#AllMyThoughts On The Great Era Of Sadness And Madness

The original and the complete text of this letter has been wrote on 31/12/2018 

‘Live In The Moment And Practice Non-Attachment.’   This is the simplest definition of how people practice their life today. And that’s because is the most liberating thing this days, isn’t… To practice Non- Attachment. To Not Care. To Be Unconsciously Unfulfilled.

I often write from a place of anger and that’s because I am really worry about people in this day. People no longer know how to build things, no longer understand the procces of becoming great at excelling in some craft or field by their own. People are so immersed to their smartphone life and technology that they don’t understand people, they don’t observe people anymore. 

Narcissism is growing steadying on a daily basis. Our survival depends on how we relate to other people or how we understand them at some level, and definitely not to practice non-attachment with people. We shod be getting more closer to people. Everyone is really bad at observing basic elements in human psychology. Middle class, low class, high class, you name it. How bad can this be…

Everyone judges everyone based on stupid and automated decisions. Human stupidity at its best. No one motivates itself to give people another chance and to believe that It Is more constructive to focus on the broader Issue, and not to an individual person. No one concentrates on positive change. Instead everyone is focused on negativity and negative change, selfishness, and delusion. 

Do not ban people with dissonant opinions, that’s like letting your brain go straight to delusion itself, and that’s the most powerful force at work. Be aware of the fact that you have to get rid of such delusion.

I am consultant to a lot of powerful people which I will not mention their names, but the number one problem I find that they have, is the inability to understand the people they are dealing with, and I find the same problem in everyone. The overage, the middle class, the high class, or whatever other classes of humans might be. If you don’t understand the basics of people around you then you don’t have a primary skill that you need in life. 

We are socials animals. Our very lives depend on our relationships with people. The monetisation of our services and skills depend on our relationships with people. Our wealth, health, love and happiness depend on our relationships with people. You must understand that getting closer to people is the most important tool we can possess, without which our other talents can only take us so far.

The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection that one is prepared, in the end to be defeated and broken up by life, which is the unavoidable cost of trusting one’s practice and vulnerability with others, and very often the patterns of the past is exactly what brings us to the present. Sometimes the past is all we have to show for ourselves.

Man and Woman is cheerful by their nature. In fact the opposite appears to be true. For nature has armed the human, beyond their competence. They have transformed the world. We, the humans, we have thought the world, we are the damn world, yet we are alone…indeed. And we have no choice but to wield the power nature gifted us against ourselves, for it is only we who can confuse pleasure from sadness who cry for help without ever uttering a word.

This is the burden of consciousness, a disease of the current times we live, as some have called it  ‘the great struggle that plagues all human beings.’

We see, hear and taste just how momentary, just how pathetically short-lived life is. We understand that one day everything we hold dear in our little worlds will vanish without ever filling the emptiness in our hearts, the rivers will run black, the ones we love will leave us and the flowers will once again retreat into the cold and death like smell – the underground of hell. 

Even when we do feel true happiness, we are so damn suspicious and afraid of it, god damn it… The light shines upon our faces, yet we are so fearful of life that we hunch over, shielding our hearts from the darkness that will follow.

Man and Woman is far too aware to enjoy the present moment. He or she would rather cry for the past or worry about the future than enjoy the way the rain dashes across their face. And so if life is so tragic why the fuck we keep continue to persist in making it that way? Well…we are living in a great epidemic era of madness and sadness. Most people lives in its own existential crisis by their own. And you can’t ignore that. Just take what you want from this piece of write and walk away, nor I expect your opinion to stay. 

The intensities of my feeling makes me shudder and laugh. Several times I could not leave my room for the ridiculous reason that my eyes were inflamed. Each time I had wept too much on my previous day’s walks and thinking, not sentimental tears but tears of joy, I sang and talked nonsense, filled with a glimpse of things which put me in advance of all others. I now stay in my caravan of dreams, suffering by a delicate mind that looks into life too deeply, for Its deep inspires me to seduce a great stimulant to life. Now I finally rest and watch the sunrise on a grateful universe. ‘Part of The Journey is The End!’

But let me wish you something from my own!!!

Happy New Year! I Wish You Happiness And Joy! God Bless You All

Yours And Forever Trustworthy Friend.

