Empathy Is The New Success



Success is something you attract not something you pursue. So instead in going after it, focus on personal development, because success is looking for a good place to stay!


How Incredible is this little quote, isn’t !!! Such words may require some thinking on your own. You shod Investigate this thoroughly.

 And so it’s Sunday. Then let’s start a good read. My Article is about to be ReVealed. Obviously And Mostly for you.


I am standing here in Paris, Gare Du Nord, waiting a train to London. How fascinating is to observe people’s faces, crossing from left to right. Sometimes, I image them like pushing an imaginary random button and you get this random patters of beats generated, every time being a different pattern. Imagine that. Ha. Making music with your imaginary thoughts. But I wonder what’s in everyone’s thoughts. Imagine if you would know what’s in everyone’s thoughts. Imagine what would be in your own thoughts. Because the mind is as stranger as you may ever think.

But how would be like if you could actually know your thoughts, at least the ones with good ingredients, not your ordinary thoughts. Because those who want more, then more will be added. But you see, every body wants, but not everybody gets — a place in its own thoughts. And who knows such mystery of words, what would be in everyone’s thoughts, or at least in …your own thoughts. I call it the Mystery of the Mind. How fascinating isn’t it? 

But knowing everyone’s thoughts would be quite risky isn’t? But you see, is all damn risky this days isn’t it.  Marrying is risky. Having children is risky. Going into business is risky. Investing your money is risky. Making friends could be risky too if you chose the wrong ingredients, but don’t be too cautious, just use common sense. And so on, making a piece of music is risky too, as everyone may laugh on you, isn’t it?  Chasing your goals is risky too. Writing this Article is risky too, not to mention distracting peoples reality from the ‘pleasant to the unpleasant’ is risky too. You see, It’s all damn risky in life isn’t it, but wait and see until  you never try it. Wait and see until you never try anything in life. Or wait and see until what’s happening when you try something in your life. Something magical is happening. How about that questions. You should investigate this thoroughly.


But let me tell you this my dear reader, how risky life really is ‘You Are Not Going To Get Out Alive.’ That’s risky isn’t it. Such words may put some thinking on your own. They say ‘One thinks better with him self, but not with the other.’ How fascinating is this little saying, really is. 

But let me tell you also this ‘Once upon a time, there was an English Man who really said — Let’s give it ago’ and Now we talking, isn’t it, but that’s risky too. It’s all DAMN risky, isn’t. But that’s what is really life for. To give it ago, isn’t it. 

You see, It’s not important how long you live, but important is how you actually live. You should investigate this matter thoroughly.

So don’t be to Pessimist, otherwise you will fall into something quite  unexpected. I call it ‘The Language Of The Poor,’ and that is the mighty Pessimist. 

Did ever someone told you what an actually ‘Pessimist’ is like? I can tell you, the real story of the pessimist mind, because I’ve been studying this animal for quite some time. And in my book ‘They, The Algorithms,’ you will explore the whole fascinated journey.

Pessimism is the deadly disease of always looking on the bad side, the problem side, the difficult side, checking all the reasons, but only the bad ones. He or she, will tell to it self  ‘The business can’t be done, The goal can’t be reached’ and maybe I miss a few more thousands of examples. But I can tell you this, ‘The Poor Pessimist, Lives An Ugly Life.’ He or she, never tries to figure out what’s right, instead he or she tries to figure out what’s wrong. He or she, doesn’t look for Virtues, instead he or she looks for the bad thoughts only, and when it finally finds its bad thoughts ‘It’s delighted.’ How ugly can that be. And thats the power of knowing your own bad ingredients from your own thoughts. How fascinating is to actually know your own thoughts, isn’t!!! At least if you know your good ones. 

Here’s another thing about the Pessimist. One day, he or she will wake up, believe in its senses, then will rush up and said to its self ‘ I got Five Good Reasons Why Everything Won’t Work,’ The Pessimist will be so dumb, that will not even know that all it needs is one reason or probably not even one, not damn five. And that’s the ‘The Language Of The Poor’ spoken by The Pessimist. If you speak such language you need to get rid of it IMMEDIATELY! 

