If You Are Not Making The Most Of Digital Marketing Then You Better Read This

The digital world can be scary a place when trying to determine an online advertising strategy for your business or brand. Among all the different ad types and media platforms, how do you develop a digital strategy that will make the most of your paid ads? Let’s get into, shall we?






Cross-Channel Marketing Strategy


You must use Cross-channel marketing, because it continues to change the way advertisers manage campaigns. It is a powerful way to reach prospective customers. To maximize it’s potential, advertisers should develop marketing strategies that integrate various media channels like social, email, and Search Engine Marketing across multiple devices, mobile (iOS/Android), desktop and as well tablets. There in your Advert Manager, let’s say Facebook because at this very moment it dominates the Social Media World, and there you have something called ‘Facebook Business Manager’ a very powerful tool that can target Audiences at your choice, mobile devices, desktop, mac, pc, you name it, all at your choice. The question is: Are you actually using it 100%? Please don’t sleep on it. Yet. I am still amazed how many Business Owners, Consumers, sleeps on it.

But to come back in the subject, Businesses can customize an optimal cross-channel marketing strategy by identifying which media channels and ad platforms are currently driving performance among your target audience. I will not mention again, but I will. Its called ‘Facebook Business Manager’ and is your best friend, in the Digital Age that it’s coming ahead. And oh my, it’s so coming.


Optimize Ads for A Mobile World


I bet you hold a Smartphone right now in your hand. And so others +Billion Humans do. Why? Well, it happens to keep marching.

But, you know what’s scarier than a carved pumpkin sitting on a porch in late November, if it happens to be a Halloween of Ads? Not thinking about how your website looks on a mobile device. And oh my, I deal with this in a daily basis wile I walk my talk to the streets visiting my clients — potential clients.

One of the very first question I ask: Hows your Website Mr. Business Owner? Oh, we are all right, he responded back. Then I ask: Really? Do you have a Mobile Phone? How about you tell me your experience on your website? Then he looks to me like I kinda offend him, but in a soft way…hopefully. Not very nice isn’t it? And so the story goes, wile I keep mention the words: Inefficient, Inefficient, Inefficient. Looking with an eye at his website and with an eye to his mobile phone.

But smartphones and other mobile devices are as ubiquitous as jack’o lanterns around a Halloween (pardon my french), which is why advertisers (and you as well my dear) need to adapt their online strategy to the mobile environment. We spend hours a day surfing the web, using apps and checking social media channels, and we expect a user experience that is seamless, attention-grabbing, and compatible. I always keep an eye to Google AdWords, Analytics and Facebook Manger, in a daily basis, and my favourite tool is to observe the Individuals behaviour, the actual device where they see my Ads and my clients Ads as well. Quite amazed I am it’s always over over 70% in Mobile Devices and usually around 20%+ on actual Desktops Machines. So yes, things are changing. And you better change as well, the way you send those ads outside in the Digital World, the way you keep your client happy. I guess.

And so, If your website does not connect individuals to exactly what they want in a quick and simple manner, you risk site abandonment, and I keep see this on and on even now in 2018, nearly to the half of semester. For example, using display ads with limited text can communicate your message quickly before a viewer redirects their attention. I must admit, I always failed at this, and I keep done it for months, writing an actual blog on each Ad, haha.


Test New Ad Formats


Advertisers, (and you as well even if you are a beginner in the digital advert game) should experiment with new Ad formats in their digital campaigns to deliver messages in unique and exciting channels. Social platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and Linkedin have recently launched new ad formats that are very engaging and attention-grabbing. Leveraging unique Ad types among your target audience can distinguish your brand from the competition. Wile I must admit, I never used the Ad platform from LinkedIn, but is something that I am looking to, quite excited. Or is it just me, thinking that — LinkedIn has become that cool. I really enjoy being around there, wile I must admit I haven’t really been around LinkedIn that long.

To come back in the Ad game, you want to start small in terms of testing these formats. Allocate a small amount of your media budget to test a new ad type each month then analyse the campaign results against your current marketing efforts. A creative message with focus on copyright, unique ad type, and a simple testing strategy can lead to spectacular results. I personally do A-B tests in my ads for my clients, and I immediately kill an Ad, if runs Inefficient on Click Per Click or the Audience is dead. In that way, I recommend you kill the Ad immediately, and you test again and again and again, until it clicks. I call this the Pigeon Trolley formula. Yes it may sounds funny, but it’s like going fishing. You have to keep move your chair around the lake, until you find the right spot. Then you start fishing. Then you keep your Pigeon aside. You know..just in case.


