“I Can’t” Said The Mind But “You Can” Trick Your Mind

‘The real definition outcome of the right mind is the genuine core unshakeable belief that you can and will do anything that you put your mind too. Period. And that is ‘Right Mind’ in this context. And that’s how you become unstoppable to accomplish anything to everything in between. And that is the most dependable and consistent way to generate wealth too. That’s how you turn everything into profit’

When I was a very young man, I always heard the motto ‘you can do anything you put your mind to’. Well, I never understood much at that age because I thought is too literally. I thought to myself, you couldn’t move a mountain if you put your mind to it, so whoever said that must be full of crap. But It wasn’t until I took a step back from the literal and started to look at the intended meaning that it finally began to make sense to me.

And so I started putting my mind to it, and here’s what happened!

Growing up in an orphanage no one really showed me the way in life, but I figured the first part out in my early teen life, more precisely around the age of 19. I traveled in some long parts of the world like Barents Sea and even more up north closer to the North pole, and I put my mind into doing the best job that I possibly could in those uncomfortable sea climates, even If i was one of the youngest crew members. I was determined to take it from the lowest bottom nor I was intending to make that as a future career, instead i saved a good chunk of money, more like €30.000 in nearly 12 months. And I had the opportunity to cheat death a few times, nor you shall play with the dangers of the sea. You will not escape, instead your only hope is a bit of luck and a touch of optimism. And so I had a bit of luck . God is the greatest, and faith I had.

(Lower Left In Blue Gloves ) That Will be Me, the way I remember.

Barents Sea. February 2006
Greenland Sea May 2006

This job gave my a pay bump of €30.000 plus some other bonuses in a total of €10.000. My next jump was by almost €40.000. By working hard, studying my craft, striving for good repute, and continuing to aim for the next thing, I managed to jump by €100.000 in just 2 short years. Well, enough with the sea jobs. It was late 2007 and so I arrived in UK (with a bunch of money)

It would be misguided to say that it’s only about smart people who’s doing this kind of money and work in such conditions. There are a number of people whom I’ve encountered over the years who are all incredibly smart. Some of them were doing better, but many were doing worse. Why? Well, It’s because they lacked hustle. By being smart, they’d gotten lazy in early life and never really learned how to apply a bit of hustle in the later life.

But that’s not what I came to tell you about. I came to tell you about the other part of the lesson — the part that most people completely overlook. You can tell yourself ‘I can’ all day long, and if you really believe it, and you’re willing to work for it, you can absolutely accomplish anything you put your mind to. Determination + Hustle (+ Perseverance) = Success. It’s what works for me, and I am sure can work for you too.

But what if you tell yourself ‘I can’t’? Or how about ‘it’s too hard for me’? Guess what. Whether you believe that you can, or you believe that you can’t, you’re right.

In my early teen life I’ve always had a hard time talking to girls and I must admit even now and then I still have this feeling. Well, not always, but I’ve always found that it’s easier to talk to a female as a friend than it is to talk to a female that I’m interested in. Without even meaning to, I find myself trying to come up with interesting things to say, and they always come out as inane banter. It’s when there’s no pressure and I’m comfortable being myself that I can chat up the ladies with no problem.

Not so long ago in late 2018, I attended a lecture of Mr. Tony Robbins in London, but before the lecture I was out and about by myself exploring a new spot along Mayfair (a posh location in London). I’d never seen it before. It was nice, but maybe not my style. Could be a good style for those who have a lot of spare cash to flash. But the weather was great, and after a while of hanging out, I decided to go find something to eat. I was wandering around this few-block section of Mayfair where there were a lot of restaurants and ended up at this little Japanese restaurant.

As I walked inside, I noticed only a single staff in the entire restaurant, or I guess because was just about nine in the morning, but a tall blonde with green eyes and a beautiful smile came to my observation. She was enjoying her breakfast. I was somewhat intimidated because she was beautiful and I was immediately attracted to her. I found another table across the restaurant, sat down, and ordered my food. I had a Seafood roll. The restaurant was small and we could see each other across the way. We kept making (then breaking) eye contact while we were each waiting for our meals. I thought to myself that there’s no way I can talk to her. She’s too hot, and I won’t have anything interesting to say, probably. But those voices in the head that all of us have to deal with them, on a daily basis, sometimes are just…voices, and a bit of nonsense. And so I was wrong (about the voices in my head)

After spending about 10 minutes stealing glances back and forth, I finally decided that the worst thing that would happen is that a complete stranger would blow me off, ha. Was that really a big deal? No. So I got up, walked over to her table and asked if she minded if I joined her. She said no, so I sat down, introduced myself, and asked her how she ended up at a restaurant that was so empty, thinking my self that this will start a good conversation. From there we ate and chatted for about one hour, later on I found out she was working in real-estate. I must admit we immediately clicked on this subject. My self I want to open a real estate business on Airbnb in this 2019 year, and so this marvellous lady give’d me a lot of insight in this Business. I must say I am more motivated about this Business idea and that’s just because of her help.

