Why You Should Not Buy Tangible Gear And What Should You Do Instead



Do one thing every day that it scares you. And that is? You don’t need the unnecessary gear from the above or any other tangible and fancy gear to produce hit records. That’s right!!! You heard Isaac’s voice very clear. But prepare taking some serious notes, as this article is as controversial as my loud voice and the many writes of mine that inspires the phonological loop from you.


But before to start my article I want to tell you a very clear thing!!!

You see…my dear Artist, ‘Man and Woman’ will only become better when you make them see what he or she is like. And so, last week I wrote the very last chapter from  PLATNETBJØRN ™  THEY, THE ALGORITHMS. And you  will love this book to the very bones of pleasures, masturbating a mind of your own, and I can tell you now, such pleasure can only be discrete to your own. I have fascinated stories and algorithmic art work just for you, thru a mighty 200+ pages journey!!! And yes, I am not just a Journalist. I am also an Artist, just like you, wile at the heart I am a story teller. But I am also a Musician on my own terms, I draw digital art then I algorithm the heart from it using technology to meet my Imagination. I am also a Consultant that helps Artists just like you to find their balance in the maze of their Industry, and I am also an Entrepreneur with two successful start-ups. And not the last, I am also a pigeon fancier.

But for the past 13 carefully chosen years, I had been a silent observer of many, or maybe too many. The many trivials from other’s life’s maze’s. I’ve learned to judge their moves by the insecurities and sloppy natures of worse and mistakes they’ve been through, and so resulting 13 careful writes that can also come as a straight shot of whisky 🥃 for some, but this book will guide and help you navigate through the maze of your industry, because there is a dark side of human nature and there is a dark side on the game of power. And so I wanted to reveal it to you in the most straight way, because you are the master of the show, wile I am only a careful and silent observer of your show.

All in one, I go through a very sophisticated and detailed pattern of story telling, just like your own sophisticated DAW pattern, or least you shod have one, I hope you have one, because I like sophisticated stuff.  Not many knows that I spend about 100 hours to 6-7 minutes from a live set, and thats just me when I do things on my terms by totally breaking the RULES, the FORMULAS of making a piece of unorthodox’ed music. A formula that has been passed to me to you to everyone, telling us that must be done this or that kind of way, otherwise ‘SORRY.’ there’s no other way. They are wrong, I don’t fallow such distorted formulas.


So what is this book all about then? That excites the words from you. 


Well, first, I am an independent thinker, confident in my own research, and I drive no particularly pleasure from operating with or against the crowd, wile focusing only to an Audience of One. Creativity is reclaimed for my own sake, and second? Knowledge is power. You must understand that very well my dear Artist. This book is in service to knowledge wile power is the engine from in it. Makes sense? Because In PLANETBJØRN They, The Algorithms, Power, Greed, Life’s Grandeur will flow hot and red In thrilling descriptions. A book In the service to the Objectivism. The Radical Realism Time. An uncompromising defence of Self-Interest as the Engine Of Progress to Power.

You are excited aren’t you? The questions is…who shall get a copy. Such question requires some thinking on your own. But the follower of this book will be educated in the highest levels of its choice, inculcating virtue, philanthropy, social justice, power in its career and morality, becoming one of the great figures of its very own thinking. Enlightening the understanding of Specialised Knowledge in a mind of its own.

All in one, I Story Tell The Heart From Me..about: Keys To Power, Enlightenment, Seduction, Attention, Intentions, Thinking and Behaving, Time, Ignoring the Trouble and the Danger, Symbolic Power, the Visual and the Symbol, Anger and Emotion, Money and Power, the Strengths and the Performances, the Life and Thyself, the Responsibilities, the Values, the Strengths, Avoiding the Infection, Actions and Arguments, the Fulfilment, the One’s Mind Imagination, the Human Nature of Worse, and Taking the Credit.

Here, the lessons in this chapters are quite simple: consider this your bible to navigate through the maze of your industry, life and thyself. And you will thank me latter.

I will only release 113 copies and the ones who will get his or her own copy — happy shall live ever after. I guess you going to keep an eye on my digital presence to find out when and how to get one copy!!!


But now, let’s coming back in this Article, and let’s talk about, Why You Should Not Buy Tangible Gear in 2019, 2020 and further more decades from your life grandeur, And What Should You Do Instead.


First is first: the future is digital and totally intangible, and you may take notes of such words. Second: In your journey, you will meet many  DENIALISTS’ which is the person “trapped” into a byzantine mode of argument because he or she has no few options in pursuing a truth. Remember, If you are one of them, to be in denial is to know at some level. To be a denialist is to never have to know at all. In one word, ’The Denialist Person’ is a post‑enlightenment phenomenon reaction to the ‘inconvenience’ of modern minds.

For me, helping people understand that making a difference in the world of their own with my help, from anything to everything, Is one of the hidden successes and secrets to my own…philanthropic dream. This secret is also the key to unlock the power of understanding and fulfilment. And in the last chapter of my book, the ‘Bonus Principles’ (and you may take a note of this chapter) more exactly, I explain this in details. I guess now, you got so excited to get your own copy, aren’t you?

In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth Is a revolutionary act. And that’s how the musical artist world has gone mad! Buy this plugin, buy that plugin, buy this gear, swap that gear, oh..I don’t like that gear, buy the other gear. Sorry, you need to buy this gear because it just came out. Wait, you must buy this daw then swap that daw, and maybe I miss a few. ALL these thoughts are for losers. You are deceived in a word of trivial. Wake the f..*k Up.

Right now the online musical world – market, is in a state of delusion, fantasy and clinical grade insanity. Everybody has gone mad! I’ve been quietly observing this and using it to my advantage for years, but today, I decided to share my observations with you. Why? Because it’s gone too far.

At the end of the day, – You The Artists – or bedroom producer, or grammy award, or international superstar, you can make something from intangible gear that sounds just as good that you will do in a studio with £1m tangible gear. When you think at something like ‘How a Hit Song is Made’ you may Imagine something like ‘Is Made in a huge Professional Studio.’ Well, you are wrong. Now, technology has advance at such point that many of the tangible tools that is found in the exaggeration of thousands of £€$ cost, and it has been told and passed to you that in order to build a hit song you need such tools and you must pursue them to produce such hit records. Well that information is totally distorted. Now you have them in the palm of your hand, literally.

What if I tell you that you can make such hit records with a smartphone and a laptop? Yes that’s right. And you don’t need all that unnecessary gear. ‘But wait a minute Isaac’ – The analogue or any other tangible gear, it sounds better, it has life, it has human feel, it has honey and butter and rawness and makes you feel seduced..and oh my my.’ Yeah, you keep talking the mouth, and I get records done in – literally no time and so others that are one step ahead you – does too, which allows me and others to get stuff done anywhere in the world. Do you get your stuff done anywhere In the world? Oh no, wait, your creativity only gets out in the studio. Well, that information only has been passed to your conscious wile your subconscious accepted as totally true.


We are so aware that many of you, get your song bits done in airports, hotel rooms, carparks, or even toilets? I do it, and I ain’t afraid to spell it! At the end of the day how much you get stuff done on the go? Well, in my excuse, my studio is a £6500 late 2018 MacBook Pro Touch Bar (6 core 8th-generation Intel Core i9, 4TB internal SSD storage, 32GB DDR4 memory) and a £2100 Ipad Pro 3rd Generation (12.9” 1TB internal storage) and not the last a Universal Audio Apollo X8 Thunderbolt 3 (£2500) and I nearly forgot to mention about the newly acquired pair of Beyerdynamic T5P Headphones (£1000)

I call all this ‘ The Ultimate Digital Set Up for the 21/22 Century Artist. Because the future is as digital and intangible as your digital world from your mighty smartphone. And if you want to fallow this formula, you can’t get better than this set-up at this very moment. And I forgot to mention, my bellowed Nord modular G2 where I do all the sound design using the software editor in my iPad Pro 3rd generation with the apple pencil, and a piece of technology software using Machine Learning to perform my Algorithmic Art using Google AI and Magenta to combine this algorithmic procces that gives me a way to express my creativity in an unorthodoxed way, rather than following the old fashioned making music formula, that has been passed to you, to me, to everyone, from generation to generation making you to believe that must be done that way. WRONG.

So technically, my studio, is as mobile as your feet can ever walk, anywhere to everywhere I go and yours shod be too.

If I meet the love of my life in Russia or Berlin, and I decide to stay there for 10 years, then my studio stays too, in a compartmentalising bag.

Mobile production shod empower you, shod help you a lot, why? Because inspiration will strike you anywhere to everywhere.

Last month I was queening to clear immigration in the JFK airport. I was 10 meters away from the immigration officer to have my tourist visa stamp. But just seconds before to get in in the front row, an idea came to my imagination, and that was how to convince Kraviz to change her haircut. Haha, I am joking. The ideas was actually the last chapter from my book, a final write. And so, there you go, inspiration will strike you anywhere to everywhere, in the world. But I am just hoping I didn’t striked and inspiration to literally change your haircut, Kraviz? I guess such question requires some thinking on your own. They say, one thinks better with him self and not with the other. You are perfect my darling. 💖 I guess that’s just my french charm to spark curiosity and witticism in a friendly joke.


But not only in the studio you must get your ideas for the next song, I get mostly my ideas in the shower and when I sleep. Then I’ll get up and I put down that idea on this little mobile rig that i have with me anywhere in the world. There are times when I am out and about in the city and I think of a crazy layer or a cool melody and I will just use my voice notes or the music making notes on few apps on my iphone XS Max, and that could be anywhere like a buss station, train station, in the streets or even in a public toilet. I just put the ideas down. Music or writing they all come together and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

And now ask your self, how many hit ideas that could be hit songs had been lost just because someone didn’t had access to technology anywhere to everywhere with him or her, to put it down on that very moment? I can f..*ing sit on a public toilet 5 minutes on my own and make a track. I only need my iphone and nothing all. And you know what? It will be good enough. Because you the artist, using the power of your imagination and creativity, what is good enough done from your hands, it is god’s choice in the masses minds. When your creativity writes music, you are deep within yourself – as it should be. You are the artist. You are the creator. You are the god of your own musical story. The listener buys in your entertainment, inspiration, or information. Make sure you write that down, such words from Isaac, will keep your ideas flow.

Software is powerful enough to essentially be a studio of your own. Your very own studio. Your own secret weapon to creativity at any given time, moment, place or choice of your own and never losing a hit idea that could be a hit song just because you didn’t had access to technology.

You don’t need a studio to be creative, get an idea or any such thing. Do not be a fool if you think that it’s essential in order to make a song, be creative and anything in between, you actually need a mighty and fancy studio. You don’t. Your creativity can be in the chair from the airport lounge, then by landing, the engineer you hire to mix your stems can put that together, and by the time your car arrives to your booking, the engineer will dropbox that track to you in one go. And by the time your set is about to start, the crowd will be seduced.