Use Clear and Concise Messaging

It’s important to create ads with clear and concise messaging because the internet is constantly bombarding us with messages from every direction. I my self, sometimes think like ‘Oh my, where does this ad comes, and this one, and that one, and another one’ The thing is, most Business Owners got a little quite smart and learned to do it them self and now even the Consumer nor to mention the Artists, DJ’s, Musicians, Self Employed’s started to be a little bit aware to do it them self and in general the power of Digital Ads started to enlighten their minds. Can I do it my self? Well for sure you can Mam or Sir….. Facebook show’s your way.

Even Google, now it’s teaching you for free, Google AdWords (It’s called Digital Garage) I am starting to think there will not be a market quite soon for the OCEAN of whatever you want to call it ‘Online Courses, Funnels, you name it. Wile there are some that I highly dislike, there are some that are truly genuine out there. An example is this Lady called  Julia McCoy and her Team from Express Writers. Her daily newsletter emails, are just tremendous value, and she definitely knows more than one or two things about her skill.

But to get back at the main subject, that’s a good thing that everyone started to get a-little bit smart and do it them self, there is a place for everybody in this Digital World, just make sure, do things right, or try to do them right. It’s Social Media, the place where you go to get Social.

Rather you have something to sell or not, just have a simple message with a strong call to action that tends to have a higher click through rate than the opposite. No one has the time or desire to read long sentences to understand what you’re trying to promote. I remember my ads, some time ago, Oh God…I had this habit to write literally a damn blog on the actually Ad, haha. Then I realise some of the guys from Audience asked me if I try to write a Book on my Ad? haha. Well, the thing is, Ads that can grab the user’s attention, communicate the message, and drive an action in a few words are more spellbinding than a witch’s brew. I must admit I love a witch brew..haha. So lets keep things simple. And maybe I shall do as well.


Balancing Data-Driven Marketing & Creative Content Marketing


Out of the question that probably more than 50% of the content out there on the INTERNET, is just a copy of a copy of another copy. I must admit, wile I have a way on writing..I guess, hopefully, I may not have a way on actual being a great Designer, or Video Grapher or the Creme de La Creme Writer of an actual Article. But as long as you try that 10% to be different, I guess things can click. I call this the Compound Technique.

It starts slowly by doing your things daily and it slowly snowballs, getting bigger and bigger and that’s the power of compound effect. In this case (my case) I focus on that 10% wile I patiently let the habit of being uniques on what I do, to grow in me. Hopefully.


But, yes…. and I think I went away a little bit with the subject.. To drive a strong digital strategy, advertisers (and you, the baby one, the beginner) must understand the importance of balancing data and creative in one campaign. We have more data than ever to inform our digital marketing efforts. I guess theres no stars and planets in the Sky, how much data, articles and content is on Internet at this very moment, and I feel scared how much more will be in the next 10+ years. Sometimes I even think, do I actually need this blog, this Business that I do, would it even be a place for me, for you? in the next..you name it years!!!

And I shall correct what I said, because Internet related companies are the only ones worth owning right now. They are the winners of the new digital world that is coming and oh my is so coming and are the only ones that are going higher consistently in good days and bad days.

Here’s an example of something very interesting since I opened the ‘Internet’ subject. I call this the Intelligent Investor technique. A little bank here in UK, called Tide Banking it’s making  waves being popular day by day with it’s great digital futures, already growing a tremendous customer base and a generous revenue so far. Thumbs up for Mr. George Bevis, the CEO of Tide Bank, UK.

When is about making Business click at the right time and the right moment with the right team, catching trends it’s something you definitely need to catch this days. And technology is something you definitely don’t want to snooze. Wile shod I not mention the Toys R Us situation when Amazon outsells anything that means brick and mortar store. Banks are the next subject to be discussed when the next big thing will come. We don’t know that day yet. And so Bitcoin was an example. That doesn’t mean cash will stop being in existence, but digital currency’s it will conquer, 100%

That’s why advertisers should analyse customer data to learn about individuals, online journey and behaviours. The data collected from the online journey helps advertisers know what their customers want and where they are searching for it online. I mention trends above…did I!!!

My self, I start to learn Facebook Business Manger, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, so so so so badly like theres no more tomorrow, wile I am considering sharpening my skills in content strategy, with a focus on SEO & Copyright and Consumer Intelligence, and maybe get curious a little bit on coding and software.

So to wrap up, once you understand the online behaviour of the individuals, you can leverage those data points to create personalised messages that delivers a better user experience which leads to conversions. Let’s make better ads strategy, shall we!!! I am off to a cup of tea now.



Author: Isaac Bjørn

Isaac Bjørn is an Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Consultant, Composer Of Algorithmic Music & Algorithmic Art and a Pigeon Fancier. When’s not working he likes to read books, think's about why things are the way they are and how things are going to change. He’s also fascinated by philosophy and has an insatiable hunger for specialized knowledge.