To the pessimist, the glasses are always half empty. To the optimist, the glass is half full. Why would the same measure, would affect people in two different ways?  Well, it all depends on how you look at it. And that’s because our life’s is affected by the way ‘WE THINK’ and most things are NOT the way they are.

You see, the mind is like a factory. A mental factory more exactly. And whatever you think about all day long, pours ingredients in this mental factory, and that’s what builds the economic, social, financial and many other important things too. The mental fabric of your life.


‘As You Think So You Shall Become’


Why so many successful Artist really do succeed? Because they speak the language of the Optimist. But why so many Artists really don’t succeed in the long term wile instead they fail badly due to their attitudes, bad habits and maybe I miss a few things, resulting into TERMINATED CAREERS? And I know one too, and is quite a mighty one too, is here around Glasgow, out and about at most times, and I deeply feel sorry for him too. He is a good man at heart. But you see, is because they speak the language of the Pessimist. Which is the language of the poor accumulated and rewired in the long run. Is that simple explication. I can’t give you a better answer.


But let me tell you this —  you will not believe what others have in their house, and I speak for the Pessimist.  What do you think they have? I tell you what they have. And that is ‘TRASH.’ Can you imagine dumping a load of trash in one’s Mental Factory, every day, day by day, then coming back with a very rich dynamic and positive life? and even saying to you self ‘I WANT TO BE A SUCCESSFUL ARTIST – I WANT TO BE AN IDEA !!! Oh My, And Very No. It can’t be done.


Let me tell you about my own TRASH. Some many years ago, I use to wake up in the morning and starting to read all unnecessary things on internet. Obviously the bad stuff. I use to read magazines, read newspapers about news on bank robing, murders, suicides, riots, crisis, monkeys and lyons and reading even the back pages and all that poison from around the world that the media wants us to see it and record it in our brain. But you see, the media knows that your brain craves for it too. The amygdala is a mystery too.

I use to play computer games and stay all day and night long on internet pages, I use to watch pornographic content, I use to read pornographic content and just because my friends (THAT I ACTUALLY NOW FIRED THEM ALL) reads and watches that too. Oh my….I use to fall for ‘Security and Cornered’ because was safe too. I use to know nothing but ‘Whatever Tomorrow Comes Too.’ How sad thinking on my own, could that be, too. How sad. And that’s the language of the poor spoken. The pessimist language. 

And so, I learned the hard way from all that, and one day I said to my self ‘I start Today.’ And oh my…you can Imagine what days I start to have, after all that. Good days too.


Let me tell you about another ‘Language Of The Poor’ wile I categorise it in the ‘Language Of The Irritant’ and that is COMPLAINING. I’ve been studying this animal too for quite some time. And I am a Pro on this as I tried them all. And this disease is deadly. Engage or indulge in this even slightly and you might even forget about your future because the future will forget you.

Complaining, is the complete language of the Irritant, and all that will poison the future of the practitioner of such language, very badly. The thing is, it acts like an infection.  It spreads in someone then migrates in someone else. The way it works, is through subjective thinking. More like ‘One gets distorted with another.’ You want an example? Let’s just say the irritants from your digital presence, complaining in comments their own sad regret, just because they’ve never took action on their own life. A goal at least, to taste it a little. 

Spend 5 minutes with a complainer, and you had wasted 5. And you may even have a chance to become the ‘Economic Cancer of the Complainer’ if letting the complainer spread Its virus into you, choking its own regret to you. How ugly can that be. Wile latter on in life, after many trials and fails, I actually found the perfect antidote for the complainer animal.  Make a show of complete calmness, and the complainer will be taken by this and will become relaxed. You infect their spirit. You can infect them with a carefree, drunk-like spirit, with boredom, or even weakness. If you want to know more about this animal, then I have a full chapter on it, with 50+ pages, that will fascinate the mind from you. The chapter is called ‘Avoiding The Infection’ and comes from Dr. Charles, as my Algorithm 3. 


