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Psychologists believe that there are five main personality traits: extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness. Women appear to be more prone to neuroticism than men, and they also score more highly when it comes to agreeableness. What has this to do with the article? Continue reading.

And while a blind man appeared to be reading a newspaper, next to me, here at Terminal 5 in Heathrow, I took a piece of paper and a pen, and put this story down. I’ll tell you latter about the blindman.

I feel like there is a little unbalanced here, that many Female DJ’s shod be as many as Men’s DJ’s or that’s just a logical coincidence. Go figure, when you put women in leadership positions, they don’t have to be convinced that women are capable, or that’s another logical coincidence.

But as Helena Hauff said ” Proper Darkness is a bad place in a endlessly black” But let’s strip this answer back down to reality.

I started doing this experimental travels around the Europe, UK and once in a quarter in the US. My reason is quite simple and logic. I am interested in the Millennials and Centennials or I shall say the Generation X & Z – Artists. I am also interested how the long term Artist, who’s been 10-15-20+ years makes his way by adapting his tools, music, skills into this new generation ‘X&Z Humans’

But in one sentence, I am indeed interested in the new talent, new comers, new faces or you name it ”The new Artist” in the Electronic Music Scene, his-her new sound, his or her new tools. I am interested in how they play their set, how they move, how they smile, how they conquer their audience and maybe I am also interested if they have something to say. And by the way, I also have a Podcast called The Isaac Bjørn Experience which you can listen it also in the iTunes in the podcasts. Don’t expect a BBC Radio in the making, but expect my true words behind a microphone, once a week.

You know, I always loved a good story. Because when you have something to say, It means you have a story. And then you, the Artist, when transcending that story to a piece of music, I am interested to listen to you. And so the audience too. It’s the reward bias I shall say, and that’s when you speak the listener language. It’s like a seed has planted to grow an obvious queue with a clearly defined reward.

Wile in my experimental travels I mostly see pretty much ‘a same 8 bar loop’ driven by a snare and a clap and a few bits on top, pushed by a digital effect machine and a laptop  ‘nothing wrong with that’ as we are driven by technology, and I totally accept it, but it’s interesting how we react when things sound different and done different by a person who approaches different. I may also say that some of the new productions of Techno, becoming bland, boring and unoriginal, driven by a piece of digital machine loop. I guess there is a reason why the first album, the first machine ever made, the first genre ever started, or the first thought, is that original and that special. No sign of nostalgia here. We move on. We carry on.

Today, my eyes is at Helena Hauff.

Wile she’s definitely not the Generation X & Z – Artist, she precisely know how to stand out in a Sea of music or I shall say in a Sea of DJ’s or Artists who only wish to be where she is ”On the shoulders of Giants”

There are ways how to win the hearts of the new, digital-first, value-focused and brand-disloyal generation. The X&Z Human Generation. From the moment they were born, technology has touched every part of their lives and they will move on quickly if an Artist doesn’t meet their expectations, in this case a piece of music – shall we say, the approach of the industry, the attitude, the way you behave with your fellow colleagues or the way you interact with the audience. Wile this simple equation defines perfectly your career, there are some DJ’s who managed to do it flawlessly for decades or just few years.

A perfect example here, was TenWalls. A highly talented Lithuanian Artist. But it only took a second…And I am saying that again, ‘that’s the the X&Z Human Generation’. The Millennials and Centennials. One Tweet defines your expression into someone’s mind, wile his or her mind completes a definition of your actions, in no time

Hauffreversed psychology here, by saying ‘NO’ to a Sea of Pixels, except of a simply Soundcloud account. And focusing her mind where it matters. Driving her energy channels and emotions, when It matters. And she still uses a beat up old mobile phone from early 2000’s while our life’s depends of an mighty iPhone, could that matters?

There is logical reasons why some of the most successfully peoples in the world, says no to checking every 5 minutes your Twitter account or Facebook or Instagram Account, responding or caring to every criticism that may arrive. Thinking what to wear or how to wear or why should I wear? Or how about this ”How shod I play my set tonight?

Shod I use that soundcard or the other one because is more expensive and that means is better, or shod I use a MacBook instead of a Windows PC because the latency is better? What cables shod I use, or wait, I have to get a personal assistant, “I don’t do that type of thing”

All this nonsense can probably makes sense?  It does indeed for some. What works for you It will always work and you shod probably stay that way to serve your way.

Have you ever wonder why the late Steve Jobs was wearing the same black turtle neck jumper, for the rest of his life, DAILY . Wile Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook, also wears same thing every day, a grey t-shirt.


 Spending any of your energy on things that are silly or frivolous about your life it’s nonsense but can make sense when you clear your life of clutter so that you have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve your career.


I have a total respect and care for the artists that are sticking with what they do best, they serve their instrument that plays the most and uses with care by getting better and better at it. Ignoring the total media bias of ‘get this get that, buy that, use that’. Could that make you a better artist?

A long time ago, maybe to long ago I ask Marcel Dettman, wile trying to interview him in a very busy night at Berlin’s Panorama Bar ” Excuse me Sir, how did you become such a better Artist and DJ? I asked. And he replied ” Well, young man, How did you become a Journalist? And I replied …Well, by practicing and doing it…Sir. I humbly said, and he smiled to me by taping on my shoulder. ” Well, that’s the response I want to hear from you, young man. He said. And that was my shortest ever 25 seconds interview, but it means to me like the responses for a 1 mile of questions.

