“I Can’t” Said The Mind But “You Can” Trick Your Mind

‘The real definition outcome of the right mind is the genuine core unshakeable belief that you can and will do anything that you put your mind too. Period. And that is ‘Right Mind’ in this context. And that’s how you become unstoppable to accomplish anything to everything in between. And that is the most dependable and consistent way to generate wealth too. That’s how you turn everything into profit’

When I was a very young man, I always heard the motto ‘you can do anything you put your mind to’. Well, I never understood much at that age because I thought is too literally. I thought to myself, you couldn’t move a mountain if you put your mind to it, so whoever said that must be full of crap. But It wasn’t until I took a step back from the literal and started to look at the intended meaning that it finally began to make sense to me.

And so I started putting my mind to it, and here’s what happened!

Growing up in an orphanage no one really showed me the way in life, but I figured the first part out in my early teen life, more precisely around the age of 19. I traveled in some long parts of the world like Barents Sea and even more up north closer to the North pole, and I put my mind into doing the best job that I possibly could in those uncomfortable sea climates, even If i was one of the youngest crew members. I was determined to take it from the lowest bottom nor I was intending to make that as a future career, instead i saved a good chunk of money, more like €30.000 in nearly 12 months. And I had the opportunity to cheat death a few times, nor you shall play with the dangers of the sea. You will not escape, instead your only hope is a bit of luck and a touch of optimism. And so I had a bit of luck . God is the greatest, and faith I had.

(Lower Left In Blue Gloves ) That Will be Me, the way I remember.

Barents Sea. February 2006
Greenland Sea May 2006

This job gave my a pay bump of €30.000 plus some other bonuses in a total of €10.000. My next jump was by almost €40.000. By working hard, studying my craft, striving for good repute, and continuing to aim for the next thing, I managed to jump by €100.000 in just 2 short years. Well, enough with the sea jobs. It was late 2007 and so I arrived in UK (with a bunch of money)

It would be misguided to say that it’s only about smart people who’s doing this kind of money and work in such conditions. There are a number of people whom I’ve encountered over the years who are all incredibly smart. Some of them were doing better, but many were doing worse. Why? Well, It’s because they lacked hustle. By being smart, they’d gotten lazy in early life and never really learned how to apply a bit of hustle in the later life.

But that’s not what I came to tell you about. I came to tell you about the other part of the lesson — the part that most people completely overlook. You can tell yourself ‘I can’ all day long, and if you really believe it, and you’re willing to work for it, you can absolutely accomplish anything you put your mind to. Determination + Hustle (+ Perseverance) = Success. It’s what works for me, and I am sure can work for you too.

But what if you tell yourself ‘I can’t’? Or how about ‘it’s too hard for me’? Guess what. Whether you believe that you can, or you believe that you can’t, you’re right.

In my early teen life I’ve always had a hard time talking to girls and I must admit even now and then I still have this feeling. Well, not always, but I’ve always found that it’s easier to talk to a female as a friend than it is to talk to a female that I’m interested in. Without even meaning to, I find myself trying to come up with interesting things to say, and they always come out as inane banter. It’s when there’s no pressure and I’m comfortable being myself that I can chat up the ladies with no problem.

Not so long ago in late 2018, I attended a lecture of Mr. Tony Robbins in London, but before the lecture I was out and about by myself exploring a new spot along Mayfair (a posh location in London). I’d never seen it before. It was nice, but maybe not my style. Could be a good style for those who have a lot of spare cash to flash. But the weather was great, and after a while of hanging out, I decided to go find something to eat. I was wandering around this few-block section of Mayfair where there were a lot of restaurants and ended up at this little Japanese restaurant.

As I walked inside, I noticed only a single staff in the entire restaurant, or I guess because was just about nine in the morning, but a tall blonde with green eyes and a beautiful smile came to my observation. She was enjoying her breakfast. I was somewhat intimidated because she was beautiful and I was immediately attracted to her. I found another table across the restaurant, sat down, and ordered my food. I had a Seafood roll. The restaurant was small and we could see each other across the way. We kept making (then breaking) eye contact while we were each waiting for our meals. I thought to myself that there’s no way I can talk to her. She’s too hot, and I won’t have anything interesting to say, probably. But those voices in the head that all of us have to deal with them, on a daily basis, sometimes are just…voices, and a bit of nonsense. And so I was wrong (about the voices in my head)

After spending about 10 minutes stealing glances back and forth, I finally decided that the worst thing that would happen is that a complete stranger would blow me off, ha. Was that really a big deal? No. So I got up, walked over to her table and asked if she minded if I joined her. She said no, so I sat down, introduced myself, and asked her how she ended up at a restaurant that was so empty, thinking my self that this will start a good conversation. From there we ate and chatted for about one hour, later on I found out she was working in real-estate. I must admit we immediately clicked on this subject. My self I want to open a real estate business on Airbnb in this 2019 year, and so this marvellous lady give’d me a lot of insight in this Business. I must say I am more motivated about this Business idea and that’s just because of her help.

Then she asked me if I was interested in getting some desert and going for a walk with her. We discussed a lot about strategies on doing real estate Business, and so I was more like her student.

I spent just over two hours getting to know this really cool and beautiful, attractive woman, before making my way back to Tony Robbins’s lecture, and it made for a really fun Friday afternoon. The little voice in my head had switched from ‘I can’t’ to ‘ I can!’. All I had to do was take a chance, and I was able to prove myself wrong. From there, it made it much easier for me to strike up conversations with people I didn’t know. Some people blew me off, sure, but it wasn’t the heartbreaking rejection that I had always thought it would be. It’s how it is. Some may be mockers some will invite you in. Some may smile, some may give you an angry look. It’s how it is and you can’t ignore that. Life is full of yes’s and no’s.

So, if there’s one lesson to learn here, it’s that you can do anything you put your mind to, even if it’s ‘I can’t’. The trick is to suspend your fear (those voices in your head) of whatever it is that’s holding you back — rejection, failure, shyness, or something else, and just go for it. Trust your intuition. And if by any chance you have to think of what you really have to lose, then the worst thing that would happen is that a complete stranger would blow you off. Is that really a big deal? No. So get up then!!! In the end if you keep fail OVER and OVER and OVER again you will eventually succeed. Most don’t know that this is the secret to success. I give it to you for free.


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I Am Predicting The World Of 2019 Just Like That

Adaptability Is Key To Survival In The Age Of Digital Darwinism

Charles Darwin said in On the Origin of the Species that it’s not the strongest or most intelligent of the species that survives but the one that’s most adaptable to change, and so I look into the world as it may be at the end of another generation, the world of 2019. I now dominate my thoughts in the way I see it.

There will be no nuclear war for sure but there will be a lot more interest for Computerization and Space utilization. Let me tell you more about the jobs that will be put at risk. I am just hopping you will not sleep on this.

The jobs that will disappear in 2019 will tend to be just those routine clerical and assembly-line jobs that are simple enough, repetitive enough, that cause to lose enthusiasm and initiative enough to destroy the finely balanced minds of those human beings unfortunate enough to have been forced to spend years doing them in order to earn a living, and yet complicated enough to rest above the capacity of any machine that is neither a computer nor computerized. It is these that computers and robots for which they are perfectly designed will take over.

The jobs that will disappear will inevitably involve the design, the manufacture, the installation, the maintenance and repair of computers and robots, and an understanding of whole new industries that these ‘Intelligent’ machines will make possible. This means as well that a vast change in the nature of education will take place and the population that are not taught to deal with a ‘High-Tech” world, will suffer the effect of Digital Darwinism.

This change, however, is much faster this time and the lower class society will need to work much faster, perhaps faster than they can. It means that the next generation will be one of difficult transition as untrained millions find themselves helpless to do the jobs that most need doing. Many will suffer the consequences of the Digital Darwinism.

Those who can be retrained and re-educated will be put to work at something useful. Those who will refuse to be re-educated and re-trained will be doomed in the dust, swimming in the ashes of poverty and speaking the Language of The Poor nor will have any support by some sort of grudging welfare arrangement.

In any case, the generation of the transition will be dying out, and there will be a new generation growing up who will have been educated into the new world. The population will be continuing to increase for some years after the present and this will make the painful emotion of transition even more painful.  I am also predicting an encouragement of a lower birthrate. I may be wrong, but I doubt it. 

By the end of 2019, the nations will be finally getting along well enough to allow the planet to live under the faint semblance of a world government by co-operation, even though no one may admit its existence.

While computers and robots are doing the scut-work of society so that the world in 2019, will seem more and more to be ‘Running Itself,’ and more and more human beings that will embrace automation, will find themselves living a life rich in leisure, being free from the obligatory engagement with the masses, for their monetisation of their skills and services will not need anymore such constant human to human interaction, instead putting the automation to do its glorious work. This will be a great tool for the practitioners of Literature, Musicians, Marketing, Online Education Programs and any other form of Art, for their life’s will be seduced in their own creative world without the need to get out from it at any time. That creative life. And this takes me to my next phrase: Space Utilization.

I don’t know much about a great Visionary which name is Jeff Mills, but for sure I am an amateur about his work, wile I must admit he is a good mentor of mine and I speak the words of Space Exploration, in my unlikely way.

We will enter space to stay. With the shuttle rocket as the vehicle, we will build a space station and lay the foundation for making space a permanent home for increasing numbers of human beings.

By the end of 2019, for sure we will be back on the moon in force.  And I don’t speak the words of Donald Trump but the establishing of a mining station with the help of many other world leaders from Earth will be possible, in order to process moon soil and take it to places in space where it can be smelted into metals, ceramics. glass and concrete construction materials for the large structures that will be put in orbit about the Earth. A prototype of a solar power station, outfitted to collect solar energy, convert it to microwaves and beam it to Earth as the property of any one nation, the globe in generally. I just hope such structures will be the guarantee of world peace and continued co-operation among nations.

Observatories will be built in space to increase our knowledge of the universe immeasurably, as will laboratories, where experiments can be conducted that might be unsafe or impossible on Earth’s surface. I guess now, indeed is the right time for the Roland Corporation to build the next generation of one mighty instrument: ‘The TR909,’ with the help of one mighty visionary. For sure I am an amateur on this. I am only indoctrinating this article with a touch of wit.

Humanity, not its structures only, but will eventually be in space at some point by 2100, building small societies of all kinds, lending humanity a further twist of variety. But for sure by the end of 2019, the first space settlement should be on the drawing boards, and may perhaps be under actual construction with the help of one or two great visionaries: Elon Musk and Richard Branson. And that’s the world of 2019 changed from the present, or at least my present. I am not sure about yours but if indeed you want to know more, I only charge £1 a word.

You can simply phone me or you may simply remember my idea and my name. How gracious man I am.