Then she asked me if I was interested in getting some desert and going for a walk with her. We discussed a lot about strategies on doing real estate Business, and so I was more like her student.

I spent just over two hours getting to know this really cool and beautiful, attractive woman, before making my way back to Tony Robbins’s lecture, and it made for a really fun Friday afternoon. The little voice in my head had switched from ‘I can’t’ to ‘ I can!’. All I had to do was take a chance, and I was able to prove myself wrong. From there, it made it much easier for me to strike up conversations with people I didn’t know. Some people blew me off, sure, but it wasn’t the heartbreaking rejection that I had always thought it would be. It’s how it is. Some may be mockers some will invite you in. Some may smile, some may give you an angry look. It’s how it is and you can’t ignore that. Life is full of yes’s and no’s.

So, if there’s one lesson to learn here, it’s that you can do anything you put your mind to, even if it’s ‘I can’t’. The trick is to suspend your fear (those voices in your head) of whatever it is that’s holding you back — rejection, failure, shyness, or something else, and just go for it. Trust your intuition. And if by any chance you have to think of what you really have to lose, then the worst thing that would happen is that a complete stranger would blow you off. Is that really a big deal? No. So get up then!!! In the end if you keep fail OVER and OVER and OVER again you will eventually succeed. Most don’t know that this is the secret to success. I give it to you for free.


Every Sunday, I send out an Article exploring how we can be the best version of ourselves. I talk about financial independence, life, happiness, minimalism, personal growth, and more. I am all yours and for the Artist and Entrepreneur only, and I ‘Heart the Story Telling’ just for you and no one else but you. If you think you will like what you see, then please join my newsletter. Don’t worry, I will never ever send out unnecessary stuff. To

Your Success, Isaac — Your forever trustworthy and loyal friend —

The Imaginary Order




The symbolic, the real and ‘the imaginary’ all have individual definitions and all relate to something significant in our daily sense of the world, all evoke meanings and references independent of each other. We seek out or sometimes we even avoid the real world, we have imaginary friends, and we also experience imaginary symbolic moments.

But how do you cause people to believe in an imaginary order? First and first you never admit that the order is imagined. You always insist that the order is an objective reality created by the laws of nature, and so such imaginary order told us that we’ve been created by gods wile the society, institutions and governments – takes charge of such order. People are unequal but so are equal and not because I said so, but because nature and evolution created them that way thoroughly.

From the moment you are born, you are constantly being reminded of the principles of the imaginary order, which are incorporated into anything and everything. Such imaginary order is incorporated into fairy tales, dramas, paintings, songs, etiquette, political propaganda, architecture, recipes and fashions. For example, today people are prevented from realising that the order organising their lives exists only in their imagination, and allow me a moment to go deeper in such subject, right now.

Firstly, the imagined order is embedded in the material world. Though the imagined order exists only in our minds, it can be woven into the material reality around us.  Each of us has within ourselves a brilliant ray of light that gives value and meaning to our lives and only ourselves we know our true worth.

Secondly, the imaginary order shapes our desires. Most people do not wish to accept that the order governing their lives is imaginary, but in fact every person is born into a pre-existing imagined order, and his or her desires are shaped from birth by its dominant myths. Our personal desires thereby become the imagined order’s most important defences.

For instance, friends giving you advice in this very moment right now and even often tell each other, ‘Follow your heart.’ But the heart is a double agent that usually takes its instructions from the dominant myths of the day, and the very recommendation to ‘follow your heart’ was implanted in your mind, mine and others minds by a combination of nineteenth-century romantic myths and twentieth-century consumerist myths. The Coca-Cola Company, for example, has marketed Diet Coke around the world under the slogan ‘Diet Coke. Do what feels good.’ and thats what people take to be their most personal desires are usually programmed by the imagined order.

You have been program by the imaginary order.



Thank you for reading this article. I now leave behind my pen and paper and go travelling in distant lands, where I can ‘experience’ the culture, the smells, the tastes and the norms of other people, and tell you another story on how a new experience opened my eyes and changed my life in what I do best ‘Composing Music and Writing Stories’ ..mostly for you.




In The World Of 2050. Part 3


‘ The future is only reserved for a few numbers of Superstars ‘


Well, I guess is another Sunday at your end, and you expect my weekly Article, aren’t you. And so there it comes, and this time it comes in a mighty finalised form. Because I’ve been writing this – Three – Part – Article, since quite a wile. I had my own kind of thinking – on my own.

But I was recently reading an Article from Crack Magazine about a guy who doesn’t take him self too seriously. Just my type of ‘cup of tea friend.’ He’s Richard. I let you google its name.