Remember, technology it’s all about who is good. Because any fool can drop a 4 bar loop, and call it a track. So use the power of your imagination to strengthen your creativity and to separate your self from the random trash in the world. Because there is a lot of trash in the world. And you do not want that. You want to be seen as the god in peoples minds.

Creativity is all about overtaking your competitor. Because if bedroom producer A, comes with a better sound and skill, then the mighty international artist B is OUT.

Remember, you are living in the time of being actually judged by your capabilities versus your access. Use technology as a goal to ‘Get Out Of My Way’ then the goal for the Art is on your way.


Yours and forever Isaac. You know me!



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My goal is to help some of you, The Artist, The Musician, The DJ, with what you need, so that you can continue your thick and thin journey and keep create and improve the quality of your Art.

Because there’s room for everyone in the industry if the Individual is worthy of such a deal for ‘the industry’. Wile I also believe in having the choice to give something back.

To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.  

Our Vision And Its Principles!
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Principles On Attention.



’I hear the secrets that you keep when you talking In your sleep.

Algorithm 13. Darling Of Russia’’



In a world growing increasingly banal and familiar what seems enigmatic instantly grows out attention. Never make it to clear what you doing or what you are about to do. Don’t show all your cards. An air of mystery hidden your presence, it also creates anticipation, everyone will be watching from its own distance. Use mystery to seduce the audiences thoughts without not even trying. 

An Enigmatic Image Is Your Own Story By Creating An Air Of Mystery And Enigma’

Now let me introduce Algorithm 13 as Darling Of Russia and her own enigma of mystery.

In 1900, rumours starts spreading around Paris about a young Girl, who danced in a private home wrapped in a disguise vail.

A local journalist who seen her dancing, reported that ‘A woman from the far north asia had come to europe, wearing the mystery’s of all perfumes, jewelries all over her body, to introduce the richest and the oriental colours of life into the nineteen-hundreds society’s of many cities of Europe.

Soon, everyone knew the dancer’s name. Her name was ‘Mata Hari’.

Early that year in the winter, small and large audiences was gathering all over the city of Paris, where orchestras played music inspired by far east melodies. After keeping the audience waiting, Mata Hari just appeared in a stunningly new costume. A white cotton, indian vail covered all over with jewelries and an open waist that revealed as much as was concealed.

By the end of the day, there was over ten thousand people attending Mata Hari’s dancings and police just order the traffic to be stoped due to crowds blocking the centre of Paris which was never seen that busy. Thousands more Parisians just gathered. Paris traffic was blocked for one full day. Everybody was loudly celebrating and dancing ‘Free Music For The People Of Paris’ Mata Hari shouted, wile everyone thought ‘What A Generosity Of Woman’

Thousands of people was fighting to death to buy a ticket to see Mata Hari in theatres around the city of Paris.

One day, a telegram arrived to the central council of Paris, saying that, a woman from India. claiming to be the age of 100, whose name was Mata Hari, is alive and claims to be the real ‘Mata Hari’ wile also claiming to serve as a house keeper to President Millard Fillmore of America serving in the year of 1850 Presidency.

The rumours slowly spread to the whole city of Paris. Everyone started to knew and acknowledge that something wasn’t right with this young woman and people started to think she was a robot. How one woman could be 100 in one country and 23 in another country. People, disparately started to be even more curious and those who didn’t bother to see her before were immediately curious and those who already seen her, paid to see her again.

The Paris has never been and seen that crowded in decades and people all over the Europe, traveled for days to see Mata Hari, knowing by rumours that she was a robot and so people paid large money to see if the rumours was actually true. A dancing robot of splendid beauty was about to – not be – that true.

Now, If I stop a little here in this very moral of the story, Mata Hari understood from the very beginning the fundamental truth of attracting attention. Once people’s eyes are on you – you have a special legitimacy. The intention was to create a crowd, but every crowd has a silver lining, and crowds tends to act in conjunction. If one person stops to see a beggar man laying bricks in the street, more will do the same. They will gather like dust body’s, then giving a gentle push, they will watch your show.

To create a crowd or a story in what you do, you must do something different and odd, any kind of curiosity will serve its purpose, because crowds are magnetically attracted to the unusual and inexplicable, and once you have the attention never let it go. Here, in this enigmatic story from ‘Darling Of Russia,‘Algorithm 13’, – Mata Hari was constantly attracting attention as her main goal.

At the beginning of your story, life or career or whatever you do, spend all your energy on attracting attention, most important, the quality of the attention is irrelevant. No matter how terrible one of your shows are, no matter how bad your experience was last week or last night or last month, no matter how bad is or was your mood, never complain. You still have the best seat in the house even if a media post will critic you. Attention, rather negative or positive is the main ingredient of success.

The worst fate in the world for a woman or a man that urinates fame, glory and of course power, is to be ignored.

And I want you to remembers this words from ‘The Only Isaac’, write them down, and carefully study them. There has been many times such artists and mighty public figures that urinated glory, fame and of course power, yet carers has been terminated in – one go.

Burning more brightly than those around you, is a skill that no one is born with. You have to learn to attract attention, just how Mata Hari attracted the millions of crowds.

At the start to mid of your mighty carer, you must attache your name and reputation to a quality and image  of – your very own time – by asking your self: ‘What Sets Me Apart From Other People’?

Because If you – The Human, can master the observation of – your very own appearance in time – in time, many things will become understandable to you – in time, because history always repeats –  in time but in different forms of time. Just like the song you played last night or the book you read last week – in time will be repeated and remixed and re-edited and re-manufactured and re-written – in time but – in time your time will end just like other people’s – time. In time. My dear – Your Time is limited. In time you will need to observe what sets you apart from other People.

This image of your – very own observation of your appearance, can be something like a characteristic style of dress or a personality that amused or entertain people and is talked about, or a personality that encourage people, or a personality that helps, supports and is in the hearts of every person of its audience, fans or those who matters the most. Once the image is established you have an appearance, a place in the sky for your star.

It is a common mistake to imagine that this peculiar appearance of yours, shod NOT be controversial or attached by something or someone bad,and I want you to remember this words, very carefully. Because….

Nothing can be further from the truth.

To avoid being a flash in the pan and having your name eclipsed by others, you must master to not discriminate from different types of attentions. In the end any kind of attentions will work in your favour.

In Mata Hari example, she welcomed different types of attacks and found no need to defend her self. She delivered the attention in the form of mystery and story from the heart. The strangeness of her character attracted attention. Yet many years latter she was captured as a spy. Mata Hari was working for the Germany’s Nazi regime during ‘World War I’, and executed by firing squad in France. So much fame has found its final glory. An adventure in espionage – and glory.

For every action, there’s a reaction.

Society craves larger than life figures. Never be afraid of the quality that sets you apart and drives attention to you. It is better to be criticised or slammed now and then rather than be totally ignored, and all professions are ruled by this law and all professionals must have a bit of a show man or show girl in them. Remaining in the public eye must be a rule of attention of your own. A similar effect to the position of power.

Remember, use this tactics carefully and yet experimentally after you have the public attention. Once in the light, your attention will have to carefully adapt to the public eye otherwise an audience will grow tired and take you for granted and will move on to a newer star. The game requires constant vigilance and creativity. Never allow your self as the star in the back- round.

Better to create something ugly or disturbing that will let viewers unbalanced yet balanced to your superior creativity or mystery. ‘Ghosts, Robots, Mermaids, Demons, Aliens coming from the sky’ anything that fascinates the audience is a puzzle that captures the centre of their attention.

Here is something for you to experiment, do something that cannot be easily explained or interpreted. Chose a simple action but carry it out in such a way that – gently – unsettles your opponent. If you are an artist then creates a piece of music that its mystery cannot be explained. In my case I use a series of fictional characters as algorithms that feeds my creativity & experiments in a few centralised places. This places, renders Specialised Knowledge plus an Imagination of my own as the main ingredient. Wile this experiment lead my to something even greater, to learn more from my own creativity using technology and imagination from an idea in the long run by expressing even greater creativity in music with the power of autosuggestion story telling and writing. And then I took this even further, I had created 13 algorithms and even giving them an imaginable life of their own wile each algorithm will have a taste of own in music and – at times – telling stories, such as the power of Infinite Intelligence as its main fundamental communication method, helping me create emotions and stories on PLANETBJØRN. And I can tell you – the mind is so much bigger than we think.

I want you to think!!!

So make your intentions in music – obscured. Create a scene that cannot be read. Make it to be no method to your madness. No single explanation. No rime, no reason, no even one single explanation. If you do this right, you will inspire fear and trembling and your opponent will melt at one look from your eyes. In Hamlet plays this method use to be called ‘The Mystery’s And Madness Of Ones Play’ a tactic that Hamlet used with great effect in Shakespeare’s plays to frighten its status.

The mysterious makes your force to seem larger and your power more terrifying.

In the beginning or even a latter time of your career, you must constantly attract attention but as you go higher you must constantly adapt. Never wear the public eyes with the same tactics. An error of mystery works wonders for those who need it to develop an error of power to get them self noticed but must seems measured and under control.

Mata Hari went to far with her fabrications, and all of her accusations that she was a war spy was FALSE. But at that time, made her suspicious by declaring her self an incarnation into a robot.

‘Such is the power of intentions of a great Artist’. And, I want you to think very carefully this quote.

Don’t let your errors of mystery be slowly transformed into a history for errors. And if there will be one golden advice from this second write, this will be this one. The mystery you create must seem a game. Playful and friendly. Recognise when it goes to far then pull back.

There are times when the need for attention must be differed, and when scandals and such things – is the last thing – you want to create. The attention you attract must never offend or challenge the reputation of those around you or above you. Well, at least if they are secure for a challenge, because is perfectly fine to compete, but never compete in attention. You will seem desperate by your own mystery of character. You will be un-shined.

There is an art to knowing when to drawing notice and when to withdraw.


But for now I only wish you a pleasant attention.

To Your Success


P.S 01 from Isaac. I am an independent thinker, Confident in my own research and I drive no particularly pleasure from operating with or against the crowd, wile focusing on – an Audience of One. Creativity is reclaimed for my own sake.


P.S 02 from Isaac . If I Can Ever Help You At Any One Time With Anything To Everything, I Work With Artists And Corporate Individuals, Align Their Goals And Careers Around A Strategic Journey – To Power Success In Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness, By Deconstructing This 4 Pillars Of Good Life Towards The Individual’s Unique Goals. Guiding On a Daily, Weekly Or A Monthly Basis. Having Someone That You Can Talk With, – Asking and Receive The Right Tailored Advice That Could Implement a Shortcut To Accomplished GOALS OR ANY OF YOUR OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS. Whatever The Cause I Can Help You. I am Here For You As Your Advisor, To Help Improving Anything To Everything In Between.


And by the way!

 I am working on something even bigger, a very excited project.