To Your Success, Mr. isaac Bjørn.

Happy New Year! I Wish You Happiness And Joy! God Bless You All !!!

This Is A PostCard For You

A Thought On The Great Era Of Sadness

‘Live In The Moment And Practice Non-Attachment.’ This is the simplest definition of how people practice their life today. And that’s because is the most liberating thing there is this days, isn’t. To practice non- attachment. To not care. To be unconsciously unfulfilled.

I often write from a place of anger and that’s because I am really worry about people in this day. People no longer know how to build things, no longer understand the procces of becoming great at excelling in some craft or field by their own. People are so immersed to their smartphone life and technology that they don’t understand people, they don’t observe people anymore.

Narcissism is growing steadying on a daily basis. I start to think we are indeed live in the Age of Instant Gratification. Our survival depends on how we relate to other people or how we understand them at some level. NOT to practice non-attachment with people, instead getting closer to people.

Everyone is really bad at observing basic elements in human psychology. Middle class, low class, high class, you name it. Everyone judges people based on automatic decisions. How bad can this be.

I am consultant to a lot of powerful people which I will not mention their names, but the number one problem I find that they have, is the inability to understand the people they are dealing with, and I find the same problem in everyone. The overage, the middle class, the high class, and whatever other classes of humans there might be. If you don’t understand the basics of people around you then you don’t have a primary skill that you need in life. You will constantly swim in an ocean of Non-attachment.

We are socials animals. Our very lives depend on our relationships with people. The monetisation of our services and skills depend on our relationships with people. Our wealth, health, love and happiness depend on our relationships with people. You must understand that getting closer to people is the most important tool we can possess, without which our other talents can only take us so far.

But we are not saints, nor do we wish to be one. And here’s my ¢0.02 from this story, which is built for the age of sadness and madness. For the age of NOW. For the age on Non- attachment. For the age of the Narcissist. For the age of changing characters that sculpts a way of thinking, mostly on their own. Our own too.

The average person is a failed saint, but the average saint is a failed human being.

The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection that one is prepared, in the end to be defeated and broken up by life, which is the unavoidable cost of trusting one’s practice and vulnerability with others, and very often the patterns of the past is exactly what brings us to the present.

Sometimes the past is all we have to show for ourselves. Nor I speak about ones patterns, instead I speak about the overage saint. I am now off for a walk with my own saint.

But here’s what I’ve learn, that no one has ever shown that Man and Woman is cheerful by their nature. In fact the opposite appears to be true. For nature has armed the human, beyond their competence. They have transformed the world. We, the humans, we have thought the world, we are the damn world, yet we are alone indeed. And we have no choice but to wield the power nature gifted us against ourselves, for it is only we who can confuse pleasure from sadness, who cry for help without ever uttering a word.

This is the burden of consciousness, a disease of the current times we live, as some have called it  ‘the great struggle that plagues all human beings.’

We see, hear and taste just how momentary just how pathetically short-lived life is. We understand that one day everything we hold dear in our little worlds will vanish without ever filling the emptiness in our hearts, the rivers will run black, the ones we love will leave us and the flowers will once again retreat into the cold and death like smell – the underground of hell.

Even when we do feel true happiness, we are so damn suspicious and afraid of it, god damn it. The light shines upon our faces, yet we are so fearful of life that we hunch over, shielding our hearts from the darkness that will follow.

Man and Woman is far too aware to enjoy the present moment. He or she, would rather cry for the past or worry about the future than enjoy the way the rain dashes across their face.

And so if life is so tragic why the f*ck we keep continue to persist in making it that way? I like to call this ‘we are living in a great epidemics era of madness and sadness’

It’s an opinion of my own.

Just take what you want from this Article and walk away, nor I expect your opinion to stay.

The intensities of my feeling make me shudder and laugh. Several times I could not leave my room for the ridiculous reason that my eyes were inflamed , but  from what? Each time I had wept too much on my previous day’s walks and thinking, not sentimental tears but tears of joy, I sang and talked nonsense, filled with a glimpse of things which put me in advance of all others. I now stay in my caravan of dreams, suffering by a delicate mind that looks into life too deeply, for Its deep inspires me to seduce a great stimulant to life. Nor I express the sorrows and ugliness of the world instead I shared some emotion from my own.

A way of thinking, on my own. And now let me wish you something from my own!!!

The Epitome Of Gracefulness For Your New Year Resolution in 2019

Epitome 1. You know that exploring and expressing yourself is your right and your purpose.

Epitome 2. You know that every single other being also has the same right & purpose to explore and express their natures.

Epitome 3.  You accept all people no matter what they look like or believe, and you accept all moments no matter if they are good or bad.

Epitome 4. You are always growing, always searching & striving ever to more in all things.

Epitome 5. You look at the difficult things in life as your teachers that help you grow, and you shall embrace them.

Epitome 6.  You never forget that being alive and being aware is a mysterious blessing that always deserves gratitude and joy.

Epitome 7. You enjoy the beauty in everyone and everything else, and you help to bring more beauty to the world.

Epitome 8.  You seek truth. You are honest with yourself and others, and you question yourself if truth is not displayed.

Epitome 9. You explore and develop your creativity in all aspects of life, and you help others to do the same.

Epitome 10.  You are connected with everything in the universe, so you live in harmony with other people, animals, plants, and all other things on the earth and in the whole cosmos.

Epitome 11. You laugh. You enjoy all parts of the world, and you do not take yourself too seriously.

Epitome 12. Explore the Nature and Powers of your own Being. Contemplate your own Nature. Do not repress or restrict any true instinct of your Nature, but devote all in perfection to the sole service of your one True Will.

Epitome 13. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law

Thank for reading something made by a mind of my own.

Please get more closer to people in 2019. Make this as your new year resolution.

Happy New Year! I Wish You Happiness And Joy! God Bless You All

Yours And Forever Trustworthy Friends. Isaac

Your Story Is Your Greatest Marketing Weapon. Don’t Ignore It.

You must understand. Your story, is your greatest marketing weapon. Don’t disqualify your story, it is and will be your greatest marketing weapon of all time. 

What you know, is magic. And what you know may have an impact to change the minds and hearts of others. 
You are the god of your own story, and you may chose to use it. And nothing else and no one else matters more than your own story if you chose to use it. Your Intellectual propriety which is your  IMAGINATION is your story. Make sure you share it with your audience. In the age of digital, in the age of post digital, in the age of changing characters, you story matters, because you can change the characters it self. Meantime, I have something to tell you. 

We live in the age of compounded hate. Misoginy, Ageism, Narcissism Disorders, Gender Discrimination, Homophobia, and maybe I missed a few, are the changing characters times them self we live in. The age of I am cool and you are not, the age of no one cares about you, yet is the most liberating thing there is this days, isn’t it. We’re defined much more by what we reject than what we adore. We’ve became the opposer it self. The judge of our extreme polarization that has guaranteed nearly 50 percent of the world can hate the other nearly 50 percent of the world, and the feeling is quite mutual. 

Our technological tools make it ever easier to weaponize antipathy. Facebook posts that generate intense emotion are much more likely to be shared than those that appeal to the cooler ends of our psyches. And we know that Intense emotion for a human being usually means hate rather than love, though it oughtn’t. But as inexhaustible as the human capacity for hate seems to be, it also leaves us broken. Hate is not what humans deeply want. And I am sure is not something you really want. I definitely don’t.  

These years have been quite dark for many, but they have been lit by a groundswell of love and that is love for the stranger, love for the immigrant, love for those who are different from us, love for the newcomer, love for the changing character, love for the day. Love wins, as the saying goes, and in the end, it conquers. Or so we’re told. Or so I’ve been told. 

Millennials had become poorer than previous generations and their
spending habits have been blamed for killing off industries ranging from casual restaurant dining to starter houses. I am not sure what this has to do with hate nor with love but it connects between the hate. 

Wall Street and Silicon Valley and few other industries across the world has come with the rule for the #MeToo Era like ‘Avoid Women at All Cost.’  Mens of great power, billionaires and good repute has started to adopt the ritual of no more dinners with female colleagues or don’t sit next to them on flights, or book hotel rooms on different floors, or avoid one-on-one meetings with them, or any such thing that may risk a man repute. This may lead to a controversial strategy to risk isolating women in few selected industries. Still, I am not sure what this has to do with hate nor with love but it connects between the hate. I am sure you get the point. I am only a journalist, author, artist, philanthropist and a consultant of good repute, and I intend to keep that for the rest of my remaining days, even in the age of changing characters, when repute becomes the new trading currency it self. This days you are being judge by your repute, yet an action can have a few interesting reactions. And I have no problem with that, but others may indeed have a problem with that too. And I know a few individuals of good repute, or at least they use to be. Now they are assigned in oblivion. So far with good repute. ‘The Age Of Changing Characters’  you want to remember this name and carefully study it. Don’t play with your repute. In the age of digital, you have nowhere to hide. You are being watched by your own repute. REPUTATION. I love this word. And you shod love it too. 

But here’s what else you may read today in Isaac’s Article. 

Originally, I was going to buy a lottery ticket last night. But after some thought and consideration, I decided not to. I even dreamed the damn ticket, can yo believe that? I swear I dreamed wining 65 million British Pounds on a lottery ticket. How fascinating. It’s quite of a large amount isn’t it, how bizarre. And I didn’t bought the ticket because the odds of winning are a GAZILLION to one, but because it is indeed bizarre to be the victim of the slot machine mindset. The thing is, I really do not need to WIN the lottery, wile for now I am fine with the little I have. 

My goals are really pretty simple. £50 Million. A million for me for my retirement, a million for the tax as they need their slice too, and £48 Millions for the causes I want to support around the world with my Foundation. FEELANDBJØRNFOUNDATION™ (I have a number of reasons but I will not bore you with the details, as you will know me better in the long run)

So a few weeks ago, millions of people stood in line to spend £2 (or in some cases much more) to buy HOPE. The lottery ticket hope. Hope for change. Hope for a better life. How interesting, isn’t. But there is still hope. The dream is still alive. And it is alive with you, within me, within everyone else. Unfortunately, most still buys hope. How fascinating, sorry, I mean how dumb, to buy hope. 

More millionaires are being made now than ever before. Even without buying damn hope. If you have a dream and goals you can do anything. That’s right. It’s possible. Damn Imagination, if some of you can really tap into it. It creates magic. But here’s one thing. You will not make millions of euros and pounds and dollars in one day, I  can promise you that, but you will make millions in one day. I can promise you that too. So dare to dream. Set high goals, and never give up Millions of $£€ are awaiting for a place to stay. Success it self, is looking for a good place to stay too. But remember, success isn’t born, it’s made, and you can take my words on this. Success is a science. I don’t believe in luck, fate or magic and all that dumb thing, but only cause & effect. Period. Focus on things with ‘causality’, not social popularity. Follow results and data, not the damn crowd. The secret it self is, If you do something right people will get to know you very fast. And success will come to you enough fast. Period. I’ve just give you the formula to wining the lottery it self. Now do something with it. But definitely don’t dig your own hole. It started to become quite popular this days (to dig your own hole) and many are quite enjoying it. How fascinating. 