Isaac Bjørn


Once upon a time, on a late night tale, a book fallen down from a shelf to tell its story. An unknown person called  ‘A’ takes a seat, close its door, jumps in its bed where all dreams and memories were made and dives inside a story written in the early 19th Century called “ The Parable of Horse sh*t.”

In New York in the mid 1800’s to early 1900s, one hundred thousand horses produced 2.5 million pounds of horse sh*t per day. Horses were the primary mechanism for transportation and industry, but the smell and the public health implications of being surrounded by horse sh*t were untenable.

New Yorkers were terrified. They demanded change. A Parable was about to be made.

Elections were won and lost on the issue, the greatest minds of the time were focused on figuring out a solution. Yet the wisest minds of our current times did figure out a solution for …a horse sh*t problem? Let’s keep reading.

Then, in 1908, Ford rolled the Model T off the assembly line and horse sh*t was literally no longer a problem. Horse sh*t went from being a Level-5 hurricane to a footnote of history.

The moral of the story is that ‘’Horse sh*t problems” are the kind of problems that must be paid attention in the normal course of your journey, to the shoulders of giants, my dear ‘Self Made Artist’ .

Unfortunately someone talented and still unknown – lived this, and I lived this as well – wile I mostly live it ”at most times” and I am fine with it, but I learned one single lesson. ” No One Cares About You And That’s The Most Liberating Thing There Is.

What Did You Learn So Far From This Lesson? Well….

You may aim at nothing, and you will hit it every time, I can tell you. Attitude, not aptitude, determines altitude. Among the things you can give and still keep are your word, give something back or pay it forward If you have something that may put a smile on someone’s face, It feel good, I can tell you now, and not the last – a grateful heart. There are no traffic jams on the extra mile. Be grateful. Believe in it. Give It a Try. Now let’s begin with an idea and then become something else, shall we? The most it’s going to win, it’s the most human story. I can tell you now and you will thank me latter. You all, my dear artist, dj, and musician who stand on the shoulders of giants with your careers, have a vital role to play in getting someone unknown yet talented from out there – under your arm, It doesn’t make you any harm. You can chose to be Artist ‘B’ who puts a smile on the unknown and talented artist ‘A’ from out there – in the digital space since we all become a digital face, a mostly human, yet an unknown little one or old one, millennial or centennial sits in its bed where all dreams and memories were made – And  you could have the inspiration to begin with an individual, but I learned that it does not reach its full fruition without collaborative development. My aim is to formulate a philosophy of success by drawing on the thoughts and experience from self made musicians, dj’s, artists – just like you, record label bosses, festival organisers and anything to everything else in between from the music industry, to find a success formula that could be used by the overage artist, dj, musician, who dreams to a career in the music industry from their bedroom, just like you dreamed from your bedroom. Becoming the best version of your self when you truly self made your self, is an experience and more like growth, happiness and fulfilment, yet many journeys of ‘unknowns’ to their dreams and memories are only for someone else hiring them to build their fulfilment – and that will be always made. An Incentivising Entrepreneurship, doesn’t have to get its fade.
”Once upon a time there was – never a late night tale”. Wake up
It takes time and persistence to become successful in such a competitive industry and if you’ve put in the work then – It will work, just like you worked your long hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades ..and 1 hundred % of the universe was on your side!!! You believed in your abilities to figure things out. It’s time to believe in others abilities and you can have a choice to give something back, or at lest pay it forward – and don’t be shy to share a piece of you, It feel good when that advice just helped a youngster to take a shortcut on his or her little journey ”called career” standing on the shoulders of giants.
There’s room for everyone in the industry if the Individual is worthy of such a deal for the industry.
So the final question is:  What would be your philosophy of success to help and educate the overage – yet still unknown and talented artist, dj or musician who dreams a career from its bedroom where all dreams and memories were never made? You can do all things in life thru Faith. It will strengthen you. A thankful attitude and giving something back releases so much joy in your life. I can promise you. Wherever you go and do what you do, give thanks to your grateful self or shall I say ”Be Great but Be Grateful, and everything is going to be all right. Because you are thankful for what you built and have and nothing is by accident.
Now Go And Make Someone’s Day!!!

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A Few Social Media Mistakes To Avoid In 2019

The digital space offers great opportunities for businesses to promote and further their offering. Small, Micro, Large, you name it. There is a place for you as well to win more in real time. But it’s also the arena where a false step can prove most damaging. Here’s how to get it right with my 4 or 5 principles.

