If You Can See It, Then You Can Be It. Whatever The Mind Of Man And Woman Can Conceive And Believe, It Can Achieve. Such Is The Power Of The Great Imagination Ones Can See In A Mind Of Its Own.

Isaac Bjørn


Let me tell you a story about the workshop of the mind that every living man and woman can tap in to it, unfortunately most sleeps on it.

Imagination is separated into two conceptual types:

a. Synthetic imagination.

b. Creative Imagination.

Synthetic imagination, simply rearranges existing ideas into new concepts. Let’s say you have an idea for building a random number of melodies in your iphone playlist. That was an easy example wasn’t it! But I can give you a hard example. Let’s say you are an architect and you been asked to design the next tallest building in the world. That’s one of serious example isn’t? And that’s how ones can use Synthetic Imagination, by arranging/re-arranging plans and ideas with the power of the mind. Ones can use such power to design a master plan for its goals, achievements and purpose in life, all done with the power of Synthetic Imagination.


Now, let’s talk about Creative imagination, which creates something from nothing. That’s right, Its true. Wile I met many denialists in my life journey I learned one think: Denialism is a systematic attempt to prevent challenge and acknowledgment, to suggest yours self that there is nothing to acknowledge. In one word, The Denialist Person is a post‑enlightenment phenomenon reaction to the ‘inconvenience’ of a modern mind. In this case, a mind that craves imagination, power, discipline, goals, ambition, perseverance and more. A mind that will be finally settled for the overage mess. It’s pretty much the response given of why more than half of the earth population is in poverty.


But using Creative Imagination to such transforming desire into money, highly respective careers, status and more, requires specific plans, which come most often through synthetic imagination as step 1 listed above.

When a creator of ideas and a seller of ideas got together in one mind as combining both the Creative Imagination and Synthetic Imagination and worked in harmony together as one mind, the ideas that come from imagination are the forces that cause things to come into being. You must add imagination to your plans and your specialised knowledge in order to grow rich, be famous and hungry for your journey on the shoulders of giants.

So what can you do then.

Set aside creative thinking time, by taking some thinking of your own on a daily basis. Pen and paper and write down everything from your Imagination, consider it like a plant that is watered on a daily basis and awaits growing of further more plans.  Focus on the missing pieces of your plan. Use your imagination to see what could be and what is possible to be done. Do not be the fool from the next door, believing that ‘You Can’t Do Something From Nothing’. Remember, fools only believes in nothing.

Imagination is instrumental in creating plans for success. It’s where desire is given form and the necessary action is formulated. Your desired success.

Because synthetic and creative imagination, involves arranging concepts, ideas or plans into new forms. The Creative Imagination connects with Infinite Intelligence and materializes in the form of hunches or inspiration. Desire, faith and auto-suggestion of ideas, all play a part in connecting with the Infinite Intelligence and creative imagination.


Now let me give you a story of recipe that ones and a wile ago was used intelligently with the power of Synthetic Imagination and Creative Imagination. 

”A doctor approached a pharmacy clerk hoping to sell an old kettle, wooden spoon and a recipe. The clerk purchased the items for $500. But what happened, the Clerk bought more than an old kettle and a wooden spoon & a recipe. The Clerk bought an idea. The clerk mixed the recipe, added Imagination, and created Coca-Cola. He created what’s now the empire of fizzy drinks monetising the billion of masses.

You see my dear reader, wealth and influence grew out of a single IDEA using the power of Synthetic and Creative Imagination .

You know the story of Facebook, Google, YouTube, don’t you? Obviously you do as you are out and about at times around them don’t you! But you don’t know the Idea behind this giants corporations that we pretty much depend on them, because we use them on a daily basis to get our stuff out, to the masses.  These are all brands that came from IMAGINATION. Now it’s your turn to use Imagination. Hard work alone will not make you rich, I can tell you now as I been a solo man since like forever. Wile I am tremendously proud of my few achievements and what I’ve become, even being and doing everything solo, as a man.


It’s time to be like a child, and imagine, imagine, imagine…


Often all it takes to succeed is a little imagination and a lot of application






Author: Isaac Bjørn

Isaac Bjørn is an Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Consultant, Composer Of Algorithmic Music & Algorithmic Art and a Pigeon Fancier. When’s not working he likes to read books, think's about why things are the way they are and how things are going to change. He’s also fascinated by philosophy and has an insatiable hunger for specialized knowledge.