I will be developing an online program, video course, for the Artist, Musician and DJ’s of all type, wile me, will help and guide you with the main principles that will separate your extraordinaries apart from the overage. This program will come in 2 parts. One is for the entry level Artist ‘’The Entry Level Accelerator’ and another program is for the advance artist ‘ The Advance Level Accelerator’. Because in a crowded world that can also come as a crowded industry, everybody does not have to be everybody. ‘You will only shine when the student has become the master of its niche, wile we are all students of what we do, but we do – want to become a NICHE – of what we do, without un-shinning everyone else around us, including us – at times. This video course will not teach you how to make music, I’ll leave that for you, as you already know how to make music, I guess, if not I will give you a tip on that as well on how music will be visualised in year 2045 to 2100 further, so you may pursue sharping skills on that too. Imagine that. Because every battle is won or lost before it’s ever fought, one of my mentors use to tell me, quite a wile ago.

My purpose is to seat you on the shoulders of giants with the mindset. Because everything is mindset and skill and if rewired in error you will always swim and sink in ‘the overage of seas’ wile hard times that will come ahead will have no seats for everyone. A time when industry’s will only be reserved for just a few that will met extraordinaries. A time reserved for only a modest number of superstars. In this 2 parts video course, you are going to met this tactical yet extraordinary skills for every type and level of artist, musician and dj, and I am confident I will Help You. I’m so excited to start filming and finalise the course just for you my dears. Just for you and no one else but you!!! It will happen very soon. Guaranteed in the next 4 to 6 months as of today 1st of September 2018. Just go to this address: isaacbjorn.com. In the near future I will be coming up with more online video courses for the Artist, such as ‘The Music Business Accelerator’ Because I believe Musicians, DJ’s, and Artists of all kind, are natural Entrepreneurs. My goal is to help you honing such Entrepreneurial skills with everything I got at the power of Specialised Knowledge.

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A Life Between The Beats And 50% More At Life.



Once upon a time there was a man who day dreams and likes to tell stories and likes to take walks by him self in the woods. After getting in to the mountains on a late night tale, he gets its body lay on a bed of leafs, close its eyes and finally gets to sleep then he wakes up 20 years latter, having missing out on life, his wife death and the revolution that just passed. He just missed out – on the birth of its own life.

But once upon a time there was another man and another woman in the form of a  – mighty selector –   who stayed awake for most of its – touring time, to day dream and participate in the modern era of its kind, called – the modern life as we know it -today’s life, conquering sleep to acquire their high virtues and standards wile others sleeps in their fabulous retreats around the globe in the form of a courtesy of 10-12 and more hours rituals.

When Napoleon and Alexander The Great was asked how much sleep is good, he said ‘6 for a man, 7 for a woman and 8 for a fool’. To this 2 – great names – sleep was just another enemy to be vanquish wile sleep it self has been made a slave and came and went out at the word of mind command.

Fatigues, in my opinion has been and will always be the fundamental limitations of our greatest minds. But if you could keep your mind active for longer periods of time with just a little less sleep, you will have a greater tactical advantage because you let that fear drive in you, and your talent against the outcome, and that’s how dreams can happen.

With so much opportunities out there in the – today’s world, I don’t know how people even sleep. Wile mostly of ‘today’s masses’ keep complain why dreams and memories are never and forever made.  Well because you sleep on it – my dear -, and hard work is just someone else’s privileges.

In the last years, I become so fully aware of my actions in the form of ‘everything I do, must touch magic and must pay it forward at the later time’ and I don’t care if the time from now and when is going to happen will be 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 25 years, 38 years. As long as this words, actions and everything in the form of value I could bring to you at any one time with anything to everything in between to help you, I will be great-full and nothing I expect In return. I am ‘Forever Worthy Of Trust And Confidence’.

It’s interesting how life can come but sometimes go, just as in the way your time on this very planet is limited to ‘a one way ticket of existence’ You been a dance partner for someone else’s existence, dreams and memories forever sealed. And I remember this guy sometime ago discovering his passion for just giving out in the form of value and very little expecting back. Give give give and never expect something back is the true form of success in whatever you do – in a word mainly driven by Narcissists and ‘I am cool and You are not’  You see, people like that always lose at life. And whatever the outcome my dear Sadowich – you just won at life. And by the way ‘you the reader’ if you are interested in wining at life in the form of giving a little and expect just a warm heart’ You may pursue by giving this man a chance with even a 1$ donation, who battle on his cancer, ‘ you may pursue by mastering this CLICK. please.


But a hand just tapped my left shoulders, I wake up and looked strangely scared, I was in a dream between a dream and only someone was my main and only dream.

Are you Mr. Bjørn? a soft voice kindly asked, elegantly wearing her scarf and inimitable perfume. She was the flight attendant to my Heathrow destination, departing Tokyo.

Yes, I responded back, wile someone made its way out from my dream.

‘You may pursue check in sir, the flight is departing shortly’ she said, and I immediately handled my passport, leaving a softly smile and a forever thank you.

But before departing, just 2 days ago, I passed the dommune studios just outside tokyo. I was staying in Shibuya zone and quite pleasant due to is very green and quiet part of Tokyo wile the rest is mainly busy and very loud.

Wile passing by ‘Dommune Studios’ I entered as visitor with my friend Yuna, and showed me around how things are done behind the cameras, how artists perform its work – live,  and in general what makes them different. In one word, I was only there as visitor to watch a performance – as visitor.

At a one giving moment, I passed by the booth where a few artists from the Underground Scene, in the past has been recorded live and streamed over the internet in the form of your – entertaining experience. This immediately given me an idea ‘I call this my flashes of genius moments’ to actually write an Article between two beats. But who was my other beat!

So I marked an ‘X’ on my yellow notepad then I marked multiple X’s around to exercise a story, but something just didn’t clicked. I knew for sure I need someone to flourish this Article because she has that controversy, that hunger for her existence in the form of many glories, her smile, her bombshell like looks and many more things that characterises her a true female power in the Underground Scene.

But I need it another power ‘X’, in the form of ‘female power’ for the same industry. So I patiently stoped, sharpen my pen, tear the page out and I made a very ‘BIG X’ on the very top of the page, naming it ‘Female Power’ as you know it in the form a mighty Artist Superstar.

Then I crossed a long line to the very bottom of the page and marked another ‘X’ naming it ‘A’, wile in different parts of the page I written in capitals ‘Ambition, Talent, Persevere, Female power, Controversy, Material Produced and Released, Skill, and the final word was ‘Masses’ representing the likability from the masses.

Every single world written around the page between A and B, I deconstructed it – in hundreds of other words representing their skill, talent, production and so on, then I eliminate the hundreds and I focused on tens of words through deconstruction of their careers using intelligence from my sources.

And so I sharpen my pen again, tear the page down – but a woman taps my shoulder. ‘Isaac, the live show is starting’  Well, now you can finally take a seat. That Would Be You!!!, Not Me.


I remember once and a wile ago, probably about two years ago or more, Anastasia was invited to make her debut in Sub Club, Glasgow. I really wanted to see this girl but I also wanted to give her something that she may remember me. And so I give her a Milk and Honey Book and a Vinyl in the for of Heart, with a very controversial song. Not to be confused ‘this was just a gift of friendship and nothing else’

She made her entrance with a high arousal techno track, maybe a bit to high intensity for that time (12.30AM), but Sub Club is known for a hunger of hard techno bangers. I was impressed by her flexibility and calming mood of not just matching beats but by slowly making the sounds ‘good bye’ and let her main record conquer her style.

She was gentle with a soft smile, not to her – not to them, just a perfect balance that I called it ‘the recipe for the successful artist in the form of Underground Scene. And I can tell you, I know for sure more than than a thing or two about this recipe. I been a silent and forever observer from the early 1999 on Artist’s habits and their journeys.

I took my self a water and carefully watched her 2 hours set from one side of the bar, probably I was the most silent observer they ever had in that night, but literally not moving but just watching her moves and moving. My main thing was to find flaws in her set – and not just a dj set, but the actual expression of an artist.

They say a DJ attitude at life, skill and habits can be observe by the moves in its DJ booth at that very one time.  Who said that? My self.

It was about 2.15AM and Anastasia slowly took a left in a slight more – sleepy and deep hypnotic sound. It reminds me of a friend of mine in the form of ‘let’s say Prince of Denmark at this time’ still a very good turn, she carefully observed her watch and decided now it’s time to put everyone on a different path – to keep them watch. She migrated tremendously, leaving no footprint of high arousal.

I looked to her closely from a different angle and she looked back. It was probably 5 meters, but she feels.

Before her set started, she carefully inspected the book I given her. I remember she took a seat on the floor – under the dj booth, and carefully with her phone flash made enough light to read a few pages – from a Milk and Honey Book. That just made me thing this is a true girl and yet an underground soul –  she cares and she flows, God – please bless her soul.

Eastern europeans for me had an always and forever place in my heart. They are true and raw at times and in this case, Anastasia reflects that memory in a different view. I mostly see it ‘rose through – blonde coloured glasses’ A way of being her. A true original girl and well deserved career.

But you see, things comes with consequences – At Times.

When your 1% real, they will hate you for what you truly are and when you are 100% real they will hate you even more – for what they are not. Who’s they? The distorted ones.

Being a DJ is pretty much..let’s say – playing others people music isn’t it and is nothing wrong with that, but what if you push that further and swim with the talent and skill that you currently hold wile the faith is in your mind – and deconstruct sounds that has never been heard before, being interested in your abilities on how much you can push DJ’ing as a 2.0 skill and finally allowing you to experiment much more than a regular 1.0 DJ skill and others acts or shows, can you experiment that?

If the answer is YES – now you just won at least 50% more – at life and you make things happen with the tremendous skill you hold wile the faith is with you at all times – a desire in your mind to surpass your own kind. One of a kind.

If the answer is NO, congratulations, you are still the underground selector by surviving the thriving.


 But For Now, To Your Success!



Just let me know how I can help you.

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PART 2. An Objective Story Into An Artist Journey Yet A Mostly Human Story


This is a PART 2 Article and a fallow up to my PART 1, and If you haven’t read it yet you may sneak a peek by mastering this CLICK ..after



You see, all this online talks, forums, social media, tv, word of mouth and websites that may think or at least they think – that are representing the music industry, are only a traditional media outlet to poison your brain with their bad news or good news at times – dopamine hits in the form of 25 cognitive biases. I call this ‘The Lollapalooza Effect’. A numerous cause of human misjudgment.

What is Lollapalooza effect in psychology? Well, I can keep it short and congruent to the point, wile I do want to get it in your head now and not another time.

It’s a phenomenon where multiple human biases, acting in a concerted manner, produce a large and extreme outcome and let’s example Coca-Cola’s dominance of the soft drinks market around the world as an example of the Lollapalooza effect.

Coke’s easy availability at most stores, strong brand value of happiness, social influence, and other favourable biases towards the drink have created a huge market for it. All of these biases combine to create a compounded effect that creates a competitive advantage for Coke.