But seems like we have one or two things In common, Richard mate, and  definitely it’s the ‘Infinite from Art.’ Well, I have a self publishing book out in a little wile. I guess will pass it over to you when the time comes. We are in a 50 miles or less area neighbours apparently.

I have this old habit of saying ‘Nice Shoes’ to people I may know but they have a blur in knowing me a little. It’s fascinating when you leave them behind with ‘Some Thinking On Their Own’

But to keep up with Kraviz – sorry I actually meant to say ‘to keep up with the world of 2050’ please excuse my cup of tea, you will need not merely to invent new ideas and products, but instead you will have to completely  reinvent yourself again and again. Limitless. 100%. And that’s not just thinking at your first wish. Remember, somebody may say, but everybody might not have all the universe. For as the pace of change increases, not just the economy, but the very meaning of ‘being human’ is likely to mutate. Such saying, may require some thinking on your own.


‘All that is solid melts into air’ 


I am predicting that by 2048, it is very likely that physical and cognitive structures will also melt into air, or into a cloud of data bits. And now let me tell you a little story my dear reader. In the mid 1850’s and 1900’s, millions of people were losing their jobs on village farms, and were going to the big cities to work in factories. But upon reaching the big city, they were unlikely to change their gender or to add a sixth sense.  And if they found a job in some textile factory, they could expect to remain in that profession for the rest of their working lives. Situation is different this days isn’t it. But now let’s look at a ‘Warped’ side of this unlikely situation that some of you may considered it quite likely. Do you?

I swear on the almighty that by 2048 to further 2050’s, people might have to cope with migrations to cyberspace, with fluid gender identities, and with new sensory experiences generated by computer implants. If they find both work and meaning in designing up-to-the-minute their own 3-D virtual reality type of game, within a decade not just this particular profession, but all jobs demanding this level of Artistic Creation, and I am saying again  ‘ALL JOBS’ that requires CREATIVITY,  might be taken over by Artificial Intelligence 100%, and you may want to pay attention on such words, wile many of you deeply sleep on current and future trends that are likely to happen, at any given time. Why? You are living in the Age of Digital that is nearly taken by the Age of Post Digital.

What you currently do now as a job or some mighty profession, it is very likely to be automated, over and over again, demanding – Unemployable Humans.  The question to such words will be ‘What is your position for the next decade’? I leave this words for you. They say ‘One Thinks Better With Him Self, And Not With The Other’

So, let’s imagine you are in the year of 2020. You are twenty-five years old and you introduce yourself on a dating site as ‘A Twenty Year Old’ heterosexual woman, who lives in Berlin and works as a DJ. Now let’s imagine you are in the year of 2048, wile introducing your self on the same dating website but now you are ‘Forty Eight Year Old’, and your bio is like ‘a gender-non-specific person undergoing age-adjustment, whose Neocortical activity takes place mainly in the ‘New Cosmos Virtual World’, and whose life mission is to go where no DJ has gone and done such thing before, and that is ‘Augmenting Its Own Reality In a Pattern Of Its Very Own.’

A baby born today will be thirty – something in 2050. If all goes well, that baby will still be around in 2100, and might even be an active citizen of the twenty second century. If that baby is yours, what should you teach that baby that will help him or her survive and flourish in the world of 2050 or the twenty-second century? What kind of skills will he or she need in order to get a job, understand what is happening around him or her, and navigate the maze of its very life? What kind of skill such parent will have to met, in order to rewire the mind of such baby born child, to navigate its own maze of life! I guess such question requires some thinking on your own. They also say that  ‘One Shall Think Better With Its Self When Thinking Really Matters’

From – The Author, Isaac Bjørn


Unfortunately, since I for sure don’t know and maybe even you, for sure don’t know, and nobody else knows yet, how the world will look like in the year of 2050, not to mention 2100.  Others, me and you, don’t know the answer to such questions. But today it is more difficult than ever before, because once technology enables us to engineer bodies, brains and minds, we can no longer be certain about anything and that includes the things that previously seemed fixed and eternal, such as an amount, date, or time that is fixed and has been agreed on and will not change, or a fixed price, or the contract of your lease that is fixed for a period of three years, or the interest rate on the fixed loan you have, or the god that you believe, or the eternal bliss where you don’t know where the current is going to take you, or the seeds of eternal atoms of all things that you been rewired to believe that are eternally created by God. None of the above can no longer be certain about anything to everything that previously seemed fixed and eternal, once technology enables us to engineer..things.

Humankind will be facing unprecedented revolutions in a few decades, all our old stories are crumbling, and no new story has so far emerged to replace them, and as I mentioned above, for as the pace of change increases, not just the economy, but the very meaning of ‘being human’ is likely to change and further disrupt your thing. Your Things. My Things. Other Things. Everyone Else’s Things.