Now Let’s Speak About Your Story Because Is Your Greatest Marketing Weapon It Self

I am finally getting to my title. I must admit I like to play with words, I always leave a space for coming back to title and here I am, back to title. 

In the age of changing characters, my mentors are no ones but just the ultimate question on life asked from a dusty shelf, and they are all good as dead.  The truth is what matter isn’t it. My mind is the first and only world I chose to be. And I report to world on how I find it, nor I speak the language of contempt, instead I share the 5% And if you don’t understand me then look in my words as clear as crystal. And I may indeed pursue on creating a sense of urgency right now, but simple to arouse the curiosity of ones who chose to.

And So I Speak For The Artist Only

I am astonished how many Artists on the whole internet and social media, produces the content for THEMSELVES in their best interests and NOT for THEIR AUDIENCE, which is the KING and QUEEN of their careers. 

Excitement is just a seed you plant. Context (the value) is the new currency traded for attention, and that is the fundamental act of getting the attention. But where is the attention it self? Where is the value it self. Where is the context it self? That is a question, isn’t it! And this questions are for your self, definitely not for me. 

You must understand that ATTENTION is what you need to master on doing it in the laws of all your interest, because the people are watching but you also need to understand where the attention comes to you by segmenting your context (the value you give) to the right attention (the audience) that is watching, because in the Age Of Digital, everyone grabs this f*ing thing called ‘A SMARTPHONE’ and that is the new law of getting the attention from your audience. 

You must understand that every single individual no matter is in a bus, train, airport, taxi, or even an individual walking on street, his or her attention comes and goes into a smartphone. And when every post sent out on your digital platforms is about you, when every content is all you, when every picture, every write is about you, you just mute all the attention from your audience. Yes, I know It’s sad isn’t it, it makes you cry as well when you know you have 100k followers and you get 4 comments and 5 likes. How dumb can that be, leaving money on the table, when you can monetise and advertise on a daily basis to those 99.996 followers. But I have good news for you, It’s about the audience and is NEVER been abut you. I guess now I just aroused the curiosity from you. 

None of you understands that you have to give, and give and keep give then you pursue a call to action then you gently ask. And that’s the sad thing when you keep ask and you put your followers dormant. Your followers are like flowers. Give them water every day and they will flourish. Give them dumb shit garbage content every day and they will go all dormant. And that’s the amuse story of every single one of you, or at least a few of you, with the content you produce. Obviously for your self and not for your audience. You shod listen to me as I am qualified to tell you this, not to mention I spend more or less £10k a month in getting mentorship with the biggest giants from the marketing Industry.  I now pass this rare knowledge to you. Do something with it. 

But here’s another sad thing. Do you know why more than 50% of you are going to fail? Because you are not going to bring any value in your audience. Your attention is dumb focused on your self only and not your audience. Have you wonder why DJ Khaled won the hearts of billions of fans? Because he focuses on trading value for attention, is that simple. 

Here is a question for you now? Are you actually providing value to your audience? How about you take a very good look in all your social media footprint, google and the whole mighty internet, search all your digital footprint with all your favourite keywords, and see what is the percentage of giving value to your audience and what is the value given to your self. That is a good question isn’t it? You must start having a conversation with your self, the rational, the narrative, with your career too, and maybe something better comes along. You know, like an awaking idea. 

Content is what makes people do something and take action, and you have the ability to make it happen to awake those 100k more or less followers you have. 

8 Billion humans are siting in front of you right now, holding the one thing that is the future of watching and communication ‘THE SMARTPHONE’ and you don’t take the action of making enough of it. I have 177 damn followers and I am making the 10X more than enough out of it, by bringing value to my few followers, to my audience, to everyone on the Internet with nothing but just VALUE, on a daily basis, not to mention I even do it on a hourly basis. 

The smartphone is the new asset of how information is consumed in the hands of your audience and if you change the trajectory of your ambition by figuring out fast what’s happening on your digital presence then you will understand why your are not doing it. 

But is it laziness? Is not knowing? What I think is  — Is just insecurity. Most people are not producing content because they are worried about their content when is posted. Worries what people will say, worried about what and whois going to watch it, worries about how many followers, how many  likes and so on.

Do you know how many will post something then will not work and then they will quit just for the sake because will not work? Like so many. The reality is that INSECURITY it is very REAL. And the reason that a few people are doing it and are doing it so damn well is because they got remarkable success just because they keep doing it. Thats the whole damn secret. The secret is to do it. 

I have 177 followers on my digital presence and I got your attention because I am doing it, and I am doing it well enough to keep getting more attention by giving value as first is first, and without any insecurity thinking of *what if* 

Remember, being cautious is the Language Of The Pessimist and the cautious speaks The main Language Of The Poor too. If you speak such language you will become a cub, and cubs never grow. 

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P.P.S  Are you currently facing problems in your life, your career too? You accidentally walked in sloppiness and you find it hard to have a voice? Do you find it hard to cope with goals, routines, habits and anything else in between that is stoping you from getting ahead? Well, I can tell you one thing as my self I’ve been there too, wile I learn this ‘No One Cares About You, And That’s The Most Liberating Thing There Is This Days.’ But I have good news for you. There is hope and there are Ways and Styles, to get ahead, and doesn’t have to take to long, to have hope, to start from beginning, to get out from the ashes, and all this can rebuilt but with the right person to show you the Way and the Style. You see, during the past decade, I’ve invested over half a million euro in my self, in personal development and growth by focusing on one thing ‘MINDSET’ because everything is mindset and skill and if rewired in error you will be back in the ashes speaking the language of the poor which is the language of the cautious, and no one wants to listen to that language. Let me pass to you the wisdom, wit and knowledge I’ve inherited from my mentors and guides, and having you Learn How To Turn What You Already Know Into Extraordinaries That Will Set You Apart From The Overage. I Can Help You Become A Peak Performer Around A Strategic Journey With Me, Creating The Best Version Of Your Self. Because when is about solving problems, I am the best of what I do, and if you don’t know me well, I am a sort of saint, the one pure idealist, utterly incorruptible. Let me help you getting where you need. So when you talk, I listen completely.  You will get direct accountability and support from my self and you’ll have the ability to ask me questions anytime. I’ll respond with audio, videos and thorough explanations for you to win more in real time. Enquire: isaac@feelandbjorn.org  (A Consulting Fee Will Be Applied.)

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Never Say No To Knowledge Because Knowledge Is Power. 



This chapter is from The Book Of PLANETBJØRN. THEY THE ALGORITHMS. as of Chapter 9

If You Can See It, Then You Can Be It. Whatever The Mind Of Man And Woman Can Conceive And Believe, It Can Be Achieved. Such Is The Power Of The Great Imagination, One’s Can Truly See It And Tap Into It, In A Mind Of Its Own.

Be overcome by your self-belief, even while you know you are practicing a kind of deception on yourself. How you carry yourself reflects what you think of yourself. To accomplish this, you must use a particular strategy upon yourself. Let’s just say we call it ‘The Strategy Of The Crown.’

The Strategy of the Crown is based on a simple chain of cause and effect: If you believe you are destined for great things, your belief will radiate outward, just as a Crown creates an aura around a King. This outward radiance of greatness and will infect the people around you, who will think you must have reasons to feel so confident. People who wear such Crowns seem to feel no inner sense of the limits to what they can ask for or what they can accomplish. This too radiates outward such as inwards too. Limits and boundaries disappear immediately. The imagination takes place. Use the Strategy of the Crown and you will be surprised how often it bears the fruit of Imaginable Success.

Now, let me tell you a story about the Imaginable Success, because some may call it ‘A Cuckoo Crazy — Type Of Saying To Your Self’. And that’s because most people dream of achieving something and then they sit on the couch, watch football, keep up with the Kardashians, eat KFC, drink beer and stalk people on Social Media worrying and criticising them of their belt choice. When they don’t achieve their goal, they will say it was the government, the current market, somebody stole their idea or that they’re too busy. They are totally deluded. These people have a clinical grade brain problem. They swear that doing the work is not correlated to success. Try to tell them that “doing the work works” and they will call you a “cuckoo crazy”. This are the ones doomed for a totally ’No Change’

Now, what if I tell you that in every living human on this very planet, there’s something called …………..(to be continued in Chapter Eleven, in my book.)

And I am slowly closing my last few words from this Article which is part form one of my chapters in my book, but not before I will Enlighten you, I can promise, that you don’t want to miss on such rare knowledge Book. I am bringing the wisdom from the past from my life mentors, by reasoning and boiling down complex things on the core of many problems that the Artist has to go through in his or her career, and so by underpinning my assumptions as my first definition I put down the right Principles, because Humility Is the new Inspiration to get Enlightened on the Shortness Of Life

Making Art is an exhausting struggle, a chaos of possibilities and emotion, and one would not bear such a burden if some dark spirit did not drive him. I, for sure I’ve been driven by some dark spirits of my own thoughts, writing this book might get me placed in everyone’s thoughts or may not. But no Artist knows which of their motives are the strongest, and who knows such mystery of words, I for sure know one or two things about the mystery of INSPIRATION, because some time ago I was inspired too. I now, share with you, some of my own little Inspiration. And so more in my book too. 

My book will show you how smart and ambitious you should be about succeeding in your career and life too,  to completely Stand Out in the maze of your Industry such as in the maze of your life too. Because If you roll with the bunches you’ll become lost at sea. You must always have a good reputation or if you have a certain reputation you better use it to your advantage and so this is where the words from this very book comes in.

In The Book of Planetbjørn, They, The Algorithms, will be of extraordinary interest to practitioners of knowledge and power wile its study will be of value for anyone whose life encompasses conflict in its journey. 

In my writing, I am not borrowing the ancient words of Buddhism, Freudism, Epicureanism, Stoicism and maybe I miss a few.  Instead, I will express the heart of truth, using the Ways of Power and Knowledge as my mirrors.

I am going to give you an introduction of the ‘The Four Ways’ on how people shod make their way through the world. And that is: The Way of the Warrior, The Way Of The Farmer, The Way Of The Artisan and The Way Of The Merchant. All this rare knowledge, found in my book. 

