Once upon a time, on a late night tale, a book fallen down from a shelf to tell its story. An unknown person called  ‘A’ takes a seat, close its door, jumps in its bed where all dreams and memories were made and dives inside a story written in the early 19th Century called “ The Parable of Horse sh*t.”

In New York in the mid 1800’s to early 1900s, one hundred thousand horses produced 2.5 million pounds of horse sh*t per day. Horses were the primary mechanism for transportation and industry, but the smell and the public health implications of being surrounded by horse sh*t were untenable.

New Yorkers were terrified. They demanded change. A Parable was about to be made.

Elections were won and lost on the issue, the greatest minds of the time were focused on figuring out a solution. Yet the wisest minds of our current times did figure out a solution for …a horse sh*t problem? Let’s keep reading.

Then, in 1908, Ford rolled the Model T off the assembly line and horse sh*t was literally no longer a problem. Horse sh*t went from being a Level-5 hurricane to a footnote of history.

The moral of the story is that ‘’Horse sh*t problems” are the kind of problems that must be paid attention in the normal course of your journey, to the shoulders of giants, my dear ‘Self Made Artist’ .

Unfortunately someone talented and still unknown – lived this, and I lived this as well – wile I mostly live it ”at most times” and I am fine with it, but I learned one single lesson. ” No One Cares About You And That’s The Most Liberating Thing There Is.

What Did You Learn So Far From This Lesson? Well….

You may aim at nothing, and you will hit it every time, I can tell you. Attitude, not aptitude, determines altitude. Among the things you can give and still keep are your word, give something back or pay it forward If you have something that may put a smile on someone’s face, It feel good, I can tell you now, and not the last – a grateful heart. There are no traffic jams on the extra mile. Be grateful. Believe in it. Give It a Try. Now let’s begin with an idea and then become something else, shall we? The most it’s going to win, it’s the most human story. I can tell you now and you will thank me latter. You all, my dear artist, dj, and musician who stand on the shoulders of giants with your careers, have a vital role to play in getting someone unknown yet talented from out there – under your arm, It doesn’t make you any harm. You can chose to be Artist ‘B’ who puts a smile on the unknown and talented artist ‘A’ from out there – in the digital space since we all become a digital face, a mostly human, yet an unknown little one or old one, millennial or centennial sits in its bed where all dreams and memories were made – And  you could have the inspiration to begin with an individual, but I learned that it does not reach its full fruition without collaborative development. My aim is to formulate a philosophy of success by drawing on the thoughts and experience from self made musicians, dj’s, artists – just like you, record label bosses, festival organisers and anything to everything else in between from the music industry, to find a success formula that could be used by the overage artist, dj, musician, who dreams to a career in the music industry from their bedroom, just like you dreamed from your bedroom. Becoming the best version of your self when you truly self made your self, is an experience and more like growth, happiness and fulfilment, yet many journeys of ‘unknowns’ to their dreams and memories are only for someone else hiring them to build their fulfilment – and that will be always made. An Incentivising Entrepreneurship, doesn’t have to get its fade.
”Once upon a time there was – never a late night tale”. Wake up
It takes time and persistence to become successful in such a competitive industry and if you’ve put in the work then – It will work, just like you worked your long hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades ..and 1 hundred % of the universe was on your side!!! You believed in your abilities to figure things out. It’s time to believe in others abilities and you can have a choice to give something back, or at lest pay it forward – and don’t be shy to share a piece of you, It feel good when that advice just helped a youngster to take a shortcut on his or her little journey ”called career” standing on the shoulders of giants.
There’s room for everyone in the industry if the Individual is worthy of such a deal for the industry.
So the final question is:  What would be your philosophy of success to help and educate the overage – yet still unknown and talented artist, dj or musician who dreams a career from its bedroom where all dreams and memories were never made? You can do all things in life thru Faith. It will strengthen you. A thankful attitude and giving something back releases so much joy in your life. I can promise you. Wherever you go and do what you do, give thanks to your grateful self or shall I say ”Be Great but Be Grateful, and everything is going to be all right. Because you are thankful for what you built and have and nothing is by accident.
Now Go And Make Someone’s Day!!!

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