And as for your mighty dating profile, you will just have to wait for an algorithm to find or create the perfect match for you too.

What else shod I say? Well, Thank you for reading my last part from the ‘In the world of 2050 & 2010’. By Isaac Bjørn. That will be me.

Oh, and I nearly forgot. Today I celebrate my very first Philanthropic Dream. I gifted my Roland Jupiter 6 to a young man. It will better with him rather than with me. Why? Well, I seek to unlock the possibility inside individuals with talents that sets extraordinaries apart from the overage. My little goal that will be highly likely to grow, is to help some them. But who’s them? Well, The Artist, The Musician and The DJ, The ones that shines from an ocean of many, helping them with anything to everything in between so that they can continue their journey and keep creating and improve the quality of their Art. Because there’s room for everyone in the industry if the Individual is worthy of such a deal for the industry, wile I also believe in having the choice to give something back. 

You can start giving even if you have very little. There can be no greater gift in your very life to have meaning beyond your self. By giving when you don’t have much, you teach your brain that you have more than enough. And remember, ‘No One Cares About You And That’s The Most Liberating Thing There Is, This Days.’ But I still give. And I learned this single lesson with hard times from the age of 3, when I wake up my self in an Orphanage, ‘Doing Some Thinking On My Own. You heard me many times saying this phrase.

By the way, I have a great book coming out in a little wile. Which will put some thinking on your own. Stick around my digital presence to find out more and why. 
Ou Voir for now, my dear Artist



If you are interested to read my previous parts, you may pursue by mastering this click for PART 1 HERE  &  PART 2 HERE


Does God exist?





Does God exist?

‘a quote’



Well, it depends on which God you have in mind. The cosmic mystery or the worldly lawgiver? Sometimes when people talk about God, they talk about a grand and awesome enigma, about which we know absolutely nothing.

We invoke this mysterious God to explain the deepest riddles of the cosmos. Why is there something rather than nothing? What shaped the fundamental laws of physics? What is consciousness, and where does it come from? Well, the way you know is the way I know and the way others may know, or none of us may know because answering such questions we give our ignorance the grand name of God, but the most fundamental characteristic of this mysterious God is that we cannot say anything concrete about Him, but we talk about him, we imagine him, we love him and at times we hate him then we even love him again. But why shod we call it ‘Him’? Is god a man or is god a woman? Or is it Ariana Grande just coined the ‘God Is A Woman’ belief? or this is the God of the philosophers, the God we talk about when we sit around a campfire late at night and wonder what life is all about.

On other occasions people see God as a harsh and worldly lawgiver, about whom we know only too much. We know exactly what he thinks about fashion, food, sex and politics, and we invoke this ‘Angry Man’ we know it as ‘God’ in the sky to justify a million regulations, decrees and conflicts.

He gets upset when women wear short-sleeved shirts, when two men have sex with one another, or when teenagers masturbate. Some people say he does not like us to ever drink alcohol, whereas according to others he positively demands that we drink wine every Friday night or every Sunday morning.

Over thousands of years, entire libraries have been written to explain in the  most details exactly what he – the god – wants and what he dislikes about you, about me about anyone to everyone in between, and so the most fundamental characteristic of this worldly lawgiver is that we can say extremely concrete things about him.

This is the God of the crusaders and jihadists, of the inquisitors, the misogynists and the homophobes. This is the God we talk about when we stand around a burning pyre, hurling stones and abuses at the heretics being grilled there.

And so the final question is, Does God exist? That depends on which God you have in mind. My god exists in the way I imagine him and love him.



A Thought On Personal Branding And Reason To Be Wealthy


Gordon Gekko once said, “Greed is good

Wall Street, The Movie



Today, pursuing wealth comes with a lot of judgment.

Society’s been focused on the negatives of being rich in the last years, unfortunately, and that’s due to the freedom of expression in media bias.

This scums really like talking s*it about anyone to everyone in between. And if they don’t have noting to say about you, they will stupidly invent distorted reality in between about you just to get the attention of the masses. I call this ‘The Compound Effect Of Distorted Reality’

And that’s how at the most extreme, wealthy people are often portrayed on digital screens and in print as narcissistic, soulless, selfish and out of touch with humanity. And, the media loves to spotlight distorted decisions when wealthy people do their things – in their own way of living their own life.

It’s a way to reinforce the stereotype. However, while it’s well documented becoming rich can lead to actions that are deplorable, there are others focused on spotlighting the good that can come from pursuing wealth.

I am going to talk a little about this.

Helping people understand that making a difference in the world can be done at scale when you have wealth, Is one of the hidden successes and It’s secrets to philanthropy. This secret is also the key to unlock the power of your philanthropist dream.

Being rich is a good thing but not just in the obvious sense of benefiting you and your family, but in the broader sense. Profits are not a zero sum game. The more you make, the more of a financial impact you can have. You may take a note of such words.