There is a reason why I call this book ‘The Bible Of The Underground Music Scene’ because during the past few months and even years, I’ve seen careers terminated, I’ve seen bad arguments from a few selected subjects, distorted criticisms and many more things that I am sure you know well for now. And so this book will show you a way to stay AWAY from such sloppiness of worse.

You must understand that, you live in the age of changing characters. The audience is the king and queens of your decisions and career too. The time of ‘The Artist Makes All The Choice’ is long gone.

If you roll on the wrong path with the Audience, you will  stir up reactions that will work against you in the long run. And has been many examples.

In my book I carefully Enlighten the path on how to avoid arguments with those who stand above you, which is the Audience, they are above you at all times. Because we all believe we are Masters in the realm of opinions and reasoning and so In my book I put this as first is first knowledge so you will not be the victim of having someone putting a ‘second hand’ judgement on you. Never, at all times. 

I speak as well about Honesty, which is actually a blunt instrument sometimes, which its blood is more than it cuts. In your career there will be times when your honestly is likely to offend people. My book will care for you when the time will come.

I am also bringing the rare methods from Hamlet plays. This method use to be called ‘The Mystery’s And Madness Of One’s Play’ a tactic that Hamlet used with great effect in Shakespeare’s plays to frighten his status, because you live in the age of changing characters. And if A comes with something better, then you are out. This is the game of power in the age of digital that very few knows how to practice it well.

In other chapters I also speak about the tactics on how to play with the Time, in your advantage. Because you live in the age of Instant Gratification. That’s right. Everybody is in a damn rush on digging their own hole in their careers. How fascinating, isn’t.

My other chapters contains the great art of how to maintain your Independent seduction in the game of Power, because in the age of digital and post digital, when soon a time will come for human unemployment, and the industry’s will finally say NO to the 90%, only a few numbers of modern superstars will thrive from their fruit. And so I enlighten the principles you must always know on how to be always needed and wanted, because the more you are relied on, the more freedom you have.

I also speak about Symbolic Power and why is important to ‘Understand The Symbolic Power as the The Shortcuts To Expression’ in your career.

And not the last, I speak about Fulfilment. Because Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure. You must understand that. Many of you keep ask but very few give a little back. You must give as well to understand the great art of fulfilment, otherwise you may live a life of struggle no matter how fat is your wallet or your bank account. 

My book is a self help story of 13 chapters and will keep you strong and fit on the maze of your journey. Never say no to knowledge. Because knowledge is power. You must understand that.

I am also patiently working on something even bigger, and I speak nothing but just my own brand of Music. A Self designed evolution of Algorithmic Sounds in which I am able to design and improve the DNA of my own choice in music using nothing but just the mystery of mind and technology. This will be my brief answer to big questions in the way I make music, in the age of changing characters. Nor I speak a Lion’s words instead I chose nothing but just the good ingredients of IMAGINATION. And so I tap into it speaking this very words. You shod Investigate this thoroughly.

Because you’re only given a little spark of madness in your short life. And you mustn’t lose it.

What else! Oh, I almost forgot. I am working on another project. It is a bit of a side project. Some time ago I was watching Kraviz in Paris at the Eiffel Tower. I silently observed her from different angles all her moves. I even looked in her eyes from 1 meter distance. She has that fire in eyes of domination and power. I look to her, she looked to me, she stoped for a second then she continued her craft.  But her body posture, the face positioning and her reactions to specific sounds, how she moves her hands, the cigarette gesture, the lips, eyes movements and so on, is something fascinating in all those movements. Everything works intelligently, communicating one move with the other. This girl is sophisticated as your darkest dreams, mystery’s of imagination and anything else that you will not understand. I don’t damn understand but I am working on something that even she, will not understand, and this may take some time. I am fine with that too.

And so I took my book, Think And Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, (be careful as that book is weird, Napoleon was ..indeed quite weird, but there is gold to be mined into that book too) then I flipped to page 208, and I learned again the 10 principles on that very chapter so I can further proceed my creation. And I keep the rest aside for now. Key

Kraviz understands very clear the game of power. She is a sophisticated symbol it self. She is the Symbolic Power in the Underground music scene it self. Accept it or not, it’s true and many of you will not have what she built. Period.

And that is not about cash, fancy bags, private jets bookings, and all that big $ that others may have as well indeed, or tracks produced and so on. There are many artists in the scene that makes more better music than Kraviz, out of the question, it’s a yes.

But 99% from the Industry lacks ONE THING. And those who are the mockers, or even those who are not the mockers, no matter what fame they have or may not have, will not understand this ONE THING.  And that is, ‘Human Psychology’ – Marketing Psychology’ – ‘The Symbols Psychology – The Symbolic Power – Psychology of the Colours Association’ – Influence From Mere Association, and many others principles that are very sophisticated to be listed here and explained to you.

You must understand and practice the game of power and the Human Psychology, you must speak the language of such Lion, in order to get what you want in life, because is nothing wrong on getting what you want if you deserve it and you got what it takes to get it all. Because all is never enough, same as a Lyon practicing its rights in the kingdom of the jungle, you must practice your own right in your own kingdom when you become the Lyon your self,  if indeed you got it all, so all can be enough for you. Otherwise you settle to just be a cub. And cubs never grow. They are the followers of the Lyon’s. How fascinating.

But you must be careful on playing with such power, because a man or a woman, who gets its hands on such power, can always be bitten by its own growing snake if indeed she or he plays with it. In my book I speak in large about playing with such power. The chapter is called ‘In The World Of Smoke And Mirrors’ and I am bringing the wit of the past from the shoulders of giants, in a compartmentalising book.

Wile many will think I speak the language of Wittgenstein, I must admit the man itself is one of my mentors too, and he is good as dead, but is alive within ThySelf, only borrowing the 5% ingredients that I use them when permission gives a right. But you must be careful if you speak Wittgenstein language, because is a Lion language, and no body understands a Lion, isn’t. How fascinating. Wile I must admit, in my book I practice all over a Lion language, but you see, when I speak it, I awake the Lion within ThySelf. Wile if by any chance one day, some of you will ask me: Isaac how would you describe your self in one short sentence? I will simply say: I am a sort of saint, the one pure idealist, utterly incorruptible. Period.

And so, sitting in the corner of the Eiffel Tower, with a glass of water, I analysed Kraviz for a precise 1 hour. I told my self ‘She is indeed the Underground Queen’ and she’s practicing all well, in all the matters of skill, beauty and on the game of power it self.

But my idea was inverted, and what I done instead, in the last few weeks, I become a clever borrower (and i speak about this too in my book, how to become a clever borrower of others wit on Chapter 9) and so what i done , i become a collector of a few lost and rare pieces, all collected with nothing but just the mystery of mind, and I intend to build a Portrait from them.

Such pieces can be very rare face positions, eye movements, body postures and so on.  You know, that rare half a second that you get amazed and say to your self ‘Wow, I look so good there, but how can I do that again’ and that was a moment lost in the past. Well, it shouldn’t be lost. Because, my idea was indeed true. I will build a Portrait Of Kraviz.  All done in Algorithmic Art. In one word, done by a machine with the help of noting but just the mystery of mind.

Then, in 50 years, when the Underground Queen it self will forever fade its beauty, this Portrait will go on an Online Auction, starting at £1M.  Because the Underground Queen it self is worth 100X of such a deal. She is the Symbolic Power of the Underground Music Scene. She is the Royal Linen that many will never wear or many will not even have a chance  to wear.

And all the funds will go in my Foundation, the FEELANDBJØRNFOUNDATION. The Foundation for the artist and my way of doing things for the talented one’s that is worth of such a deal for the industry, because there is always room in the industry for the ones who’s worth it, but such Individuals may not afford a better education, may not afford a better computer to make music, may not afford not even a midi keyboard, may not afford to not even have a voice. How about that. Because you make a living by what you get but you make a life by what you give. That is interesting isn’t. Such little saying may put some serious thinking in your own.

Thanks for taking your time in reading my mind.

I am grateful, you’ve been around. Wile I must admit I don’t have many friends. So, if you want to be my friend, I will be your forever trusty and loyal one friend. But you must speak 5% of Wittgenstein wit.

Because 5% is all it takes to have meanings in our words, the mystery and the view of it, otherwise we will sound to extreme to others, and no one wants to work with the extremes.

Remember, 5% of wit included in your Art too, will have meaning to the audience too. You must leave that large space for the audience to understand and judge your art, otherwise too much sophistication can become a Lion’s Wit.  And no one can understand the words of a Lion nor its wit.

This article was built around an extreme Lion’s wit with to much sophistication on words and too much wit. Here, I played the extreme Lion, talking philosophical wit.

There is NO Portrait Of Kraviz, nor any such intentions. Instead was just a lesson on how to use such wit in the journey of your career as well your life too.

Never Imagine a language as another form of life. Never speak the words of a Lion, even you intend to speak with a Lion it self.

But the book it is in full existence. It’s not a mystery, instead is the true 5% wit as my gift to the industry I belong.

I’ll let the wit from Wittgenstein behind its very pleasant pineapple to do the meaning of the words. Your good and forever trusty friend, Isaac

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A Lyon’s Words

Empathy Is The New Success



Success is something you attract not something you pursue. So instead in going after it, focus on personal development, because success is looking for a good place to stay!


How Incredible is this little quote, isn’t !!! Such words may require some thinking on your own. You shod Investigate this thoroughly.

 And so it’s Sunday. Then let’s start a good read. My Article is about to be ReVealed. Obviously And Mostly for you.


I am standing here in Paris, Gare Du Nord, waiting a train to London. How fascinating is to observe people’s faces, crossing from left to right. Sometimes, I image them like pushing an imaginary random button and you get this random patters of beats generated, every time being a different pattern. Imagine that. Ha. Making music with your imaginary thoughts. But I wonder what’s in everyone’s thoughts. Imagine if you would know what’s in everyone’s thoughts. Imagine what would be in your own thoughts. Because the mind is as stranger as you may ever think.

But how would be like if you could actually know your thoughts, at least the ones with good ingredients, not your ordinary thoughts. Because those who want more, then more will be added. But you see, every body wants, but not everybody gets — a place in its own thoughts. And who knows such mystery of words, what would be in everyone’s thoughts, or at least in …your own thoughts. I call it the Mystery of the Mind. How fascinating isn’t it? 

But knowing everyone’s thoughts would be quite risky isn’t? But you see, is all damn risky this days isn’t it.  Marrying is risky. Having children is risky. Going into business is risky. Investing your money is risky. Making friends could be risky too if you chose the wrong ingredients, but don’t be too cautious, just use common sense. And so on, making a piece of music is risky too, as everyone may laugh on you, isn’t it?  Chasing your goals is risky too. Writing this Article is risky too, not to mention distracting peoples reality from the ‘pleasant to the unpleasant’ is risky too. You see, It’s all damn risky in life isn’t it, but wait and see until  you never try it. Wait and see until you never try anything in life. Or wait and see until what’s happening when you try something in your life. Something magical is happening. How about that questions. You should investigate this thoroughly.


