Principles On Attention.



’I hear the secrets that you keep when you talking In your sleep.

Algorithm 13. Darling Of Russia’’



In a world growing increasingly banal and familiar what seems enigmatic instantly grows out attention. Never make it to clear what you doing or what you are about to do. Don’t show all your cards. An air of mystery hidden your presence, it also creates anticipation, everyone will be watching from its own distance. Use mystery to seduce the audiences thoughts without not even trying. 

An Enigmatic Image Is Your Own Story By Creating An Air Of Mystery And Enigma’

Now let me introduce Algorithm 13 as Darling Of Russia and her own enigma of mystery.

In 1900, rumours starts spreading around Paris about a young Girl, who danced in a private home wrapped in a disguise vail.

A local journalist who seen her dancing, reported that ‘A woman from the far north asia had come to europe, wearing the mystery’s of all perfumes, jewelries all over her body, to introduce the richest and the oriental colours of life into the nineteen-hundreds society’s of many cities of Europe.

Soon, everyone knew the dancer’s name. Her name was ‘Mata Hari’.

Early that year in the winter, small and large audiences was gathering all over the city of Paris, where orchestras played music inspired by far east melodies. After keeping the audience waiting, Mata Hari just appeared in a stunningly new costume. A white cotton, indian vail covered all over with jewelries and an open waist that revealed as much as was concealed.

By the end of the day, there was over ten thousand people attending Mata Hari’s dancings and police just order the traffic to be stoped due to crowds blocking the centre of Paris which was never seen that busy. Thousands more Parisians just gathered. Paris traffic was blocked for one full day. Everybody was loudly celebrating and dancing ‘Free Music For The People Of Paris’ Mata Hari shouted, wile everyone thought ‘What A Generosity Of Woman’

Thousands of people was fighting to death to buy a ticket to see Mata Hari in theatres around the city of Paris.

One day, a telegram arrived to the central council of Paris, saying that, a woman from India. claiming to be the age of 100, whose name was Mata Hari, is alive and claims to be the real ‘Mata Hari’ wile also claiming to serve as a house keeper to President Millard Fillmore of America serving in the year of 1850 Presidency.

The rumours slowly spread to the whole city of Paris. Everyone started to knew and acknowledge that something wasn’t right with this young woman and people started to think she was a robot. How one woman could be 100 in one country and 23 in another country. People, disparately started to be even more curious and those who didn’t bother to see her before were immediately curious and those who already seen her, paid to see her again.

The Paris has never been and seen that crowded in decades and people all over the Europe, traveled for days to see Mata Hari, knowing by rumours that she was a robot and so people paid large money to see if the rumours was actually true. A dancing robot of splendid beauty was about to – not be – that true.

Now, If I stop a little here in this very moral of the story, Mata Hari understood from the very beginning the fundamental truth of attracting attention. Once people’s eyes are on you – you have a special legitimacy. The intention was to create a crowd, but every crowd has a silver lining, and crowds tends to act in conjunction. If one person stops to see a beggar man laying bricks in the street, more will do the same. They will gather like dust body’s, then giving a gentle push, they will watch your show.

To create a crowd or a story in what you do, you must do something different and odd, any kind of curiosity will serve its purpose, because crowds are magnetically attracted to the unusual and inexplicable, and once you have the attention never let it go. Here, in this enigmatic story from ‘Darling Of Russia,‘Algorithm 13’, – Mata Hari was constantly attracting attention as her main goal.

At the beginning of your story, life or career or whatever you do, spend all your energy on attracting attention, most important, the quality of the attention is irrelevant. No matter how terrible one of your shows are, no matter how bad your experience was last week or last night or last month, no matter how bad is or was your mood, never complain. You still have the best seat in the house even if a media post will critic you. Attention, rather negative or positive is the main ingredient of success.

The worst fate in the world for a woman or a man that urinates fame, glory and of course power, is to be ignored.

And I want you to remembers this words from ‘The Only Isaac’, write them down, and carefully study them. There has been many times such artists and mighty public figures that urinated glory, fame and of course power, yet carers has been terminated in – one go.

Burning more brightly than those around you, is a skill that no one is born with. You have to learn to attract attention, just how Mata Hari attracted the millions of crowds.

At the start to mid of your mighty carer, you must attache your name and reputation to a quality and image  of – your very own time – by asking your self: ‘What Sets Me Apart From Other People’?

Because If you – The Human, can master the observation of – your very own appearance in time – in time, many things will become understandable to you – in time, because history always repeats –  in time but in different forms of time. Just like the song you played last night or the book you read last week – in time will be repeated and remixed and re-edited and re-manufactured and re-written – in time but – in time your time will end just like other people’s – time. In time. My dear – Your Time is limited. In time you will need to observe what sets you apart from other People.

