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Isaac Bjørn

Isaac Bjørn is an Artist, Author, Digital Consultant to multiple businesses around the UK and Europe, Investor in Ideas, Dreams and Future and Co-Founder/CEO of FEELANDBJORNORGANIZATION

Over the years, Isaac sought out the secrets to the good life mindset thru daily motivation routines by setting up his life as a series of experiments. He began by reading books from the most impactful figures in history: Freud, Aristotle, Gandhi, Charlie Munger, Sam Walton, Darwin, Confucius, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Arnold Schwarzenegger and countless others.

He spent 5 years traveling the world, living by experiment and volunteer in climate change in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Australia, Siberia and across the Europe and practicing organic farming for a period of 1 Year in New Zealand.

Coming back in Europe in 2011 he then joined Oxford Entrepreneurs Bussines School in England for a short period of 1 year. In 2012, Isaac dropped the Bussines School and he started talked five ‘’ multi-millionaire entrepreneurs into mentoring him, focusing more to online education systems and traveling to see his mentors and becoming a founder of his own Company in 2017 "FEELANDBJORNORGANIZATION" while settling between UK, Europe and the US into a summarised mindset called ''Practicing Perfection'' A mindset towards life, purpose and high achievements.

5+ books read every month 3,500 words written every day 59,899 Hours of experience 2 miles ran daily