But let me tell you this my dear reader, how risky life really is ‘You Are Not Going To Get Out Alive.’ That’s risky isn’t it. Such words may put some thinking on your own. They say ‘One thinks better with him self, but not with the other.’ How fascinating is this little saying, really is. 

But let me tell you also this ‘Once upon a time, there was an English Man who really said — Let’s give it ago’ and Now we talking, isn’t it, but that’s risky too. It’s all DAMN risky, isn’t. But that’s what is really life for. To give it ago, isn’t it. 

You see, It’s not important how long you live, but important is how you actually live. You should investigate this matter thoroughly.

So don’t be to Pessimist, otherwise you will fall into something quite  unexpected. I call it ‘The Language Of The Poor,’ and that is the mighty Pessimist. 

Did ever someone told you what an actually ‘Pessimist’ is like? I can tell you, the real story of the pessimist mind, because I’ve been studying this animal for quite some time. And in my book ‘They, The Algorithms,’ you will explore the whole fascinated journey.

Pessimism is the deadly disease of always looking on the bad side, the problem side, the difficult side, checking all the reasons, but only the bad ones. He or she, will tell to it self  ‘The business can’t be done, The goal can’t be reached’ and maybe I miss a few more thousands of examples. But I can tell you this, ‘The Poor Pessimist, Lives An Ugly Life.’ He or she, never tries to figure out what’s right, instead he or she tries to figure out what’s wrong. He or she, doesn’t look for Virtues, instead he or she looks for the bad thoughts only, and when it finally finds its bad thoughts ‘It’s delighted.’ How ugly can that be. And thats the power of knowing your own bad ingredients from your own thoughts. How fascinating is to actually know your own thoughts, isn’t!!! At least if you know your good ones. 

Here’s another thing about the Pessimist. One day, he or she will wake up, believe in its senses, then will rush up and said to its self ‘ I got Five Good Reasons Why Everything Won’t Work,’ The Pessimist will be so dumb, that will not even know that all it needs is one reason or probably not even one, not damn five. And that’s the ‘The Language Of The Poor’ spoken by The Pessimist. If you speak such language you need to get rid of it IMMEDIATELY! 

To the pessimist, the glasses are always half empty. To the optimist, the glass is half full. Why would the same measure, would affect people in two different ways?  Well, it all depends on how you look at it. And that’s because our life’s is affected by the way ‘WE THINK’ and most things are NOT the way they are.

You see, the mind is like a factory. A mental factory more exactly. And whatever you think about all day long, pours ingredients in this mental factory, and that’s what builds the economic, social, financial and many other important things too. The mental fabric of your life.


‘As You Think So You Shall Become’


Why so many successful Artist really do succeed? Because they speak the language of the Optimist. But why so many Artists really don’t succeed in the long term wile instead they fail badly due to their attitudes, bad habits and maybe I miss a few things, resulting into TERMINATED CAREERS? And I know one too, and is quite a mighty one too, is here around Glasgow, out and about at most times, and I deeply feel sorry for him too. He is a good man at heart. But you see, is because they speak the language of the Pessimist. Which is the language of the poor accumulated and rewired in the long run. Is that simple explication. I can’t give you a better answer.


But let me tell you this —  you will not believe what others have in their house, and I speak for the Pessimist.  What do you think they have? I tell you what they have. And that is ‘TRASH.’ Can you imagine dumping a load of trash in one’s Mental Factory, every day, day by day, then coming back with a very rich dynamic and positive life? and even saying to you self ‘I WANT TO BE A SUCCESSFUL ARTIST – I WANT TO BE AN IDEA !!! Oh My, And Very No. It can’t be done.


Let me tell you about my own TRASH. Some many years ago, I use to wake up in the morning and starting to read all unnecessary things on internet. Obviously the bad stuff. I use to read magazines, read newspapers about news on bank robing, murders, suicides, riots, crisis, monkeys and lyons and reading even the back pages and all that poison from around the world that the media wants us to see it and record it in our brain. But you see, the media knows that your brain craves for it too. The amygdala is a mystery too.

I use to play computer games and stay all day and night long on internet pages, I use to watch pornographic content, I use to read pornographic content and just because my friends (THAT I ACTUALLY NOW FIRED THEM ALL) reads and watches that too. Oh my….I use to fall for ‘Security and Cornered’ because was safe too. I use to know nothing but ‘Whatever Tomorrow Comes Too.’ How sad thinking on my own, could that be, too. How sad. And that’s the language of the poor spoken. The pessimist language. 

And so, I learned the hard way from all that, and one day I said to my self ‘I start Today.’ And oh my…you can Imagine what days I start to have, after all that. Good days too.


Let me tell you about another ‘Language Of The Poor’ wile I categorise it in the ‘Language Of The Irritant’ and that is COMPLAINING. I’ve been studying this animal too for quite some time. And I am a Pro on this as I tried them all. And this disease is deadly. Engage or indulge in this even slightly and you might even forget about your future because the future will forget you.

Complaining, is the complete language of the Irritant, and all that will poison the future of the practitioner of such language, very badly. The thing is, it acts like an infection.  It spreads in someone then migrates in someone else. The way it works, is through subjective thinking. More like ‘One gets distorted with another.’ You want an example? Let’s just say the irritants from your digital presence, complaining in comments their own sad regret, just because they’ve never took action on their own life. A goal at least, to taste it a little. 

Spend 5 minutes with a complainer, and you had wasted 5. And you may even have a chance to become the ‘Economic Cancer of the Complainer’ if letting the complainer spread Its virus into you, choking its own regret to you. How ugly can that be. Wile latter on in life, after many trials and fails, I actually found the perfect antidote for the complainer animal.  Make a show of complete calmness, and the complainer will be taken by this and will become relaxed. You infect their spirit. You can infect them with a carefree, drunk-like spirit, with boredom, or even weakness. If you want to know more about this animal, then I have a full chapter on it, with 50+ pages, that will fascinate the mind from you. The chapter is called ‘Avoiding The Infection’ and comes from Dr. Charles, as my Algorithm 3. 


But now, let me tell you another story. Some years ago, at a conference In London, I had paid £8000 for one ticket to get my seat in the front row and listen the speech of what is now my life mentor, Mr. Tony Robbins.  I must admit, that was everything I got in my bank at that time, and If I am not wrong I left with £65 in my account after spending all that cash. Imagine that. And the best part was that all my friends literally told me I was the ultimate dumb on this planet earth to spend £8000 for 2 hours, just by listening someone’s words. Well, now they are flipping burgers on a minimum wage, wile I started my little ‘baby steps’ journey, and I ain’t rich but I am happy with what I got now. Definitely 10X better than before, all around the good life of my own.

But I knew taking a risk will be good worth. Because you see, in life is all risky isn’t, but you will never make it if you never try it.  And so, after the conference, I had quickly run to Mr Robbins and with almost a bunch of tears in my eyes, and I asked him.  ‘Sir, Please Help Me, How Do I Build The Good Life, Would You Please Teach Me!’ Well, I receive a very simple response back. ‘It’s Simple, Young Man’ – He said, with a cheerful smile the size of a mighty sun, and so I was told. But it’s not easy too, I was also told. However, mainly It’s easy, I was keep being told.  Because I asked for more, and more was aded. Remember, those who want more, then more will be added. You should investigate this thoroughly.


But here’s how you build anything in life. First, select the right ingredients. Second, keep out the wrong ingredients. Third, start with a thought. One thought only. Because everything starts with one thought. And so you must be wise and carefully of what you think because that’s how anything to everything starts.


Let me tell you this too ‘What would happen if someone drops sugar in your coffee?’ Well, I think you will be okay, isn’t it. But ‘What if someone drops salt in your coffee?’ Well, it would be salty, isn’t it? So the lesson is, you got to be careful. Life can be both ’Sugared and Salty’ and you must pick the correct ingredients, but not at the price of Salt.


I remember, after the conference, Mr. Robbins told me ‘Wherever you go in life, Isaac, ‘Every Day, Stand Guard At The Door Of Your Mind.’ How important such saying. It’s Fascinating isn’t. Stand Guard At The Door Of Your Mind. I love this little quote too.  


You must decide what goes into your Mental Factory of Thoughts. Don’t let anybody just dump anything they want into your Mental Factory of Thoughts, because after that, you got to live with the results on your bank balance and so your life too. You should investigate this thoroughly.


And so, could that be the secret to unlock the truly beautiful life? The success that everyone’s keep looking. The health, the wealth, the love, the happiness? Well, for sure for me is. I let you investigate this thoroughly.


Because you see, if you really found the secret to your own successful and beautiful mind then you may actually find the secret to unlock the vault to one mighty pattern of your own choice and mystifying everyone’s thoughts? Could that be your optimist choice? Could that be? It could be. Is actually a good one. A creative one. So, what are you thinking right now? Is it you or your own thoughts. Because is a difference here, is like the monkey and the human. Tell  me. Tell me everything but not the best. Keep your best thoughts for your great success.


Because success is something you attract not something you pursue. So instead in going after it, focus on personal development between you and your self only, because success is looking for a good place to stay! With you.


Now shine your golden wings above everyone. And grow your star in the sky. Because when you ask for more, then more will be aded. And You will be Enlightened.


‘As You Think So You Shall Become’ 


This Article was a short introduction from Chapter 1, from ‘They, the Algorithms’ a book of Planetbjørn, written by Mr. Isaac Bjørn. The Author. Available from January 2019 on Amazon in Kindle (ebook) format and hard  copy format too. I am sharing the book cover bellow, wile it is not finalised. The vector graphics are in progress. I am still having the project in Adobe Ilustrator, mainly working on it through airports and hotel rooms. As you know it, the life of an Artist. The life of a Consultant in my case.






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Why You Should Not Buy Tangible Gear And What Should You Do Instead



Do one thing every day that it scares you. And that is? You don’t need the unnecessary gear from the above or any other tangible and fancy gear to produce hit records. That’s right!!! You heard Isaac’s voice very clear. But prepare taking some serious notes, as this article is as controversial as my loud voice and the many writes of mine that inspires the phonological loop from you.


But before to start my article I want to tell you a very clear thing!!!