This image of your – very own observation of your appearance, can be something like a characteristic style of dress or a personality that amused or entertain people and is talked about, or a personality that encourage people, or a personality that helps, supports and is in the hearts of every person of its audience, fans or those who matters the most. Once the image is established you have an appearance, a place in the sky for your star.

It is a common mistake to imagine that this peculiar appearance of yours, shod NOT be controversial or attached by something or someone bad,and I want you to remember this words, very carefully. Because….

Nothing can be further from the truth.

To avoid being a flash in the pan and having your name eclipsed by others, you must master to not discriminate from different types of attentions. In the end any kind of attentions will work in your favour.

In Mata Hari example, she welcomed different types of attacks and found no need to defend her self. She delivered the attention in the form of mystery and story from the heart. The strangeness of her character attracted attention. Yet many years latter she was captured as a spy. Mata Hari was working for the Germany’s Nazi regime during ‘World War I’, and executed by firing squad in France. So much fame has found its final glory. An adventure in espionage – and glory.

For every action, there’s a reaction.

Society craves larger than life figures. Never be afraid of the quality that sets you apart and drives attention to you. It is better to be criticised or slammed now and then rather than be totally ignored, and all professions are ruled by this law and all professionals must have a bit of a show man or show girl in them. Remaining in the public eye must be a rule of attention of your own. A similar effect to the position of power.

Remember, use this tactics carefully and yet experimentally after you have the public attention. Once in the light, your attention will have to carefully adapt to the public eye otherwise an audience will grow tired and take you for granted and will move on to a newer star. The game requires constant vigilance and creativity. Never allow your self as the star in the back- round.

Better to create something ugly or disturbing that will let viewers unbalanced yet balanced to your superior creativity or mystery. ‘Ghosts, Robots, Mermaids, Demons, Aliens coming from the sky’ anything that fascinates the audience is a puzzle that captures the centre of their attention.

Here is something for you to experiment, do something that cannot be easily explained or interpreted. Chose a simple action but carry it out in such a way that – gently – unsettles your opponent. If you are an artist then creates a piece of music that its mystery cannot be explained. In my case I use a series of fictional characters as algorithms that feeds my creativity & experiments in a few centralised places. This places, renders Specialised Knowledge plus an Imagination of my own as the main ingredient. Wile this experiment lead my to something even greater, to learn more from my own creativity using technology and imagination from an idea in the long run by expressing even greater creativity in music with the power of autosuggestion story telling and writing. And then I took this even further, I had created 13 algorithms and even giving them an imaginable life of their own wile each algorithm will have a taste of own in music and – at times – telling stories, such as the power of Infinite Intelligence as its main fundamental communication method, helping me create emotions and stories on PLANETBJØRN. And I can tell you – the mind is so much bigger than we think.

I want you to think!!!

So make your intentions in music – obscured. Create a scene that cannot be read. Make it to be no method to your madness. No single explanation. No rime, no reason, no even one single explanation. If you do this right, you will inspire fear and trembling and your opponent will melt at one look from your eyes. In Hamlet plays this method use to be called ‘The Mystery’s And Madness Of Ones Play’ a tactic that Hamlet used with great effect in Shakespeare’s plays to frighten its status.

The mysterious makes your force to seem larger and your power more terrifying.

In the beginning or even a latter time of your career, you must constantly attract attention but as you go higher you must constantly adapt. Never wear the public eyes with the same tactics. An error of mystery works wonders for those who need it to develop an error of power to get them self noticed but must seems measured and under control.

Mata Hari went to far with her fabrications, and all of her accusations that she was a war spy was FALSE. But at that time, made her suspicious by declaring her self an incarnation into a robot.

‘Such is the power of intentions of a great Artist’. And, I want you to think very carefully this quote.

Don’t let your errors of mystery be slowly transformed into a history for errors. And if there will be one golden advice from this second write, this will be this one. The mystery you create must seem a game. Playful and friendly. Recognise when it goes to far then pull back.

There are times when the need for attention must be differed, and when scandals and such things – is the last thing – you want to create. The attention you attract must never offend or challenge the reputation of those around you or above you. Well, at least if they are secure for a challenge, because is perfectly fine to compete, but never compete in attention. You will seem desperate by your own mystery of character. You will be un-shined.

There is an art to knowing when to drawing notice and when to withdraw.


But for now I only wish you a pleasant attention.

To Your Success


P.S 01 from Isaac. I am an independent thinker, Confident in my own research and I drive no particularly pleasure from operating with or against the crowd, wile focusing on – an Audience of One. Creativity is reclaimed for my own sake.


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Author: Isaac Bjørn

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