Distractions and Attractions


Most people can’t remember the last time they entered a flow state. Well, at least I do when i read this book called Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and heres what’s all about.

Most people sleepwalk through life without ever feeling so intensely focused, time seems to stand still, if could damn be still, I guess is only a matter of time when you really awake, and yes you are in the ashes…still.

But the idea of this Flow feeling  might have been popularized the most with professional athletes, who often describe the feeling of succeeding on the field. Gold medalists, Tour de France winners, and World Cup champions, have all repeatedly recounted how they were in flow states for their winning performances. My self, when I really get into on task and i keep swim to the next one and the next one, I kinda like that feeling of flow, but heres the thing, its important to learn how to keep it or shod I say trap it? You name it.

How can you completely ignore the 1,000 distractions around you and produce intense, unbroken focus on complicated tasks? Its simple, just shut the damn tinder, put the phone out in the next room, turn the WIFI off,  and just say to your self ” mate you need to get this done ”  Works, at this end. But I guess this childish theory sounds…childish. Ok, lets talk about mature theories how to get that flow.


Learn When You Are Primed for Flow States, Then Always Act.

Consistently following routines creates physiological energy spikes. It does indeed, and let me prove you. When I wake up daily, at 6AM, I first thing ”account my day” And thats called being organised, its a routine that may perform into a habit if you stay with it. However it can easily fades off.  Although your mind and body are extremely fluid (you can adapt to just about anything if you wanted to), yes you can, but there are specific times of the day when you operate best. In my proven strategy, 7AM. Why? I guess the world awakes at this end and my routines awakes with me as well. But yes, there are specific times when you are most primed for nearly every task, having the greatest sex? Why not every-time?

Most people will go their whole lives without ever really knowing when they’re the most primed to operate at world-class levels. They will continue to operate as a square peg in a round hole. And I am looking to the masses sometimes, I get this walks in the evenings just by curiosity looking at the people, I am amazed..they are like living infinite life’s.

But heres a ninja tip, when you consistently begin acting during your prime time, you can expect to see 10x or even 100x better results over time. One thing done, bang..next thing done…bang. Never been easy. I just get stuff done. I write this blog now, I get stuff done, I write my book latter then I record my audio podcast, I get stuff done, I have sex with the girl from top floor after…I guess I keep get stuff done. HA HA.  Then the next day, from 6AM, I still keep getting stuff done. Its the flow, and you can have it as well. But do you want to know something? don’t be afraid of failure, remember in the end we all die.

But the more you practice during these times, the more focused your mind will be. This repetition will train your mind to remember that focus and reproduce it on a daily basis. I guess is best to try first, can I go for a run at 5AM? You ask your self, how about if I give it ago? I may like it or I may not like it. But thats just one of the tricks that will make distractions to grow weaker. Flow states will become commonplace and operating at your peak level will become a daily routine.

Remove Emotional Blockages For Optimal Performance

I woke up at 6AM this morning, like I usually do. I washed my face with cold water, sliced a toast and some butter, a cup of coffee and there you go, I’ve found my peak creative time is early in the morning for some reason. But can that be your reason as well? I guess this will be only a question that may wait’s an answer. But once a wile ago when unicorns ride’s along with snow white, someone with a mighty pen in a hand and a magic piece of paper, described morning journaling as a “spiritual windshield wipers.” By dumping your immediate thoughts out on paper first thing in the morning, you clear away the dirt that’s obscuring your view. I agree that. It’s pointless to attempt to enter flow states until you”clean your windshield ”

Whenever anybody wakes up, you — they are filled with “fluff” thoughts on largely unimportant things. Every day, we’re exposed to tens of thousands of nonsense advertisements, distractions, and trivial tasks. You must get these thoughts out (morning journaling is an excellent, proven method) before you can see clearly focus on what truly matters. Focus on what matter. My self, I call the accountability list for the day ” Things that Matters ” Because, you shod only focus on the things that matter for that very day, and let the crap out, it does not mater.


Ignoring Distractions is a Conscious Choice.

The idea of taking your thoughts captive is thousands of years old, isn’t it. Reading this book recently, Paul the Apostle wrote some great advice to a struggling church. They were distracted with a good many things “Take your thoughts captive,” he instructed. Paul encouraged them to make all their thoughts and actions obedient to their goals. But most people never take the time to build their self-discipline with controlling their thoughts.

The routine of the majority is to wake up and immediately check their phone, their email, notifications, the news, and social media dictate their thoughts. Sorry, I been there to many times, but I still check Google Trends. I guess I am interested to see whats happening in the world. But this routines trains them to live reactionary lives, unfocused and frantic. If you condition yourself to always respond to whatever tasks come up — no matter how trivial or mundane — you make it 10x harder to focus and enter peak states. Fact.


Reinvest Your Free Time Into Learning and Growing


Oh, lets watch a bunch of YouTube videos now as we finish the job, then lets go again to YouTube, and watch a bunch of few more videos with creatures of the deep sea, and then end up with the top 100 Billboard songs, but we need to listen them individual, otherwise it doesn’t make any sense. You know..Then we’ll reorganize our to-do list for tomorrow, just in case you know…and I really think will need to end up the afternoon with a split in our iPhoto album into smaller more specific albums..You know. By then, it’l be 2.00PM and we have an appointment at 4.30PM, so it’ll be to late to really start any work at that point.

And that’s my example of the Procrastinator. But..HELLOO

“Successful people don’t see it as free time or this way, they see it as the only time they have to do the things they really want to do in life — and they don’t take a minute for granted.”

Your goal is to create a shift in your mindset. This will create emotional momentum, which will manifest itself into extremely focused behavior.

Most people don’t reinvest the time they’re given outside of work — they’d rather be entertained and distracted. Choosing to learn and grow on your personal time isn’t common. It shod be a priority. But this is exactly what the world’s most successful people and top performers do. They know their ability to focus and avoid distractions is the difference between making thousands of dollars a year and millions of dollars a year. I guess the bank balance speaks. 


The problem is not the distraction. The problem is you.

The real solution is to become someone who can operate at peak levels while in an environment that may occasionally be distracting. Distractions will always be there. Social Media, Mail, iPhones, Girl/boy/Friend. You must choose to embrace this idea, and surrender to it. Only then can you begin operating at peak levels and enter flow states in various environments. You can’t change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight. I keep still working on mine, but writing this piece of information helps me a lot and hopefully helps you a lot as well. A lot.




Author: Isaac Bjørn

Isaac Bjørn is an Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Consultant, Composer Of Algorithmic Music & Algorithmic Art and a Pigeon Fancier. When’s not working he likes to read books, think's about why things are the way they are and how things are going to change. He’s also fascinated by philosophy and has an insatiable hunger for specialized knowledge.