You see…my dear Artist, ‘Man and Woman’ will only become better when you make them see what he or she is like. And so, last week I wrote the very last chapter from  PLATNETBJØRN ™  THEY, THE ALGORITHMS. And you  will love this book to the very bones of pleasures, masturbating a mind of your own, and I can tell you now, such pleasure can only be discrete to your own. I have fascinated stories and algorithmic art work just for you, thru a mighty 200+ pages journey!!! And yes, I am not just a Journalist. I am also an Artist, just like you, wile at the heart I am a story teller. But I am also a Musician on my own terms, I draw digital art then I algorithm the heart from it using technology to meet my Imagination. I am also a Consultant that helps Artists just like you to find their balance in the maze of their Industry, and I am also an Entrepreneur with two successful start-ups. And not the last, I am also a pigeon fancier.

But for the past 13 carefully chosen years, I had been a silent observer of many, or maybe too many. The many trivials from other’s life’s maze’s. I’ve learned to judge their moves by the insecurities and sloppy natures of worse and mistakes they’ve been through, and so resulting 13 careful writes that can also come as a straight shot of whisky 🥃 for some, but this book will guide and help you navigate through the maze of your industry, because there is a dark side of human nature and there is a dark side on the game of power. And so I wanted to reveal it to you in the most straight way, because you are the master of the show, wile I am only a careful and silent observer of your show.

All in one, I go through a very sophisticated and detailed pattern of story telling, just like your own sophisticated DAW pattern, or least you shod have one, I hope you have one, because I like sophisticated stuff.  Not many knows that I spend about 100 hours to 6-7 minutes from a live set, and thats just me when I do things on my terms by totally breaking the RULES, the FORMULAS of making a piece of unorthodox’ed music. A formula that has been passed to me to you to everyone, telling us that must be done this or that kind of way, otherwise ‘SORRY.’ there’s no other way. They are wrong, I don’t fallow such distorted formulas.


So what is this book all about then? That excites the words from you. 


Well, first, I am an independent thinker, confident in my own research, and I drive no particularly pleasure from operating with or against the crowd, wile focusing only to an Audience of One. Creativity is reclaimed for my own sake, and second? Knowledge is power. You must understand that very well my dear Artist. This book is in service to knowledge wile power is the engine from in it. Makes sense? Because In PLANETBJØRN They, The Algorithms, Power, Greed, Life’s Grandeur will flow hot and red In thrilling descriptions. A book In the service to the Objectivism. The Radical Realism Time. An uncompromising defence of Self-Interest as the Engine Of Progress to Power.

You are excited aren’t you? The questions is…who shall get a copy. Such question requires some thinking on your own. But the follower of this book will be educated in the highest levels of its choice, inculcating virtue, philanthropy, social justice, power in its career and morality, becoming one of the great figures of its very own thinking. Enlightening the understanding of Specialised Knowledge in a mind of its own.

All in one, I Story Tell The Heart From Me..about: Keys To Power, Enlightenment, Seduction, Attention, Intentions, Thinking and Behaving, Time, Ignoring the Trouble and the Danger, Symbolic Power, the Visual and the Symbol, Anger and Emotion, Money and Power, the Strengths and the Performances, the Life and Thyself, the Responsibilities, the Values, the Strengths, Avoiding the Infection, Actions and Arguments, the Fulfilment, the One’s Mind Imagination, the Human Nature of Worse, and Taking the Credit.

Here, the lessons in this chapters are quite simple: consider this your bible to navigate through the maze of your industry, life and thyself. And you will thank me latter.

I will only release 113 copies and the ones who will get his or her own copy — happy shall live ever after. I guess you going to keep an eye on my digital presence to find out when and how to get one copy!!!


But now, let’s coming back in this Article, and let’s talk about, Why You Should Not Buy Tangible Gear in 2019, 2020 and further more decades from your life grandeur, And What Should You Do Instead.


First is first: the future is digital and totally intangible, and you may take notes of such words. Second: In your journey, you will meet many  DENIALISTS’ which is the person “trapped” into a byzantine mode of argument because he or she has no few options in pursuing a truth. Remember, If you are one of them, to be in denial is to know at some level. To be a denialist is to never have to know at all. In one word, ’The Denialist Person’ is a post‑enlightenment phenomenon reaction to the ‘inconvenience’ of modern minds.

For me, helping people understand that making a difference in the world of their own with my help, from anything to everything, Is one of the hidden successes and secrets to my own…philanthropic dream. This secret is also the key to unlock the power of understanding and fulfilment. And in the last chapter of my book, the ‘Bonus Principles’ (and you may take a note of this chapter) more exactly, I explain this in details. I guess now, you got so excited to get your own copy, aren’t you?

In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth Is a revolutionary act. And that’s how the musical artist world has gone mad! Buy this plugin, buy that plugin, buy this gear, swap that gear, oh..I don’t like that gear, buy the other gear. Sorry, you need to buy this gear because it just came out. Wait, you must buy this daw then swap that daw, and maybe I miss a few. ALL these thoughts are for losers. You are deceived in a word of trivial. Wake the f..*k Up.

Right now the online musical world – market, is in a state of delusion, fantasy and clinical grade insanity. Everybody has gone mad! I’ve been quietly observing this and using it to my advantage for years, but today, I decided to share my observations with you. Why? Because it’s gone too far.

At the end of the day, – You The Artists – or bedroom producer, or grammy award, or international superstar, you can make something from intangible gear that sounds just as good that you will do in a studio with £1m tangible gear. When you think at something like ‘How a Hit Song is Made’ you may Imagine something like ‘Is Made in a huge Professional Studio.’ Well, you are wrong. Now, technology has advance at such point that many of the tangible tools that is found in the exaggeration of thousands of £€$ cost, and it has been told and passed to you that in order to build a hit song you need such tools and you must pursue them to produce such hit records. Well that information is totally distorted. Now you have them in the palm of your hand, literally.

What if I tell you that you can make such hit records with a smartphone and a laptop? Yes that’s right. And you don’t need all that unnecessary gear. ‘But wait a minute Isaac’ – The analogue or any other tangible gear, it sounds better, it has life, it has human feel, it has honey and butter and rawness and makes you feel seduced..and oh my my.’ Yeah, you keep talking the mouth, and I get records done in – literally no time and so others that are one step ahead you – does too, which allows me and others to get stuff done anywhere in the world. Do you get your stuff done anywhere In the world? Oh no, wait, your creativity only gets out in the studio. Well, that information only has been passed to your conscious wile your subconscious accepted as totally true.


We are so aware that many of you, get your song bits done in airports, hotel rooms, carparks, or even toilets? I do it, and I ain’t afraid to spell it! At the end of the day how much you get stuff done on the go? Well, in my excuse, my studio is a £6500 late 2018 MacBook Pro Touch Bar (6 core 8th-generation Intel Core i9, 4TB internal SSD storage, 32GB DDR4 memory) and a £2100 Ipad Pro 3rd Generation (12.9” 1TB internal storage) and not the last a Universal Audio Apollo X8 Thunderbolt 3 (£2500) and I nearly forgot to mention about the newly acquired pair of Beyerdynamic T5P Headphones (£1000)

I call all this ‘ The Ultimate Digital Set Up for the 21/22 Century Artist. Because the future is as digital and intangible as your digital world from your mighty smartphone. And if you want to fallow this formula, you can’t get better than this set-up at this very moment. And I forgot to mention, my bellowed Nord modular G2 where I do all the sound design using the software editor in my iPad Pro 3rd generation with the apple pencil, and a piece of technology software using Machine Learning to perform my Algorithmic Art using Google AI and Magenta to combine this algorithmic procces that gives me a way to express my creativity in an unorthodoxed way, rather than following the old fashioned making music formula, that has been passed to you, to me, to everyone, from generation to generation making you to believe that must be done that way. WRONG.

So technically, my studio, is as mobile as your feet can ever walk, anywhere to everywhere I go and yours shod be too.

If I meet the love of my life in Russia or Berlin, and I decide to stay there for 10 years, then my studio stays too, in a compartmentalising bag.

Mobile production shod empower you, shod help you a lot, why? Because inspiration will strike you anywhere to everywhere.

Last month I was queening to clear immigration in the JFK airport. I was 10 meters away from the immigration officer to have my tourist visa stamp. But just seconds before to get in in the front row, an idea came to my imagination, and that was how to convince Kraviz to change her haircut. Haha, I am joking. The ideas was actually the last chapter from my book, a final write. And so, there you go, inspiration will strike you anywhere to everywhere, in the world. But I am just hoping I didn’t striked and inspiration to literally change your haircut, Kraviz? I guess such question requires some thinking on your own. They say, one thinks better with him self and not with the other. You are perfect my darling. 💖 I guess that’s just my french charm to spark curiosity and witticism in a friendly joke.


But not only in the studio you must get your ideas for the next song, I get mostly my ideas in the shower and when I sleep. Then I’ll get up and I put down that idea on this little mobile rig that i have with me anywhere in the world. There are times when I am out and about in the city and I think of a crazy layer or a cool melody and I will just use my voice notes or the music making notes on few apps on my iphone XS Max, and that could be anywhere like a buss station, train station, in the streets or even in a public toilet. I just put the ideas down. Music or writing they all come together and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

And now ask your self, how many hit ideas that could be hit songs had been lost just because someone didn’t had access to technology anywhere to everywhere with him or her, to put it down on that very moment? I can f..*ing sit on a public toilet 5 minutes on my own and make a track. I only need my iphone and nothing all. And you know what? It will be good enough. Because you the artist, using the power of your imagination and creativity, what is good enough done from your hands, it is god’s choice in the masses minds. When your creativity writes music, you are deep within yourself – as it should be. You are the artist. You are the creator. You are the god of your own musical story. The listener buys in your entertainment, inspiration, or information. Make sure you write that down, such words from Isaac, will keep your ideas flow.

Software is powerful enough to essentially be a studio of your own. Your very own studio. Your own secret weapon to creativity at any given time, moment, place or choice of your own and never losing a hit idea that could be a hit song just because you didn’t had access to technology.

You don’t need a studio to be creative, get an idea or any such thing. Do not be a fool if you think that it’s essential in order to make a song, be creative and anything in between, you actually need a mighty and fancy studio. You don’t. Your creativity can be in the chair from the airport lounge, then by landing, the engineer you hire to mix your stems can put that together, and by the time your car arrives to your booking, the engineer will dropbox that track to you in one go. And by the time your set is about to start, the crowd will be seduced.

Remember, technology it’s all about who is good. Because any fool can drop a 4 bar loop, and call it a track. So use the power of your imagination to strengthen your creativity and to separate your self from the random trash in the world. Because there is a lot of trash in the world. And you do not want that. You want to be seen as the god in peoples minds.

Creativity is all about overtaking your competitor. Because if bedroom producer A, comes with a better sound and skill, then the mighty international artist B is OUT.

Remember, you are living in the time of being actually judged by your capabilities versus your access. Use technology as a goal to ‘Get Out Of My Way’ then the goal for the Art is on your way.