But now, let me tell you another story. Some years ago, at a conference In London, I had paid £8000 for one ticket to get my seat in the front row and listen the speech of what is now my life mentor, Mr. Tony Robbins.  I must admit, that was everything I got in my bank at that time, and If I am not wrong I left with £65 in my account after spending all that cash. Imagine that. And the best part was that all my friends literally told me I was the ultimate dumb on this planet earth to spend £8000 for 2 hours, just by listening someone’s words. Well, now they are flipping burgers on a minimum wage, wile I started my little ‘baby steps’ journey, and I ain’t rich but I am happy with what I got now. Definitely 10X better than before, all around the good life of my own.

But I knew taking a risk will be good worth. Because you see, in life is all risky isn’t, but you will never make it if you never try it.  And so, after the conference, I had quickly run to Mr Robbins and with almost a bunch of tears in my eyes, and I asked him.  ‘Sir, Please Help Me, How Do I Build The Good Life, Would You Please Teach Me!’ Well, I receive a very simple response back. ‘It’s Simple, Young Man’ – He said, with a cheerful smile the size of a mighty sun, and so I was told. But it’s not easy too, I was also told. However, mainly It’s easy, I was keep being told.  Because I asked for more, and more was aded. Remember, those who want more, then more will be added. You should investigate this thoroughly.


But here’s how you build anything in life. First, select the right ingredients. Second, keep out the wrong ingredients. Third, start with a thought. One thought only. Because everything starts with one thought. And so you must be wise and carefully of what you think because that’s how anything to everything starts.


Let me tell you this too ‘What would happen if someone drops sugar in your coffee?’ Well, I think you will be okay, isn’t it. But ‘What if someone drops salt in your coffee?’ Well, it would be salty, isn’t it? So the lesson is, you got to be careful. Life can be both ’Sugared and Salty’ and you must pick the correct ingredients, but not at the price of Salt.


I remember, after the conference, Mr. Robbins told me ‘Wherever you go in life, Isaac, ‘Every Day, Stand Guard At The Door Of Your Mind.’ How important such saying. It’s Fascinating isn’t. Stand Guard At The Door Of Your Mind. I love this little quote too.  


You must decide what goes into your Mental Factory of Thoughts. Don’t let anybody just dump anything they want into your Mental Factory of Thoughts, because after that, you got to live with the results on your bank balance and so your life too. You should investigate this thoroughly.


And so, could that be the secret to unlock the truly beautiful life? The success that everyone’s keep looking. The health, the wealth, the love, the happiness? Well, for sure for me is. I let you investigate this thoroughly.


Because you see, if you really found the secret to your own successful and beautiful mind then you may actually find the secret to unlock the vault to one mighty pattern of your own choice and mystifying everyone’s thoughts? Could that be your optimist choice? Could that be? It could be. Is actually a good one. A creative one. So, what are you thinking right now? Is it you or your own thoughts. Because is a difference here, is like the monkey and the human. Tell  me. Tell me everything but not the best. Keep your best thoughts for your great success.


Because success is something you attract not something you pursue. So instead in going after it, focus on personal development between you and your self only, because success is looking for a good place to stay! With you.


Now shine your golden wings above everyone. And grow your star in the sky. Because when you ask for more, then more will be aded. And You will be Enlightened.


‘As You Think So You Shall Become’ 


This Article was a short introduction from Chapter 1, from ‘They, the Algorithms’ a book of Planetbjørn, written by Mr. Isaac Bjørn. The Author. Available from January 2019 on Amazon in Kindle (ebook) format and hard  copy format too. I am sharing the book cover bellow, wile it is not finalised. The vector graphics are in progress. I am still having the project in Adobe Ilustrator, mainly working on it through airports and hotel rooms. As you know it, the life of an Artist. The life of a Consultant in my case.






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Author: Isaac Bjørn

Isaac Bjørn is an Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Consultant, Composer Of Algorithmic Music & Algorithmic Art and a Pigeon Fancier. When’s not working he likes to read books, think's about why things are the way they are and how things are going to change. He’s also fascinated by philosophy and has an insatiable hunger for specialized knowledge.