We humans have many inherent biases and tendencies that can sway our behaviour one way or another. When several of them act in concert to drive us toward a particular action, you have a Lollapalooza effect. The Lollapalooza effect can create large-scale drivers of human behaviour – and often error.

An example of this error – was the Trump protest all over the UK country in the form of subjective thinking in masses, resulting distorted decisions and automated thoughts behaviour. A dopamine – like hit in the brain in the form of 25 cognitive biases, forming a full blast Lollapalooza Effect. And that’s congruent to the point explication of the Lollapalooza Effect. Do not be one of those. And you just won at life, because brilliant things happens in calm minds. Be calm. You are brilliant. Now you just took your self a little less seriously and your ready to talk in a very worthy way.

And I am not criticising that because It takes courage, openness and honesty to observe the mind without judgement, criticism or censorship, but still, sometimes to bring down the towers of pressure in your life’s, you have to raise the banners of freedom and that will be your time to be aroused to keep believing, to keep building, to keep raising your voice, and to keep asking big questions. So ask big questions and be aroused but take your self a little less seriously, and you will be ready to talk in a very worthy way.

You see, everybody wants to be aroused but not everybody gets a bit more brilliant and calm. So be a bit more calm.


Have you ever wondered why the EDM Music Industry, The Commercial Music Industry, The News from the Commercial Music Industry, The Masses of billions of humans that listens the Commercial Music as you know it EDM Industry…is more bigger and bigger and huge like a balloon that keeps swallows and never pops? And you the Underground Selector that was loyal for decades, by surviving the thriving but still ….and yet you take a peek and wonder…why so big? speaking of them and definitely not you.

Well, it’s because the Commercial Industry are doing everything with the Lollapalooza Effect in a very worthy way that triggers the masses biases, and that’s how you are instantly liked, absorbed, digested and remembered in masses minds. Remember the Coca Cola Story – from above.

But you see, everybody wants to be liked, but not everybody gets in masses minds. So why not take a peak and wonder..can I be that big?

This question is very easily absorbed if you the Underground Selector can have the tendency to switch with trends in minds, you just won at life.

Being a DJ is pretty much..let’s say – playing others people music isn’t it and is nothing wrong with that, but what if you push that further and swim with the technology in mind and deconstruct sounds that has never been heard before, being interested in your abilities on how much you can push DJ’ing as a 2.0 skill and finally allowing you to experiment much more than a regular 1.0 DJ skill and others acts or shows, can you experiment that?

If the answer is YES – now you just won at least 50% at life and you make things happen with ‘The Lollapalooza Effect’ in masses minds. If the answer is NO, congratulations, you are still the underground selector by surviving the thriving.

But you see, everybody wants 50% in life, but not everybody make things happen around its mind.


Now Lets Met With Something I Predict Will Happen, And Talk About The 3.0 Skill, 3.0 Sound As You Know It As Music And The 3.0 Time That Will Met Your Mighty And Digital Time.

For so many years I’ve been a carefully and silent observer of technology, many industries around the world and obviously ‘the time’. If you can master to observe the time – in time, many things will become understandable to you – in time, because history always repeats –  in time. Just like the record you played last night or the book you read last week – in time will be repeated and remixed and re-edited and re-manufactured and re-written – in time but – in time your time will end just like other people’s – time. In time. My dear – Your Time is limited.

Being an Advisor to selected Artists and Corporate Individuals, and knowing more than a thing or two about what I do, I objectively measured selected artists and industries, writers, score engineers, genres and in general ‘The Music As A Whole’. I called this the ‘POST-TRUTH ERA’. A non-negotiable facts or truths that will soon be about to happen, a miserable or futile time for most humans, a time when Strong AI – Superintelligence finally puts its print – in time. Your time, my time, everyone’s time. I call this ‘The Unemployable Time’.

For so many years has been so many great selectors in the music industry – let’s example in this case ‘The Underground Music Industry’ and we shall move on latter to the other industries, but it is impossible to chose and pick just one Artist, Musician, DJ in the form of talent, character, skill, habits – good or bad, reputation and much more.

Yet those ones who keep swim to places in the form of sounds that has never been heard before and keep swim around them to build a most human story that could trigger the masses journey, are the highest gem in their glory and everything around them is just oxygen in the form of – just a little gem but definitely not – a glory.

Underground Music will always be sealed and – forever exist but its existence will evolve in a very carefully ‘molded sound’ – an artificial brain that – In Time – will finally get conscience in the form of a cognitive awareness process that will send personalised emotions to an individual with the help of technology.

According to my prediction by 2045, Giant Tech Corporations will develop experiments in technology machines at human level Artificial Intelligence or Super AI, far beyond human level with abilities to accomplish any cognitive task. And let’s example In this case ‘learning a full language at mother tongue level in 6 minutes or writing the next JK Rowling Fantastic Beasts Series – Script for the next 10 years in under 3 minutes or composing the next album of Artist A or B in under 1 minute and 25 seconds’ – In one word ‘Machines With Goals’.

Wile many says, its decades away, Superintelligence is just years away, already happens in the form of automation, chat-boots, machine learning software, smartphone assistants as you know it in the form of ‘Hey Siri or Microsoft Cortana or Ok Google’ Wile this are just starting principles to a Digital Era, the time from now and when is fully going to happen is just a main concern for the overage and unskilled human that still dreams on memories to be forever made, just like you who – happens to stand on the shoulders of giants. In this very moment. Right Now.

When misaligned intelligence will be the main concern, it needs nobody, but only an internet connection. And now – let’s see it as favourable in music industry, when intelligence machines in the form of consciousness  in computers turning competent with goals what the Giant Tech Corporations will do?

According to my prediction, its good to start researching your thoughts my dear – and your current career as well your future career – now – rather than the night before some programers decide to switch on human – level AGI (General Super intelligence Consciousness) in the Giant Tech Industries and then eventually – you – The Human Artist will become unemployable in your industry by a machine who can deliver personalised emotions to an individual on the dance floor. A disaster for your glory that was always sealed in others dreams and memories – yet NOT- forever made. I am sorry…

My second prediction is – eventually the music as a whole, by Year 2100 will become fully and a totally Singularitarian – a conscious brain, surpassing any emotions in humans – delivering any fantasy’s you may ever dream in the form of super ecstasy blasts, mind orgasms at your choice or personalised emotions as a whole in festival crowds- wile you the human Artist, DJ, Musician, Scoring Engineer or Writer – will become 100% unemployable by the industry, but with good news.

By Year 2100, the human brain and its consciousness will be totally digitised and uploaded in the form of a personalised – Singularitarian machine, merging human experience with consciousness in software, and that’s – your time, when you the Artist will be long dead but you will live in the form of a Digital Individual, entertaining dance floors in this case – and others minds because Giant Tech Corporations will approach you long before your dead – and offer you something you cant – obviously resist. An Infinite Life. But you have to keep entertain others minds.

This may be a call for your awareness wile I predict this by Year 2045 with a full blast by Year 2100. Your only chance as an Artist or whatever profession you are – to stand out in the age of Super Human AGI (Superintelligence far beyond human level) or shall I call it ‘The Unemployable Time’ is to master General Intelligence which is the ability to accomplish any human goal, including learning.  This is 10% of Strong AI for a human with at least 150 IQ. Now imagine your current brain using it at your 10% then imagine your current brain using it at 100%. If you can do that, then congratulation, you just mastered General Intelligence. And by the way – the myth with humans using 10% of the brain at all times is nonsense. We mostly use under 10% when sleeping for breathing and other unconscious things happen inside your mind, wile when fully awake in cognitive tasks we surpass at least 40% to 50%.


Now Here’s A Message For Those Of You Who Have Hope – In The Hope Of Coming Across In The Industry At This Very Time Of Early Digital Age or You Are Already In The Industry. Because In Time. You The Dreamer, The Unknown or The Known, You Shall Succeed And Put In Everything What You Got To Still Catch This Train till 2045. A Year When All Dreams And Memories Will Be Probably Stoped. But Not Impossible Because Intelligence Enables Control Turning Competent With Goals, Just Like We Control Tigers By Being Smarter. 


Now, Let’s Master General Intelligence, And Then Exploring Goals, Meaning And What Actions To Take To Create The Future You Want, Shall We?


First and first, many things will change as you may seen my prediction very much above in this Article, and It will happen because technology and trends swims with it. And so you must swim with it to float in an ocean of skilled people just like you. But the good news is that there is hope for you in this industry and what you currently hold in the form of skill, It must be your truly and forever niche. Because the secret to stand on the shoulders of giants in a time when things will be tremendously difficult for everyone – is to be a NICHE specific of what you do or who you are and everyone else who knows you will specifically KNOW YOU as the only Individual to go for. You will become the expert in your NICHE.

You must be known for something that others don’t know or can’t do what you do or others sees it impossible to do. The way you look, the way speak, the way you move, the way you play your records, the way you produce your music, the way you write your words in your book, the way you smile, the way you make people like you, the way you innovate, the way you live your life and many more ways of what you do. You must truly master that as a NICHE only and be seen as ONE NICHE for that specific role, then you stay with it and you carry it with you in your journey to the shoulders of giants until the end of your time. Because is only one like you and never will be one like you.

You are in a world of ‘Everybody doesn’t win’ because everyone wants to be everyone else thru a copy of another copy – to be that copy of that copy –  of a copy – and the sooner you wake up to that, that biology is ruthless, then you get a little fear in you because you finally realised – YOU ARE A COPY- and you didn’t win.

And then you start listening, because if you truly afraid, you listen. And that’s when wanting to be someone else’s copy – fades away. So let a little fear drive into you and let it motivate you to be that specialised NICHE of what you do. The truly you. The truly Artist from you.

And now let me take this one more level up, and I hope this words will drive through you veins, screaming for an insatiable hunger of success.


WE ‘The Human’ who are in this race for success, first and first –  we are set up for failure from the very first day on this planet because we think we going north but we actually going south. That’s why 50% of people that get married, they get divorced. 80% of Businesses this days fails, that’s why 30% of human population on this very planet – are in some form of mental depression, anxiety medication, that’s why 60% to 70% of people this days are overweight. And that’s why – in a way we are kinda f*ked.

I use to wake up in the middle of the night and just – CRY. Why? because I had nothing and nothing was my only choice to become something at god’s choice. And then I took a pen and I took a paper and I start writing, anything to everything in between and things started to sunrise but I still had nothing. And then I went buying a computer and a piece of software and compose sounds and opinions of my own- that was a few years ago, but I still had nothing and then I went making friends and I really had nothing because I hangout with the wrong people or at least I invited the wrong person in my life – not being educated to observe the insanities in others and then I had a very much..NOTHING.

You see, everybody wants something but everybody gets nothing.