Creating wealth to help you and your family is a noble and important goal and that shod be your main goal as first is first and you make take a note of such words as well, but so is creating extreme wealth so you can use it to change the lives of others.

If you have the capacity to become richer, why not, just be rich. ‘The Future Is Limitless For You’ and other opinions – ‘from others’ – asking you, how you become rich is not important such questions. The best lesson you can teach an irritating nat, is to consign it to oblivion by ignoring it.

More recently I’ve been asked how I managed to save €100.000 during the past 10 years. I’ve obviously responded ‘Through an actively long term return of the compound effect in a hand-full of stocks and shares, keeping them on the thick and thin journey’ and every day when I wake up just telling to my self, how gratefully I am, and I will not waste this day, no matter what.

They say…a man and a woman is the product of its thoughts. What she or he think, he or she becomes.

Creating extreme wealth It would enable you to be more generous too. That said, if you choose this path and you are in the spotlight, personal branding around how you use your wealth for good is equally important.

My self, I’m not a fan of giving to charities, It’s a NO NO situation for me and that’s because I know one or two things how those money are used. In one word, I am not interested in giving money away that will be used totally distorted.

My money and such your money as well, comes from hard work and disciple compounded on a period of 10 to 20 years time.

I remember somewhere in 1998, I had a tena, a two € coin and some change as my net worth, adding that as an optimist, I rounded up to thirteen.

The number 13 is an inside sad joke. At least I have something to remind my self, a bleak period early in my life, when I was cut from the Orphanage at the age of 14, and arrived broke in a bus station October 1998…oh my, Well, the rest is a mighty journey. I am still swimming though that journey.

But not the last, It has to be audience first in whatever I will do. What does the audience want Is a question everyone of us ‘the Artists’ shod ask our self – now and then.  And what is the best scenario that you can create that will send them home happy? I leave such question with your thinking.

Returning in thew Article, I have my own charity that I support, ” FEELANDBJØRNFOUNDATION ” and my own principles where the money will go. I approach the poor artist that really stands out with his or her extraordinaries – talents, and I help pay it’s bills and help them solve problems in their careers with tactical counsel  from my self.

And I don’t have a total how much I help because I don’t have that much, but for sure I know that you make a living by what you get and you make a life by what you give.

You can start giving even if you have very little. Right now. There can be no greater gift in your life to have meaning beyond your self. By giving when you don’t have much, you teach your brain that you have more than enough. You may further pursue taking note of such words with your ‘Imaginable Pen’

Whether you agree with my strategy or not, doesn’t matter. I am the master of my choice and your opinion is not important. But at least I am taking control of my solo conversation and being clear about how I choose to impact others. Which leads to the secret to smart personal branding…and you may further pursue even more on taking a note of such words. So, proceed sharping your imaginable pen. Please.

Personal Branding Is About Revealing Values & Beliefs of your own narrative self by knowing not everyone will agree with them.

One of the biggest lessons we learn in life is we can’t please everyone. And neither you ‘my darling’ – The Artist, The DJ or Musician, or whatever you are. Your work will NEVER please everyone. I want you to take notes of such words from Isaac.

However, what many people fail to understand is there’s power in being honest about your views of your own world, and that can be even your own imaginable world, so that those with similar views can align with you. Such is the music you produced aligns with your audience.  Such is the DJ’ set you play align with your audience. Such is the clothing you wear aligns with your personality. Such is the eyes aligns with your seduction. Such is the power of being likeable by the people in your life and as well – the audience. Such is the power of being you. Such is the power of being remembered – of being you.

Just as you can’t get everyone to like you, you don’t have to like everyone.

Knowing this, ask yourself, ‘What am I doing to make my beliefs known so that the right people in my life, can find me?’

As you climb in your career and become more visible and even possibly more wealthy,  personal branding is the way you can articulate your thoughts and define your views in your very world.

The more you share ‘a truly you’, the easier it is for the people you want to work with to know and trust you.

I want you to trust your self.


And remember, art should be an adventure of exploring an unknown and mysterious world…of you. It’s okay you can’t get everyone to like it. Just be you.


But For Now,

To Your Success.




Mr. Isaac




In The World Of 2045. PART 1



What career advice shod we give to our kids and even to our self?

In a future most likely taken over by technology and digital and likely to outsource and outperform the human, I am encouraging you to go into professions that machines are currently bad at, and there-fore seem unlikely to get automated in the near future.

I am predicting 2045 will have a 50% shift to all this I am about to talk wile a full effect by 2100. I am just hopping many with not sleep on this. But….

Yes, the world wants to be deceived.


I’ve had study the recent forecasts and also my predictions for when various jobs will get taken over by machines, identifying few useful questions to ask about a career before deciding to educate one self for it.

If the career you intend to educate your self and such as well your future children’s, requires the 3 following principles I listed bellow, then the better your career choice is likely to be.