Yours and forever Isaac. You know me!



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Every Sunday, I send out an Article exploring how we can be the best version of ourselves. I talk about financial independence, life, happiness, minimalism, personal growth, and more. I am all yours and for the Artist only, and I ‘Heart the Story Telling’ just for you and no one else but you. If you think you will like it, then please join my newsletter. Don’t worry, I will never ever send out unnecessary stuff. Your time is as precious as mine. So I won’t waste your time. You may take that as a gentlemen agreement.

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Women’s, Coffee’s, Seduction, Art And Mnemonics In My Head






I guess is Sunday, and so I write you my expected Sunday article.  But how shod I start, well let’s pretend I am the shy one on stage wile I try to entertain you in the next 7 minutes of read.

And so I am the artist and I now walk on the stage, but before I have done a lot of reading in the last few months or years at least to know exactly how is to walk on a stage haha… and not because this is the exact subject of this article, but because I am looking for a point cue how to start it, just as you the Artist, you look for a precise point cue before to start you record, and so i look for mine now, so bear of me wile i write and keep look for my cue of thoughts.

Well, I guess now I done quite a lot of thinking on my own so will just start the cue and move on with the flow of words and thoughts without thinking to much but by following a bunch of mnemonics about what art is and how it affects people at the conscious and subconscious level. I guess now I finally found a subject for this article.

So, by art, I don’t just mean just visual art but some other kind of art such as writing, composing music, poetry quotes, some fiction, and few other type of art wile I keep it relevant to my subject. But I have come to the conclusion that art and seduction have a lot in common. Both art and seduction require you to create an emotional experience for other people, because in the end is all about emotion rather is composing a piece of music for your audience, writing a little book as well for your audience, painting, visuals and maybe I miss a few, but is all about forming emotion.

Art and seduction are powerful because people, and especially women, are 99% driven by emotions. And here let me point a little experiment. Last week (20/10/2018) I’ve been swiping right and left through tinder, wile I totally dislike that kind of place, this was about an experiment. Some matches now and then. One match I responded with a bit of ‘direct’ tone and making the impression I am driven by what I want and not by emotion. I’ve been unmatched in one go, there you go. The next match, I’ve responded every word built in emotion, artistic characters and patterns that has a poetic effect. The woman was driven by this words tremendously, and all  that I’ve used was emotional words in any sentence. In the end I had to un-match her wile this was only an experiment.

This principle can be used in any other form of Art you may pursue, in other parts of the industry I can example: Let’s say you go to the cinema. The one question may be why are you going to the cinema? I can tell you why. You are going for the emotional play, for the story telling, for the characters that sends emotion to your mind when your crave for it.

You see, emotion is like a game of power, if you master it just right you will only have wins in your art or daily life. Anything to everything is based on emotion.

We live in a hyper-rational society but at the end of the day in our core we are emotional beings, driven more by our fears, desires, hopes and dreams, than by the unfortunate rules of what society tell us. The imaginative order. I actually wrote an article on this. You can find it here.

But of course if I use emotions as the whole goal of seduction to a complete stranger woman, is to arouse her emotions so she gives into one of her strongest emotions that I successfully tapped into, resulting in the desire for sex and affection with me.

So here are a few lessons I have learned from the art world that can be applicable to seduction. Of course these are all rough analogies, and you can take them or leave them. My article is for an audience of one wile I do not mind if reaches an audience of millions. But I think these few lessons can be helpful in forming an emotional connection with women.


The first wile be to believe in yourself and your thoughts to make truly great art of your choice. You must be original with a penchant for uniqueness, or else you won’t stand out and nobody will care. But to be original, you have to be a nonconformist. Most people are conformist because they care what other people think and that results in mostly following the formula instead of you – making the formula or inventing the formula if I put it more cold.

If you have an original idea you will have no idea that it is good unless you try it out first. That’s why the best artists have a very strong sense of self. They are often even narcissists and they have to be, because they are trying stuff out that nobody has tried before and they are confident it will work.

Look at all the great artists, 99% of the shit they made was terrible, but they kept making it because they didn’t give a fuck, (I don’t give a fuck too) and when that 1% is connected with people it was fucking amazing. You agree with me on that too, aren’t you? I guess I started getting some serious balls on the stage, now that I finally got a subject on writing this article too.

But In the other part, In seduction, women are attracted to guys with a strong sense of self because it shows that the guy doesn’t give a fuck what other people think. This is a big reason girls like ‘bad boys.’ In nature, the ‘alpha’ is by definition the ape that doesn’t give a fuck about what the other apes want, so a guy that does and says things that are ‘inappropriate’ in society automatically connects with women because he ‘feels’ like the alpha ape. Just don’t be a creep, there is such thing as the alpha gentlemen too.

The second will be to make it relatable.  Art only ‘works’ if the other person relates to it and cares about what the fuck you’re saying. Let’s say I mysteriously watched Nina Kraviz from a corner of the Eiffel Tower the other day but just because my apartment was two streets away from the event and without saying hello I decided to be a silent observer of her show. Facing her and her show, she faced me forgetting about the show. But situation took a different approach, and I’m definitely not in Paris to observe a fool staring at Kraviz’s ass behind the stage at exact 17.37 and 42 seconds for the next 4 minutes and 57 seconds, and I don’t have nothing in common with the fool nor with Kraviz, but I still might be traumatised by the fool just because he is part of the DNA of mens. But as Kraviz plays on her themes that all human beings on that event related too, like for example, emotions, hope and love, I let my self mystified to her and forget about the fool.

And if I swap on the B side of the conversation to get back in my subject, just as you the humble man that is an Artist, If you can’t be relatable to the girl, you are placed in oblivon. If you talk only about shit she doesn’t care about, you’re placed in oblivon too. Even when you talk about yourself, you have to talk about yourself in a way that’s relatable to her hopes, dreams, fears and emotions.

A part of making art relatable is tailoring the art to your audience. A big reason guys fuck up is that they try to seduce girls using canned lines and scripted shit they read on the internet. They fail because every person is different and the shit that emotionally connects to one girl might not emotionally connect to a different girl. Same as a lot of so called beat makers, Dj’s or so called producers are fallowing the trap of making music by actually getting in the trap, just like a mouse. There is a difference between an Artist and a real Producer and a beat maker that fallows the trivial formula of the free Internet. If you had emotional intelligence, you would ‘read’ the girl and figure out what she cared about just as you would ‘read’ the scene and the crowd to come up with the new formula in your music rather than keep fallowing the innocent 4 bar loop formula.

In every conversation there is some shit you care about, some shit she cares about, same as in your music you might make – at times there would be some shit you have to care about or don’t, by all means to cut it out – or don’t, and some shit in the middle you both care about, considering you tapped in her sweet and weak spot. That’s where the conversation should be. If she doesn’t care about what you’re talking about, she’ll get bored and check out. Same as the record you proudly produced, when you finally sent it out, many will check out.  Why? Ideally, you fallowed the formula, now, you with your self will both connect. And that’s okay because it has been passed to you. (Speaking about the formula)


Third, is to be a little extreme.  Let me tell you this, people like art because it represents the shit they care about in daily life, but on an extreme and exaggerated level. Here’s an example: all men secretly want to be the ‘alpha male,’ isn’t it? which is why men love action movies and superhero movies so distortedly much. But at the same time, for the same reason you can always capture a girl’s imagination more by being extreme. For example, if she says ‘I love chocolate cake’ and you say ‘me too,’ you’re a fucking idiot. But if you respond ‘I love chocolate cake so much that if I had to gain 100 pounds to make a million dollars record, I would still eat the shit out from you’. You’re saying the same thing both times, but the second statement sounds more extreme and captures her humorous imagination. This, BTW, is why ‘agree and amplify’ works so well and she expresses an emotion, and then you go extreme with the same emotion, and she loves it.  And by the way, the whole ‘be extreme’ thing is a big reason why a lot of artists are drug addicts and crazy and stuff. They are constantly searching for that next ‘extreme’ emotion that they can’t ever be satisfied with the regular emotions of everyday life. So be careful. Don’t be too extreme. Instead let you Art speak the words of extreme.


The fourth is to be a little sensitive and I don’t mean artists are pussies. I mean that artists feel every little emotion on a stronger magnitude than regular people don’t. That’s why they create good art rather is music, visuals, images, symbols, drawings and maybe I miss a few, because they notice shit regular people notice but on a grander scale. For example, a lot of people have walked in the Eiffel Tower event where Nina Kraviz played her set and maybe some people thought for a second that the DJ is higher up than everybody else. But a secretly and undercover Journalist named  Isaac Bjørn, will walk in and see that, and he will obsess over it and make a hilarious comedy that a fool standing behind the stage, looks straight in the rounded ass of the DJ for five consecutive minutes. Well, some people especially like art when it connects to an emotion they have had but they never normally get to express much. And I am not saying that Kravitz’s ass is a work of art just like her production too is indeed a work of Art, but I guess beauty is too a work of Art just as In my case I used mnemonics to associate with the surroundings of the event, people’s emotions, Kraviz, distractions and attractions then I given life to an article such this. Same as Freddie Mercury wakes up in a Sunday morning in his farm down in Kent/England, sees and hear a mighty cocky roster loud sound and Mamma from Bohemian Rhapsody was born. You see, anything to everything around us is a work of Art, but nobody never normally get to express much. And by the way, in my book ‘They, The Algorithms, which is a book in service for the Objectivism, I expressed my words in my own way I call Art, just as much your eyes can see it. The mighty question is ‘Who’s going to get a copy?’ I let such question to do some thinking on your own.

Back to the cake example now. If she says, ‘I love chocolate cake,’ the conversation is immediately dried for you and if you just say ‘yeah, me too.’ then you are a fucking looser (again). A better response would be. “Fuck Yeah, I love chocolate cake, I used to make one when I was alone and I would put ice cream on top just to remember my self It’s better than sex without a condom.” Girls (and people generally) love in-depth stories where you go into the details of your stupendous humour (as long as you don’t sound like a proper creep). She doesn’t even have to agree with you, she’ll just enjoy the fact that you’re painting such a vivid picture about something she might cares to hear about you. In the end you will only just tap in her desire to – make it with you.. An added benefit of doing this in seduction is that you won’t look like your only emotion is her (which creeps girls out, for obvious reasons.) Period.


I guess this is the fifth wile I have a hard time on keeping it up with but you know what? good art is intelligent and challenging. Good art makes you think and challenges some of your beliefs and expectations. People think they want to see something that solidifies their pre-existing fucking beliefs but a consumer of art or in this case, girl you finally seduced, will remember you better if they walk away thinking about something you said or if you challenged their beliefs in a good way or if you made them think about something differently. Obviously there is a line between being challenging and offensive, and you need to figure out an intelligent way to navigate that line, same as in the same way you figure out an intelligent way to navigate the story of you DJ set, record after record in a maze of sounds.

