A Life Between The Beats And 50% More At Life.



Once upon a time there was a man who day dreams and likes to tell stories and likes to take walks by him self in the woods. After getting in to the mountains on a late night tale, he gets its body lay on a bed of leafs, close its eyes and finally gets to sleep then he wakes up 20 years latter, having missing out on life, his wife death and the revolution that just passed. He just missed out – on the birth of its own life.

But once upon a time there was another man and another woman in the form of a  – mighty selector –   who stayed awake for most of its – touring time, to day dream and participate in the modern era of its kind, called – the modern life as we know it -today’s life, conquering sleep to acquire their high virtues and standards wile others sleeps in their fabulous retreats around the globe in the form of a courtesy of 10-12 and more hours rituals.

When Napoleon and Alexander The Great was asked how much sleep is good, he said ‘6 for a man, 7 for a woman and 8 for a fool’. To this 2 – great names – sleep was just another enemy to be vanquish wile sleep it self has been made a slave and came and went out at the word of mind command.

Fatigues, in my opinion has been and will always be the fundamental limitations of our greatest minds. But if you could keep your mind active for longer periods of time with just a little less sleep, you will have a greater tactical advantage because you let that fear drive in you, and your talent against the outcome, and that’s how dreams can happen.

With so much opportunities out there in the – today’s world, I don’t know how people even sleep. Wile mostly of ‘today’s masses’ keep complain why dreams and memories are never and forever made.  Well because you sleep on it – my dear -, and hard work is just someone else’s privileges.

In the last years, I become so fully aware of my actions in the form of ‘everything I do, must touch magic and must pay it forward at the later time’ and I don’t care if the time from now and when is going to happen will be 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 25 years, 38 years. As long as this words, actions and everything in the form of value I could bring to you at any one time with anything to everything in between to help you, I will be great-full and nothing I expect In return. I am ‘Forever Worthy Of Trust And Confidence’.

It’s interesting how life can come but sometimes go, just as in the way your time on this very planet is limited to ‘a one way ticket of existence’ You been a dance partner for someone else’s existence, dreams and memories forever sealed. And I remember this guy sometime ago discovering his passion for just giving out in the form of value and very little expecting back. Give give give and never expect something back is the true form of success in whatever you do – in a word mainly driven by Narcissists and ‘I am cool and You are not’  You see, people like that always lose at life. And whatever the outcome my dear Sadowich – you just won at life. And by the way ‘you the reader’ if you are interested in wining at life in the form of giving a little and expect just a warm heart’ You may pursue by giving this man a chance with even a 1$ donation, who battle on his cancer, ‘ you may pursue by mastering this CLICK. please.


But a hand just tapped my left shoulders, I wake up and looked strangely scared, I was in a dream between a dream and only someone was my main and only dream.

Are you Mr. Bjørn? a soft voice kindly asked, elegantly wearing her scarf and inimitable perfume. She was the flight attendant to my Heathrow destination, departing Tokyo.

Yes, I responded back, wile someone made its way out from my dream.

‘You may pursue check in sir, the flight is departing shortly’ she said, and I immediately handled my passport, leaving a softly smile and a forever thank you.

But before departing, just 2 days ago, I passed the dommune studios just outside tokyo. I was staying in Shibuya zone and quite pleasant due to is very green and quiet part of Tokyo wile the rest is mainly busy and very loud.

Wile passing by ‘Dommune Studios’ I entered as visitor with my friend Yuna, and showed me around how things are done behind the cameras, how artists perform its work – live,  and in general what makes them different. In one word, I was only there as visitor to watch a performance – as visitor.

At a one giving moment, I passed by the booth where a few artists from the Underground Scene, in the past has been recorded live and streamed over the internet in the form of your – entertaining experience. This immediately given me an idea ‘I call this my flashes of genius moments’ to actually write an Article between two beats. But who was my other beat!

So I marked an ‘X’ on my yellow notepad then I marked multiple X’s around to exercise a story, but something just didn’t clicked. I knew for sure I need someone to flourish this Article because she has that controversy, that hunger for her existence in the form of many glories, her smile, her bombshell like looks and many more things that characterises her a true female power in the Underground Scene.

