A Few Lessons On Making Your Content Personal

what makes content stand out?




I am going to talk a little about making your content personal.

So going in the point, what makes people want to share it, engage with it, respond to it? I’ve always found the answer to be simple. It’s actually about how personal you can make it. Its all about story telling.

I’ve actually reviewed the tone, shares, analytics and focus of hundreds of  blog posts and youtube videos and you name it..out there in the virtual world, and in every single instance, it’s the posts that are personal, directly related to own People, Brands, Company’s, Artist’s, Musician’s, DJ’s, Chef’s, Housekeepers, Gardeners, Mum’s, Dad’s, Kid’s…you name it life’s, and the experiences that always stand out.

The posts that tell a story about a real person, living in the real world.

When you’re writing in personal way, creating content in a personal way, you have the ability to draw something out of you that is impossible to find anywhere else, in a personal way, and your audience is always going to respond to that…personal way.

I don’t shy away from making my posts directly related to my personal failures, f*k ups and falls. Or to my successes. Or to the way I feel when I wake up in the morning. No thanks. I am all about getting it real.

I don’t shy away from being unapologetically me, at all cost.

When you’re too focused on your ”brand” – your content fails. And let me tell you why!!!

You know why people want to read Gary Vee’s posts? Watch Casey Neistat’s videos? Give a sh*t about what Elon Musk pulls out on Twitter? It’s because they do keep it personal..and real, and they let people view insides from their lives. Meanwhile, those social media experts (their words not mine) who just tweet manicured goddamn quote posts all day get minor engagement because nobody really cares. F*k that.

If you don’t play it personal, you’re more than likely playing it safe. And that doesn’t appeal to anyone..or you.

Folks like to toss around that idiotic meme, “In a world of Kardashians, be an X” – and I’ve always hated it, because the Kardashians are smart, focused, powerful businesspeople, who understand content better than anyone out there. If you look at their content, it’s all personal, all the time, no matter what. Its all about the story telling.

In a world of Kardashians, be a goddamn Kardashian.

Content should be personal. Otherwise what’s the point of you actually making it? If it’s not personal, it might as well be churned out by a room full of monkeys with iPads and Rolex’es, Gucci Bags..whatever. Ain’t nobody reading, viewing, digesting..you name it, swallowing that crap.

I call this technique ”the hard flex – soft flex. You don’t want to be a hard flex. Or maybe you just want to be an ass.

Here’s my ask.

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Author: Isaac Bjørn

Isaac Bjørn is an Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Consultant, Composer Of Algorithmic Music & Algorithmic Art and a Pigeon Fancier. When’s not working he likes to read books, think's about why things are the way they are and how things are going to change. He’s also fascinated by philosophy and has an insatiable hunger for specialized knowledge.