A. Requiring interacting with people and using social Inteligence.
B. Involving creativity and coming up with clever solutions.
C. Require work done in an unpredictable Invioement.

This means that you safely bet on careers like: teacher, nurse, doctor, dentist, scientist, entrepreneur, goverment officials such as politicians, programmer (machine software technologies) engineer, lawyer, social worker, artist (exposed digital art), artist (creative music making using advance technologies such as software based machines and less actual hardware), artist (creative human voice),

Careers like driver of trucks, telemarketing, warehouse workers, cashiers, train operators, bakers, line cooks/chefs, credit analysts, loan officers, accountants, banks jobs, ground maintenance workers, farming and agricultural, retail sales persons, managers of all types, receptions, supervisors, miscellaneous fabrications  and even physicians and surgeons will slowly demand fewer human attention and finally will get full blast automated attention in the form of deep learning machines surpassing human capabilities. And it will succeed.

However, in this global digital age that slowly looks over the shoulders awaiting taking control, aiming to become a professional writer, film maker, actor, artist, athlete, or fashion designer, is risky for another reason, although people in this professions won’t get serious competitions from machines anytime soon by 2045-2065, but they will get increasingly brutal competition from other humans around the globe according to the aforementioned superstar theory, and very few will succeed.

When I explained in my previous article that many will awake from this ‘sleeping on their own life’ type of mindset ‘at the wrong time..unfortunately’ will start a constant swimming journey and sink in ‘the overage of seas’ wile hard times that will come ahead will have no seats for everyone. A time when industry’s will only be reserved for just a few that will met extraordinaries. A time reserved for only a modest number of superstars.

I tell you, please don’t sleep on this. It will happen by 2045. And 20 years are just around the corner.

My * best say * to you my dear friend is ‘save tremendously now because you can, or you may still have an opportunity to catch the last train to the shoulders of giants’ and put aside as much as you can, because dark days will come and light in the form of ‘life is great’ will only be a privilege for few of us. And…


If you have imagination, the idea is just sufficient to serve the main thing it desires.


But for now…

To Your Success.


P.S If you want to sneak a peach to an introduction in 2100 and further, you may pursue by mastering this click. 


P.P.S And by the way!

 I am working on something even bigger, a very excited project.

I will be developing an online program, video course, for the Artist, Musician and DJ’s of all type, wile me, will help and guide you with the main principles that will separate your extraordinaries apart from the overage. This program will come in 2 parts. One is for the entry level Artist ‘’The Entry Level Accelerator’ and another program is for the advance artist ‘ The Advance Level Accelerator’. Because in a crowded world that can also come as a crowded industry, everybody does not have to be everybody. ‘You will only shine when the student has become the master of its niche, wile we are all students of what we do, but we do – want to become a NICHE – of what we do, without un-shinning everyone else around us, including us – at times. This video course will not teach you how to make music, I’ll leave that for you, as you already know how to make music, I guess, if not I will give you a tip on that as well on how music will be visualised in year 2045 to 2100 further, so you may pursue sharping skills on that too. Imagine that. Because every battle is won or lost before it’s ever fought, one of my mentors use to tell me, quite a wile ago.

My purpose is to seat you on the shoulders of giants with the mindset. Because everything is mindset and skill and if rewired in error you will always swim and sink in ‘the overage of seas’ wile hard times that will come ahead will have no seats for everyone. A time when industry’s will only be reserved for just a few that will met extraordinaries. A time reserved for only a modest number of superstars. In this 2 parts video course, you are going to met this tactical yet extraordinary skills for every type and level of artist, musician and dj, and I am confident I will Help You. I’m so excited to start filming and finalise the course just for you my dears. Just for you and no one else but you!!! It will happen very soon. Guaranteed in the next 4 to 6 months as of today 1st of September 2018. Just go to this address: isaacbjorn.com. In the near future I will be coming up with more online video courses for the Artist, such as ‘The Music Business Accelerator’ Because I believe Musicians, DJ’s, and Artists of all kind, are natural Entrepreneurs. My goal is to help you honing such Entrepreneurial skills with everything I got at the power of Specialised Knowledge.


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In The World Of 2100. PART 2




For so many years I’ve been a – carefully and silent observer of technology, many industries around the world and obviously ‘the time’. Because If you – The Human, can master the observation of time – in time, many things will become understandable to you – in time, because history always repeats –  in time but in different forms of time. Just like the record you played last night or the book you read last week – in time will be repeated and remixed and re-edited and re-manufactured and re-written – in time but – in time your time will end just like other people’s – time. In time. My dear – Your Time is limited. But there is a hope, in 2100 your time is restarting.