But first I want to talk about the rise of small Businesses this year, because we live in the most wonderful time to do your own thing. AKA. ‘Be the Entrepreneur”.

The rise of social media has been a boon as far as marketing is concerned. The ability to reach thousands of potential and existing customers through the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – at little or no expense – gives small  Businesses the opportunity to compete with much larger companies.

Social media acts as a virtual shop window for all businesses, but often, the first time a prospective customer becomes aware of the organisation is from the first interaction they have with them on [social media]. It’s from there that they take the next step and go to their website to find out who they are, what they do, and what that small Business can do for them.

But successful social media use isn’t just a matter of sticking the odd picture on Instagram or updating your Facebook status twice a week. And there are a number of pitfalls – some of which can have very damaging consequences – that businesses of any type or size should seek to avoid.

Here are some common social media mistakes.

Slip 1. Taking a Scattergun Approach.

Don’t post content across the vast range of platforms in the hope something comes of it, It might do, but you’ll have soon become fatigued at the amount of time you’re spending on creating and publishing content with very little return. This can often lead to long absences on social media, which can be even further off-putting to your audience. Businesses need to understand where their clients are, what they’re interested in, and how they can appeal to this audience. Here I will use a word called ‘Congruence” Is you content congruent with your audience? I leave that with you.

Once you understand this, think about what you can do to make your life easier. You’re a small business, not a social media manager, so you need to ensure you don’t spend more time undertaking this than you need to. Creating targeted content is also important.  A lot of organisations will try to use the same message or content for Facebook as they would on LinkedIn, but the two audiences are hugely different.

Slip 2. Over-Promoting Your Business.

Try not to promote your services too often, a good ratio is to ensure no more than 30% of your posts promote your business. Here is about giving value. Most Businesses just ASK.

The clue is in the term ‘social media’ – your feed shouldn’t be a stream of promotional posts but should try and engage your audience with interesting content. When people use Facebook, it’s primarily for personal use. They don’t want to be bombarded by business communications or attempts by organisations to ‘sell’ their products or services.

“Social media isn’t a quick win in terms of generating traffic. You need to spend time refining your message and figuring out what works best for your audience. Successful engagement requires an understanding of what customers care about.

Slip 3. Expecting Instant Results.

Building up a brand and a loyal following on social media rarely happens overnight. Business owners need to be patient when it comes to getting results. At times, I found social media is certainly not a quick win in terms of generating traffic to your site. You need to spend time refining your message and figuring out what works best for your audience.

When I looked after the SEO and Google Ads for a Client in Glasgow/UK ‘Calvello Hair’  more precisely, I didn’t seen results instantly. It wasn’t until 3 weeks when It all started to came in, and the return on investment from the Client and my time was all worth the effort.

The key to any successful social media strategy lies in careful analysis. Take time to examine engagement levels on your posts, advertising, social listening, social marketing, community engagement and more, by looking at the performance of each message,  targeting ads and campaigns, you’ll be able to work out what type of content or Marketing Campaign works well with your audience. It isn’t necessarily what you think it will be. Here is about Social Listening skills, content that works and if you do ads, they must work at Data-Driven Level.

Slip 4. Hiding Behind a Corporate Façade. ‘(a mask)’

So many small Businesses dress themselves up in a corporate style on Twitter and Facebook because that’s what they feel they should do. If you want to win the customers heart you ‘got ta’ show some real you. In a world of Kardashians you got to be one of them’ Transparency is the real deal here.

Here is an example, look at companies like Tesco UK, John Lewis UK, Starbucks International to name a few,  they’re a great example of where personality can be introduced into some of the largest corporate social media accounts. They sign off every tweet with the name of the person that write it and – most importantly – they actively engage with people using the platform.

Slip 5. Ignoring Complaints and Avoiding Confrontation.

How you deal with an online complaint is an opportunity, It’s a window to show people how you deal with things offline as well.

If someone raises a complaint, don’t ignore it because people will see it. Ignoring or deleting it will not achieve anything aside from infuriating the complainant further.

Communicating on social media is not like having a quiet conversation in a restaurant, it’s like having a megaphone and sharing your thoughts and deeds with hundreds of thousands of people. Consider that and respond to complaints accordingly.

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