We live in a society that’s very Narcissistic. You are told like – kinda ‘Everybody is a Winer’ well I got news for you ‘Not Everybody Is a Winner’. So I have a mission for you, look your self in a mirror and say ‘You Know Why I am Not Happy, it’s Because I Didn’t  Listen 10 Years Ago And I Got In The Wrong Career, or I Got In The Wrong Habit or I Got In The Wrong Mental Frame, or I Married The Wrong Woman or The Wrong Man’.

And it wasn’t made to happen but you see – it happen for a reason, yet you made a bad choice and it didn’t have to be that way. But the second you build that pain from all those memories and fears, you let that fear drive into you and let it motivate you.

Some time ago earlier this year in march 2018, I had a little chat outside of Harvard University in America after carefully listening a lecture with someone that I highly admire and also one of my mentors, Professor Steven Pinker, a world renowned Psychologist in Cognitive Neuroscience and winer of many international awards for his work in Neuroscience.

I asked him a simple and yet objective question, or maybe two questions. One of it was the response from Elon Musk if humanity is indeed – in deep troubles in the future of Superartificial Intelligence or as you know it ‘Conscience In Machines In The Form Of Computers’ and that made me to write this article in a one go siting of 2 brainstorming hours yet in many details at your convenience hopefully –  but with a focus on Artists and the Music scene, and the second question I asked Professor Steven – was ‘If I Am Truly Wasting My Time Doing This Self Help Articles, Podcasts Talks, Videos And Advice To My Niche – The Artist, The DJ, The Electronic Music Scene and Corporate Individuals’

Professor Steven looked to me so relaxed like I asked him ‘What Was The Wether Like Yesterday’ Instead he told me ‘Yeah, Kinda, You Do Waste Your Time’. Then I asked him ‘Why’

He said ‘Well, After The Age Of 25, The Human Brain Is Fully Rewired In The Form Of – What You Are – Who You Are – What You Will Be -And What You Become – You Finalised Yourself Already By Becoming The Master Of Your Choice. You – The Human, Become A Fully Rewired Master of Your Choice, And Is Very Hard To Teach Old Dogs And Tricks If You Rewired Your Self In Error’ and I was just astonished by that answer, yet I was still confused and my conversation with Professor Steven just sparked a tremendous fire.

Now, If you are after the age of 25 and I am sure you are, I had good news for you. Adults learn through massive trauma. So you will learn but you have to let in some trauma in your life in the form of accepting failure and listening your truly self wile the fear drives into you and then let it motivate you and that’s rough but – No Pain No Gain!!! In Time- You the human will become The New Human Rewired by mastering a new choice. You will become the version of you mastered choice. Only – In Time.

In the first year will be hell, but that pain hopefully will re-program your brain. And just in case you are 100 pounds overweight, just say to your self before you eat that nasty thing ‘Wait, I Don’t Want To Go Through That Pain Again’

So I think one of the misses in today’s society is that we wont let pain in, we just excuse it all the way by saying ‘No, That Was Just The Way To Happen’ but where is the people saying to you ‘You F*ked Up Dude, You Wasted 10 Years And You Will Never Get It Back’ You better go on the room and F*KING CRY. Now

And the truth is, you only learn as an adult through massive trauma.

If you look back in science, the secret to success is NOT actually hard work, otherwise construction workers will be the wealthiest on the planet. Bus drivers, waiters, chefs and many other labours, they do work more harder than the OWNER isn’t it. So is HARD WORK the secret to success? The answer is NO.

The secret to success in everything you do –  to be a – SUCCESS as you The Human in time will become a SUCCESS is *Conscientiousness*. Which is divided in 4 main sub categories: Organisation, Perfectionism, Diligence and Prudence. So the real truth is that ‘Hard Work’ is only 25% of the formula because Diligence is known in the common world as ‘Hard Work’ . And there you go, you are left off the road with 75% to go. Is it HARD WORK the only and forever truth to Success? The answer is still NO.

You – The Human – In Time – will have a long way to walk if the secret to your defined success is only and just HARD WORK.

So if you think ‘Diligence’ alone or as we know it as ‘Hard Work’ will get you success, you will be like a basketball player who can free-throw and he shod play in NBA but basketball in general it ain’t all about free throws. It’s about scoring, defense, free-throwing, rebound and so on, there is a lot of components. You get me?

So the other three components you have to get good at it.

The second is ‘Perfectionism’ . You have to know how to double check on your work. Is that simple. When is important your work must be a perfection. And now let me example you something that reflects perfectionism.

When a pilot of an airplane starts the engines, before it moves the plane is double checking everything like ‘Hydraulics Checked, Oxygen Checked, Fuel Checked and so on. And that’s why planes don’t crash. It’s called ‘The Six Sigma Rule’ and is 1 to 3 defects per million in an airplane which will result in no more than 3-4 defects parts per 1 million take offs. Still, airplanes are the safest way of transport at this age and time.

So next time when you check in you bags, settled your passport safe and seat belt’ed your self, think about ‘The Six Sigma Rule’ and Isaac’s words and marked them as your goal in business and in life on the important things – is to make no more than 3 to 4 mistakes per million transactions in your daily and journey called ‘life’, because In Time- You – The Human will have to master The Six Sigma Rule to become a success, and the only way doing that is by being a perfectionist in terms of double checking anything to everything you do , and thats your other 25% and now we are at 50%.

Is still hard work only the secret of success? The answer is still NO. Now let’s ad another 25% on something called ‘Organisation’

I can’t tell you how much better my life is and anybody else would be if you wake up every single day and you take 10 minutes only with a pen and a yellow notepad and be organised. It can be anything, any idea that’s on your mind that can reflect an album, writing book, a script, an new start up business, a new script or a compilation mixed – in no time.

I minded this article in my 10 minute shower then I took a pen and a paper and put down few principles then I deconstructed them in hundreds of more principles just by using Organisation as a prologue. I have yellow notepads all over my house and I keep one always with me. And by the way I got this idea from Bill Gates last year when I attended at one of his TED X TALK lecture in America. I fly all over from London To New York for 35 minutes of its talk- and I came back home the next day with this golden nugget but before to leave the lecture room I asked him a simple question ‘Sir, What Is Something In Your Life That You Cant Live Without’, he said ‘Well, A Pen And A Yellow Notepad. And for those who don’t know, Bill Gates built Microsoft with a pen and a notepad, by taking notes from his ideas – on a daily basis then he built from there with a small team of engineers.

So, ‘Organisation’ is the other 25%. And now we are at 75%.

Now let’s go 25% more to form the full blast of 100% called ‘Prudence’ and this is the kicking one as is classically considered to be a virtue of one self and wise in practical affairs, as by providing for the future of one self or others. 

Prudence is the ability to make the right decisions at any one time combining full Conscientiousness (Organisation, Perfectionism, Diligence and Prudence). And I can’t tell you how many Entrepreneurs and Non-Entrepreneurs, even me at times as I am not special, I just learned my ways in the form of massive trauma, and I am lumping all of it in this – but because our upbringing society, our goal is – let’s say in this example a goal is to make it to true north to a destination, and now I keep this compass in my hand and I look at it and I know for sure my destination is 1 mile away after all my calculations and tactics and for sure I trust my self and I know that true north is right ahead 1 mile away and that’s my final destination called ‘a goal’.

But what happens if society in the form of upbringing school or some distorted advice in the form of a certified balloonatic, tells you at least 10 times that you shod feel exactly the way he or she feels – and you the human shod agree rather be euphoric just because he or she is miserable to think that – you – the human shod be the same and wires – my – compass exactly backwards to full south and I trust her or him – just when I was nearly 1 mile ahead to my true north destination. My true goal.

Now I get to walk backwards 24.000 miles around the earth and I come up on the back side – and now I finally got my goal. And that’s how most Entrepreneurs, Non-Entrepreneurs and overage persons do. And the moral of this very story is, life is short but the road to success is long isn’t it.

The art of living and getting into your objective called ‘a goal’ is long, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s only long if your compass if BACKWARDS. The only way to get to your goal ‘in this case I use the example of the true north’ is by learning from books, mentors, life experiences in the form of trauma or success from successful people, listening and finding in-person mentors – all this things helps adjusting your life compass. And I can tell you now most people aren’t going to get what they want in life, because they don’t admit they are lost. When you truly admit it, it gets you on track a lot faster. And that’s the story of a life compass.

So take a seat down and admit it that you are lost, because the day – you admit – you are lost, You – The Human – In Time – you will allow your self to be found by people who can give you a tip and adjust your life compass.


I hope you enjoy this talk and many journeys in my subjects, and I also hope you will take action in your journey to the shoulders of giants. And If you are already there – at least admit it, it’s nothing wrong to be lost, because is happening to the best of us doesn’t matter you are an important artist, musician, entrepreneur, writer, scoring engineer, overage person in the form of bus driver, chef, gardener, pot washer or whatever you are.

In Time – you will allow your self to be found by people who can give you a tip and adjust your life compass so that the road to success is not that long but a lot faster.

If you need any help or if I can bring any value into your life or career in the form of advice or guidance, there is a phone number on the very bottom of this Article.


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But For Now, To Your Success!




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PART 1. A Mostly Listening Story For An Artist Glory


In life you are measured by your contribution, how you inspire, how you illuminate others individuals paths in the world, thats what life is all about.




Have you ever heard of Impostor Syndrome? I heard. But if you didn’t, I made an article some time ago and you can sneak a peack on this CLICK

What does It have to do with this? Well, some-time ago I suffered as well from this syndrome and you know what? I’ve realised that we are all the beginning of a glory before a story starting to flourish…let’s say in one story. Your story.

I will keep this article sweet and controversial just the way I like it, to sugar your taste and hopefully I could finally change your interesting taste. And that’s because I love a good story to tell, especially when the future looks very favourable to female power, and that’s because for so many years in such Industries like “music, film, engineering, leadership, fashion” things were – very favourable to mens and sometimes to women, lets say.  Why? I don’t know, unfortunately I am just a story teller but I think I know a thing or two about some specific industries and an insatiable hunger for achieving success in the 4 pillars of good life ‘Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness”. Your Success, I leave mine aside for now.

All I could say, things are going to change tremendously in the player role, equal to the task in any industry and we all going to be treated each other as equals, wile the time from now and when Is going to happen is just the Equality happened by itself.

There’s never been a better time in history to be a woman. You live in the most great-full time in history to be a woman, do remember that. And I encourage you to be what you truly are and conquer your desire to stand on the shoulders of giants if you wish to be a DJ then be one, if you wish to be an Artist or Music Composer just be one or if you wish to be a Writer or an Engineer, just be one. The industry needs your talent and skill. Do not fail on the Impostor Syndrome, since I mention it above.

But for now, I am your Forever Worthy Friend Of Trust And Confidence.


I want to focus on a few – female names from a very specific industry, called the ‘underground music industry’. This names has been flourishing their kind just like an inimitable perfume flourishing its glorious and sweet fume. Someones dreams and memories were finally made.