I am continuing my journey of personal judgement and prediction of the future – just the way I see it – In time, because It’s easy to believe that the human race as we know it in the form of ‘I am cool and your not’ won’t be around for long, but the ones with extraordinaries capabilities will be around for so long, just like infinite intelligence was never wrong, when you consider the state of the world today. One of a kind isn’t it.

But it’s often been the role of the Artist as we know it – The creator, to bring us hope – In time. I let that aside – for the mighty Artist called Creator.

Women- In Time.

In the future of women gender, physical makeup, body structure, facial structure, and skin tone are all customisable at your very choice because you’ll always be wearing augmented reality simulators in the form of your mighty and futuristic Iphone, making you more sustainable and limitless. Finally you are now the master of your beauty choice.


The Man and The Woman- In Time

By 2100, we the humans –  as a species will have grown in ways that allow us to make changes to our bodies via technology as we will know it in the form of science, which is both a thrilling and terrifying prospect. Nature won’t change us much, but with the help of science, we will help our bodies last longer and endure more. We will be able to give ourselves two sets of reproductive organs, the ability to self-regulate our own body temperatures to better live within any climate, between planet earth and other planets.

I am still in the hope of PLANETBJØRN – If will be ever found.

Now, are you keen to be alive till 2100? because I am. Your chance to live an unlimited life will be meet in 2100.

We’ll also use science for digitising our brain, science for a personalised vision and eyes colour change, stronger bones, augmented hearing from miles away with the help of technology, quick replacement of major organs via less invasive procedures, regeneration of the ones we do have, and elimination of the biggest and worst conditions that – unfortunately some of the – today’s humans suffer from –  in the form of ‘cancer or hiv virus or ebola or fever viruses’ this will all be a thing of the past by 2100 due to power of technology. So embrace technology and be alive to meet your time – In Time, by 2100. Your time to be unlimited  – In Time.

As long as we consider the good that can be done with technology, our possibilities are endless. You must desire and have faith to be alive by 2100 and I know is quite a bit of a journey – if you are like – let’s say 30 years old now.

You got this.

And so to end this Article – In Time, three-person babies. Extreme biohacking. Outposts on Mars. Cheating death. The changing nature of life as we know it. The future prophecy to be amazing and terrifying, and it’s right around the corner.

You the current human – In Time will become the future Human exploring the stunning scientific from you.

In Time – I will meet you.

But For now – Make Sure You Are Alive Till 2100.


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But For Now, To Your Success!

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The Poor And The Needy

Being poor isn’t the same as being broke. Broke is temporary, poverty becomes who you are. It becomes a Virus inside you.

Walking to the streets of UK, I’ve been thinking a lot about poverty lately. And I am amazed how many lives in this Virus, even in this 2018 year that is about to come, or it already came a wile ago, if you read this article at a latter time. Who knows maybe you are a Blade Runner in Year 2049, just like me.

I work from home, doing my few business bits,  and I often have this habit of scrolling thru my phone news as I write. It’s a bit weird isn’t it. According to 1 billion crap blogs articles, you are not allowed to disrupt the Artist from you, like there is some foolish rule. Oh give me a break with this non sense bloggers who up come with some over night new rule, just to get a few more clicks. I call them ”Finger Warriors ” I’m not going to pretend to understand them.




When I was very poor, with 3 Euros in my Bank Account and living in a mobile home, if I was given an offer to work for a couple of coins and a good meal, I would damn do it so hard like there was no more tomorrow. And I would have used those few coins to buy a soap and some fresh second hand clothing, and if there was a spare, to keep paying the rent in a safer place. I did been in some very unusual times in my life. I guess life is like a vector. Your progress is determined by the sum of all vectors. In this case your actions. But heres the deal, I would definitely have bought food if it was such a bad day…in my pockets.

Being poor feels hungry isn’t it. Being wealthy feels ..Inimitable shod i say? or Nonsubstitutable? I think it feels like an armour, a shield that is very hard to penetrate …the poverty. But don’t get me wrong, it can be quite easily to reverse directions.

It hasn’t been that long since I’ve been ok enough to exclude that mindset of poverty and lifestyle about how I was going to feed myself and sort my rent, but I still get a feeling once in a wile. Its a humble like feeling, thinking where you use to be and where you are now. But is all about getting the mindset first. And ask any successful person on this very planet, to get somewhere in life, you need to kinda re-wire you brain in a way to think outside of the usual masses. You know what I mean. If you read this article you probably are in the right direction of you life mindset.

But being poor comes with a constant sensation of not having quite enough. And I been there so many time. And when you have a windfall  —  a small chunk of cash from someone or a side hustle that pays off or some act of kindness that lifts the burden for a minute  —  it feels like a roller coaster.

For a little while, everything is okay, then the Virus takes control again. For a few breaths, the hunger is at least at bay. You catch up some and you get a little taste of what it’s like not to feel the unpaid things worrying at you. And then you’re poor again. Only now you have an even more acute sense of just how much it sucks isn’t it.