That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to be provocative or more intelligent than the situation would appear to call for. Sometimes if I’m in a night club looking for another subject on a few articles of my own, and I think it will work just fine, I will launch into a discussion with a complete few strangers with topics you don’t normally expect to hear about in those places just to round up my Intelligence for my article, just as you round up your Intelligence in your sets too.

And so all good art is ultimately uplifting, same as Kraviz’s set in Paris was well prepared and expected and extraordinary, wile many may disagree with this one speaking about the well expected internet trolls. But Kraviz girl, just don’t care my dear. Remember, they will be the ones who will be flipping burgers for minimum wage for the rest of their life’s, wile you keep conquer and innovate – my girl, and I’m not interested in getting into a debate about it or such like. My point here is that all good art, even if it seems like it’s cum jokes and dick jokes, is ultimately up-lifting. At least for me it is. Art makes you a better person than you were before you came to it. Either you looked at the world in a new way, or you learned something, or you generally became a more relaxed, happy, person. Most of all, good art has a happy ending – seriously, just think of any good happy ending.


Art, my friends is a two cosmic principle based on seduction and utility. Such principle seduces three eternal entities: Truth, Love and Beauty. The Individual who grasps this principle will find its compelling goddess to its Art. Be it a beauty of a woman or a beauty of it’s art

From The Author – Isaac Bjørn



I admire the creator, because he created the woman. No matter who is this creator, he created the perfect life for man. He created the woman’

From Saint Billy – An Algorithm 7 Of My Own



To you, To All, For All

To Your All Happy Endings


 Isaac — Your Faithful And Forever Friend.



The Imaginary Order




The symbolic, the real and ‘the imaginary’ all have individual definitions and all relate to something significant in our daily sense of the world, all evoke meanings and references independent of each other. We seek out or sometimes we even avoid the real world, we have imaginary friends, and we also experience imaginary symbolic moments.

But how do you cause people to believe in an imaginary order? First and first you never admit that the order is imagined. You always insist that the order is an objective reality created by the laws of nature, and so such imaginary order told us that we’ve been created by gods wile the society, institutions and governments – takes charge of such order. People are unequal but so are equal and not because I said so, but because nature and evolution created them that way thoroughly.

From the moment you are born, you are constantly being reminded of the principles of the imaginary order, which are incorporated into anything and everything. Such imaginary order is incorporated into fairy tales, dramas, paintings, songs, etiquette, political propaganda, architecture, recipes and fashions. For example, today people are prevented from realising that the order organising their lives exists only in their imagination, and allow me a moment to go deeper in such subject, right now.

Firstly, the imagined order is embedded in the material world. Though the imagined order exists only in our minds, it can be woven into the material reality around us.  Each of us has within ourselves a brilliant ray of light that gives value and meaning to our lives and only ourselves we know our true worth.

Secondly, the imaginary order shapes our desires. Most people do not wish to accept that the order governing their lives is imaginary, but in fact every person is born into a pre-existing imagined order, and his or her desires are shaped from birth by its dominant myths. Our personal desires thereby become the imagined order’s most important defences.

For instance, friends giving you advice in this very moment right now and even often tell each other, ‘Follow your heart.’ But the heart is a double agent that usually takes its instructions from the dominant myths of the day, and the very recommendation to ‘follow your heart’ was implanted in your mind, mine and others minds by a combination of nineteenth-century romantic myths and twentieth-century consumerist myths. The Coca-Cola Company, for example, has marketed Diet Coke around the world under the slogan ‘Diet Coke. Do what feels good.’ and thats what people take to be their most personal desires are usually programmed by the imagined order.

You have been program by the imaginary order.



Thank you for reading this article. I now leave behind my pen and paper and go travelling in distant lands, where I can ‘experience’ the culture, the smells, the tastes and the norms of other people, and tell you another story on how a new experience opened my eyes and changed my life in what I do best ‘Composing Music and Writing Stories’ ..mostly for you.




In The World Of 2050. Part 3


‘ The future is only reserved for a few numbers of Superstars ‘


Well, I guess is another Sunday at your end, and you expect my weekly Article, aren’t you. And so there it comes, and this time it comes in a mighty finalised form. Because I’ve been writing this – Three – Part – Article, since quite a wile. I had my own kind of thinking – on my own.

But I was recently reading an Article from Crack Magazine about a guy who doesn’t take him self too seriously. Just my type of ‘cup of tea friend.’ He’s Richard. I let you google its name.

But seems like we have one or two things In common, Richard mate, and  definitely it’s the ‘Infinite from Art.’ Well, I have a self publishing book out in a little wile. I guess will pass it over to you when the time comes. We are in a 50 miles or less area neighbours apparently.

I have this old habit of saying ‘Nice Shoes’ to people I may know but they have a blur in knowing me a little. It’s fascinating when you leave them behind with ‘Some Thinking On Their Own’

But to keep up with Kraviz – sorry I actually meant to say ‘to keep up with the world of 2050’ please excuse my cup of tea, you will need not merely to invent new ideas and products, but instead you will have to completely  reinvent yourself again and again. Limitless. 100%. And that’s not just thinking at your first wish. Remember, somebody may say, but everybody might not have all the universe. For as the pace of change increases, not just the economy, but the very meaning of ‘being human’ is likely to mutate. Such saying, may require some thinking on your own.


‘All that is solid melts into air’ 


I am predicting that by 2048, it is very likely that physical and cognitive structures will also melt into air, or into a cloud of data bits. And now let me tell you a little story my dear reader. In the mid 1850’s and 1900’s, millions of people were losing their jobs on village farms, and were going to the big cities to work in factories. But upon reaching the big city, they were unlikely to change their gender or to add a sixth sense.  And if they found a job in some textile factory, they could expect to remain in that profession for the rest of their working lives. Situation is different this days isn’t it. But now let’s look at a ‘Warped’ side of this unlikely situation that some of you may considered it quite likely. Do you?

I swear on the almighty that by 2048 to further 2050’s, people might have to cope with migrations to cyberspace, with fluid gender identities, and with new sensory experiences generated by computer implants. If they find both work and meaning in designing up-to-the-minute their own 3-D virtual reality type of game, within a decade not just this particular profession, but all jobs demanding this level of Artistic Creation, and I am saying again  ‘ALL JOBS’ that requires CREATIVITY,  might be taken over by Artificial Intelligence 100%, and you may want to pay attention on such words, wile many of you deeply sleep on current and future trends that are likely to happen, at any given time. Why? You are living in the Age of Digital that is nearly taken by the Age of Post Digital.

What you currently do now as a job or some mighty profession, it is very likely to be automated, over and over again, demanding – Unemployable Humans.  The question to such words will be ‘What is your position for the next decade’? I leave this words for you. They say ‘One Thinks Better With Him Self, And Not With The Other’

So, let’s imagine you are in the year of 2020. You are twenty-five years old and you introduce yourself on a dating site as ‘A Twenty Year Old’ heterosexual woman, who lives in Berlin and works as a DJ. Now let’s imagine you are in the year of 2048, wile introducing your self on the same dating website but now you are ‘Forty Eight Year Old’, and your bio is like ‘a gender-non-specific person undergoing age-adjustment, whose Neocortical activity takes place mainly in the ‘New Cosmos Virtual World’, and whose life mission is to go where no DJ has gone and done such thing before, and that is ‘Augmenting Its Own Reality In a Pattern Of Its Very Own.’

A baby born today will be thirty – something in 2050. If all goes well, that baby will still be around in 2100, and might even be an active citizen of the twenty second century. If that baby is yours, what should you teach that baby that will help him or her survive and flourish in the world of 2050 or the twenty-second century? What kind of skills will he or she need in order to get a job, understand what is happening around him or her, and navigate the maze of its very life? What kind of skill such parent will have to met, in order to rewire the mind of such baby born child, to navigate its own maze of life! I guess such question requires some thinking on your own. They also say that  ‘One Shall Think Better With Its Self When Thinking Really Matters’

From – The Author, Isaac Bjørn


Unfortunately, since I for sure don’t know and maybe even you, for sure don’t know, and nobody else knows yet, how the world will look like in the year of 2050, not to mention 2100.  Others, me and you, don’t know the answer to such questions. But today it is more difficult than ever before, because once technology enables us to engineer bodies, brains and minds, we can no longer be certain about anything and that includes the things that previously seemed fixed and eternal, such as an amount, date, or time that is fixed and has been agreed on and will not change, or a fixed price, or the contract of your lease that is fixed for a period of three years, or the interest rate on the fixed loan you have, or the god that you believe, or the eternal bliss where you don’t know where the current is going to take you, or the seeds of eternal atoms of all things that you been rewired to believe that are eternally created by God. None of the above can no longer be certain about anything to everything that previously seemed fixed and eternal, once technology enables us to engineer..things.

Humankind will be facing unprecedented revolutions in a few decades, all our old stories are crumbling, and no new story has so far emerged to replace them, and as I mentioned above, for as the pace of change increases, not just the economy, but the very meaning of ‘being human’ is likely to change and further disrupt your thing. Your Things. My Things. Other Things. Everyone Else’s Things.

And as for your mighty dating profile, you will just have to wait for an algorithm to find or create the perfect match for you too.

What else shod I say? Well, Thank you for reading my last part from the ‘In the world of 2050 & 2010’. By Isaac Bjørn. That will be me.

Oh, and I nearly forgot. Today I celebrate my very first Philanthropic Dream. I gifted my Roland Jupiter 6 to a young man. It will better with him rather than with me. Why? Well, I seek to unlock the possibility inside individuals with talents that sets extraordinaries apart from the overage. My little goal that will be highly likely to grow, is to help some them. But who’s them? Well, The Artist, The Musician and The DJ, The ones that shines from an ocean of many, helping them with anything to everything in between so that they can continue their journey and keep creating and improve the quality of their Art. Because there’s room for everyone in the industry if the Individual is worthy of such a deal for the industry, wile I also believe in having the choice to give something back. 

You can start giving even if you have very little. There can be no greater gift in your very life to have meaning beyond your self. By giving when you don’t have much, you teach your brain that you have more than enough. And remember, ‘No One Cares About You And That’s The Most Liberating Thing There Is, This Days.’ But I still give. And I learned this single lesson with hard times from the age of 3, when I wake up my self in an Orphanage, ‘Doing Some Thinking On My Own. You heard me many times saying this phrase.

By the way, I have a great book coming out in a little wile. Which will put some thinking on your own. Stick around my digital presence to find out more and why. 
Ou Voir for now, my dear Artist



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