And I will use this as example to defragment an equation of my own judgement and prediction of a few artists then hopefully someone else’s dreams will be finally made.

Everyone will hate you when you’r 1% fake, I can tell you now. But they will hate you even more when you’r 100% real. I don’t want to discourage you but be prepared for this artist journey and remember that 1 hundred % of the universe is on your side when your real! The rest is just the most human story that you will tell in your long term journey and it will win it’s glory.

Now just try pausing for one complete breath. You are ready to talk and listen in a very worthy way. Take your self a little less seriously today, and let the mostly listening story to find an artist glory. Your glory.

There is not such thing an Impostor Syndrome you suffer. You got this. One sound idea Is all you need to achieve success in what you desire. What is success? Your definition of self purpose in the form of your next album written, the next score, the next script, the next book published, the next international artist that you become, the next level of well-being in health, wealth, love and happiness . Yet failure Sometimes Puts You On The Path Of Success.

And Ive seen failure from its highest top dropping on dreams and memories that were finally sealed and forever made such as a dear and forever loved called ‘kate spade’ and many others that I was lucky and yet to be alive to meet them. And Ive also seen failure rising from the ashes of poverty then truly transformed into a form of positivity desire and happiness in someone’s world rather than negativity outside its world.

You see, everybody wants but not everybody gets …the good life in the form of the 4 pillars of success, ‘Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness. You may find your wealth but you may struggle to your health, yet all the best memories were made when someone almost human lived this and that’s why we believe in LOVE.

But you know what? I use to be told that happiness you may only pursue, or you may never have it. And there you go, everybody wants but not everybody gets…a bit more happiness and love.

We live in a world when everybody is like ‘I’m cool and your not’, but let me tell you what’s cool, it’s self awareness and that’s your conscious knowledge of one’s own character and feelings yet one tweet defines your expression into someones mind, wile his or her mind completes a definition of your actions… in no time, but you see, people still have plenty of time to protest all over the country in the form of subjective thinking in masses, resulting distorted decisions and automated thoughts behaviour. Do not be one of those. And you just won at life.

Everyone will hate you when you’r 1% fake, as I said above, I can tell you now. But they will hate you even more when you’r 100% real. I don’t want to discourage you, my dear love, I am your forever worthy of trust and confidence friend, but be prepared for your journey on the shoulders of giants and see it as no traffic jams on the extra mile.

And you see…everybody wants but not everybody gets ..the extra mile.

Some time ago, Anastasia Topolskaia (DJ NASTIA) an Ukranian artist, message me ‘why do you always write this articles in the favour of artists’ I did not respond her at that time but I can maybe respond you now my dear love. Is because I am one of them as well (An Artist), but maybe I don’t spin records like you magically do, but I can surely know a thing or two on how to advise people like you.

I am an Advisor to quite a few names in the music industry and Corporate Individuals in few other industries. I help them in making the right decisions in health, wealth, love and happiness by putting their dreams into actions. I make sure they stick to a routine to conquer a goal in the form of finding the right romance in its life, finding a clear process to financial freedom, finding its health from surviving the thriving and finally, finding its happiness to build that self-esteem and self-awareness in a journey with me.

All of this, I make sure is put into practical use and I am their advisor on each pillar defragmented to hundreds of fragments. I will answer to each questions they may have at no matter what time of day and night, I will give them the correct and tactical advice in every form of convenience that makes life more pleasant, for them .

But you see, everybody wants but not everybody gets…and advisor to their convenience.

Some time ago, Nina Kraviz (A Russian Artist) message me in the form of a …hard cookie lets say. But I truly believe in this girl from the heart and this are honest words. I think she has a chance to enter history as the female power representing the underground music scene. And she will be remembered for centuries for her way of being, a true underground queen from surviving the thriving.

But you see, everybody wants but not everybody gets…the surviving of thriving.

The only difference between you ‘the artist’ ‘unknown or known’ that has been playing records, releasing records is that you did not yet mastered surviving the thriving and telling the most human story to win the hearts of your well deserved glory.

What has in common artists like Nina Kraviz, Anastasia Topolskaia, Ema Jolly (as kown EMIKA), Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Nils Frahm, Giegling Label, Sven Vath, Icelandic Bjork and to name a few others from different industries wile I keep it shortly and relevant, or Writers like JK Rowlin, or scoring engineers like Cristobal Tapia de Veer, Hans Zimmer, all of this names are story tellers in whatever they do, and they will never stop swimming in their journeys to the shoulders of giants.

If you can tell the most human story you will win your glory. So tell a story in everything you do to win the hearts of your fans, thats the secret to acquire status in your career .

But you see, everybody wants but not everybody gets…You May Only Pursue Or You May Never Have It….

… now go and tell a story so others can see and experience things they will never see and hear, don’t let those moments to be lost in time like tears in the rain.


This has been a PART 1 Article and if you want to discover whats going to happen in the near future of the Artist and its kind, you may sneak a peek by mastering this CLICK

But for now…




Just let me know how I can help you.

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Once upon a time, on a late night tale, a book fallen down from a shelf to tell its story. An unknown person called  ‘A’ takes a seat, close its door, jumps in its bed where all dreams and memories were made and dives inside a story written in the early 19th Century called “ The Parable of Horse sh*t.”

In New York in the mid 1800’s to early 1900s, one hundred thousand horses produced 2.5 million pounds of horse sh*t per day. Horses were the primary mechanism for transportation and industry, but the smell and the public health implications of being surrounded by horse sh*t were untenable.

New Yorkers were terrified. They demanded change. A Parable was about to be made.

Elections were won and lost on the issue, the greatest minds of the time were focused on figuring out a solution. Yet the wisest minds of our current times did figure out a solution for …a horse sh*t problem? Let’s keep reading.

Then, in 1908, Ford rolled the Model T off the assembly line and horse sh*t was literally no longer a problem. Horse sh*t went from being a Level-5 hurricane to a footnote of history.

The moral of the story is that ‘’Horse sh*t problems” are the kind of problems that must be paid attention in the normal course of your journey, to the shoulders of giants, my dear ‘Self Made Artist’ .


Unfortunately someone talented and still unknown – lived this, and I lived this as well – wile I mostly live it ”at most times” and I am fine with it, but I learned one single lesson. ” No One Cares About You And That’s The Most Liberating Thing There Is.


What Did You Learn So Far From This Lesson? Well….

You may aim at nothing, and you will hit it every time, I can tell you. Attitude, not aptitude, determines altitude. Among the things you can give and still keep are your word, give something back or pay it forward If you have something that may put a smile on someone’s face, It feel good, I can tell you now, and not the last – a grateful heart. There are no traffic jams on the extra mile. Be grateful. Believe in it. Give It a Try.


Now let’s begin with an idea and then become something else, shall we?

The most it’s going to win, it’s the most human story. I can tell you now and you will thank me latter. You all, my dear artist, dj, and musician who stand on the shoulders of giants with your careers, have a vital role to play in getting someone unknown yet talented from out there – under your arm, It doesn’t make you any harm.


You can chose to be Artist ‘B’ who puts a smile on the unknown and talented artist ‘A’ from out there – in the digital space since we all become a digital face, a mostly human, yet an unknown little one or old one, millennial or centennial sits in its bed where all dreams and memories were made – And  you could have the inspiration to begin with an individual, but I learned that it does not reach its full fruition without collaborative development.


My aim is to formulate a philosophy of success by drawing on the thoughts and experience from self made musicians, dj’s, artists – just like you, record label bosses, festival organisers and anything to everything else in between from the music industry, to find a success formula that could be used by the overage artist, dj, musician, who dreams to a career in the music industry from their bedroom, just like you dreamed from your bedroom.

Becoming the best version of your self when you truly self made your self, is an experience and more like growth, happiness and fulfilment, yet many journeys of ‘unknowns’ to their dreams and memories are only for someone else hiring them to build their fulfilment – and that will be always made. An Incentivising Entrepreneurship, doesn’t have to get its fade.

”Once upon a time there was – never a late night tale”. Wake up


It takes time and persistence to become successful in such a competitive industry and if you’ve put in the work then – It will work, just like you worked your long hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades ..and 1 hundred % of the universe was on your side!!! You believed in your abilities to figure things out.


It’s time to believe in others abilities and you can have a choice to give something back, or at lest pay it forward – and don’t be shy to share a piece of you, It feel good when that advice just helped a youngster to take a shortcut on his or her little journey ”called career” standing on the shoulders of giants.

There’s room for everyone in the industry if the Individual is worthy of such a deal for the industry.


So the final question is:  What would be your philosophy of success to help and educate the overage – yet still unknown and talented artist, dj or musician who dreams a career from its bedroom where all dreams and memories were never made?


You can do all things in life thru Faith. It will strengthen you. A thankful attitude and giving something back releases so much joy in your life. I can promise you. Wherever you go and do what you do, give thanks to your grateful self or shall I say ”Be Great but Be Grateful, and everything is going to be all right. Because you are thankful for what you built and have and nothing is by accident.

Now Go And Make Someone’s Day!!!




Here’s my ask!

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Whatever The Cause I Can Help You Have That Right To Feel Good About Who You Are With One-On-One Sessions Tailored For You, Bit by Bit, I am Here For You To Help Improving What I call ‘The 4 Pillars Of Good Life’ Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness.

Please Get in touch If I Can Help You With Anything To Everything In Between.

But for now, To Your Success!


A Letter To The Competitive.



You are in competition with thousands of musicians, dj’s and artists to get the music career opportunities you want. Isn’t it?

One of your biggest challenges in the music industry is overcoming all the massive competition you face in order to make it.

I have good news for you: Both statements are…FALSE!

Truth is, you have very little competition in the music industry. Record company executives desperately seek musicians to offer lucrative record contracts to… but they struggle to find people who are worthy of such a deal. Yes, you read correctly my Dear Artist!!!

This is very GOOD news for you…obviously. It means that becoming successful in the music business is not nearly as hard as you might believe right now and you don’t need to worry about other musicians in the music industry.

Artists who always make it in the music business do not care about their competition. They focus on becoming the right type of person that record companies are attracted to. This makes it very easy to get music career opportunities that other musicians, artists and dj’s only dream about.

But First, do you have the personality and mindset that record companies look for? If you are not sure then you came at the right place. Just let me know how I can help you!!! Are You A Young Millennial? Are You An Old Millennial or Mid-Age Man Or Woman? Do You Struggle In Finding The Right Path In Your Career? Imagine Having Someone That Can Guide You On a Daily, Weekly Or a Monthly Basis, Towards Your Unique Goals. Imagine Having Someone That You Can Ask and Receive The Right Tailored Advice That Could Implement a Shortcut To Your Accomplished Success and Surviving The Thriving. Whatever The Cause I Can Help You. But for now let’s coming back in this Article.

Why Being Afraid Of Your “Competition” Sabotages Your Music Career?

