking means changing the vibrational frequency of your thoughts to the same frequency as the Source. Thoughts of love, abundance and gratitude are examples of higher frequency thinking.

Some shockingly bad or excessive questions about Infinite Intelligence:

  • Is it possible you’re beliefs in this area are holding you back?
  • Is it possible your beliefs in this area are making your success tougher to achieve?
  • Would you be more successful if you were able to tap into higher levels of your own thinking on a daily basis?

Now, let me write a short Narrative on Mental Strength –  on Infinite Intelligence and clarify the 4 questions and beliefs from the above:

Access to higher levels of knowledge can only be obtained by an extremely delicate kind of ‘link’ that for the many, think is science fiction…but is actually not. This link, each of us possesses it. Most of us just don’t know it.

Those of us who comprehend its existence as far as we are able and are learning how to access it via our mental link have created amazing things to date, ‘such ones little achievements so far’, or ‘ones most biggest achievements so far’. But these things are material and barely scratching the surface of what is believed to be possible.

We live in physical bodies and correspond to the material realm, so it is only natural that we should create on the material plane.

Such names as – The Carnegies, Edisons, Rockefellers, Wrights, Shakespears, Lincolns, Da Vinci’s, Dickens, have tapped into this power and produced incredible results in the creation of wealth, power, invention and art and a thousand and one other things that have enriched their lives and the lives of millions on the material plane of this life. If you want to know more on how to start tapping into this MIND LINK, then click HERE after reading this article top to bottom, will make much more sense.

Some of my final thoughts on Infinite Intelligence.

The big secret that seems to be hidden from the masses but is really not a secret at all is that anyone can access Infinite Intelligence and it is done via the mind. As far as we know at this point in time, it can only be done in those quiet moments when our minds are relatively still and not cluttered with the goings on of our day to day lives, and oh my…I see this cluttered minds at any direction my eyes points.

I am even having this long walks ‘now and then’ at specific times of the day or week, just to observe people and their habits. Let’s say, I am interested on how people think, act and take action on their daily habits. Mostly is distorted actions..what I see. I even asked this girl once on the street, she was so pretty, gorgeous, but as a gentlemen my point was to research her mind a little with a question that may spit the insanities out or may clutter the mind in and out. I could just instantly see in her ‘a career in a Niche Industry’ let’s say, ‘fashion’, but the response I received after asking her a simple question such as (I first socialised a bit with her, such as few jokes and then I asked…) ‘What are you plans for the future, what do you plan to be, I suppose you will find a great place for your self in the fashion industry, aren’t you?’

She looked to me like I asked the most non sense question, wile instead she mentioned ‘Well, live fast, die young, I don’t really care’ I just got a job as a waitress and…whatever, I don’t really care…….And I was like…Oh my…totally distorted response and I just hope not everyone will think this way, wile I must admit, mental health is a huge problem this days, especially in the younger generation. I am so scared to see what’s happening in the next 10 to 20 years. A massive  unemployment disruption due to digital and mostly all technology taking over most of the economic sphere of jobs. I don’t even want to think how worst will be for those who will be UNPREPARED. By all means, ‘unprepared’ it means, what you currently do, will be outsurced by AI and Machine Learning, such as Automation. And it will happen. You can take my word.

If you are reading this article, just take massive action right now – at least 20 minutes a day, by taping into your skills and actually ask your self one  big questions ‘Would my skill or what I do at this very moment to pay my bills, would still be monetizable (making money from it) in 10 to 20 years?’

If the answer is NO, just complete cut out IMMEDIATELY what you do now, and prepare your self for the next or at least 2.0 skill or even 3.0 skill. Because hard times will come, wile the most liberating thing will be ‘ No body will care about you’ just the way ‘No body cared about me’ when I was sleeping in train stations by the time I was in orphanage and kicked me out at the age of 13….alone in the world. Oh my…you wouldn’t want to know what I’ve seen and worst I lived. I don’t want you to live such times, wile times like this will come, and this time – will kick ass the economics, the jobs and peoples skills. Those unprepared will suffer tremendous poverty, loss of financial and houses – assets and much more. In one word ‘The Future Will Only Be reserved For A Few Numbers Of Superstars, In Any Industry – Worldwide. Wile one of the Industry that will be tremendously affected very soon, is the music industry, both the underground and the commercial scene. Hard will be for those who still dreams for a place in it. Wile I keep this article relevant to the Artist….50%

The Future Will Only Be Reserved For A Few Numbers Of Superstars.

And you may want to take such note from Isaac.


But you see, It takes some effort of will to quiet our minds from this infinite clutter that our current economic system not even tell us about how to make more money, but basically automagic’ly teaches us to work for 7-8 euro per hour ….F*ing Stupid…..and the schools are idiotically reprogramming people how to just be a labour to someone else. A life without goals, a clutter of society we live in…unfortunately.

I recommend a way that I find it quite successful when is about ‘doing some thinking on your own’ and focus on your stuff, the staff that actually matters, the stuff that makes you a creative person, gives you some good thoughts, makes you to think about your future, your actions taken and contribution to society. And  the best way to start your day with such successful thoughts that will impact very positively your thinking, your body, your wellbeing and more, is through the art of meditation.

The mind needs to be still and receptive to the ideas and “hunches” that come to it from Infinite Intelligence when we ask for answers to problems that trouble us or need to know how to achieve or create something in our lives. First of all, we need to know how to ask the question we need the answer to!

I want you to ‘daily ask your self such questions’. Don’t worry, nobody will know, just you.


But for now…

To Your Success.




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Author: Isaac Bjørn

Isaac Bjørn is an Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Consultant, Composer Of Algorithmic Music & Algorithmic Art and a Pigeon Fancier. When’s not working he likes to read books, think's about why things are the way they are and how things are going to change. He’s also fascinated by philosophy and has an insatiable hunger for specialized knowledge.