So maybe, thats the correct response for what you do best, what you are playing best, what you can be best, what you could pursue best or can simply be ”how you are best” and stay that way. I call this the Eulerian Destiny Way. Your way.

Wile this article went thru so many subjects, Helena Hauff remembered me of some times in my life, I call this a teenage time of my life. The time I was pinching money from from my late father ‘pokets’ to get my way to the raves festivals and missing for days hundreds of miles away.

The times when some of my old friends liked me..or I think they did, the times when anything and everything that matters was ‘caring at the price of life, a bunch of cassette tapes and CD’s with me all the time in a red backpack. I wonder if there is a romantic aspect between there and now. I guess now I have a pen, wile there I had no paper. There you go, a romantic aspect mets a creative procces.

But now I want to talk a little about Hauff’s latest DJ set at SubClub in Glasgow.



I remember traveling my way thru Europe some long time ago, and wile stoping in a hostel somewhere in the suburbs of Hamburg, I say to my self ‘well lets have a drink tonight, shall we’. And so I end up in a place called The Pudel. A little house look – a – like club. Wile inside looked more like nothing special, I really loved the one side of people not giving a thing on whatever was happening around wile the other side of people being quite interested in music.

I took my self a beer and slowly made my way around, saying ‘wow the music is that good’ I think was some breakbeat playing and that reminded me of some good days enjoying back in 2001-2005 wile after the minimal techno, tech house slowly made his way, spreading.

But quite some few years passed and was my second time listening Helena Hauff playing at a wider distance of 7 years. And what surprised me is that her set in December 2017 was just as good as the one in 2010 at Golden Pudel. Same way of putting her record on the platter, same way of dropping that needle on the record, same way of that neurotic, rough and ready vibe she plays.

A bit of techno, a bit more wavey, sometimes a bit more punk’ish. It’s really all quite diverse. But it’s with this attitude that Hauff has established a career that so many other artists & Dj’s dream of. And that’s without not even compromising her integrity.

Will it takes balls in this days to make business work? For sure it is. 


Hauff’s set was so precisely done at SubClub in Glasgow that I was amazed of telling to my self ‘f…ck the rules of dramatic arcs’. She played a full 3 hours Climax Set. Start to finish. Is this the answer to keep a crowd interested in you, the Artist, new comer or old comer? Is this the question how to make your status click in a Sea of DJ’s and music that sometimes stays but quick still goes. Is this the correct response in the Millennials and Centennials Generation?

I believe in a world when situations are changing quite quickly, clearly this takes me to one single quote “Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” by Sun Tzu, Art of War” What is that means? Well, read the book.

Hauff played Vinyl after Vinyl only, and the sound from SubClub never been that warm, beautifully balanced, ‘in your face’. I did indeed seen a slight diverse audience in that very night. A hidden gem of people that I don’t really see them that often.  I always told to my self, that, this ones are always the true underground peoples that comes by. Why? well in a Sea of DJ’s where all they most play same 8 bar loop tech-house, deep house and so on, when you hear something different you get interested. Or you get interested in the past that was interested in you. How about that?

Say or name an established Artist in this very days, making his or her way so fast at the top of the Industry, that still has the balls to break the rules of the usual 8 bar loop that dominates the industry and keeps a decent ‘1000 or 2000 or even 500’ people in front of him or her, throwing records selections from breakbeat, 2 step, one or two drum and bass  then flipping into old school raw techno then back into breakbeat flipping into acid house then goes in raw techno, back into some Industrial with a touch of EBM Electronica and so on the flipping goes. It takes precise selection of records and talent.

Wille I must admit that, | Troxler | Vath | Villalobos | Dozzy | Sasha |Zabiela | Babicz | Garnier | Giegling | Burial | | Apparat  | HawtinMills as well in the other side of the industry such as Diplo | Tiesto | Deadmau5 | David Guetta and maybe I miss few, they all brake the rules from time to time by taking chances in bringing a slight or even more different and diverse sound in their sets as well productions by being Innovative rather than followers of trends, would that makes them that special and different from the Masses of Artists? You bet and for sure, 100% Yes.

But, I still adore the Romanian’s Personal sound & Perlon,  and that would be my say, because I believe that’s what sets your extraordinary’s apart from the overage. And trust my words, there is a lot of overage out there, in a Sea of Music sinking in a Sea of Artists & DJ’s with no actual Captain.

Wile others doing same things over and over again and expecting results in a definition of ‘whats trending’ others may do ‘The One Thing‘ that are best for and known for.

I call this, the V.R.I.N Technique Mindset (value, rare, inimitable, non-substitutable). And if you are a new comer artist and you really want to ‘click’ and read this simple equation, I want you to dig into it and apply it to what you do. 24/7. This will only separates your extraordinary’s apart from the overage. You do not want to be an overage lost in a Sea of DJ’s and music and deceived by media bias. ‘Get this, get that, buy that, do that, Obey to that’

I wanted to say and mention to Mr. Wrick Hedley of Glasgow with his Night Big Foot Tea Party. His warm up to Helena Hauff, was precise and beautifully balanced, Vinyl after Vinyl until his last Vinyl. I feel there was a little love shared there from artist to artist at his last record.

Frankie Bones – Dance with me


Ah, yes I almost forgot about the blind man in the Airport. He was using the Braille Alphabet.


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