Overcoming your music industry competition is very, very easy to do. The first step is to let go of your fear. This becomes easy when you learn who your perceived “competitors” really are. But first let me tell you one thing, the vast majority of musicians have attitudes, habits and beliefs that make success impossible. These include:

1.Fear Of Failure. Many musicians, artists and dj’s fear what happens “if they try and it doesn’t work out”. Here I want to point an excellent example, an Artist that brakes the rules of the Industry with no fear at all or such ‘if it didn’t worked out’ She is Nina Kraviz and represent the Female Power in such a dominated Industry by mostly mens. In my opinion, the girl made her way on the shoulders of giants with hard work and overcoming the rules of A or B. And If you don’t believe me, go look at the comments section on a post that has ANYTHING to do with Nina Kraviz. 

Back in the subject, as we pointed those who fear. The Artist. The DJ. The Musician.

They fear not earning enough money to support themselves through music. They fear looking like a failure there in the middle of the crowd, being too old, not being talented enough, not being that good looking – enough, and more insecurities to name a dozens more.

I remember once a saying from one of my mentors Mr. Sven Vath ’ It takes some serious size balls to actually look your eyes in the crowd’

Back in the subject now. These musicians focus their time and resources on avoiding failure instead of moving towards success. They either do nothing at all to build their careers or try to build a backup plan that pulls them away from their true goals. How sad!!!

2.Fear Of Success. (Yes, You Read Correctly) Artists, DJ’s and Musicians who fear success sabotage themselves on the brink of a big breakthrough in their careers. They worry about:

  • What others will think when they become successful.

  • Whether they are worthy of big success.

  • How hard it will be to sustain their success after they make it.


This fear stops many Musicians, Artists and DJ’s with GREAT potential from reaching their goals. And I could name a few now but…maybe I shod leave the creativity for others.

3.Fake Passion And Desire. Many Artists, Musicians and DJ’s say they want to be successful, but they don’t want it bad enough. Most aren’t proactively working on creating their success. They wait for success to simply happen to them. Others fake their desire by becoming reckless. They live their lives as starving artists, expecting success to come after they struggle long enough. How sad..and I am sorry for them but…once a wile ago, someone told me a saying ‘Success you may only pursue, or you may never have it’ I leave this quote with you for now!!!

Music Companies can easily see if your desire is fake or real and that’s why many Record Companies desperately seek Musicians, Artists and DJ’s to offer lucrative record contracts to, but they struggle to find people who are worthy of such a deal. They pay attention to your actions much more than to your words and intentions. In an Ocean of DJ’s, Musicians and Artists only few deserve such a deal. But the good news is that wanting success bad enough does not mean you must struggle for years before you make it. In this nearly digital era with all the tools in your pocket called ‘a smartphone’ success can happen over night. Here is an example: Open a youtube channel and vlog the sh..t out of you until you finally gone VIRAL. Then let YouTube pay you $0.5c per view. I sometimes wonders how good life can be when you got at least 3M views on your vlog. I let you do the math how much you can bank. Well there you go, an example of Success..I guess!!! Oh wait, I forgot to mention the taxes!

4.Procrastination. Many Artists, DJ’s and Musicians  complain that they don’t know what to do to grow their careers. Fact is, figuring out what to do is not hard. Getting yourself to DO the right things is the much bigger challenge. Unfortunately this days millennials are so f..ing tired and lazy like they are on sleeping pills at most times. Do a search on instagram or twitter on hashtag #tired. You will be amazed how many millions of them are. I guess now I finally have a subject for Post Malone tattoo that reads ‘Always Tired’ under his eyes. Welcome to Millennials Generation!!! Well, I am one of them too.

But here is a common example: many artists agree that a proven music career mentor would help their careers grow much faster and easier. Yet very few other artists get music career training of any kind. The rest say: “I can’t afford it” or “I’m too busy for music career training” or “I’m not ready for mentoring right now” or “I’ll probably do it later”. But here’s one thing, look at their feet’s and see what they wearing. I bet is the latest nike’s and Adidas or Gucci’s worth hundreds of £$€. I guess for the fancy things theres always spare to flash some cash.

These reasons are simply excuses to justify procrastination, fake commitment and fear. We all have time and money for things that matter most to us. Yet it’s much easier to make excuses than to do what it takes to become successful…how sad!!!

5.Lack Of Commitment. It takes long-term commitment and perseverance to reach ambitious goals. Most Artists lose sight of their goals when faced with adversity, challenges and frustrations. Their commitment fades away and they stop taking action. And I’ve been there too. But look at me now. I am a one man band in a charity organisation helping individuals from streets, prisons, drug addicts and alcoholics, helping them integrate in society slowly how I can with actionable steps. I am also a Consultant to multiple Business, helping them make good business decisions in their organisations and I am also an Artists, Author with 13 books scheduled to be published and I keep going. All by my self, and you know what, I don’t damn complain about one thing. I just jump in and execute what I have to do to get me where I want. One step further to my definition of success. And you can do that too. It takes time and practice, routines and a carefully selected mindset. Let me know if I Can Help You. Don’t be shy to get in touch. I am here to listen and help you.

And so thats the 90% of Artists, Musicians and DJ’s have or do at least some of these things. These qualities instantly disqualify them from receiving big opportunities to grow their careers. And don’t be offended if you feel your there too or probably your not there ..yet too,  I’ve been there too. And many others too. But heres the good news, you can get better too. 

And Now The Final Chapter And The 3 Keys To Your Music Career Success!!

Want to elevate yourself to the top 10% of all Musicians, Artists and DJ’s in the world? Overcome the simple issues that kill your music career success. This instantly lifts you to the top of your so-called competition. Yes, it’s really that simple!

Key 1. Learn to choose what matters. You must choose to do the things that move your career forward. Learn what you need to do to become successful. Then commit to taking consistent action on what you learn. And also learn to say NO to the things that don’t matter. I recommend an excellent book that has been my servant and still is’ The 80/20 Principle.

Key 2. Learn the difference between an expense and an investment. An expense takes money out of your pocket (or time out of your life) and that money or time never comes back to you. Paying for high-speed internet, mobile phone or cable TV are examples of financial expenses. Spending time on Facebook, partying or watching crap – binge TV are examples of time expenses. And let me point this ‘You only have a life on this planet, not one and a half’ Make sure you remember that. Live life with an end in mind. Yes, you will die at some point. And to mention, an investment is something you invest your money (or time) into to get long-term value in return. Investing time to learn about the music industry, getting music career training, joining a music business mastermind group are examples of investments into your music career, company, organisation or you name your Investment. I my self, I think I done the best decision recently to enrol my self in a Ableton Master Diploma at Point Blank Music School here around the corner In London/UK. And I am still one man band in all I do. No complain at all. You must seek to minimise expenses and maximise investments. Whats’s your Investment that will Snowball in 2 to 3, 5, 15, 20 or more years from now?

Key 3. And the last, replace “I should” with “I must”. Stop saying: “I should invest more into my music career” or “I should stop procrastinating on reaching my goals” or “I should learn more about the music business”. Saying “should” gives you a way out and makes it easy to avoid taking action. This mindset lacks urgency and commitment. This is the mindset that most of your competitors have. This is why they virtually always fail. And you are not a competitor if you read this Article and take action now. You are a winer and you just won at life. Successful pro Artists, Musicians or DJ’s think and act with a much higher sense of urgency. They say “I MUST invest more time into my music production or DJ career or your named career”, “I MUST stop procrastinating on reaching my goals” and “I MUST learn more about the music business or why not get better at my Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness ” This mindset refuses to accept anything but success. It ignites the fire under your butt to do what you must do to make it in the music business or your desired goals/business. These simple changes in your attitude make it easy to beat your competition and become a successful professional Artist, Musician DJ or your named choice of ….Success.


Here’s my ask.

Just let me know how I can help you. If you’ve been reading this blog, and you think there’s something I can give you some advice or direction on, hit me up.

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Are You A Young Millennial? Are You An Old Millennial or Mid-Age Man Or Woman? Do You Struggle In Finding The Right Path To Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness? Imagine Having Someone That Can Guide You On a Daily, Weekly Or a Monthly Basis, Towards Your Unique Goals. Imagine Having Someone That You Can Ask and Receive The Right Tailored Advice That Could Implement a Shortcut To Your Accomplished Success In Finding Romance, Finding a Clear Process To Financial Freedom, Finding Your Health From Surviving The Thriving And Finally, Finding Your Happiness To Build That Self-Esteem by Securing The Inside And Outside Insecurities.

Whatever The Cause I Can Help You Have That Right To Feel Good About Who You Are With One-On-One Sessions Tailored For You, Bit by Bit, I am Here For You To Help Improving What I call ‘The 4 Pillars Of Good Life’ Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness.

Please Get in touch If I Can Help You With Anything To Everything In Between.

But for now, To Your Success!

Eyes on Hauff


Psychologists believe that there are five main personality traits: extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness. Women appear to be more prone to neuroticism than men, and they also score more highly when it comes to agreeableness. What has this to do with the article? Continue reading.

And while a blind man appeared to be reading a newspaper, next to me, here at Terminal 5 in Heathrow, I took a piece of paper and a pen, and put this story down. I’ll tell you latter about the blindman.

I feel like there is a little unbalanced here, that many Female DJ’s shod be as many as Men’s DJ’s or that’s just a logical coincidence. Go figure, when you put women in leadership positions, they don’t have to be convinced that women are capable, or that’s another logical coincidence.

But as Helena Hauff said ” Proper Darkness is a bad place in a endlessly black” But let’s strip this answer back down to reality.

I started doing this experimental travels around the Europe, UK and once in a quarter in the US. My reason is quite simple and logic. I am interested in the Millennials and Centennials or I shall say the Generation X & Z – Artists. I am also interested how the long term Artist, who’s been 10-15-20+ years makes his way by adapting his tools, music, skills into this new generation ‘X&Z Humans’

But in one sentence, I am indeed interested in the new talent, new comers, new faces or you name it ”The new Artist” in the Electronic Music Scene, his-her new sound, his or her new tools. I am interested in how they play their set, how they move, how they smile, how they conquer their audience and maybe I am also interested if they have something to say. And by the way, I also have a Podcast called The Isaac Bjørn Experience which you can listen it also in the iTunes in the podcasts. Don’t expect a BBC Radio in the making, but expect my true words behind a microphone, once a week.

You know, I always loved a good story. Because when you have something to say, It means you have a story. And then you, the Artist, when transcending that story to a piece of music, I am interested to listen to you. And so the audience too. It’s the reward bias I shall say, and that’s when you speak the listener language. It’s like a seed has planted to grow an obvious queue with a clearly defined reward.