But I need it another power ‘X’, in the form of ‘female power’ for the same industry. So I patiently stoped, sharpen my pen, tear the page out and I made a very ‘BIG X’ on the very top of the page, naming it ‘Female Power’ as you know it in the form a mighty Artist Superstar.

Then I crossed a long line to the very bottom of the page and marked another ‘X’ naming it ‘A’, wile in different parts of the page I written in capitals ‘Ambition, Talent, Persevere, Female power, Controversy, Material Produced and Released, Skill, and the final word was ‘Masses’ representing the likability from the masses.

Every single world written around the page between A and B, I deconstructed it – in hundreds of other words representing their skill, talent, production and so on, then I eliminate the hundreds and I focused on tens of words through deconstruction of their careers using intelligence from my sources.

And so I sharpen my pen again, tear the page down – but a woman taps my shoulder. ‘Isaac, the live show is starting’  Well, now you can finally take a seat. That Would Be You!!!, Not Me.


I remember once and a wile ago, probably about two years ago or more, Anastasia was invited to make her debut in Sub Club, Glasgow. I really wanted to see this girl but I also wanted to give her something that she may remember me. And so I give her a Milk and Honey Book and a Vinyl in the for of Heart, with a very controversial song. Not to be confused ‘this was just a gift of friendship and nothing else’

She made her entrance with a high arousal techno track, maybe a bit to high intensity for that time (12.30AM), but Sub Club is known for a hunger of hard techno bangers. I was impressed by her flexibility and calming mood of not just matching beats but by slowly making the sounds ‘good bye’ and let her main record conquer her style.

She was gentle with a soft smile, not to her – not to them, just a perfect balance that I called it ‘the recipe for the successful artist in the form of Underground Scene. And I can tell you, I know for sure more than than a thing or two about this recipe. I been a silent and forever observer from the early 1999 on Artist’s habits and their journeys.

I took my self a water and carefully watched her 2 hours set from one side of the bar, probably I was the most silent observer they ever had in that night, but literally not moving but just watching her moves and moving. My main thing was to find flaws in her set – and not just a dj set, but the actual expression of an artist.

They say a DJ attitude at life, skill and habits can be observe by the moves in its DJ booth at that very one time.  Who said that? My self.

It was about 2.15AM and Anastasia slowly took a left in a slight more – sleepy and deep hypnotic sound. It reminds me of a friend of mine in the form of ‘let’s say Prince of Denmark at this time’ still a very good turn, she carefully observed her watch and decided now it’s time to put everyone on a different path – to keep them watch. She migrated tremendously, leaving no footprint of high arousal.

I looked to her closely from a different angle and she looked back. It was probably 5 meters, but she feels.

Before her set started, she carefully inspected the book I given her. I remember she took a seat on the floor – under the dj booth, and carefully with her phone flash made enough light to read a few pages – from a Milk and Honey Book. That just made me thing this is a true girl and yet an underground soul –  she cares and she flows, God – please bless her soul.

Eastern europeans for me had an always and forever place in my heart. They are true and raw at times and in this case, Anastasia reflects that memory in a different view. I mostly see it ‘rose through – blonde coloured glasses’ A way of being her. A true original girl and well deserved career.

But you see, things comes with consequences – At Times.

When your 1% real, they will hate you for what you truly are and when you are 100% real they will hate you even more – for what they are not. Who’s they? The distorted ones.

Being a DJ is pretty much..let’s say – playing others people music isn’t it and is nothing wrong with that, but what if you push that further and swim with the talent and skill that you currently hold wile the faith is in your mind – and deconstruct sounds that has never been heard before, being interested in your abilities on how much you can push DJ’ing as a 2.0 skill and finally allowing you to experiment much more than a regular 1.0 DJ skill and others acts or shows, can you experiment that?

If the answer is YES – now you just won at least 50% more – at life and you make things happen with the tremendous skill you hold wile the faith is with you at all times – a desire in your mind to surpass your own kind. One of a kind.

If the answer is NO, congratulations, you are still the underground selector by surviving the thriving.


 But For Now, To Your Success!



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Author: Isaac Bjørn

Isaac Bjørn is an Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Consultant, Composer Of Algorithmic Music & Algorithmic Art and a Pigeon Fancier. When’s not working he likes to read books, think's about why things are the way they are and how things are going to change. He’s also fascinated by philosophy and has an insatiable hunger for specialized knowledge.