And yes, indeed, being poor feels hungry, and that hunger drives some people. It urge them to do what it takes to satisfy the hunger. They work harder, blindly pursuing what they think they need to do in order to never feel that rumbly in their tumbly again. And sometimes it works. But sometimes it doesn’t. Even when it does work, though, the echo of that poverty virus feeling is still there.

Poverty is a constant state of insecurity in your self. Poverty is choosing between food and electricity. Poverty is staying in dangerous situations at most times, because you’re not sure how you’ll keep a roof over your head otherwise…Poverty is losing your teeth, because you can’t afford routine care. And Poverty is moving in the middle of the night, like a virus awaiting to take control, and when it does it moves with you from an apartment, when you can’t afford your rent, from a living room when things get weird, and even to your very grave, yes still stays with you. Poverty is exhaustion, in every way. Poverty is often hard work that doesn’t lift you up to living wages. And, yes, poverty is being hungry.

Living on my own — A new Beginning


I always wanted to live alone for some reason. When I was a teenager I had this fantasy about living in my own Apartment and have multiple rooms dedicated for my naughty talents ”writing, music composing, sleep (yes i love sleeping) and a terrace for absorbing my visions thru my old pipe tabaco’s puff)  But when I moved in with flat mates at the age of 21, I started planning for a new future – one with other people in it.

This all changed when I turned 30. I had arrived at my “age of reckoning”. Put my life savings on the table, and start searching for a good deal. But a good deal always comes with a feeling of responsibilities. And so i left my flat mates friends and finally said good bye. A week after i moved into my own place. Alone.

It didn’t took to long for that ”responsibility” and i am amazed how many great places are for sale – everywhere peoples selling this days houses like chocolate, but a deal it can also be a bad deal when the chocolate melts and the sugar is handled.  Unfortunately i been wise enough to avoid this deceptions and fallow just a few old tricks from my elders.

Those first few days of being by myself in my own Apartment – decorated with my choice of colour, with my books on the shelves and my pictures, hung by me, on my walls – made me so proud of my empty bank account ”haha” i guess that’s the responsibility part isn’t it. Whatever..i have my own place, and the rest is privilege.

I walked around the two rooms it cames with, wondering what to do now. With no one to move around, no one to talk to, no one to ask me how my day had been. I didn’t know where to put myself. The life I had once assumed – the one with a few flatmates – had vanished. Here I was, facing a new future, living by myself. Facing responsibilities but that trepidation, that anxiety, soon turned into a feeling of liberation. I knew what i want and i knew where to start.

The place is quite straight forward and simple. One large living room with an open kitchenette, good enough to cover some few basic little things for a single man. At the end of the day, i am not that fussy for a large kitchen, with things i will never use probably. Plus i love my large living room where most of my duties gets accomplished in a daily basis. My computer, my musical instruments, and my large collection of books and records. They just sit right in the living room. The rest continues with a large corridor, facing a nice backyard where my daily pipe gets smoked and my papper gets fascinated by my eyes. But i do miss a sleep now, and that takes me to my large bedroom, good  enough for a single man.

Living alone gave me a sense of freedom I hadn’t known I’d craved. In my own apartment, with my own space. I started to write with a renewed energy. I’d spent years writing the first draft of a novel – years filled with interruptions and squeezed space. Such a pity, but within months, i had nearly finished a book or shod i called my very first book in 2017. Because i never had one done before. Everything has a beginning.

By taking control of my physical space, i opened up a new emotional space for myself. I was working harder and better than I’d ever worked before. No one asked me what to do, where to put things away, or how to move things in a way. My self-image changed with the move, too. I started calling myself a writer, out of my other bits i do. I had found my “room of one’s own” where I could carve out a space for my creative self. There is something blissfully selfish about living alone, a joyful and liberating experience.

Living alone means I am my own priority. And yet, there’s something really positive about putting myself first. Everything is designed for me, around me, by me. My space is my own space, and my time is my own time. I don’t have to answer to anyone. Because, i kinda answered for everyone, for years.

Of course, it also means that I am responsible for everything. It’s up to me to take out the bins as well as do the cooking or do the take away order. I keep my Apartment very tidy because I want to live in a pleasant space, not because I’m carrying the domestic burden for a flat mate. Taking ownership is empowering.

It would be a lie to say that life doesn’t sometimes get lonely. It damn’s does. However, I believe in reframing the way thinking goes – lonely. The state of being alone it can be transformed, alone into one that is motivating and empowering. When I start to feel lonely, I go for a walk, watch a film, read a book, and keep fallowing my daily routines. One of my mentors once told me ” Isaac, a man with a dilly routine is a sign of motivation for ambition of ones self ” Most of all — I enjoy my routines.

Moving into my own place proved to me that I can be capable, independent, and in control of my own space and my life.