Wile in my experimental travels I mostly see pretty much ‘a same 8 bar loop’ driven by a snare and a clap and a few bits on top, pushed by a digital effect machine and a laptop  ‘nothing wrong with that’ as we are driven by technology, and I totally accept it, but it’s interesting how we react when things sound different and done different by a person who approaches different. I may also say that some of the new productions of Techno, becoming bland, boring and unoriginal, driven by a piece of digital machine loop. I guess there is a reason why the first album, the first machine ever made, the first genre ever started, or the first thought, is that original and that special. No sign of nostalgia here. We move on. We carry on.

Today, my eyes is at Helena Hauff.

Wile she’s definitely not the Generation X & Z – Artist, she precisely know how to stand out in a Sea of music or I shall say in a Sea of DJ’s or Artists who only wish to be where she is ”On the shoulders of Giants”

There are ways how to win the hearts of the new, digital-first, value-focused and brand-disloyal generation. The X&Z Human Generation. From the moment they were born, technology has touched every part of their lives and they will move on quickly if an Artist doesn’t meet their expectations, in this case a piece of music – shall we say, the approach of the industry, the attitude, the way you behave with your fellow colleagues or the way you interact with the audience. Wile this simple equation defines perfectly your career, there are some DJ’s who managed to do it flawlessly for decades or just few years.

A perfect example here, was TenWalls. A highly talented Lithuanian Artist. But it only took a second…And I am saying that again, ‘that’s the the X&Z Human Generation’. The Millennials and Centennials. One Tweet defines your expression into someone’s mind, wile his or her mind completes a definition of your actions, in no time

Hauffreversed psychology here, by saying ‘NO’ to a Sea of Pixels, except of a simply Soundcloud account. And focusing her mind where it matters. Driving her energy channels and emotions, when It matters. And she still uses a beat up old mobile phone from early 2000’s while our life’s depends of an mighty iPhone, could that matters?

There is logical reasons why some of the most successfully peoples in the world, says no to checking every 5 minutes your Twitter account or Facebook or Instagram Account, responding or caring to every criticism that may arrive. Thinking what to wear or how to wear or why should I wear? Or how about this ”How shod I play my set tonight?

Shod I use that soundcard or the other one because is more expensive and that means is better, or shod I use a MacBook instead of a Windows PC because the latency is better? What cables shod I use, or wait, I have to get a personal assistant, “I don’t do that type of thing”

All this nonsense can probably makes sense?  It does indeed for some. What works for you It will always work and you shod probably stay that way to serve your way.

Have you ever wonder why the late Steve Jobs was wearing the same black turtle neck jumper, for the rest of his life, DAILY . Wile Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook, also wears same thing every day, a grey t-shirt.


 Spending any of your energy on things that are silly or frivolous about your life it’s nonsense but can make sense when you clear your life of clutter so that you have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve your career.


I have a total respect and care for the artists that are sticking with what they do best, they serve their instrument that plays the most and uses with care by getting better and better at it. Ignoring the total media bias of ‘get this get that, buy that, use that’. Could that make you a better artist?

A long time ago, maybe to long ago I ask Marcel Dettman, wile trying to interview him in a very busy night at Berlin’s Panorama Bar ” Excuse me Sir, how did you become such a better Artist and DJ? I asked. And he replied ” Well, young man, How did you become a Journalist? And I replied …Well, by practicing and doing it…Sir. I humbly said, and he smiled to me by taping on my shoulder. ” Well, that’s the response I want to hear from you, young man. He said. And that was my shortest ever 25 seconds interview, but it means to me like the responses for a 1 mile of questions.

So maybe, thats the correct response for what you do best, what you are playing best, what you can be best, what you could pursue best or can simply be ”how you are best” and stay that way. I call this the Eulerian Destiny Way. Your way.

Wile this article went thru so many subjects, Helena Hauff remembered me of some times in my life, I call this a teenage time of my life. The time I was pinching money from from my late father ‘pokets’ to get my way to the raves festivals and missing for days hundreds of miles away.

The times when some of my old friends liked me..or I think they did, the times when anything and everything that matters was ‘caring at the price of life, a bunch of cassette tapes and CD’s with me all the time in a red backpack. I wonder if there is a romantic aspect between there and now. I guess now I have a pen, wile there I had no paper. There you go, a romantic aspect mets a creative procces.

But now I want to talk a little about Hauff’s latest DJ set at SubClub in Glasgow.



I remember traveling my way thru Europe some long time ago, and wile stoping in a hostel somewhere in the suburbs of Hamburg, I say to my self ‘well lets have a drink tonight, shall we’. And so I end up in a place called The Pudel. A little house look – a – like club. Wile inside looked more like nothing special, I really loved the one side of people not giving a thing on whatever was happening around wile the other side of people being quite interested in music.

I took my self a beer and slowly made my way around, saying ‘wow the music is that good’ I think was some breakbeat playing and that reminded me of some good days enjoying back in 2001-2005 wile after the minimal techno, tech house slowly made his way, spreading.

But quite some few years passed and was my second time listening Helena Hauff playing at a wider distance of 7 years. And what surprised me is that her set in December 2017 was just as good as the one in 2010 at Golden Pudel. Same way of putting her record on the platter, same way of dropping that needle on the record, same way of that neurotic, rough and ready vibe she plays.

A bit of techno, a bit more wavey, sometimes a bit more punk’ish. It’s really all quite diverse. But it’s with this attitude that Hauff has established a career that so many other artists & Dj’s dream of. And that’s without not even compromising her integrity.

Will it takes balls in this days to make business work? For sure it is. 


Hauff’s set was so precisely done at SubClub in Glasgow that I was amazed of telling to my self ‘f…ck the rules of dramatic arcs’. She played a full 3 hours Climax Set. Start to finish. Is this the answer to keep a crowd interested in you, the Artist, new comer or old comer? Is this the question how to make your status click in a Sea of DJ’s and music that sometimes stays but quick still goes. Is this the correct response in the Millennials and Centennials Generation?

I believe in a world when situations are changing quite quickly, clearly this takes me to one single quote “Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” by Sun Tzu, Art of War” What is that means? Well, read the book.

Hauff played Vinyl after Vinyl only, and the sound from SubClub never been that warm, beautifully balanced, ‘in your face’. I did indeed seen a slight diverse audience in that very night. A hidden gem of people that I don’t really see them that often.  I always told to my self, that, this ones are always the true underground peoples that comes by. Why? well in a Sea of DJ’s where all they most play same 8 bar loop tech-house, deep house and so on, when you hear something different you get interested. Or you get interested in the past that was interested in you. How about that?

Say or name an established Artist in this very days, making his or her way so fast at the top of the Industry, that still has the balls to break the rules of the usual 8 bar loop that dominates the industry and keeps a decent ‘1000 or 2000 or even 500’ people in front of him or her, throwing records selections from breakbeat, 2 step, one or two drum and bass  then flipping into old school raw techno then back into breakbeat flipping into acid house then goes in raw techno, back into some Industrial with a touch of EBM Electronica and so on the flipping goes. It takes precise selection of records and talent.

Wille I must admit that, | Troxler | Vath | Villalobos | Dozzy | Sasha |Zabiela | Babicz | Garnier | Giegling | Burial | | Apparat  | HawtinMills as well in the other side of the industry such as Diplo | Tiesto | Deadmau5 | David Guetta and maybe I miss few, they all brake the rules from time to time by taking chances in bringing a slight or even more different and diverse sound in their sets as well productions by being Innovative rather than followers of trends, would that makes them that special and different from the Masses of Artists? You bet and for sure, 100% Yes.

But, I still adore the Romanian’s Personal sound & Perlon,  and that would be my say, because I believe that’s what sets your extraordinary’s apart from the overage. And trust my words, there is a lot of overage out there, in a Sea of Music sinking in a Sea of Artists & DJ’s with no actual Captain.

Wile others doing same things over and over again and expecting results in a definition of ‘whats trending’ others may do ‘The One Thing‘ that are best for and known for.

I call this, the V.R.I.N Technique Mindset (value, rare, inimitable, non-substitutable). And if you are a new comer artist and you really want to ‘click’ and read this simple equation, I want you to dig into it and apply it to what you do. 24/7. This will only separates your extraordinary’s apart from the overage. You do not want to be an overage lost in a Sea of DJ’s and music and deceived by media bias. ‘Get this, get that, buy that, do that, Obey to that’

I wanted to say and mention to Mr. Wrick Hedley of Glasgow with his Night Big Foot Tea Party. His warm up to Helena Hauff, was precise and beautifully balanced, Vinyl after Vinyl until his last Vinyl. I feel there was a little love shared there from artist to artist at his last record.

Frankie Bones – Dance with me


Ah, yes I almost forgot about the blind man in the Airport. He was using the Braille Alphabet.


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The Art of DJing


It was just to long ago, when I first started to print this idea of DJing in my mind. And that was 2002 somewhere in May, a man in his 30’s with such talent to bring that talent in his very club, from the lowest bottom to the highest top, he was on the shoulders of giants for a period of time, determined period of time, unfortunately. But I am going to tell you a story the way I remember it, not the way that it happen.

I’m reading an article today ”I just play what I like, and the crown shod fallow that, end of questions” he said, and ok, I agree with that in a way or around, as you are the commander of the ship and the sailors are your crowd, isn’t it, but the way you command that crown I may ask a question! How about you shod focus on attention, and just give give give, and expect less back, and that attention will digest a form of skill, rather than self deceive your self with an ego.

There are perfect examples in the music industry this very days that fallowed this humble and simple equation, and just paid back tremendously, with a career and a possible easy retirement. And that’s my point of this very title ” The Art of DJing ” because there is an actual art behind, and I’ m not pointing at flawlessly mixing two pieces of vinyl.

Wile that’s art as well and shod be part of your career, I am more pointing on the approach of the industry, the attitude, the way you behave with your fellow colleagues or the way you interact with the crown. Wile this simple equation defines perfectly your career, there are some DJ’s who managed to do it flawlessly for decades or just few years.

But there are also quite a few DJ’s who proud their ego’s quite some time, and there are also quite a few DJ’s who mistaken their action at specific times.

All this equation has an engine that fuels your career from the outside in, wile the inside depends from the actions of your outsides.

We live in such a loud time of technology, where everything is pretty much transparent to everyone, one Tweet defines your expression into someones mind, wile his or her mind completes a definition of your actions, in no time.

I was 14 years old, and queueing my bravery on a gate, where only the brave was allow thru that gate. One day pass, and another week just passed, wondering how this brave success his pass.

It took me years to understand how someone’s actions defines some principles of his very own Art, being a success. Times had passed and everything I had left was few books, a block of paper, a pen and I guess keep waiting for that pass.

Same like you, my dear Mr and dear Ms,  you clicked at the time when someone lived this. All the best memories remains believed by the fuel to the engine of your very Art definition of Success.

Its a joy and almost human song, please believe in the discipline and taking the best of others, and the crowd shall fallow that. Now you play what you like 🙂 It’s a way to find your way, and that’s the reward bias when you speak the consumer’s mind.   A short definition of success from Isaac.